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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Another Operation for Georgi

Been busy completing all my orders before Christmas. Finally all DONE!

Now I can relax and enjoy Christmas... but then again.. mayb not....

My Christmas present for Georgi will be a very big one... Just spent S$300 on his consultation and X-ray... He got dislocation on his right hind leg... dunno what happened also... he was limping around few days back. I knew he had a history on his right hind leg and already intended to rectify that but din expect it to happen so soon... Dr Ly told me he can operate on him immediately as he was still around yesterday during the consultation but will be out of town tat evening till 10 Jan 07.

He did an X-ray on Georgi's leg and luckily found no arthritis problem, which he initially worried. But his knee joint is dislocated. He told me I can wait for him to come back and decide again so I told him in the meantime dun operate on him first as I dun wan him to spend his Christmas hospitalised or recovering... So Dr Ly gave him some medication to reduce the pain till he comes back for a final decision. The operation will cost S$1800 or more coz of follow-ups and all.

I hope by then Georgi would have gotten better or may miracles happen, so he does not have to go thru the stress again. He is so young but have to go thru so many operations. Dr Ly had the same sentiments. I jus laughed it off at that point, but I felt really lousy that Georgi had to go thru all these. Dr Ly comforted me by saying that Georgi had been a really good boy and his last eye operation was so successful that nobody will notice he had one. Dr Ly was checking on his eye and found that it had healed super fast and the skin and black pigmentation came back really quickly.

I guess if I really wanna get his hind leg problem solved, I have to settle it soon before he gets older where things will get more complicated.

Now I will jus put this problem aside until my next appt on 13 Jan 07.

May God bless Georgi and cast a miracle on him...

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