L'immortel: Spilled blood never dries!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Xmas weekend

Last Sat caught THE GOLDEN COMPASS with Baby at GV Grand. Alot of ppl commented that the movie was not good, but being a Nicole Kidman fan, I would never miss any of her shows. So I still went ahead to watch without any expectation. There is definitely going to be a sequel to this movie and I think the whole show was rather messy and like Baby mentioned there seemed to be too many loopholes and the story condensed quite alot. But Nicole is still as gorgeous as ever... hehe...


After movie, we went for dinner cum supper at Zion Rd Food Centre. The standard of the food there has gone down quite a bit. I used to love to eat the carrot cake by this semi-deaf hawker but not anymore. That night I had the white one (should be for the last time) and Baby had the black one. We were both not satisfied after that and ordered fishball noodles.. haha... Baby had the dry Mee Pok while I jus had fishball soup. The fishballs were springy and bouncy man... nice! I also saw something really weird. There are in fact 3 stalls selling Char Kway Teow and the food centre is not that big to have 3 of them selling the same thing lor.. and at least 2 stalls were selling carrot cake and fried oyster. This is so so weird.

Sun I went tanning with Penny... Not a very good tan coz I did not achieve the tone I wanted. But weather was good, toooo good that it was cloudy more than sunny.... haha.. good for the panting dogs at Tanjong Beach and not for me...

Xmas eve caught I AM LEGEND with Baby and Kirsten and GV Grand. I thought it was good thou certain reviews about this show were bad and that the "ghosts were not real enough... nonetheless the dark seekers still managed to scare the wits out of Kirsten.. haha... Although the whole show was about Will Smith, it did not bore me at all coz he was TAT good.. and I think the German Shepherd got some credits as well... At first I tot it was a HE coz Will Smith called it Sam, until the last part when it died then I realised it's a SHE as Will Smith called out Samantha... DOH...


After movie, Baby tot of going to Kinokuniya to get a story book for Kirsten as Xmas present and it was a freaking BIG mistake we could ever make! Whole orchard was jammed packed like wat! This was my first time stepping into Orchard Road on Xmas Eve and also my last time! We were super frustrated.. Kino was closed so we went to Borders and luckily in time to grab some stuff before it was closed. We had drinks at Borders Cafe and at the same time did some people watching. This was the time you could feast ya eyes on humans VS vehicles traffic... The humans were challenging the vehicles and you could hear so much "Xmas" honking... haha... People were jus crossing the roads, ignoring the traffic signs... Really power! I wonder why there were no police control at traffic near Borders. It was chaotic man!

Xmas day I went to Baby's place for a mini celebration.. not really a celebration, jus a lunch thingy with his Mum and Kirsten. Got a nice handmade present from Kirsten. It is a cotton stuffed cushion and is really comfy... going to put this in the office for my back.. hehe... Baby got me a really nice bag from "Hiroshima"... I stayed at his place til late night before I headed home to be with my Gboy...

On Boxing day, I met Baby at Far East plaza for lunch, got my altered clothes and changed the shoe size for Kirsten as I got her a pair of shoes for Xmas. Luckily I was able to change the size without the receipt. Nice chap in the shop. Then we walked around before heading to own's home before dinner time as I wanna cook something for myself and Georgi. And this got me mentioning that I have this weird craving recently. I have been craving for soupy stuff... and thus cooking macaroni soup for myself for past few times.... Dun ask me why coz I'm puzzled too.. haha... the craving is still going on...

From yesterday till NOW... I had been busy packing things to my new desk.. also helping to pack stuff for that idiot boss to his new office... I realised he is really such a freaking idiot... not a gentleman at all... I had to carry and shift pots of plants (small to big) for him to his new office when he was freaking here with me yesterday... Worst of all, while I was carrying the plant to his office, he saw me from a distance and all he said was "Be careful" and when he said that it meant careful of the plants! DAMN! I'm SO flabbergasted!!!!!! He did not even offer to lend me a hand. WTF!

Anyway I'm not going to let this affect my New Year weekend... I jus can't wait for today to end soon so that I can enjoy peace before the New Year begins.

Wish everyone a Happy New Year and have fun!

See you all in 2008!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

10th Month

Today is our 10th Month and I still enjoy and treasure every moment spent with you. I continue to pray and wish for your condition to get better and that this terrible episode will end very soon and not resurface. I will always be by your side to go thru this with you.

Wish all the best for us in year 2008.

Love you!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Not my day

Today is the last working day before Xmas and I still get shit... Worst of all, I got a shitty Xmas present from my boss... I really could not imagine a boss giving something like this to his own PA. No matter how miser my ex bosses were or how much I hated them for being misersand lousy bossestheir once-a-year present would usually surprise me. My ex ex boss was a super "niao" man, but he gave me Swarovski bracelet for Xmas and my ex boss also another niao man, gave me Crabtree and Evelyn items, BUT this one is the WORST I have seen... a freaking VP, plus I have been clearing shit for him, dealing with his shit ass wife and other stuff, all I get was a T-shirt from ASD and a tiny bottle of body cream from dunno where. The T-shirt looks like a free gift and body cream looks like it had been chucked aside in a corner of his house for the last dunno-how-many years.

I was really really disheartened when I saw it... not that he has to give me something damn fanciful or branded or wat... but at that moment I jus felt that the gift does not truly come from his heart... and fuck lor.. no matter what, he sits freaking high up there.. his presents should weigh something and not jus any junk he could find at home... My colleagues got classier stuff for him than he for them... What a shame dun you think! Even for myself, I took quite a while to choose and decide what to get for him... I did not jus anyhow get something jus to fulfil my duty as a PA... I seriously felt I have done too many things for him in vain..... totally in vain!

On a lighter and happier note, I also have received alot of Xmas gifts from nice colleagues.. I think total about 15 presents. That kinda cheered me up a lil... Also our office will be closed until 26 Dec and back to work on 27 Dec... Woo hoo!

Two days back baby and I caught GOOD LUCK CHUCK at Cathay Cineleisure. Typical romantic comedy movie and I simply love Jessica Alba's bods.... I wish to have one too.. hahaha..


Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!


Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I was super pissed this morning. I went to buy bee hoon with chicken wing from Old Chang Kee. I always buy from there so I knew exactly how much they cost. When I passed the cash to the Malay lady, I was still standing there longer than usual coz I wanted to get a fork and was trying to separate them as they all stuck to each other. After I was done, left the counter, already crossed the road then she suddenly shouted for me. I was really puzzled coz I dun think I missed out anything. Futhermore so many ppl were at the other side of the road with her witnessing the whole scene. I was rather pissed coz I had to cross the road all the way back over to her side instead of her coming to me. Then she told me, "Miss, it's $2.70." I questioned her back, "How come?? Bee hoon with chicken wing is $2.20 rite?" Then she pondered for a moment before showing the guilty face, "Oh Sorry Sorry, you are right, I'm really sorry.. so sorry."

I was really really really really pissed coz it's not my freaking fault. Yeah she was very apologetic but too late... coz I became the laughingstock infront of everyone... When I was standing at the counter for so long, she did not bother to question or ask me. Only when I left then she decided to shout for me. She must be dreaming big time man!

What a morning to start with......

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Forgetful me...

I think I had been too busy to remember alot of things. I stumbled upon BEOWULF poster and realised I have watched it but did not blog about it. Oh My.. I dun even remember when I watched it. Anyway Beowulf's graphics and actions were not bad but 300 is still the best coz real ppl with real fucking good bods.. Ooooo ~droolz~ and of course with real action.


Last weekend I caught HEARTBREAK KID at GV Marina with Baby. Was just a normal and funny show.. that's about it. I have not had time to blog about my HK trip (I hope I still remember the details of my trip.. hehe).. but I will do so soooooooon, when my boss goes on leave from 21 Dec onwards... Muahahahhaha... FREEDOM!


Monday, November 26, 2007

I will be animated on 1 Jan 08

Last weekend caught THE KINGDOM with Baby at GV Tampines. It's a good movie. Very engaging..


Prior to that I did some catching up with Jac at her office, Sheraton Tower. She treated me to their Hi-Tea. Hmmm.. not very fantastic.. very ordinary... Was happy that she gave me some biz fror Xmas season. Ordered about 10pcs of handphone charms for Xmas gifts... Had an enjoyable time with her gossiping about some of our ex-colleagues in our previous hotel. She told me that she still visited some of them and they actually asked about me. And so she commented that I dun have heart to visit them since they have always been asking how I'm doing and all. Hehehe...

Recently I was rather bothered about an issue. I guessed alot of you could see the weird taglines I put these few days, which is also what I had indicated as my subject for this post. I will be transferring to another dept next year. Not that I wan/wish/hope to transfer, I was being asked to transfer by my boss coz he will be transferring, therefore I'm requested to follow him. Yeah you may think it's a good sign coz this goes to show how much he likes and appreciates me and I should feel lucky that my boss wans to bring me over.. but there are too many issues and I have too many concerns, which I dunno where to start. As some of you might know that the wife is the pain in the ass and therefore it's definitely part of my consideration on moving. However after much research and consideration and reassurance from HR and nice colleagues, I have decided to move on to that dept. If you wish to know more, you may ask me in private coz I do not wish to announce in my blog.

And the biggest consolation on moving on to the other dept is that I will be seated right beside Ms Penny-san.. hahahhaha.. Ain't all these seem fated? hehe...

I jus hoped that moving on to the new dept is and will be a better choice. I wish for the best..

Now I can't wait and looking forward to my HK trip this Wed.... Woohoo!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

9th Month

Today is our 9th Month. The only thing I hope and wish now and everyday is for you to recover fully real soon. Missed our badminton and jogging sessions. Hope to resume our usual activities once you recover.

I'm still happy and glad to have known you and there are simply no regrets.

Be healthy everyday Baby.. Muaks!

Friday, November 16, 2007

MIA for 2 weeks

This week was crazy.. nothing but WORK! But I still make a point to leave as early as possible after office hours. I dun even have the energy or mood to think what I have done last 2 weekends and this week. In short, I had a long last weekend, spending time with Baby and we caught three movies all in all during the last 2 weeks: RENDITION, SAW IV and STARDUST (with Kirsten). Rendition and Stardust are good.. Saw IV is jus gore and nothing else... Brought Georgi for grooming again at VivoCity last weekend. This time they did not do a good job as they did not brush him clean and well. When I went home, still saw loose fur lingering on his body and I have to brush him clean.




Penny has joined our company since Monday and we are back to being colleagues since our Le Meridien Days.. hahah... nice to have a fren back at work coz I have so many sorrows to pour.. hahah...

I jus hope next week will be back to normal for me... I simply hate this week's craziness.. I dun dare to even think about it now..

It's TGIF!! Happy Happy!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Gboy's new playmate...

It was a normal Wednesday evening. Baby and I were watching TV as usual and the only exceptional thing I was doing was peeling dry scabs off his legs... hehe... THEN..... we saw something so unexpected! My Gboy was playing with "Xiao Qiang"!!!!!!!!!!! Arrrghhhh! It's a shock of my life coz I super HATE that creature, even more on those with wings!

Apparently he had been playing with it for quite sometime and we did not notice, evidence was his saliva dripping everywhere on the floor.. he was following the damn thing and licking it on and off! OMG! He followed it right to the front of the TV and that's when we realised he was playing with the fucker.

The damn thing was big and had wings but did not fly. According to Baby when he tried to kill it (I was already nowhere in sight.. haha), its whole body was sticky and wet so we figured that Gboy's incredible saliva had glued its wings to the body, that's why he CAN'T fly... lol... He also mentioned that the fucker was wobbly and could not walk properly... hahahaha... must be Gboy's holy water that made it drunk!

I nagged at Gboy that I'm not going to kiss him again! After the fucker was killed and disposed by Baby, Gboy was still looking for it... Sniff Sniff.. Unbelievable! He's probably sad to find his new playmate MIA... and tried to sniff it out from the floor.. hahahha....

I was really taken aback coz normally when he saw cockroaches or lizards or any bugs, he would at most stand at a distance, looked at it and be puzzled by my "trying-very-hard-to-kill-them" action.. he definitely would not attempt to chase after or follow it, what more touching or licking it! Ewwwwwwwwwww!

I'm so gonna brush his teeth many many times harder and more thorough with much more paste these few days before I choose to kiss him again...

Baby and I regretted that we did not take any pics as evidence to show you guys how Gboy enjoyed his time with his playmate... its absolutely GROSS! Yucks!

Monday, October 29, 2007

"House" is happening right here...

Finally I got the time and energy to blog again after a while. Baby was discharged a week ago and was diagnosed with "Vasculitis" (in short, his immune system is attacking himself) Symptons: Red spots, developed to red bumps, then lesions, skin blackened, dried up and peeled off, showing the red flesh. It sounded ewwww... yes it is indeed coz everything jus developed by itself gradually without having to scratch or irritate them. And yes again, the spots were really itchy and Baby did not scratch them at all. Joints were painful and when pressure exerted on the blood vessels, would cause an acute pain. This is a very rare sickness and he was examined like an alien during his stay in the hospital. Every single doctor also MUST have a look at him.. That's y we call it another case of "House" right here in town! (if you watch this series in AXN, you will know what I mean) hehe..

He had difficulty walking initially and needed to take really slow steps. Feet must be elevated all the time to prevent swelling. Other than having to go back for follow-ups now and then, he is recovering slowly and gradually. Thanks for those who have shown their concern one way or another. Greatly appreciated!

Now back to my life...

I have been busy busy busy with work work and more work! I can't wait for Penny to join our company soon.. coz I need someone to pour my work sorrows out! Haha.. I'm so glad I have my fren back at work with me again!

Pissed! Pissed! Pissed! David Copperfield's performance's CANCELLED! Why must he choose to rape someone at this time?! WTF!! After watching most of his previous performances on TV, Marc and I are so looking forward to watching him live and now of all times, he must commit crime right at this time! Arrghh!

Baby was so sweet to suggest watching movie on Sat. We did not really go "Pak Tor" ever since he was discharged coz he was having difficulty walking, but he wanted to catch a movie with me as we have not been out for quite a while. So we decided on HALLOWEEN. Very "Gan Jiong" movie and for the fact that I did not fall asleep on a midnight show proved something.. hahahah...


Monday, October 15, 2007

A different weekend

Last weekend was totally different for me... did not spend time watching movies, sun tanning or anything, which I normally did.. Hospital was and will be the place I dwell last weekend, today and coming days. Baby was hospitalised in TTSH since last Sat. He has some unknown leg infection, which no doctor could diagnose until the specialist comes in today, and he stayed in the hospital for 2 days for nothing, except lotsa blood pressure checks, injections, blood tests and drips, futile checks by docs and awful meals. I was with him on Sat for consultation. We reached A&E at about 6.40pm, after seeing the doc, finally prepared to admit him at about 8.30pm. BUT we waited at the observation room, where patients queue for ward and other matters, until about 12.30am before they finally got him a bed. I was with him throughout this whole process and until about 3am before I finally dragged myself home (supposed to catch a movie that night before this thing happened but oh well.. nothing is more important than my Baby's health). On Sun, I went to see him again at about 1.30pm.. his mum, sis and Kirsten were there as well. I was with him until 9.30pm.

We jus spoke on the phone a while ago and Baby gave me some updates from the diagnosis. Specialist said that its a very unusual infection... definitely not due to insect bites.. might be coming from internal (the immunity). The specialist is confused on the symptons that were shown on Baby coz they were not complete symptons of a certain probable illness or something. If they are confused, what more about us?? Sigh... so conclusion: more blood, urine and other tests this afternoon.

I really hope it's nothing serious. I will be visiting him again after work, for as long as he's hospitalised, which I hope wun be long enough before he's discharged.

Keeping our fingers crossed now.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Finally after sooooo damn long... Tung Lok overrated?

It's been a long time (about 2 years?) since I saw my dad and as some of you would know the reason y. Friends been bugging me to forget about it and visit him again. Actually I have already let the past gone with the wind. It's jus me feeling weird and also a little apprehensive to visit again coz I dunno what to say and how to respond, plus it's been so freaking long. I'm not being unfilial coz I'm still concerned for his well being... I figured it's jus this traditional Asian thingy in us (or rather me) that makes the whole idea of meeting awkward...

Nonetheless I plucked up my courage finally and so..... Last Sun I invited my dad and bro to have Dim Sum, which was also to celebrate my dad's birthday. I asked Baby along so I could introduce him to my dad at the same time.

I wanted to try Tung Lok Signature at VivoCity but heard from colleagues that it's rather crampy and noisy there, so we went to the branch at Central instead. I think Tung Lok is really overrated, at least for the Dim Sum. They are really not that fantatstic and do not have very wide range of Dim Sums. The ONLY nice item there was the Roasted Pork cubes (crispy skin and tender meat). Anyway overall I was glad my dad enjoyed the brunch, but at the same time was surprised to know that he is eating so little, compared to the past. His reasoning was due to his age.... Oh well.. I guess probably many ppl will reach that stage at some point in time, furthermore he looks more gaunt and drawn now.. however his beer belly is still devotedly there with him... hehe...

After brunch, we parted our ways as he claimed that he needed to head home. Thou we did not converse much in the restaurant, but I could sense that he has mellowed down alot now. I guessed after this short and affable gathering, I will probably feel more confident visiting him again and more gradually.

I was glad to have met him afterall.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Resident Evil: Extinction

Caught RESIDENT EVIL: EXTINCTION with Baby at GV Tampines. I'm very anal when it comes to following simple instructions. And Yes I could be very bitchy at times... As usual I would always request for my pops to be mixed vertically, coz I could enjoy both flavours at one time.. but this boy at the counter apparently did not make my day by mixing it horizontally. Urghs! But I did not make a fuss coz I did not wan to spoil my mood, and I gave him the benefit of doubt that he probably did not hear me.

I think overall the movie was not bad... Good action and exciting... and Milla Jovovich looked so cool and good in this sequel, compared to the previous ones..


After that we decided to head to Parkway Parade for dinner and to get my shampoo. We headed to the famous Char Kway Teow stall at Marine Parade hawker centre . SUCKED! What's so famous about it? I paid freaking $3 for normal portion and $5 for big portion for Baby (they have only 2 sizes anyway). It's definitely not worth it.

I have always wanted to get the vertical steam iron, which most boutiques used, coz I'm lazy to use the pressed iron.. hehe.. but I procrastinated so many times and when I finally saw an advertisement on TV, which affirmed my decision to get one, I went to check out at Best and Harvey Norman at Parkway Parade. The one that I was planning to get was the Novita vertical steam iron, which cost S$380. After receiving more information about the irons from the sales person, I eventually got the Philips System Iron at S$399 from Harvey Norman. The difference: Vertical steam iron gives off moist steam, meaning after ironing, you still have to air and dry it as the clothes will be moist. The system iron gives off dry steam, therefore its better coz you do not have to carry out the extra step to air it, and can wear immediately. The latter also can be used horizontally (2 in 1). I paid this using 12-months instalments.. din wan to spend so much at one shot... haha... The whole package is still lying in my living room, unopened... hehe...

Monday, October 08, 2007

I dun wan to go thru this..

I got rather emotional when I read this blog about this goldie, Herbie. I saw this link from Grace's blog.

I know this is part and parcel of life, but I wish so much that I never have to go thru this.. no dog owners will want for sure. I knew that I'm deluding myself coz I cannot escape from the fact that this will take place eventually. I cannot and do not wan to imagine myself in Herbie's M's position. I think I will cry to death, or mayb worse than death.

It might be too early for me to think abt this, but I always can't help it when I come across and read about such cases. I dun even have to know them personally to feel for them. That's how strong an impact a dog can cause to humans, more so if you are a dog owner coz you will know exactly how it feels, the excruciating pain that is indescribable.

Georgi, how I wish you will never ever leave me.. coz I cannot imagine how's life going to be like without you. Love you Gboy...

Friday, October 05, 2007

$100 for jus one nite?

Fiak! I was tagged by Serendipity and she said I die-die have to do... Tsk Tsk...

Instructions: I will tag you a question, which you will answer on your blog, and then you create your own question and sabo someone else. Got it?

Serendipity's question to me:

You are totally broke, hungry and no shelter over your head. Your friends and family are not willing to help you. But this old man/woman (old enough to be your grandparents) saw you and took a liking in you. He/she is willing to offer you $100 to sleep with him/her for just one night, will you do so? And why?

Answer: Oh Fuck! Of course I won't. So old already still so horny... confirmed got some kinda disease in him... and only for freaking $100??!!! NOOOO WAY MAN! I shall choose to die with dignity! LOL

Now here’s my question to you:

Life is precious: A rich man and a beggar are both ill and need a kidney transplant. Only your kidney can help save one of them. The rich man is the scum of the earth and cares for no one, but he has promised to donate a large sum of money to research a cure for kidney failure, if he is saved from this kidney transplant. The beggar is a saint and even though he has very little he still places others before himself but he will still die within 3 yrs after this transplant. If you HAVE to save one of them, who would you save and why?

Congratulations to:

1) Chris

2) Pam

3) Serendipity

*Thou this tag originated from you, but I would still like to know your answer to my question, so you die-die have to answer (can put in my comments box). Thanks! Hee hee...

Since I was kenna a "die-die" must do... those who were tagged by me also die-die must do.. most of my frens dun blog.. so you guys out there who do not have to answer my question.. u damn heng ar... hahhaha...

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Balls of Fury

Ever since Baby and I have changed our weekday meeting from Wed to Tue, we have been watching movie on Tue coz it's only $6.50 per ticket, and even if we ended up watching some dumbass and lame movies, we wun feel the pinch as much as watching them on weekends, which cost S$9.50 per ticket.

Jus a couple of days back, we caught BALLS OF FURY at GV Tampines. Dun watch if you not into dumbass show.. This movie is simply retarded... Funny... but I have to warn you again.. it's vvveeeery retarded... hahahha.. Hmmmm.. I guessed if you are a Ping Pong lover, you might watch for Ping Pong's sake.. hehe...


It's so heng that I only have to pay S$6.50 and not S$9.50 per ticket for this movie.. Phew!

After the infestation of nonsense, we had Qi Ji Nasi Lemak for dinner. Meals with Baby are always good... but freaking sinful.... Tsk Tsk!

Btw I think GV PS Tue Surprise Movie sucks! It's seriously predictable coz they usually show movies that were already on sneaks and will officially open on that Thur itself. Plus they would reveal the genre of the movie so more or less you could guess which movie will be showing if you had watched Surprise Movie before. I must admit this concept is fantastic if adopt in a smarter way, but the outcome in this case: DUMB!

Soooo my conclusion: Surprise Movie will never be a surprise if GV continues to show movies that will be opened very soon, and OMG the genre... it's supposed to be a surprise.. y reveal the genre?????


Tuesday, October 02, 2007


I finally got to tan for the first time, after my Phuket trip, on sat with Penny. Initially when we got to Sentosa, it was still cloudy... until at about 11.30am, it was hot like wat! We could literally fry egg there. And oh yes! I got my own tanning mat and did not have to squeeze with Penny on hers anymore... Was a good tan coz I looked like lobster again...Woot! However Penny was not satisfied with hers so I guess she wants to go back again soon.. hehe...

Got home for a while, prepared myself, got a cab, picked Baby up from his place and headed back to Vivo AGAIN in the evening to watch JOSHUA. We had Sushi Tei for dinner. Hmmm... they used to serve Hana Maki but not anymore... dun understand y coz it's such a nice dish. I had the Kimchi Ramen... tasteless! sucked! The beef Soba, which Baby had, was good thou... and he was soooo schweet to exchange the noodles with me, coz he realised that I was struggling with the ramen.. hehehe...

Joshua movie was a rather interesting one with some creepiness in the boy, Joshua. After the movie, I was just as baffled as Brad and Abby, the on-screen parents, who also did not understand where their son is coming from, coz I'm still trying to figure out what the ending means... hahahha... and the puzzling part was that if he was just against his daddy and mummy, why did it involve and cost innocent lives?? Or is this movie simply jus psychotic??? Hmmmmm...


Monday, October 01, 2007

Ikea, Courts & Giant

Last Friday after work, Baby and I decided to visit Tampines Ikea, Courts & Giant Megastore at one go for the very first time.. hahaha... yeah.. its our "first time"! Initial reason for heading there: Wanna eat Ikea's meatballs!!!! We took a shuttle bus from Tampines MRT. Reached Giant first and got some groceries. Saw an Akira standing fan tat cost only $19.90 and was considering getting it but wanted to check out Courts before deciding... then headed to Ikea for my meatballs and their all-time favourite chicken wings. I bought a packet of frozen meatballs for myself.. hehe.. Shopped a little at Ikea and got a Red cosy cushion at $35.90 for Georgi and Baby got a plastic cat's litter at $9.90. I was pleasantly surprised they had quite a good range of pets stuffs.

Lastly headed to Courts, hoping to find a good and cheap standing fan but in vain... So in the end went back to Giant to get the Akira's... We found out that the best taxi stand to get a cab is the Ikea's, which is facing the road. Giant's sucks. No taxi driver would notice there is a taxi stand at Giant unless they turn into the carpark.

I'm really glad I got the cushion coz Georgi loves it to the max.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

A true story

This is a true story about a Mummy, Daddy & Daughter. Read at own's risk as this could sound really really ermmmmm....... Judge for yourself lar...

Daddy was at work. Mummy and Daughter at home as usual. Daddy opened his email and saw two emails from his Daughter (she is only 3 years old). Apparently Mummy set up 2 emails for Daughter (yahoo and hotmail) and sent on Daughter's behalf to herself and Daddy and in her email she wrote on Daughter's behalf:

"Hello Mummy & Daddy, I have my own email! I love you!"

Daddy's response to both emails after few hours: "OK" and sent both to TRASH!!!!!!!!!!

I realised it's rather dangerous to be a full-time housewife...... brain's at risk! Don't you think so?

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Surprise Movie

As some of you might know only GV Plaza got this "Surprise Movie" thingy on certain Tuesdays at one time slot only. I have seen it on GV website a few occasions and was curious to find out what they actually show for "Surprise Movie" so I asked Baby whether he would be interested to watch. He was gamed for it so I booked for yesterday's session and they showed SHOOT 'EM UP... this one was already on sneak preview and it opens tomorrow! WTF!!! "VERY" surprised indeed! LOL...

Anyway this was another bloody movie.. hahah... cool action movie with hints of fun...


Had dinner at Mos Burger after that.. sinful sinful! It's always your fault, Baby!

And Oh yes! I have changed my work out routine (thanks to Baby).. Used to jog / workout in the evenings, but now I jog in the morning before going to work and workout at home after work... I'm so leading a healthy lifestyle rite? LOL.. and I'm still trying to lose more fats and pounds.. Way to go!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Advanced bday dinner with Marc and Chuck & Larry

Sat morning had an hour badminton session with Baby, after that rested until evening and met up with Marc to celebrate his bday in advance. Brought him to The Melt at The Mandarin Oriental Hotel for buffet. Food was not too bad... only the BBQ section was a lil bit of disappointment coz some of the items were already cooked and placed there for sometime so they were not fresh. The BBQ fish tasted really fishy... Corn was soft and mashy... yucks! We had juices to our heart's content coz by adding another S$20 to each person would entitle you to free flow of soft drinks, juice, beer and wine. My total bill came up to about S$180....

After this Marc had his plans and I arranged to meet Baby in the hotel and went to Axis for some drinks. Not many people there.. saw a lonely woman sitting my herself, but yet not so lonely coz she kept talking on the phone non stop.... then a les couple sitting opposite us was celebrating their anniversary... they also had their dinner at The Melt earlier when I was with Marc... The 'guy' got the waitress to present a tiny boutique of roses to 'her' gf... hahaha... it supposed to be romantic but I dun feel it leh... mayb coz it's she and she... I is bad... But it reminded Baby and I that it was also our "anniversary" but it's our 7th month... and I tot it was damn ghostly "7th Month".. hahahahha....

Sun caught CHUCK & LARRY at GV Tampines. I could only say it's freaking funny.. hahahha.. nothing to do and need a laugh? Watch this...


Went to collect the Swensen's ice-cream mooncake, which I got for Baby and his family, from Century Square. I also got specially for Kirsten Winnie the Pooh's Cookies and Cream chocolate coated ice-cream mooncake... Hope they enjoy every mouth of the coooooling stuff...

Happy Mid-Autumn festival!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Company's D&D cum 10th Anniversary (Back to School)

Last Fri was my company's D&D cum 10th Anniversary and our theme was "Back to School" - held in Sheraton Towers. Everyone really dressed to theme... Door gift was the Sony MP3 Walkman... cooool huh... and I already planned to give it to Kirsten. MC for that nite was Glenn Ong and entertainer was none other than Kumar. As usual, he did his specialty - stand up comedy. I was laughing like mad the whole time coz his jokes were truly that funny and "yellowish"... hahahha... Food was so so thou... Lucky draw only 19 prizes and we had about 150 people that nite... so you could imagine the probability of winning it. Let me share with you what were some of the prizes in the 19 lucky draws (from bottom to top): HTC phone, Sony Cybershot T100, Sony VAIO laptop, Panasonic Toughbook, Samsung LCD TV, Sony Bravia 40" LCD TV etc.... These were seriously fucking good prizes... "droooooolz"

I'm still contemplating whether to post the photos up coz I dun wan to get into unnecessary trouble... hmmmm... but one photo I guessed I should post up was my uniform for that nite.. hahaha.. and thanks to Athene for lending me her sec sch uniform... It fitted well.. also thanks Baby for babysitting and keeping my little rascal at home company...

I think this was so far the best company's D&D I have attended in my working life....

Monday, September 17, 2007

The Invasion and Arctic Tale

Sat's tanning plan was unsuccessful. Weather had been crazy. Was busy trying to get school uniforms from my frens coz my D&D theme this coming Fri, 21 Sep 07 is "Back to School". Therefore Baby had been really sweet by travelling to two places to get uniforms for me from Chris's fren and Grace. Unfortunately both were too big for me. So I was rather disappointed that they do not fit me nicely, coz I really do not wish to spend $$$ buying/renting. Anyway I still cheered myself up with the help of Baby and head to GV Tampines to watch THE INVASION. Before that we had dinner at Fish & Co. The Prawn Fettucini with Chilli Cream was good... I had the Salmon with Cajun sauce and Baby had the New York Fish and Chips with cheese fillings. He mentioned the fish and chips sucked with the cheese. Dessert was chocolate fudge cake with Vanilla Ice Cream and it was good... Overall dinner was nice. The Invasion was not as bad as it was reviewed. In fact, I was following thru all the way without feeling bored. It was exciting... Nicole Kidman's body is still so HOT! She has always been my favourite and of course I watched this movie coz of her even thou review of this movie was not fantastic. I never miss any of her movies.. hehe. And thanks Baby for willing to watch it with me thou he knew the review was not good.. After watching he also felt that the movie was not too bad...


Sun fetched Kirsten and watched ARCTIC TALE at GV Grand. I think the story would be nicer if they jus focus on the polar bears, without the walrus. The movie was not giving full attention on the polar bears, which made it less meaningful. The walrus segments were so boring that I dozed off a couple of times. The baby polar bears were damn cute and funny.


After that, we had dinner at Jack's Place and back home. Kirsten was so sweet.. she gave me a white hankie with black paw prints. Previously she also got Georgi a nylon bone and Georgi has been chewing on it on and off and he loves it (good exercise for his teeth). Hmmmm.. since I do not use hankie, I'm still thinking wat to do with it.. hehe...

I had ulcers on the left side of my tongue for quite sometime already and I'm still suffering from it. Even had difficulty talking and eating and this definitely has been affecting my mood.... I jus hope it will go away sooooooon....

Monday, September 10, 2007

Shiro's Woofday and WAR

Finally Baby was released from the ordeal camp and was back to our regular meetups. Sat morning went to Velu for Prata and rested until evening and brought Georgi to Shiro's woofday with Penny and arranged to meet Baby and Kirsten at Pawtobello. Was exceptionally crowded that day. Baby and I decided to have dinner later, thou we were really hungry, coz we do not really fancy dog cafe's human food.. haha... I did not order anything.. Penny had the chocolate milkshake.. I tried and was not too bad... comparable to Billy Bomber's.

Saw a stout Samoyed... He was invited to Shiro's party... he's actually undersize for a Samoyed.. Hmmm.. I still love the original big and fluffy Samoyed.. hehe.. if not Malamute "droolzzzz" took a photo of Kirsten with the Samoyed. Will upload pics later on...

Kirsten was quite disappointed coz she did not have much time to play with the dogs, as we had to leave early, one reason is coz Penny and Alloy had appts so they had to leave, the other is also coz too many ppl were arriving so we tot we shd jus give up our seats for the incoming crowd.

Sent Kirsten home and Baby went back with me, settled Georgi and off we went to have our "Zhi Cha" dinner.. hahah... satisfying and super full meal! After that, had a walk at the Pasar Malam near my place. I wanted to eat the Taiwan sausage and Baby and I both wanted to try the Ramly Burger but we were so full we could not think of food anymore.. haha.. Nothing much thou... the stalls repeated after every section... so I only got a mattress cover for Georgi's bed.

Sun morning had a jog with Baby and after that caught ROGUE ASSASSIN (also known as WAR) at GV Tampines. I would say this movie's good. A nice and unexpected twist towards the end. Action part was exciting and bloody.. Woot! My Fav!!! Felt like Kill Bill... Can watch...


We had MOS Burger for lunch and we witnessed a gross sight. To begin with, I was already quite pissed with the Filippino Family beside our table coz their bags were extended to my side and when I had difficulty moving to my seat, they did not shift their bags and made me struggled my way thru. Then in order not to spoil my mood, I let it passed. Was enjoying my packet of fries (last item of my meal), mixed the mustard and chilli sauce together and I asked Baby whether it was gross.. hahahah... he said there's a grosser thing, the kid in the Filippino family puked. Luckily I did not witness that so I continued to eat my fries happily with my self blended mustard and chill sauce... until I turned my head, looked at them and the kid gave a second puke (a big one)! YUCKS! This time Baby could not tahan anymore and requested to leave, and my fries still got half packet left. He further disgusted me by telling me the puke looks like my self blended sauce... Fiak! With that, we hurriedly left that nauseating sight...

I always look forward and enjoy my weekends (no matter what I do).. Weekdays are painful... literally pain in the ass and especially when I need to deal with that bitch...

I really wished weekends will never end....

Friday, September 07, 2007

Moody & Stress

I have been really moody recently and I dunno wat's the main or real reason behind it. I could only guess that it's probably due to the enormous stress I had at work last week, which also coincided with Baby's reservist. Like I mentioned in my earlier email, it was a double blow for me. The level of stress last week was beyond description and tat alone caused me to loose 2 kgs, as I got no appetite to eat, with all the pressures at work or rather I should not call it work... coz I was asked to plan my boss' Dec holiday! (the wife requested it). It's always "the wife" thing that SUCKS big time!

Yeah Yeah Yeah... alot of you would ask "Why??? Why you neeed to plan boss' holidays??" It's a long story but basically it's kinda L.L. for me. One of the reasons from the wife was "coz I know my boss' schedules best"... Yeah! wat a 'valid' reason! Knowing my boss' schedules for Dec NOW does not guarantee that his schedule would always and still be the same when the calendar reaches Dec. It's jus a freaking excuse to run away from planning their own hols and wan people to service them, AT THE EXPENSE of company's resources. There was once last week I basically did nothing but their PERSONAL stuff for one whole bloody day. This is making me kinda SICK to plan my own hols now... I'm totally traumatized by it.

Y traumatized? coz besides having to search for alot of infos / hotels / flights on a place I have never been, the wife got so many requests and expectations and was still not satisfied. Imagine I had to find luxurious hotels / apartments and get a good flight NOW when everyone else already booked like few months back for Dec hols (bloody school hols!). And her mood swings were so horrible that she could be extremely nice at one point and extremely nasty and sarcastic at another. One example was she could ask me to do something / find out some infos but must call her first to seek approval before going ahead and when I called her, she chided me for disturbing her and she's very busy, when it was only 5 mins after she asked me to call her to seek permission. WTF!

I could only say I will put up with it to the point I cannot tolerate anymore, then tat will be the time I will march to HR dept to seek help.

Let's jus wait and see how long I can "tong"... *Fingers crossed*

Monday, September 03, 2007

A precious weekend

FINALLY Baby was able to book out after a week of ordeal reservist. It was not only tormenting for him, it was for me as well... A WEEK seems like a MONTH.. OMG! Anyway we caught 1408 on Sat at GV Tampines and had our dinner at Billy Bombers, coz he wanted to have something nice and filling to compensate for the terrible meals he had the past week.

It's either I had too much expectations on 1408 or it simply sucks! I really dun like the whole idea of this story, especially the ending. I chose this over Dead Silence and was really looking forward to it but turned out a disappointment.


Sun picked Kirsten up with Baby and went to GV Grand to watch EVAN ALMIGHTY. We had lunch at Crystal Jade. As usual, we ordered 4 "longs" of Har Kow! and again they re-confirmed with us that we really wanted 4 "longs".. hahaha... Evan Almighty was so so so much better than Sat's 1408. It's hilarious with interesting story line and educational too. I think this one was much better than Bruce Almighty. Personally I thought it was a great movie and with the "participation" of the various species of animals in there, the whole movie was fun and nice! should watch!


Act of Random Kindness = A.R.K. Interesting... Hmmmm... but then again, shouldn't it be Random Act of Kindness?? Hehe...

After this, I went to Baby's place coz we could not hang out too long outside, as his book-in time was 8pm, and he gotta pack up for another week of torture reservist. So I tot of hanging around with him a little more before he leaves for camp and I back home. His mum cooked pasta and meatballs with tomato sauce. I usually would prefer cream sauce over tomato for pasta but hers was jus nice and yummy.. not too "tomatoey"! Simple is always nice! Hehe...

Gotta suffer for another week without Baby, plus work recently was not very smooth... It's a double blow for me. Fiak! I already can't wait to end this week, when it's only Monday today!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Our 1st trip (23-25 Aug 07): Thailand


Baby was crever to choose Karon beach instead of the craziest and typical Tourist spot, Patong. We made full use of our 3D2N. Brought Georgi boy to Alloy’s place the night before. As usual could not bear to leave him but I knew he will be in good hands.

Thur, 23 Aug 07
Reached Phuket airport at 7plus (their local time). We skipped the day tour (supposedly to while time before checking in at 2pm) and decided to take a cab to Andaman Seaview Hotel. Reach hotel at about 8plus and it was a really wise decision to skip the tour coz we were able to check in immediately. While they processed our check-in, we had breakfast at their café and settled into our room at about 10am.

The Bed

The Bedroom View

Front View

The Balcony

Dressing Table


After settling our stuff, we headed to the beach for some tanning and Baby accompanied me but stayed under the beach umbrella and read his book, while I grilled myself under the hot sun… haha.. Karon beach was so peaceful. After that we walked around Karon Beach and had our Seafood dinner there. Dinner sucks big time! Pepper crab like shiet, squid with chilli paste is watery (like curry), pork curry not worth mentioning too, pineapple rice sucks… SERIOUSLY there’s nothing good I could highlight. After the lousy dinner, we strolled back to hotel (about 30mins walk).

Fri, 24 Aug 07
Had our 2nd breakfast in the café and then tanned again. We had to pay 200baht for rental of a set of beach umbrella with 2 deck chairs and supposed to allow you unlimited use on that day. Yeah it might sound reasonable but when u think about it, how often would you go to the beach in a day? I only stayed there like at most 1.5hrs each day. It was not really worth the money unless u really made full use of it, which means staying in the beach for very long or kept returning on the same day, just to make the 200baht worth. We had fun in the water thou I was a little worried coz the waves were really strong but overall was fun as Baby was there to protect me.. hehe..

Beach View (Part of it only)

The Strong Waves

After tanning, I had an hr of aromatic massage at their spa centre and Baby went back to the room coz he did not like strangers to touch him… so he said… haha... After that, we chilled out in the room till late afternoon before we headed to this supposedly famous Scandinavian Restaurant called “Two Chefs” at Kata Beach. AGAIN, dinner sucks! Appetizer normal, beef tough and chewy, the only good thing to mention was the potato gratin that came with the main course – the ONLY thing we really enjoyed eating.

We had been patronising this internet cafe called "Andaman Coffee Co." They serve really nice coffee (better than some SIN cafes) and it's easily available. As long as we needed a break or a drink, we would head there.. You get to use free internet for 15 mins with any purchase of beverage. However, we did not touch the internet station at all throughout our visits.. hehe...

Internet Station

Cafe Counter

Sat, 25 Aug 07
Our departure back to SIN was at 10pm and we still had a full day to enjoy ourselves. Check-out was extended till 1pm. As usual, had our breakfast in the café and tanned at the beach. We spent total of 600baht jus for rental of the beach umbrella and deck chairs for a total of approx. 4hrs.. haha… after that we showered and prepared to checkout, left our luggage at the concierge and headed to the craziest spot – Patong. As expected as or worse than expected, Patong was really crazy and flooded with human traffic.

If not for the new shopping mall called “Jungceylon”, which we wanna check out, we would not even appear there. We had lunch and dinner at the foodcourt and I tell you, a meal that cost 2400baht (total from the two terrible dinners) could never compare to a simple meal that cost only 50baht. I was enjoying the 50baht noodles soup so much that I was calculating how many bowls I could eat with the amount we spent on the yucky dinners… haha… we even tried the KFC there. Meat was so much more tender (even the breast meat) than those in SIN but was not as crispy and golden brown so the skin looked a little pale... And I loved the Swensens there coz they were super flexible in replacing ice-cream flavours... you could order a Coit Tower and changed to different ice-cream flavours completely. This is what we call good service… not like SIN, rigid like what and even when changed, it’s with a super unwillingly attitude... damn INFLEXIBLE! To side track a little... there was once in one of the Swensen’s outlet in SIN, Baby had to lie to say he is allergic to that particular flavour to get the flavour changed. WTF! and he did it for me of course... haha…

Hockay back to Patong, there was Carrefour in Jungceylon so we shopped a little… we kept reminding ourselves that we have to get the Thai chilli powder no matter what… hahah… so yeah we got them in Carrefour. After another round of nice 50baht dinner, we headed back to hotel and waited for the pickup transfer to airport. We reached SIN at 1am on Sun, 26 Aug 07. Baby got a bottle of gin for himself and a bottle of Baileys to put at my place. The new flavour, Crème Caramel was wooooot! Nice! Baby said this taste is very near to the Africa's Amarula Cream.. haha.. but I still would like to try the latter coz he kept saying it's damn nice...

Reached home, unpacked a little, showered, slept and woke up in the morning to pick my Georgi boy up from Alloy’s place. Then back home, was so fucking tired, I went to bed straightaway and of course Georgi slept with me… hehe...

Btw unfortunate news to share… Georgi is back to his gay boy status… COZ he attempted to hump Lele! OMG!

Oh Yeah! I’m so loving my skin colour now… haha...

Baby has gone for reservist for 2 weeks and I’m missing him… Arrggghhhh!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

6th Month

TODAY IS OUR HALF YEAR ANNIVERSARY and I'm really glad we have come this far. Dunno how it happened but it jus happened and I'm definitely not complaining... :)

We'll be celebrating it tomorrow and I still dunno where we are going.. haha... but I love this anticipation and am so looking forward to our first hol.

It's so refreshing to have you in my life. Muaks!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Rush Hour 3

This weekend was rather relax. Did not do much except watching RUSH HOUR 3 with Baby on Sat at GV Grand. Have not been there for sometime and that is my favourite cinema coz it's not as crowded as town, thou Great World can be quite crowded at times now but still not as bad as town and Vivo. Movie still as funny when u have Chris Tucker and still full of action when u have Jackie Chan.


I think GV's standard has gone downhill coz I already experienced 2 hiccups in a short span of time. First incident was during the commericals before one of the movies we have watched recently, the trailer they were showing came with sounds but NO image.. It only came out after quite sometime. The next was the day we watched Rush Hour 3, movie was already showing and the screen image was chopped off by almost 1/3 from the bottom, therefore the lower part, where the subtitles were, was blocked off. We were kinda anxious and really pissed off. Luckily someone went to highlight and it was rectified AFTER a while.

I think GV's management need to be more concerned about such issues coz tickets really dun come cheap.. getting more and more ex so they should not be so slapdash... in fact quality and standard should be progessing and not deteriorating.. Sigh... why services are getting more and more substandard nowadays...

After movie, we went to Zion food centre to grab a bite. Char Kway Teow was our final choice. Supposedly famous and received alot of awards but we dun find it that extraordinary. I have tasted better ones and one of them is at Amoy Street food centre. It was nice and cheap.

I'm preparing and looking forward to my hols this Thur! Alloy see you on Wed with Georgi! Thanks in advance for helping to babysit him.. Appreciated!

Seriously counting down...

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Private Numbers will NOT be entertained

I think I have to highlight to everyone that I do not entertain calls from private numbers, coz I had many bad experiences and I totally ignore and ban these calls now.. I knew a couple of my frens' numbers are private, so if yours is and you need to call me, please sms me first... Thanks in advance!

p/s: My reason for the above is private so please do not ask me why.. Thanks.. Cheers...

Monday, August 13, 2007

Busy weekend - UPDATED!

My weekend was so packed that I think I'm falling sick again... Shucks!

Tanned in the morning with Penny at our usual spot.

Then met my bro for some catching up and at the same time celebrated my belated bday.. hehe... he brought me to Top of the M at Meritus Mandarin for high-tea. Place and ambience was nice plus there were not many ppl... As most of you should know by now that Top of the M is a revolving restaurant, so I was kinda curious to know how it feels like to dine and witness changes in scenery. Well.. it was an experience for sure but the restaurant is moving a wee bit too fast than it should, so I did feel rather giddy at some point in time, and day view was really bad.. all the worn-off parts of buildings and rooftop were not very pleasing to the eyes.. it would definitely be more appealing at night... Food honestly was ordinary... except for the fishes (salmon and cod).. they were really fresh and tasty and I had 3 servings jus on those.. hehe... the desserts were not very impressive, however they served premium ice-cream (nice raspberry sherbet, chocolate and vanilla ice-cream with real vanilla beans)... if not for the 50% discount, which my bro was entitled, I would think this meal is a sucker for the moneyed ppl like Lynn Poh coz she was there with her bf and two accompanying persons. She has no makeup and looked really haggard.

Anyway he was updating me on some Mediacorp grapevines and wooooo... I got to know the reason behind Qi Yu Wu's sudden fame and the rationale behind his two recent movies. Never wonder y he was suddenly so sought after for movies??? I knew y now... ask me lar.. hahahha... I'm not going to blog it here coz it's definitely not a very glamorous thing to announce and I obviously dun wan to be prosecuted.. lol.. I have other juicy news abt Stephanie Sun, Michelle Chong, Xiang Yun and Edmund Chen, Fann Wong and Christopher Lee and mooooore... hehe... My bro got all these insider news coz he knew this ex Mediacorp artiste...

After a nice catching up with my bro, I met Baby in town, went back to my place and rested a while before heading to GV TM for THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM. I'm surprised I have nothing to comment about this movie.. haha...


Picked Kirsten up from her place and went to GV Vivo for HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX. At the same time brought Georgi for grooming at Vivo's Pet Safari. My groomer is Kingsley. I have not uploaded Georgi's before and after pic so hang in there.. hehe... but overall Kingsley did a very neat and nice job. When I saw Georgi after his grooming, I really felt like laughing coz he is sooo cute and his pig's tail is ohhhh sooo funny... his fur's so compact now that he somehow or rather looks more and more like Lele.. a bigger and fatter Lele... lol... He was crazy when he saw me and came out of the cage. He was running like a mad dog, skidded a couple of times.. haha.. Grooming for him cost S$55. Overall I was satisfied with the outcome, and since Georgi did not appear tramautised, I guessed they are really professional and gentle with dogs.

Harry Potter and order of Phoenix was quite sucky - Bo Tao Bo Bue... Dunno whether I should still catch the next two stories, Half-blood Prince & Deathly Hallows?? After this one, I'm quite unmotivated to follow..


After the movies and picking Georgi up, we decided to head straight home coz with pets around, sure kenna banned... before that Baby wanted to get Tutu Kueh so we walked to Food Republic. Kirsten, Georgi and I were standing outside waiting for Baby. A Korean young lady suddenly stopped infront of us, reached out for her hp in her handbag and wanted to take a picture of Georgi.. haha... I guessed even thou after losing much fur, Georgi is still as attractive and cute as ever.. lol...

Surprisingly, it was rather easy to get a cab for this trip out with Georgi, coz I always dread calling cab and it could take ages (sometimes waited and waited for at least half an hour) to get one. Yesterday's was very smooth sailing...

Kirsten and Baby stayed at my place till dinner so that Kirsten could have some fun with Georgi. After dinner near my place, we parted our ways and that's when I started to get sick. Nose so blocked up that I have difficulty breathing...

Now I feel like sleeping... really need a good long sleep... Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Before *Chow* face

After *Happy* face

Friday, August 10, 2007

Wedding on National Day

Attended Baby's camp mate's wedding lunch on National Day at Marina Mandarin... It was not only celebrating their wedding, but at the same time also like celebrating National Day coz the reception was giving away the National flag (those type with candies inside the flag stick) and comes with other party kits.. wondered it's the couple's or hotel's idea... Hmmmm...

We already had very bad feeling abt attending the wedding at Marina Mandarin, not coz of the wedding but the predictable human traffic, who were attending the National Day parade, as the event venue was evidently near the hotel vicinity and we could anticipate alot of "red" humans around.

Anyway after the approx. 3hrs lunch, we shopped at Suntec and Raffles City. As what we had expected, red humans everywhere... particularly the City Hall MRT station, swamped with humans, and some NOT so human coz they thought they were some bloody statues, standing in the midst of crowds as if they were models! Why do we still have brainless people around fighting for oxygen... Fiak! It's jus so frustrating, if you understand wat I mean, when ppl are NOT using their brains to do what they supposed to do.. In dialect simple means "Bue Zi Dong"! What the hell is wrong with Singaporeans?! I really felt ashamed sometimes to recognize myself as one... Shiet! Plus behaving like this on a National Day, these morons really freaking showing the ugly Singapore spirits!

I was toooo overwhelmed by the whole panaroma and that made me rather dizzy and kinda drained out even thou we did not shop much. In the end we only got Royce chocolates.. Oooooo... (to compensate the chaos) and some Marks & Spencer's goodies before we headed home to catch the parade on TV in peace....

Oh yeah, I finally found a nice, clean and decent Indian restaurant at Bedok Reserviour neighbourhood, right inside Eunos CC. Another choice for our dinner venue. And I shall declare that Velu's prata is definitely better than Jalan Kayu, Thomson Road and the other so called good prata outlets. Velu serves hot, crispy made-to-order pratas and the fish curry is fresh and Woot! Jus the way I like it... Mmmmmm...

Now I'm at work and I'm sooooo looking forward to my weekend...

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Fair Fair GO AWAY!

Ewwwwwww! People are telling me that I look fairer now... FIAK! That's not what I wan to hear and it's definitely not a compliment!!!! Freaking weather recently was really screwy.. sunny and rainy at the wrong time, wrong day, which explained my "fairness"..... Arrgghh!

This sat's weather better be damn good and HHHHHOT!

Monday, August 06, 2007

My best bday ever... UPDATED!

I had the most tremendous bday celebration and it's with my Baby of course... He sacrificed and spent consecutively around 48 hours with me and me only. Those ppl who knew about me and him will understand why it's a sacrifice from him... We had fun shopping, eating and of course our usual movie. Fri evening, we went to Simei East Point for dinner and some window shopping. East Point is still quite the same. I realised there were alot of hair salons.. at least one at every level... weird! We had dinner at Sakae Sushi and of course I would not miss going to Pet Lovers... Saw a cute Samoyed and a pair of Keeshonds.. The pair of Keeshonds was sooo adorable I really feel like having them... I kept telling Baby if we ever stay in a landed property, I must own a Samoyed and he said he must own a Malamute, so we agreed to own BOTH.. lol... I do hope by that time Georgi would still be around... how nice will that be... Mmmmmmm....

We played badminton on Sat and caught PERFECT STRANGER at GV PS. It was not too bad... Just that certain parts were not explained clearly, therefore appeared rather vague... Nice twist at the end but I was not veeeeery surprised by it coz I remembered one of the scenes that made it less startling. Bruce Willis laughed so funnily that I always laughed when he laughed.. It happened for both Die Hard and this show (only one scene)... and I was already so giggled by it... hahaha...


Did a little window shopping and I requested to have dinner at Newton Circus coz I missed the Prawn Mee. But this time I had the Bak Kut Mee instead and as usual the "Gun Powder" was still as POWER..

Baby bought me bday lunch at Golden Peony in Conrad on Sun. Some ppl would know that I used to work in Conrad. I was rather concerned that I would meet some familiar faces and true enough I met some of them... Some saw me and I acted blur, some saw me and THEY acted blur... lol.. anyways I was glad I did not have to make superficial talk with anyone of them. We had some dim sum, noodles and dessert. I would say overall the dim sums were really fresh and nice... and service is damn good! Baby had 4 "longs" of Har Kow... and it's NOT surprising coz if the Har Kows are nice, he will always do that in most dim sum restaurants... Once we had dim sum in Crystal Jade and he ordered 4 at one shot, the server was shocked and actually asked us again whether we were sure we wanted 4 "longs"... hahahaha... Back to GP, the crabmeat Ee-Fu Noodles was nice, not too salty and lightly fried. I wanted to order the Avocado with Ice Cream dessert but as I was rather full, I ended up ordering the Mango Sago and Pomela with Mango Pudding (which was not tat fantastic) coz the Avocado was too rich a dessert after a filling meal. Baby had the home-made Soya Beancurd. The highly recommended dessert is still the Cream of Avocado with Ice Cream. The home-made Soya Beancurd was also good. I hoped the whole bowl of Soya Beancurd did slide smooooooothly down Baby's throat, which I claimed (according to last time's standards lar, which was like 4 yrs ago)... LOL!

After tat fulfilling lunch, we had a nice shopping spree... I wanted to collect my altered bottoms, get myself a bikini for my coming hols and pair of pumps.. Baby wanted to get a belt, ipod accessory and a pair of smart casual shoes... The search for bikini took fucking long and the most tedious one. Went to all the active outlets like Rip Curl, Quicksilver, Roxy but did not managed to find one I really like and they are seriously not cheap bikinis. I was so tired trying and trying and trying... and my legs were aching shit from all the walkings.. In the end I got it at Far East Plaza and it's only freaking S$30 a set.. hahahha... We shopped from Marina Sq to Far East to Pacific Plaza to Wisma and back to Far East coz we wanted to have dinner there as Baby said there's this Hainanese stall that sells really good Hainanese Chicken Rice and yeah... indeed was fantastic.. The salted veg duck soup was nice too! YUMMY!

Well... after all the walking and trying and walking and trying, the harvest was not too bad... got myself the bikini, a beach shorts and two pairs of pumps... Baby got his shoes and ipod case but belt still to no avail... Was a fun and enjoyable bday weekend...

I'm soooo glad and happy to see that shocking reaction from Baby when he saw the U2 edition Video Ipod in his bag.. hahahha.. No doubt I love surprises, but I love to GIVE surprises too! MUAKS my baby.... Looking forward to our hols... and thense for the continuous anticipation on the venue.. hehe...

SHIET! How could I forget to share about my bday pressie.. hehe.. thou my Baby already bought me my bday pressie earlier but he got me another one (Blossom Dew by Loccitane) and gave me during tat bday weekend. I surprised him, he surprised me on the same day.. And he was so fucking worried and wondering whether I saw the pressie coz it was in the bag when I slide the Ipod in... hahaha.. heng I did not open up the bag.. I jus opened the zipper a lil to pop the stuff in... hehe...

The coming hols supposed to be a bday pressie from him as well... lol.. so many bday pressies from Baby, literally Pre, Actual and Post... hahah... He was asking me how come I gave him pressie for nothing, somemore on my own bday.. hehe.. so anyway I told him to let his U2 Ipod from me and our hol trip from him be our 6-month Anniversary pressie lar.. hehe... really looking forward to my hols...

*Counting down*

Monday, July 30, 2007

The Simpsons

Watched THE SIMPSONS MOVIE on Sat with Baby at GV Plaza. Was damn hilarious... I was laughing my ass off on some parts.. typical Simpsons show... I think it's a nice choice if you need a good laugh and some lightheartedness... Saw Michelle Chong at the Candy counter. She is slimmer in person but she looks very ordinary thou.. Won't really give her a 2nd look type.


Had dinner at Thai Express.. This is my dunno how many times here, at different outlets and I always kenna late delivery of my drinks, particularly the Watermelon and Lime freeze. Is that drink really that difficult to produce? I really wonder y. Mayb they were short-handed coz I always see only one person making the drinks but I dunno was I damn unlucky or wat, coz other ppl usually got their drinks on time but mine always came so late to the point that I had already finished my meal, and seriously, I could have jus made do with the free ice water. Their food and service is generally not too bad. That is also y I still partonise them, despite their lil blunders here and there.. I probably jus have to stop ordering that particular drink mayb.. Hmmmmm..

The recent weather was really not too ideal for tanning.. Supposed to have one yesterday but the sky did not look very promising so I had to cancel. Sian! Dunno when the weather will get better coz I really need a tan badly... Boo!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

What a morning!

I witnessed a really gross sight early in the morning on my way to work. While I was walking down the stairs to the lift, I saw some spillings on the floor and avoided of course... then when I reached the lift level.. Fucking hell! I saw sssssssssshiet spattered on one of the lifts' door... WTF! and it stunk big time!

Freaking early in the morning when I felt the freshest, I was greeted with such stinky horror! Why would anyone be so sick to do such things!? It's clearly not targetting at someone coz if it was, that horrible stuff would be on that someone's door and not the common lift door... KNN! This person is obviously doing this for FUN! and only SICK ppl would perform this unspeakable act!

Luckily, the other lift was cleared of that mess and I quickly took tat lift and left that nauseating sight...

Arrrghhhh! What a morning to begin with.....

Monday, July 23, 2007

Nasi Wa Woo Ji Pa Ban...........

Watch this.. freaking funny! ROFLOL!


Finally another JS outing was organised, but the person who wanted this in the end didn't turn up.. Oh well, what's new.... so anyway thanks Pam for making the effort to help organise this JS jaunt at a very nice cafe called PAWTOBELLO. It's a dog cafe and I'm, or rather we, are really thankful for such cafes coz there's really not many friendly places where our darlings could chill out...

We had the whole back area of the cafe to oursleves as we were the largest group, filled with white furballs... saw some new faces but did not really get to know one another coz we were just busy with ordering and feasting on our food and as usual talking in our small cliques. Baby had the beef bello, I had the pork ribs and Georgi had beef muttloaf... Try the fish and chips at own's risk as both Alloy and Pam got uncooked fish fillet... Other than the small hiccups, food were not too bad compared to other dog cafes coz usually you dun expect to get really nice human food in dog cafes... but this was OK thou Jennifer mentioned that there's a dog cafe at Science Park that serves fantabulous human and dog food... Science Park OMG! When would I ever have a chance to go there...

Dua Bui "never say die" spirit is always with him.. he was a shadow to one of the female JS that had just finished her heat... and Dua Bui as usual was ultra sensitive to that... That female JS was defending herself by growling and barking at him but he could not care less... still stuck on to her like a leech.. After they left the cafe, Dua Bui was stuck to the area where they sat, coz the female JS feminine smell was obviously still lingering there... and he *sniffs sniffs* non stop... Hahahah...

I did not unleash Georgi as I tot he might get frightened by some more aggressive dogs and as it was, there were so many different breeds of dogs and you never know what you going to get or what is going to happen... and the fact is Georgi can be damn timid at times and when he is timid, he runs for his life like crazy.. and when he runs like crazy, the other dogs will chase like crazy too... Eventually after some consideration, I still decided to let him roam ard the cafe coz I saw other JS having fun running around but he was grounded to the chair.... In the beginning all was fine, he was jus roaming ard and smelling pee traces... and he could be stuck sniffing at one spot for so long and could not be bothered with his surroundings. Anyway I prohibited him from doing that a couple of times... eventually he stopped and turned his attention to a black Lab (I think it's a Lab). At first, Georgi was jus sniffing her butt, then started to follow her (the Lab was rather shy and timid).. I tot he was jus being friendly coz he has always been very friendly and playful.. and I was observing him from a distance... Then the most unexpected thing caught my eyes! For the very first time, my Georgi boy actually humped a dog and that Lab was his victim (I dunno he was trying to be domineering or what). Luckily the lab ran off fast enough before my boy could do anything.. The owner and I were all amused, especially when I told them he was already sterilised! It was soooooo embarrassing... and I still could not believe that my innocent Georgi boy did that... Well, I guessed Georgi is really a big boy now and I have to get used to all his weird actions and behaviours as time goes...

Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my camera so no pictures were taken.. and as usual everyone was disorganised so taking a nice group picture, making sure that the pooches do not fidget, would be really tough... After Pawtobellow, a few of us went to East Coast's Scruffy Murphy's to continue chilling out before heading home...

It's a shame that Kirsten could not join this gathering, otherwise I think she would have alot of fun with all the canines... and Penny, I think you should also try out Pawtobello.. and oh yes... it's a good place for holding canines bday parties... so September and November is coming huh... Pam, Penny and Alloy, please plan something soon.. hehe...


Fri evening caught VACANCY with Baby at GV Tampines. The thrill effect was there but seriously no storyline. Couple stucked in an unfamiliar place due to car breakdown, stayed in motel, saw some gruesome killings that happened in the motel, trying to escape for their lives and after all the drama, in the end they still survive... very predictable happenings and ending... If you are in for cheap thrills, go ahead and watch, otherwise, forget about it...