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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

How to dispose dead lizard?

Ever dispose a dead lizard before? Wonder how to do that? This is my own real-life experience...

This is really one of a kind dead lizard I have ever seen.. Normally, K I mean normally dead lizard are dark in colour or literally turned black, shrunk in size or became crumpled, flat etc. but tat dead lizard in my house looks alive with eyes opened!!! i think he died unwillingly tats y....and still fat like original...

I have to observe for very long before I confirmed it's dead. K to put across simply it looks like those fake prank lizard u buy from those tricks store, jus tat this is real... do u think a normal person would think tat it is DEAD?!

I HATE creepy crawles so you can guess how much i dread disposing it. ermmm.. i have to be stupid here.. I tried not to look at it (for the fact the eyes are open - kinda freaky rite!) I stack sheets and sheets of papers (toilet roll, newspaper, whatever paper i can find) jus to cover it so that I wun feel my hands grabbing the body later. After much re-assurance to myself, I managed to find the courage to grab it with all the papers on top and off it went to the bin.

I was still having the goose bumps after thrashing it into the bin. When I have re-collected myself back, I realised Georgi had been witnessing the whole incident and looked at me with that "DUH..." look... thinking how come I'm so drama mama over a lizard!! I think he had never seen me so dramatic before... So embarrassing.. GOSH! Luckily only infront of him and he could not respond to my embarrassing moments, if not i think he will laugh his head off and roll on the floor...

Anyways I do hope I wun get to see another one lying visible to me or at least not one tat looks alive man!
NO! NO! NO! I wun wan to have anymore chance to post anything similiar to this topic again!

p/s: this was the lizard's colour!!! LOL!

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