L'immortel: Spilled blood never dries!

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Year End Note

Year 2007 is coming... Jus wanna wish everyone a great and smooth year ahead, where all wishes and dreams will come true!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone who plays a part in my life in one way or another.

Thank you for being part of my life (Being good or bad)!

Really appreciated it... Arigato!

I specially wanna thank my little rascal at home (thou he wun understand.. hehe) coz he is my drive and purpose in life. He gave me new meaning to my life and is always by my side during all my ups and downs... Nothing can replace u in my heart.. LOVE YOU Georgi!

My wish for Georgi is to be healthy and happy everyday!
*Really wish and pray for a miracle on his knee joint*

Always my lovely boy!

He is the nicest thing that has ever happened in my entire life!
He is my life!


Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Xmas Eve Party

Finally held our party at Dogoholics.. bunch of furballs (big & small) "rolling" in the cafe.. haha..

Everything was in a mess... and we jus party in the midst of all the mess!

Busy with the dog prezzies!

Let's introduce the spitzes that turned up
(& as usual some fly kites - great pilots they are):

Alloysius's Ah B Aka Bao Bei

Joanne & Andy's Bear Bear

Sylvia's Diamond

My Georgi Boy

Penny's Kiki

Joey's Monday

Angeline's Snowie

Jasmine's Snowy


Met a friendly couple and their Coco

Wow! Artistic shot huh... Kiki and Georgi blend into the picture so well..
Tks to Penny San!
(Mayb credit shd go to the camera.. haha...)

Ah B striked again! His flirtatious attack!

My bro, Marc with Snowy... hehe...
(Smallest of all the Spitzes so easier to carry)

Guess wat! I miss out one darling on individual shot! Sorry Dua Bui.. dunno y I can miss out the most prominent dog amongst the rest.. hehe...

Anyway here's a picture of him (in cricle) in the midst of the furball gang:

Pam & Jay's Dua Bui Aka Snowie

Was raining so heavily and everyone had no choice but to be stuck in the cafe... Most of us left before 6pm as those who are joining the evening Xmas Eve party had arrived, so we better leave before the place gets messier.... PLUS there was this really unfriendly JRT who came in and start growling and snapping at everyone... the place was already so bloody crowded and the owner jolly well knows her pooch's temper, but couldn't be bothered to carry her and walk in, instead still letting her walk thru the crowd growling and snapping at every dog she saw.. I was calling cab with one hand (already pissed off that I could not get one), carrying my heavy bag and holding Georgi on his leash on the other hand.. I dun even have anymore hands to lift Georgi up to prevent the attack from the JRT. Luckily Alloysius was there to handle my terrified Georgi, if not I'm going to start a war soon. The cafe was just short of "red carpet" if not her JRT (or rather both owner and dog) will walk as if they are hollywood stars!!!

So pissed off that I couldn't get a cab as I'm going to Chris's place for dinner.. Thank God Pam offered to give me a ride there.. Thanks Pam & Jay!

Last but not least, thanks everyone who made effort to come despite the heavy rain! Hope you guys enjoyed the gathering in a way or another.

And also thanks to those tat always fly kites in every single gathering - You might soon be forgotten! Hahah...


OK, now moving on to Chris' Xmas Eve dinner... When I reached there, Chris was preparing the food.. I was initially very worried that Georgi will irritate Chris' cats (Rum & Raisin) and kena attacked, instead both Rum & Raisin shunned away from him.. hehe...

Only managed to take Raisin's picture as Rum was all the while upstairs hiding away from Georgi.. hehe... I'm not really a cat person (like how Chris was also not a dog person until she met and like Georgi.. hee) so I have never really touched or cuddled a cat before. When I carried Raisin, she was super nua so much so that it seems like I was carrying a log of jelly.. hahah... But I should say she is really nice to cuddle and she is FAT! hehe...

Raisin... so damn NUA!

Dinner was nice and I got full so fast.. Mayb I was tired so I could not eat much... Wat a waste! not quite me actually for those who knows my appetite... hehe..

Quite a number of people came for the gathering.. 2/5 (Derryn & Sean) of the rock band
Ronin were there too. K, I was rather ignorant abt this local band coz I'm not really a rock person.. hehe.. but managed to locate their website (hmm.. they are rather famous huh)... can search very easily thru the search engine...

Georgi was the central of attraction.. and he was not tired walking and following everyone with FOOD! He jolly well knew that he cannot touch those food but still persist to try his luck with other ppl, except me! SMART of him rite? And he ignored my numerous recalls for him, he was super distracted!

Oh well, everyone was informed that he is not allowed on those goodies so his efforts were kinda wasted until Chern Wei's (Chris' Fiancé) dad gave him a taste of red wine on his finger.. haha... and this boy licked with pleasure! OMG! That was the first and last human thing he had on that night..

Was really really tired so at about 10pm I called a cab home.. Not surprising, Georgi was still trying his luck to get last minute attention from other guests in hope for some more goodies, while I booked a cab.

Had a rather fulfilling Xmas Eve... Georgi was tired too and immediately went to sleep after I cleaned him... Xmas Day was a peaceful day at home, to be charged ready for work next day! SIAN!

Monday, December 25, 2006

Grace, my long time fren

Met up with Grace on Sat, 23 Dec 06 for some catching up. We went to NYDC Heeren coz that's one of the few places in Orchard that allows dogs. We are still as "crude" to each other as before.. haha.. I cannot imagine myself talking like that with other ppl but whenever with her, things will jus come out naturally.. hahah.. right Grace?

Got updates of some ppl I knew last time but have not met for a long time. I also got to know how she was and is doing and of course sharing my own set of problems with her. After the meal, we went for a walk on wet pavement along Orchard Road and Georgi's paws turned grey... yucks! After a short walk, we decided to leave here and end up in her house. When I stepped into her house, long time memories came flushing into my mind. So many things happened in her house, all the histories of my past.

Overall, had a nice chat with Grace, my previous midnight movie khaki! I enjoyed and missed those times seriously... And I really MISS YOU very much, my lil' mei mei... Hope you will do better in the new year ahead and may all your wishes come true!

Grace with Georgi

Xmas Party at home with RHS Colleagues

Took PH on 22 Dec 06 (Fri) to prepare and welcome my RHS colleagues and ex-colleagues for a Xmas Gathering. Was cleaning the house and my little Georgi was following thru out my cleaning session. He got tired following me and went to his resting point. After I was done with my housework, I took a rest and caught a shot of his "cock" look.. heee...

He loves resting on hard stuff like how those Ah Ma love to sleep on hard pillow.. haha..

The mini party was quite enjoyable... but Georgi was so restricted to move around as a couple of my colleagues are afraid of dogs.. haha... but anyway overall was fun... Folks that came: Jac, LMK, Jenny, Stell & hubby, Barbara & bf and Nick.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Another Operation for Georgi

Been busy completing all my orders before Christmas. Finally all DONE!

Now I can relax and enjoy Christmas... but then again.. mayb not....

My Christmas present for Georgi will be a very big one... Just spent S$300 on his consultation and X-ray... He got dislocation on his right hind leg... dunno what happened also... he was limping around few days back. I knew he had a history on his right hind leg and already intended to rectify that but din expect it to happen so soon... Dr Ly told me he can operate on him immediately as he was still around yesterday during the consultation but will be out of town tat evening till 10 Jan 07.

He did an X-ray on Georgi's leg and luckily found no arthritis problem, which he initially worried. But his knee joint is dislocated. He told me I can wait for him to come back and decide again so I told him in the meantime dun operate on him first as I dun wan him to spend his Christmas hospitalised or recovering... So Dr Ly gave him some medication to reduce the pain till he comes back for a final decision. The operation will cost S$1800 or more coz of follow-ups and all.

I hope by then Georgi would have gotten better or may miracles happen, so he does not have to go thru the stress again. He is so young but have to go thru so many operations. Dr Ly had the same sentiments. I jus laughed it off at that point, but I felt really lousy that Georgi had to go thru all these. Dr Ly comforted me by saying that Georgi had been a really good boy and his last eye operation was so successful that nobody will notice he had one. Dr Ly was checking on his eye and found that it had healed super fast and the skin and black pigmentation came back really quickly.

I guess if I really wanna get his hind leg problem solved, I have to settle it soon before he gets older where things will get more complicated.

Now I will jus put this problem aside until my next appt on 13 Jan 07.

May God bless Georgi and cast a miracle on him...

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas Eve Party at Dogoholics

Hey guys we are going to have a Chrismas Eve Party at:

519 Serangoon Road
Sun, 24 Dec 06

Its along the Shell Station around Race Course area. Thanks Kopimilo for highlighting on the map issue. Sorry guys, no maps here... Search for the address in Street directory and you will be able to find the specific location.

Check out HERE to view the pics of Dogoholics...

We will be having a doggy gift exchange session. Each doggy please prepare one prezzie of minimum S$10 (one prezzie per dog) and indicate doggy's name on it. On tat day we will label all the prezzies with numbers and every dog will pick a number and collect ya prezzie according to the number picked.

Let me know asap coz we need to do preparation... Give me ya names thru the following:

1. Comments column below my post
2. Tagboard
3. Email Serene at enerestan@gmail.com
4. Email/MSN Pam at snowdragongal_60@hotmail.com
5. Sms us for those who have our numbers

Names not submitted will not be entitled to any prezzie on that day... hehe...

Current List
Serene & Georgi (1P 1D)
Penny & Kiki the JRT (1P 1D)
Pam, Jay & Dua Bui (2P 1D)
Alloysius & Ah B (1P 1D)
Kin, Partner & Turbo (2P 1D)
Joey, Partner & Monday (2P 1D)
Kavan & Yuki (1P 1D)
Angie, Lulu & Snow the Samoyed (2P 1D)
Sylvia, Sister, kids, Diamond & Wang Wang (4P 2D)
Joanne, Andy & Bear Bear (2P 1D)
Jasmine & Snowy (1P 1D)
Angeline, Partner & Snowie (2P 1D)

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Another outing with Ah B

William was back for a short hols so went over to Alloysius & Ah B's place and satisfy William's craving for Laksa.. wanted to eat for so many times but unsuccessful.. hehe... FINALLY!

After the Laksa session, William wanted to have his hair cut so we went to a Salon and while his hair was snipping away, took pictures of these two buddies.

Outside the hair salon

After that, wanna check out the new park Alloysius was talking about, had a looooooooooong walk and finally reach there but not able to enter and the other supposedly entrance is at the other end of where we were. So we gave up and head to the nearest outlet for some rest ended up at MacDonalds.

Looking tired but happy at MacDonalds

Ah B, Georgi, look here!

Headed back to Alloysius' place.

Georgi enjoying the rawhide

Ah B looking happy

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


OH MY OH MY..........

Previously kept complaining no biz for
GDX. Now I'm super duper busy and stress over my orders... Tonnes of necklaces, earrings & Swarovski Crystal & 925 Mesh Rings to be completed before Christmas. Worse of all, all are vision-stressed items... hahaha... sooner or later going to have "LAO HUA YAN"

On the other hand, very happy that alot of ppl like my Crystal Mesh Ring.. however not many ppl can take it coz if worn too fitting, will get little pricky (based on some comments lar) but I dun feel anything leh.. hahahha.. mayb i got immunized fingers... that's y now my orders for the crystal rings will be one size bigger and I will tighten a lil so it will not be too loose and still slide in comfortably on the finger.. hehe... so far no more complaints... YEAH!

Wish me a
Money Merry Christmas.. LOL!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Sandy Lam's Concert

Went to watch her concert last Sat with Penny.. Initially was told by some colleagues and frens that her concert was not worth watching based on last performance, as the music was louder than her voice... but since its FFFFFFFFFFFREEEEEEEEEEEE, there's no reason why I should not go and watch it and at the same time to see whether their claims are true..

We saw Pan Ling Ling near the Premier Entrance.. Very tall and beautiful! Mayb she wore high heels but I did not see coz the glow in her face caught my attention instead. She was in white and really stunning... Oh well, then we proceeded to our seats. We were seating at the west area B seats.. quite high but view was not too bad thou.

K I must say you guys who mentioned her voice was very soft.... YOU ARE ALL SO SO SO WRONG!!! She has got darn powerful voice! I was so impressed thru out the whole concert! I mean I never expect Sandy Lam to have such a steady and powerful voice, no off key at all!! I know singers should not sing off key and stuff but for the fact that she sang in soprano (was super duper impressive!), with alot of cantonese and chinese fast songs with dances so that was amazing!

Her voice thru out the concert was crystal clear.. I was so immersed in her songs, and more on those that I love... the last few adhoc songs were English ones and she was so good in them... especially the last one she sang "Almost Over You".. can cut English album already - no joke! Make me feel so in love with the song again... hehe... and FYI she speaks perfecto English...

S'pore was her last stop that's why got some specials (kenna sabo by her band members) at the end, including the English Songs. Its definitely worth attending! Two thumbs up!!

*Did not manage to take any pics.. tried but super blur... sob sob*

Thursday, December 07, 2006

New baby for Ms Mel

Ok, this is going to be a really beautiful Christmas present for Mel. She is back to her Mummyhood to a new Toy Poodle. More details to be given later as she will only be collecting him on 21 Dec 06. She has full confidence and trust in this new pup as this is a lobang from her regular vet. The amazing thing is she had not once seen the pup. Ya, u r wondering y. There are some reasons to it, which is not convenient to mention (ZIP!) but nonetheless she gave full trust and faith in the vet as it was guaranteed that this Poodle pup is a darling (only 2 months now). So the collection day will be the 1ST time she sees her baby...

I can't wait to witness the new pup ever since Spunky left (for the fact I din even have the chance to see Spunky at all). I hope this new baby will give Mel a new lease of life and move on from Spunky's case..


Tuesday, December 05, 2006

First Full Grooming for Georgi

Georgi went thru his first full grooming on Sat, 2 Dec 06, along with BB, at Fur & Away, Sembawang area. Luckily he was not tat resistance towards the groomer but was KLKK-ing (his habit) on the grooming table.. Was so worried that he will be shaven right to the skin so I could not bring myself to leave the salon without witnessing the whole process.. hahahah... anyway tat place was rather cozy so I was sitting on the sofa and looking at the whole grooming process..

After shampooed, he was brought into a container for fast blow dry, joining BB... as usual KLKK again throughout the whole blowing process for almost 30mins in the small container... becoz of Georgi's KLKKing, BB was forced to sit at a corner of the container... so u can imagine althou BB was in first, Georgi got himself dry faster.. hahaha... in the end he was taken out for trimming first ..

The grooming was rather fast as our appt was 1230pm and it ended before 2pm (not the usual 2-3hrs like what ppl told me). Georgi looks neater but I find the trim was not meticulous enough (it could be better for the price of S$55), oh well....

Anyway after the grooming, we had lunch and proceeded to Vivocity to meet up with our gangs.

Outing (Vivocity & Worlds Apart)

Explored Vivocity for the first time on Sat, 2 Dec 06 with Alloysius & Ah B, Penny & Kiki, Pam, Jay & Dua Bui.

Was ridiculous to find out that dogs are not allowed on the roof top, considering the fact that it's outdoor... Met a Dogsforum member with her Schnauzer, Junior and had a friendly chat (both the owner and dog.. hehe..) Junior seems to like Georgi very much.. haha.. Oh My! Now then I realised (when I wanted to type her name) that I did not introduce myself and get Junior's owner's name after talking for so long.. haha...

Anyway spoke to her about how the Management treated us and she told me she had corresponded with Vivocity Management and was informed that we are allowed to bring dogs onto the rooftop and in the shopping mall (provided in carrier or hand carried). I think this is only appropriate for the fact that there is a Pet Safari inside the shopping mall which welcomes pets FYI.

Anyway we proceeded as deemed fit and went to Pet Safari. A rather small place as compared to the old Simei outlet. After that we walked around the mall carrying our dogs. As usual, we caught alot of attention (90% good and 10% bad ). Found a boutique called "Mother Garden" that apparrently allows dogs into the shop and sell doggy stuff but it was too crowded so we did not go in. There was a cafe called "White Dog Cafe" but apparently does not allow dogs in.. Hmmm... Kinda contradicting. Moreover, ours are white dogs (fits the bill).. what a waste! Haha..

Oh ya.. then the ridiculous thing is I could not find a single POSB/DBS atm in the whole vivocity! OMG! I tot this should be the most commonly found?!

After walking like hell with our dogs weighing on us, we decided we should leave Vivocity and find a cosy place for a makan break. After much much deliberation, we finally decided to go to Worlds Apart at Kovan. Nice place but felt kinda weird initially when we stepped into the cafe, as everyone was looking at us as if we have stepped into the wrong place. Frankly speaking, I did not feel welcomed and felt rather lost. Nobody really served us to our seats... Seems like everyone there was all family members.. Anyway after a while, when everyone settled down onto their seats, the atmosphere was better.

We ordered in all: Traditional & Kimchi Fried Rice, Fish & Chips, Samosa, Potato Salad & Herbal Tea for human and Sherpherd's Pie & Popcorn for the pooches. Some of the pictures taken:

Kimchi Fried Rice & Potato Salad

The doggy food (Shepherd's Pie & Popcorn)

Overall food was OK only (can be improved on the taste). Doggy food not too bad thou.. hehe.. Yes, we tried on their food.. Tat's why we know...

Ah B in happy mode...

Dua Bui licking licking...

Georgi gobbling his food like in hunger for 10yrs...

Monday, December 04, 2006

Christina on CNA

Christina was interviewed yesterday on Channelnews Asia, featuring on her tea session in her cyber lounge.

Good job Chris! You look super natural thou you told me you were like a panic spider.. hahahha...

Hope thru this publicity, there will be more orders coming in... especially the coming Christmas ones...

For those who are interested in her goodies, visit Chris' Pantry