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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Selling Advanced Omega Magic Plus

I jus bought Omega Magic Plus last week (recommended by my friend) for Georgi but the silly boy does not like it.

This is an oil supplement to be included in the meal. Supposed to promote good coat for ya furball.

Those people who are familiar with the product and would like to replenish it or have friends who are interested, please do get it from me (original price is S$52.50 - bought from Pets Lover Centre). I only used it couple of times.. and selling it for S$40. As its really useless keeping it with me, those who are interested, please let me know.

Those who are NOT familiar with the product, you may know more from HERE (Mine is the 2nd bottle size)

Hope to hear from u soon! (drop a note on the tagboard or mailto:enerestan@hotmail.com)

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Fun At Ah B's House

Went down to Ah B's place yesterday.
The two buddies had so much fun and some surprising actions.. hmmmm.....

Pose for the camera

See No Evil Ah B

See them in action!!! FRENCH MUAKING!!! OMG!!!

As usual Alloysius have to tekan my boy then happy..
& as usual, Georgi never fails to let him tekan.. Silly boy!

Alloysius forcing them to take buddy pic...

Brushing time! Now CHEESE!

Siamese twins & Hand in Hand..

At Last, bathed him today... WOW! 2hrs gone jus bathing and blowing him.

NOW he is a pig, lying beside me on the bean bag and off he went to Lala Land!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Birthday Celebration for Marc

Celebrated Marc's Birthday on Sat, 14 Oct 06. I asked wat does he wan for his present but he din wan anything except simple home-cooked food, which he missed for a long time.

So I fried bee hoon and whipped up a couple of his favourite dishes.

My specialty is spicy fried bee hoon (also Marc's favourite). Marc loved the braised pork and potato (especially the darn soft and alomost mashed potato and gravy). Unfortunately the tomato prawn is a flop coz its my 1st time cooking tat.. hahaha... (actually not too bad lar.. edible only its not thick and tomatoish enough)

I bought this Chocolate Banana Cake from Chris' Pantry. She's my friend, a home baker (owns a cafe too) for many years. She uses high quality ingredients and baked wholeheartedly with love (She bake Diabetic-friendly Cakes too!)... Her Chocolate Banana Muffin was the reason why I ask her to bake this cake. I sweared by that. Her muffins are really NICE! Go to her blog above and you will witness her creations! "Drooooooooool"

Overall, was a nice mini celebration, had a nice chat with Marc and watched a couple of DVDs ("Click" & "When a Stranger Calls"). BTW Click was a really nice movie: funny, touching & meaningful at the end...

Marc, hope the rest of the year will be fulfilling and satisfying for you.


Friday, October 27, 2006

SNOW the Samoyed

Went to Angie's house on Tuesday, 24 Oct 06 (Hari Raya).

The moment I stepped into her house, I was shocked to see how big Snow has grown compared to the last time I saw him...

Big boy now.. 9 months old... Still can grow bigger.. MY GOD!

Forcing Snow to look at the camera.. Cheese!

Snow almost kena strangled by Ms Penny!

Georgi boy and Snow


" Make me look so stupid" ~Bleh~

Snow is such a lovable boy.. still so playful and active, ermmm no.. is SUPER hyperactive... He was more interested in Kiki than Georgi coz Kiki got "Nu Ren Wei". Has been chasing Kiki thru out.. She finally found her "Dui Shou" already.. For the first time, she cannot tahan a dog and burn out so much of her calories jus by avoiding Snow.. hahahah...
(Could not take video of them coz they are jus too fast for my camera)

And Snow also "Tiao Gang" disturb her knowing she dun like him.. He will bark and grumble when he lose to Kiki during catching session(coz she can hide under sofa but Snow cant). Snow is a very interactive dog I must say.. And he is the "Bu Ren Shu" type.. hahahaha...

We also went to their private rooftop for some fun.. nice area for private function like BBQ.. had swing chair there so the two "Lao Wan Tong" sat on the swing to have a taste of childhood.. hahahaha.. and the pooches were running ard.. only stayed there for a while coz all of them so SMART! weather too hot and off they ran back to the comfort of the aircon house..

Generally, had lotsa fun there, watching them play and cuddling Snow.. Can't wait to see him grow bigger...

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Company's Retreat

Had our company's retreat on 9-10 Oct 06 at
The Legends Golf Resort, JB

Alot of photos I dun think I should upload here coz many were with colleagues and all so candid and funny (or ugly).. if my colleagues see, they will kill me... haha so I could only put up mine... too bad cannot let u all have a good laughing time ... sigh!

Presentation time!
Our topic very interesting.. Abt $$$$.. everybody damn interested.... hehe... there are so many funny pics on this topic.. with ppl opening the mouth while examining the S'pore $ notes.. hahaha... saliva almost flowing out... hee..

Acting pro.. but I look more like I'm sweeping the floor.. LOL!

Trying to act pro again.. hahahha... but actually I anyhow "hantam"

Who in the right mind would take pictures of BUTTS!!??
Shall not mention names here.. hee...
(Shake ya bom bom)

Nice and clear group photo

Messy and dark group photo


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Sail Away on Superstar Virgo

Had a short break on cruise with Penny.. was rather relaxing and fun... but we both missed our pooches back home....

Fri, 6 October 2006

On board Superstar Virgo

Our Cabin! was shocked to see it was so spacious!! Got sofa and dressing space...

The toilet.. not bad actually.. did not expect it to be like this... quite spacious..

The centre stage

The lifts

Western Set Dinner. Never took pic for 1st & 2nd course coz too hungry and forgotten.. hahahahha..

Watched "Tropicalia" performance at night after dinner. This show comprised of different types of dances and Chinese acrobats. Not bad, at least I was not asleep thru out the show.

We wanted to catch a nice movie (they were showing rather new movies) but the pictures suck and the screen is small.. not enjoyable..

Sat, 7 October 2006

Morning view from our cabin... mist or haze? Hmmm...

Adult Pool view..

Morning breeze.. NICE!

Sun Tanning after breakfast and was so hot and tired. Dropped by ice cream cafe to cool down.. Penny dun wan to be seen of her "Shaggy" look... hahah ...

The main lobby

Had Chinese Set Lunch. So home-cooked style.. hahah.. I miss home-cooked food...

Could see from here who is the better photographer rite? Couldn't see?? Then you need to visit the eye specialist... keke...

The kids' pool was so COOL!

Both of us trying to be funny.. hahahhah...

BBQ Dinner at the Poolside (food not fantastic thou) with live band entertainment. We were seating at the upper deck enjoying the music.

This was a big lounge (same live band performance). We were chilling out there waiting for the Ladies Nite at their disco (Ladies Nite was a disappointment.. Not a single soul except the staff...)

Sun, 8 October 2006

A shot before leaving...

On the way back, saw nothing much but sampan and more sampan, cargo and more cargo....

Home Sweet Home

Georgi Boy featured!

Georgi boy featured on Clubpets magazine
(Issue 21: Sep - Nov 06)

Thanks Pam for informing me... "Muaks"

Thursday, October 19, 2006

R.I.P. Spunky

(Born 9 July 2006)


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Before & During Spunky's Parvovirus Attack

These are the before and during Spunky's Parvovirus attack. Dunno y the clip looks darker in some computers thou already adjusted the brightness... hope you all can see clearly... (will try to rectify it and put a clearer clip).

*Please on the volume louder*

or click HERE

Before - Enjoying his rawhide (Can see he is an active and playful boy)

or click HERE

During - In Pain (u can see that he is whining in pain and shivers on and off)

or click HERE

During - Still in Pain (His body movement looks like he is in deep pain)

Monday, October 16, 2006

Spunky's Mishap

Hi friends and visitors, below is the letter Mel wrote to the media and the relevant authorities regarding Spunky (however, they are not taking any action):

Dear Sir/Madam, I refer to the article, 'Virus kills 3 pups - pet shop fined' (ST, April 17) and would like to draw to your attention that despite the adverse publicity on J** D***y Pet Shop in Upper Thomson Road, one would have thought that they must have literally cleaned up on their act by flushing their shop regularly with bleach.

I am sorry & sicken to advise otherwise. I bought a poodle from J** D***y on 17 September 2006. But because it had not received its second vaccination then, I had to leave him at the pet shop until he received his second vaccination on 29 September 2006. I only brought the poodle home on 6 October 2006. Unfortunately, my poodle fell ill to the Parvovirus on Tuesday, 10 October 2006, just five days after leaving J** D***y.

Research has proven that the Parvovirus has an incubation period, or a period of time that it builds up in the body prior to the time that clinical signs appear. For Parvovirus, this time period is at least four days and may be as long as seven days. In addition, physical signs of canine parvovirus generally appear in five to seven days after ingestion of the virus. After infection, it takes three to four days for the virus to be shed in the stool. There is undoubtedly no question that my poodle was already infected with the Parvovirus at the time that I collected him from J** D***y on 6 October 2006.

Knowing the seriousness of the Parvovirus and having a deep impression of the article dated April 17, I took stringent measures to ensure that the poodle was not under stress.

1) No one visited the puppy.
2) Family members who came into contact with the puppy had to sanitize themselves.
3) I do not have any other dogs in the household.
4) The poodle was confined in a play pen & only roamed the living area of the house. The living area was cleared of shoes, slippers and other footwear.
5) His faeces & urine were cleared immediately & the area was flushed with dettol.
6) His play pen was cleaned regularly with dettol.
7) The living area was also regularly wiped down with dettol.

No amount of compensation can replace the health of an otherwise healthy puppy. It is not about the money. Even if my puppy miraculously recovers from this episode of the Parvovirus, studies have proven that puppies who survive parvovirus infection usually remain un-healthy and weak for life.

I am furious and frustrated that my poodle would not have been in such a tormenting state of health if J** D***y had done the right thing in keeping his premises hygienic & clean.

It is stated on AVA's website under Responsibilities of Licensee that licensee shall :

1) ensure that the animals are healthy and in good condition
2) ensure that the animals are housed in good, clean and comfortable living conditions
3) ensure that the animals are managed properly and accordingly to their needs.

There is indeed a huge & vacant room for improvement, in the way many pet shops house and treat their animals. I seek the relevant authorities attention to do a through investigation into the above matters and to also highlight the urgent need for stronger penalties for the inhumane conditions which animals have to put up with at such pet shops.

What's a fine to a pet shop when each puppy that they sell averages out to approximately $1,000?

I urge the relevant authorities to revoke the licenses of such repeat offenders, who have no care for the lost of lives they've caused.

"When the Buying Stops, the Killing Can Too"

p/s: Pet shop name has been modified. However, most ppl shd be familiar with this petshop as this is not the first case and their shop name can be easily searched thru all search engines as they are really "POPULAR"....

This is a compilation of Spunky before till the day he R.I.P... the last pic is really heart wrenching... Please DO NOT patronise J** D***y and warn everyone you know abt them.

This shd not sound foreign to most ppl and shd serve as a re-warning and refresh one's memory.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Spunky Left Us

Mel's 3-month old Apricot Toy Poodle, Spunky, has passed on...

In memory

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Spunky's SICK!

Poor Spunky is very sick now... :(

He has been infected with Parvovirus and is now at the vet on drip.....

This is the same virus that killed many other dogs from petshop "J** D***Y"and Spunky is from there. We are all keeping our fingers crossed...

Mel is so damn sad and not her usual chatty self at work..

Those who are able, please pray for Spunky to recover soon... he has been vomitting and feeling lethargic since few days ago and only admitted to the clinic today.

Hope Spunky and Mel will be back to their normal self very very soon...

Thursday, October 05, 2006

More on Spunky

Little Spunky is going home with Mummy Mel TOMORROW! More of manja boy below:

Teddy Bear!

Innocent look!

"Aiya! Constipation ar!"

" Talk to my butt!"

This mummy Mel so Kiasu... anyway can understand lar... bought so many things:

Pink Carrier?! I know Spunky is a male but Mel is crazy over pink now.. wun be surprise if ppl think Spunky is a female.. haha...

All Spunky's barang barang.. Lucky Spunky! Notice the pink leash and harness.. hehe.. The black harness and re-tractable leash is complimentary from Georgi.. hee...

Wow! Nice bed! I feel like sleeping there also... Mel Mel can I be ya pet too? LOL!

Spunky is feeding on this currently but Mel doesn't like it.. She will slowly switch his diet to Timberwolf....

Yeah so nice to know that Spunky is finally going home sweet home.. I think he is going to be a spoilt lil' brat!

Have fun with Spunky, Mel!