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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Dua Bui's 3rd Woof Day!

Dua Bui

& Dua Bui

& Dua Dua Bui... hee!!

UHOO! It's another big gathering again... It's Dua Bui's 3rd Woof Day!! Pam going to celebrate it at NYDC Heeren... hmmm... nice.. can give our pooches ice-cream again.. once in a blue moon luxury.. hahaha!!

Can't wait for that day to come... got makan and catching up session.

BTW if anyone wanna see our pooches, go NYDC Heeren on 9 Sept 06 (Sat) at about 4pm.. hahaha.. this message is also for my potential customers at GDX.. then they will feel more assured about the seller (ME) what... also will feel safer buying from me.. hehe...

Counting down......................

Monday, August 28, 2006

East Coast

Brought Georgi and Kiki to cut nails yesterday. We saw 4 cutey Jack Russell cross Maltese puppies. Owner brought them for check-up. We were outside the clinic checking these cute little pooches while Georgi cut his nails. Puppies were really adorable, however owner very snobbish. There was no smile on her face at all when we were admiring her pups and smiling at her. Anyway after the nails session, we walk from Bedok South Road to East Coast. Dun ask me how we walk there, we jus WALK!.. hahaha.. it was a long journey thou. But quite a fulfilling one. Halfway we stopped at bus stop and took a rest. Again, took pics of Kiki & Georgi (their panting and tired look)..



After resting, we continued walking and finally reached our destination. Since we were so near the hawker, we went there for dinner.. So coincidentally saw Michael and Jennifer. At first I dun even realised Michael was in front of me coz I was busy looking for food... He was so tanned! The couple finished their water surf or ski or wakeboarding, whatever you call it and was tao baoing their dinner. So they came by our table. Haha.. they commented Georgi suddenly look so thin.. hehe.. shedding mar.. no choice... Not that I'm ill-treating him hor....

After awhile they got their tao baos and off they went. Jennifer was telling us there was this cafe outside the water sport thing and is dog friendly (outside seating only). We were eager to check it out so after dinner, we headed there.. Atmosphere was quite nice. People can have a clear view of the water activities going on while having dinner there.. We were at one side salivating at those people having fun with the water (especially Penny). Think she almost wanna abandon Kiki for her pleasure.. haha.. anyway she had second tots and do not wanna embarrass herself coz we have witnessed quite a few cases.. haha... hmmm.. in short, we saw a "rocker", a "worshipper" a "purple man" and of course a couple of experts too.. oh ya saw this really cute "ang moh" guy. He was going few rounds with excellent moves but decided to give up due to tiredness and was swimming back on shore. Haha.. while he was swimming back, penny and I were admiring him and discussing about him... hmmm.. perfect height, nice built and of course cute look with dimples! Almost wanted to take a picture of him but was worried that he might see us in action.. haha... Then he was up the shore and walk passed us.. so we had a very close and good view of him... hahaha... too bad that was the last we saw him. He did not go back for his ski anymore.. Anyway this water sport was not cheap. S$40 for an hour... Wow!

After exploring all the people in action on the water and got a little bored looking at the same old batch of people without the "Ang Moh" cute guy, we decided to head home, but midway saw 2 poodle pups.. hee... check them out for a while and took a pic of them (blur coz they were moving their heads the whole time). Then we went to taxi stand and booked a cab home. I think I got hooked strolling East Coast.. hahah... Penny, when is our next EC outing again?? HAHAHAH!


Monday, August 21, 2006

Pasir Ris Farmway

Last Sun went to Pasir Ris Farmway with Penny & our two pooches. At first went to the first pet shop, secretly took pics of these three JS (soooooooooooo cute):

Sweet little thing...

Dun you think this 4 months old JS looks like Georgi when he's a puppy?
So look alike - Pong!
(Took illegally.. haha.. so abit blur)

We also saw a Samoyed... so playful and cute... Then we proceeded to the next farm to see other pets.. One Cocker Spaniel's paws were stuck onto the cage and the staff did not notice at all! We have to catch the staff's attention and he removed the poor dog's paw roughly... "OUCH!" Damn!.. We decided to ban this pet farm forever!!

After witnessing this terrible scene, we went on to Pet Movers to check out some stuffs... Bought a baby blue collar and leash, two size water bottles and replenished Timerberwolf Lamb & Apples kibbles.

Pretty colour.. love it!

After much shopping, we went to have makan and drinks at the eatery. Such a warm day, my god! I was so hungry I ordered chicken burger with fries and taiwan sausage.. my all time favourite.. Then was looking around at other dogs. Saw one "botak" husky.. poor thing, kena shaved naked except the head... you can imagine how weird it looks. Also saw an owner (china man) showing off his commands at his border collie. He commanded stand and down at least 10 times consecutively.. I repeat again - At least 10 times!!! I feel sorry for the dog for having to do that "unwillingly". Then saw another dog (think its poodle) running around off leash. The problem was not about the off leash, the thing is the poodle was so aggressive! He practically snapped at every dog... and the lady owner did not even bother to get her dog, sat there and look at her dog snapping at others. When her bf/husband came back with drinks, she then asked him to go and get the dog... OMG!!!! What kinda owner was that? Didn't she ever thought of the consequences should any unexpected things happen?? One word - IRRESPONSIBLE!

We also saw one pregnant lady (think at least 7-8 months) went to the dog's mini pool to supervise her dog playing water.. but Penny & I were so worried she might slip and fell.. fortunately nothing happen.. Felt rather bored and took some pictures of the two little rascals...

As usual, kpoing other dogs

Reacted like this when I called Dua Bui's name.. haha!

Happy to be out!

Had a hard time getting Kiki's picture taken

Knew I wanna take picture of her and 'siam" my camera

We were there for couple of hours and decided to head to Marine Parade Sam's Pet to take a look at the "big eye" Samoyed.. hee... Sadly he was still there.... Why nobody take him home?? Replenished Georgi's shampoo and conditioner and off we went. Actually wanted to go to Penny's area for dinner but decided to take a walk to East Coast since we were already near the vincinity.

Took long walk along East Coast (was a nice walk - good breezy weather) and decided we would go to hawker for dinner but was too tired and stopped at the Seafood Centre to have "Zhi Cha". While having our dinner, saw a limping cat.. so poor thing... After dinner, wanted to try our luck to get a cab at the taxi stand but as expected nobody wanted to take us due to our pooches. We came across one limousine cab and OMG! we regretted talking to him.. He asked tonnes of questions like "Are they fierce?", "Will they shed fur?", "Do they smell?", etc. The stupidest question was "Are they big?" DUH!!!! For a moment we thought: "Is he blind"? Our dogs are just right at his face... DUH!!!

Anyways, we decided to book a cab and off we headed for home peacefully...

Georgi was so damn tired and slept immediately once reached home at the comfort of his cosy bed.... And at night in the bedroom he slept on my bed in the same position throughout the nite... never moved at all.. haha... I think he had a fulfilling outing too...........

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Dua Bui's House

Last Sat went to Dua Bui's place. We were inside the bedroom the whole time and the aircon was full blast.. I was freezing like mad.. haha.. of course Georgi dun feel anything coz it's nothing to him at all. He really made himself damn comfortable on Dua Bui's bed... and got crazy over all Dua Bui's milk raw hide lying on the bed. There are so many patterns to choose from. Dua Bui was really funny when he's in the mood for play. This is the first time I see him play-growl... so cuteeeee! He will grab his toy and invite you to play but when you wanna take his toy from the mouth, he will try to siam... He will bite his toy so tightly in his mouth that you have to actually grab him with one hand and take the toy out from the other hand.. Then he will go fetch the toy and come back with the same cycle... alternatively he will fetch the toy / rawhide and lie down at that spot and chew on it. If your hand try to go near him, wanting to snatch his toy, he will quickly grab it away and come to you again to play tug of war and fetch.. haha... they never get tired of playing like that man.... Althou coming 3 years old already, but Dua Bui is still so playful... :P

Later at night we went to Simpang Bedok to have Chicken Chop. Nothing happening during our meals. After that, back to Dua Bui's place and Pam starts her grooming session with Dua Bui... Saw how Dua Bui struggled with that frowny face when cutting nails or fell asleep during other more stressless grooming. When Pam wanna spray powder on Dua Bui, Georgi got really affected by it.. As usual, he never likes any powdery or "perfume" smell so he would start his stunt.. we call it the "lion dance"... hahahah.. we were being very naughty and playful so we tried putting the powder spray near his nose and he started his dance... he got really hysterical over it and rubbing himself everywhere.. jumping and running away from it. The bed is not big enough for him to escape far so he was only confined to that limited space to "dance" around.. LOL! We were laughing our heads off... very comical scene...

This is also the first time Dua Bui had a violent and rough play with Georgi. Of course Georgi cannot win him lar... He was literally pinned down by Dua Bui everytime, therefore whined a few times.. so "Gu Niang" ar, Georgi! But serve him right also, coz he did not wanna retreat after the pain and challenge Dua Bui somemore. So Pam and I became spectators and took video and pictures of them.. "SNAP SNAP" machiam WWF performance... "The Sumo & The Skimo"... hahahah...

Caught them in action!

Hey! That's my rawhide...


Eh! Dua Bui like pillow.. so comfy!

Eee! What's that on my shoulder?

The "Spitzese" Twins

Stuck sleeping together...

The wrestling begin!

Aiya! How dare u bite me!!!

Oh Shit! I'm being pinned down.

Hey be gentle abit ok? "Pat pat"

Tell u a secret.................

Monday, August 14, 2006


Wah.. have not been able to shop like that for the longest time ever since I got my boy. Always felt really guilty leaving him alone at home during weekends because I already do not have much time for him during weekdays when I work. But on National Day I was out with Penny SHOPPING!!.... Felt really shiok! Shopping "hands free"... not that I did not get anything but for the fact that I do not have to "carry" my boy along.. and considering our country is not very dog-friendly, there are so many places I could not bring him along.. sigh! So that day was really a day I could go anywhere I want, get all the things I needed, without thinking real hard where to go that could accommodate dogs...

Had Tim Sum lunch with Penny at Crystal Jade, Tampines Mall.. long Q man.. luckily only 2 of us so easier to get seats. Quite a fulfilling meal.. hehe..

Bought some stuffs.. finally got my working shoes.. have been searching for so long until my current shoes already "seasoned".. lazy to search for it previously.. only passed by shops during lunch and popped in to see.. didn't go the extra mile to survey around...

After much physical and window shopping, we went to Bedok Giant to get some groceries before heading home.. So happy got longans (my all time favourite).. both of us were behaving like potential "aunties" plucking and choosing longans.. haha.. plus Penny was wearing this babydoll top that makes her look like she was 5months pregnant.. haha.. everyone had to give way to her so we got our "space" to pluck longans... We also wanted to try and see whether people will give up their seats to her in the MRT but unfortunately there are seats available and no chance to test our fellow citizens.. hahaha..

When I was back, Georgi as usual, greeted me with much enthusiasm and eagerness... That point of time I was feeling happy and guilty at the same time... And I promised I will bring him out on that weekend, which I did... more updates coming up on Georgi's outing to Dua Bui's house during the weekend...

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Pictures of Georgi (Since puppyhood)

For those who have missed out Georgi's puppyhood, here's a glance of them all. Also to introduce my ah boy to everyone and update his well-being... pictures say a thousand words.. hahaha...

3 Months

4 Months

4-5 Months

5-6 Months

7 Months

8 Months

9-10 Months

10 Months11 Months

1st Year

Silly Me!!

Guess what? After staying in this new home for more than a month, I realised that I have been walking the long route home!!! Only recently did I realise that the other side of the bus stop actually leads me to my block in a shorter route.. damn me!!

Imagine I have been walking like tat for the past one month plus, and never realise until now.... now I can reach home few minutes earlier.. haha... I think I always wanna rush home to see my boy so tend to miss out a lot of details along the way. How I realised was yesterday as I was walking along the block behind the bus stop, I saw people walking from another entrance infront of me... then I was like hmmm.. where are all these people from.. only realised they are the ones that alighted from the same bus as me!! and they are already way in front of me to other blocks.... that was simply how I realised my stupid mistake! I felt really dumb and ashamed of myself... Wack! Hahahah...

So the next morning I went through the new route to the bus stop and alas! it was so much shorter and faster.. I guessed I have not really explored much about my neighbourhood yet... there should be more things I could discover... We shall see... hehe....

Monday, August 07, 2006

Dogs are really funny!

Hmmm.. My boy never fails to entertain me and bring a grin on my face. I realised my boy always reacts in a funny way.. Sometimes I will observe him and he will give me unexpected reactions in whatever he does. I found out that he gets extremely energetic everytime right after he pooed. He seems to have drop a whole lot of burden down.. haha.. he will invite me to play with him and want me to play catching with him.

When he gets hysterical suddenly, he will bring his toys one by one from the toy area and start swinging the toy around like a mad dog. At times he will invite me to play tug of war with him.. he will also run around chasing his toys madly.. I really wonder did i make a mistake by placing too many toys for him.. haha.. he gets too many choices... everytime when he gets into this mood, his resting mattress will be in a mess, everything will be lying around. But the amazing part is he still can lie down with so many toys underneath him.. hahaha.. he just don't feel uncomfortable at all??!!

He also gets tired very easily when he is madly at play. Thereafter, he will go straight to his usual fan and mattress point and rest, panting heavily.. oh ya.. not forgetting having a round of water first... thereafter slowly he will go to dreamland... See how he sleeps:

I really don't understand how come he can sleep on such hard object "comfortably"... that thing underneath his neck is a compress real bone rawhide.. that is solid hard man.. but he just lie on top of it like a pillow... End up I always have to remove it for him because I just felt the uneasiness for him.. haha... he also like to put his chin on things like this:

He loves this Mr Bean bear (compliments from Alloysius & Ah B).

Never regretted having him in my life.. Hey he's got Cs as well ok.. haha..

Just by looking at him makes me feel alot more consoled and at peace when I'm down...

If I have any bad day from work, I will be instantly cheered up by his greetings and welcome at the door, everyday!

He makes me laugh every single day with his funny actions and reactions!

He cultivates and mold my character everyday, without fail!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Mini Pooches & Owners Gathering

This is the "spicy" potato egg salad I made for the mini gathering. Not too bad huh... hee...

As for our dear pooches, we made spaghetti with meat balls (lamb, chicken & pork) and apple yoghurt. Were too busy preparing and forgotten to take a pic of the dishes... So busy with their food and in the end we owners got nothing to eat.. haha..

Haven seen Ah B and Alloysius for almost a month so all of us were eager to catch up with them both.. Got a keychain souvenir from Alloysius on his reservist trip in Thailand. Keychain had a translation of my name in Thai as well.. cool! He also told us his "ghostly" encounter in Thailand forest.. "goose pimples".. shall not go into details here ya..

When the pooches started their spaghetti race, we owners were speculating who would finish 1st.. haha.. and the expected Dua Bui was the winner, then Georgi came in 2nd and Kiki last (dainty as usual)... haha.. Too bad Ah B had to leave early so he could not join in the race..

Penny actually bought a cake to celebrate my birthday but in the end no time to do it.. I'm so sorry Penny, forgot to take a picture of it before I ate it.. REGRETTED!! Anyway still got next year ok.. "grin"

Had a rather meaningful gathering and nice catching up with frens. Had not been out due to Georgi's operation so yesterday was kinda fun.. Also due to this, was not able to go to the National Dog Walk 2006 at West Coast. Almost never fail to attend any dog function and friends would comment I could be the ambassador for all dogs event.. haha.. well I guess now I would not be able to live up to that name anymore.. sigh.. :P

Now only hope Georgi will be fully recovered after the next review, then I will be able to bring him for outings again..

Friday, August 04, 2006


People always says the older you get, the lesser you will celebrate ya birthday. I think that applies to me too.. haha... I don't find birthday special anymore... it's just another day in the calendar... In fact I'm afraid to celebrate it because it just meant I'm aging!!!!

Nonetheless, I'm very shocked and plesantly surprised to receive 3 gifts. My boss, Kellvin and Angie gave me a box of chocolates the day before and I got a bunch of pink roses and tulips with a pet fur trapping mat and fetch toy in a package from Jac and Mel today! THE BIGGEST SURPRISE OF ALL: Marc (my brother) gave me a big bouquet of violet and pink daisies with 8 cutey bears (keychains) and Rocher chocs! Thanks guys! Early in the morning very happy!! Somemore got Georgi's share as well from Jac and Mel... These are the presents:

I used to expect birthday wishes from people and when I did not receive any, I felt rather sad... but don't know why I started to be a little indifferent nowadays towards all these stuff. I used to make every effort to remember all birthdays of people around me and always send wishes or celebrate with them. But as time passes by, I got more and more tired when I felt its only a one-sided affair so now I don't really keep track anymore (died a natural death), except for some really close ones (those are remembered by heart :P). I think that is when I started to be indifferent, even towards my own birthday. So you can imagine why I was really shocked and surprised to receive these beautiful gifts, which I used to have high hopes and expectations, on my Birthday.

I also received quite a number of SMS wishes, to my surprise as well.. haha.... Thanks to all of you for making efforts to remember my birthday!

I suddenly felt that I have received more wishes than past years.. It seems like when you are more "bo chap", you get more in the end... haha...

Anyways, I just wanna pen down to remember what other people did for me, so I can relay in the future when I'm old.. haha.. I know I'm already old lar... but not that old yet... still got change left for $30 ok!

Good News! My pong pong Georgi is recovering well and yesterday I saw the stitch was like already gone and left a dry scrape dangling besides his right eye. I have a feeling my boy went to rub his eyes if not the scrape will not be dangling there... Fortunately it did not cause any damage to his healing or almost healed wound.

I called the clinic up to check whether I can remove that myself and after some clarification to make sure everything is ok, the nurse gave me the green light to go ahead and remove the irritating scrape.. haha.. his lids seem to join a little but still not fully joined, I think. Anyway, I will be going back to Dr Ly on 12 Aug 06 for another review and hope that will be the FINAL review.. I have spent too much on this whole process already.. my pocket is not burning.. its already BURNT!

Tomorrow, Pam, Penny, Alloysius and their pooches and maybe some other friends will be coming to my place.. yeah! Did not have such gathering for a long time. Hope nobody back out last minute k... Ms Penny will be making spaghetti for the pooches and I will be making "spicy" potato salad for the "humans".. haha.. but for Pam I will do a special, non spicy one for you only..

Hope this weekend will be a meaningful one... cheers.....

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Are You?

Are you happy?
Are you waiting for miracles?

Are you contented with your life?
Are you running away from reality?
Are you afraid to say something?
Are you hoping your wishes will come true?
Are your trying to tell someone something?
Are you waiting for someone to tell you something?
Are you letting nature to take its course?
Are you tired of living this way?
Are you thinking of your future at all?
Are you thinking of letting everything go?
Are you in desperation?
Are you frustrated?
Are you crying to sleep every night?
Are you waiting for a decision?
Are you making a decision?
Are you going bonkas?
Are you going to break apart?

Are you .........................................

Georgi's Operation

Georgi went through operation on his right eye on 21 July 2006, thereafter took leave to be with him everyday for a week. Went for a review last Friday and Dr Ly said that he was doing fine but his lids did not seem to connect together and his eyes are still rather red.. He said that Georgi might need to go for another stitch to connect the lids back (I really hope that won't be necessary at all). Anyway he will be out-stationed and will be back in 2 weeks time to check on him again. Dr Ly is really wonderful.. I did not regret going to him at all. Thou his charges are quite steep, nothing beats having Georgi well again. Now Georgi's eye is not so red anymore.. starting to spread out and can finally see "white", but still worried about the separated lids... sigh!

I hope he will be fully recovered soon.. Though I'm back at work but have been worrying about him everyday.. worried that he might rub his eyes and all.. You must be thinking what about his cone aka Elizabeth collar? The thing is if I put that on him he will not dare to do anything, especially peeing and pooing.. and might end up letting go on other "forbidden" places.

I don't know whether I'm doing the right thing but I just have to take the risk.

Yesterday after work, I went home and still see the stitch in tact so I figured he did not rub his eyes. Good Boy! His activities were as usual.. I hope this good behaviour will persevere. I have a very strong feeling that he will have to go for that connecting stitch because the lids are still separated with a little flesh in between. I really don't wish to see him go through another anesthetic jab.. It's not good for these pooches. I need a miracle!

Why now?

I have absolutely no idea too... Maybe just wanna have something to ponder on in future or simply doing this out of boredom... Maybe trying to tell some people about my deepest thoughts and upmost feelings. Maybe its the best method for me to express myself here than other ways... Maybe this is the channel for people to understand me better... Maybe...

My boy (Georgi) is my life right now. I will have no other regrets... He fills up the emptiness in me when I'm alone at home. He provides me with joy and laughter just by looking at him. Why can't human be as innocent as these little pooches? Why must we have so many decisions to make? I guess sometimes these pooches think that humans are toooo complicated... Having a furball is one of the best things in life you will ever experience! I HAVE!