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Monday, January 29, 2007

Georgi's Patella Luxation Operation

Georgi will be going for his operation in another 8 hours time. Given a choice, I would not want him to go thru this that early... but Dr Ly said his knee joint dislocation is at Grade 4 or higher now, instead of the normal Grade 2 or 3.

I'm not worried about the fees I have to pay, but its the number of anesthetics he had gone thru previously. Tomorrow will be the 3rd and I know its definitely not healthy to have these chemicals in the body... and damn! I always have to sign that indemnity form every time this happens and I really hate it! But I know I dun have a choice..

Anyway I will be praying real hard that everything will go smoothly. Folks! Please pray for Georgi and I really do not wish to receive any sudden calls from the clinic, at least not from 12noon - 3pm.. coz tats the operation timing..

I believe "No news will be good news!"

p/s: I cannot help but feel really paranoid... I know maybe I worry too much... must be the form that I had to sign prior to every operation tat haunts me.. its really draining me mentally... sucks!

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