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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Georgi's Operation

Georgi went through operation on his right eye on 21 July 2006, thereafter took leave to be with him everyday for a week. Went for a review last Friday and Dr Ly said that he was doing fine but his lids did not seem to connect together and his eyes are still rather red.. He said that Georgi might need to go for another stitch to connect the lids back (I really hope that won't be necessary at all). Anyway he will be out-stationed and will be back in 2 weeks time to check on him again. Dr Ly is really wonderful.. I did not regret going to him at all. Thou his charges are quite steep, nothing beats having Georgi well again. Now Georgi's eye is not so red anymore.. starting to spread out and can finally see "white", but still worried about the separated lids... sigh!

I hope he will be fully recovered soon.. Though I'm back at work but have been worrying about him everyday.. worried that he might rub his eyes and all.. You must be thinking what about his cone aka Elizabeth collar? The thing is if I put that on him he will not dare to do anything, especially peeing and pooing.. and might end up letting go on other "forbidden" places.

I don't know whether I'm doing the right thing but I just have to take the risk.

Yesterday after work, I went home and still see the stitch in tact so I figured he did not rub his eyes. Good Boy! His activities were as usual.. I hope this good behaviour will persevere. I have a very strong feeling that he will have to go for that connecting stitch because the lids are still separated with a little flesh in between. I really don't wish to see him go through another anesthetic jab.. It's not good for these pooches. I need a miracle!

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