L'immortel: Spilled blood never dries!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Update on Georgi!

Hi everyone.. Have not heard from me on Georgi for quite awhile huh...

Anyway no worries! He has been doing great! Went for review last Sat and Dr Ly got nothing but praises for him. He said that this is a damn rare case as Georgi is recovering exceptionally well! He mentioned that this surgery was considered a major one and by right there would be a high possibility of some side effects after the operation but Georgi was doing great! No side effects, nothing! His rashes were also gone in less than a week! OMG! My Georgi is such a strong and good boy.

Currently he does everything like normal... and as usual jump with no limits... always kenna scolded by me. Meanwhile I just wanna get all his arthritis jabs done (3 more reviews to go) and let him rest for a while more before his outing starts again.. Haven bath him for 2 months already and it's time... but he still smells great hor.. hehe... War time is coming soon...

Sunday, February 25, 2007


took place
today, 25 Feb 07


Unforgettable, that's what you are.
Unforgettable, though near or far.
Like a song of love that clings to me,
How the thought of you does things to me,
Never before has someone been more.

Unforgettable, in every way.
And forever more (and forever more)
That's how you'll stay (that's how you'll stay)

That's why darling it's incredible,
That someone so unforgettable,
Thinks that I am unforgettable too.

No never before, has someone been more

Unforgettable (unforgettable) in every way (in every way)
And forever more (and forever more)
That's how you'll stay (that's how you'll stay)

That's why darling, its incredible
That someone so unforgettable
Thinks that I am, unforgettable too

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Movie & Dinner

Watched THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS with BR at Bugis. Such a meaningful and touching show based on true story of Christopher Gardner. Will Smith is simply fantastic. His on-screen son was damn cute and sweet! Never expected much from it but turned out a damn great movie with tinge of humor! MUST watch!

After that we went to Sketches for dinner... Can only say the pasta was not as good as before... somemore it's first time visit for BR and turned out such a disappointment... thou I already warned him not to expect much from Sketches coz to me it's more of a "fast food" than an authentic Italian cuisine... hehe... He said next time he will bring me to Sapori D'Italia. Haven tried so am looking forward to it.. :)

Friday, February 23, 2007


17 Feb 07 is a magical day...
20 Feb 07 is a more & better magical day...
22 Feb 07 is the most & best magical day!

They are jus pure MAGIC!

NOW........ I'm the happiest woman on earth!

P/S: Shhh.... dun ask me coz I'm not going to share! LOL

Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Truth About ME

I'm simply a simple gal who prefers simplicities in life but full of complexities, full of ssshiets.... I dun complicate life, life complicates me....

I hate to be fake and always true to myself and people around me. Likewise I expect the same from everyone. If you know me well enough, I can be the nicest fren around.. if not I will jus appear like a bitch to you...

170cm, 57kg for now, long hair with almost black and brown combi (frens commented I look better with dark colours), tanned, dark brown small eyes and lips, bi-spectacled, loopsided ears, long arms/legs, hairy in my own opinion, full of fats, appeared aloof/dao when I dun smile (according to people I know)

A true Melancholic ('nuff said)... On top of tat, joke when I have the mood, not easy to get me warmth up to strangers, shows funny actions and faces to the right company, know when to be tactful, choose when to be tactless, laugh/piss easily, sincere, do not hide/act, show true feelings, full of craps and shiets

Baby and his everything, Marc my beloved bro, Georgi boy my adorable Japanese Spitz, close frens (a few good ones are enough), dogs, wolves, talking cock/craps/shiets, Japan, Italy, white, No. 7, vespa, lilies, TLC, surprises, sincerity, honesty, outdoors, tanning, badminton, cycling, trekking, working out, crossfit, peace, whining at times, nagging at loved ones, good food, sing, read, Adidas, VS, ASOS, casual dressing, cool dudes/babes

Bitches/Bastards, liars, hypocrites, pretenders/fakers, act cute, dust, creepy crawles, dumbos/bimbos, morons who smoke at inappropriate places, heavy metal music, airheads, arseholes, anything/anyone with high-pitches, wasabi, breakouts, fats, bullshiets, olives

Can't live without...
Baby, Georgi boy, my iPhone, my ToyWatch, huge bags, "hong yu" for unanticipated smells, glasses, sweets/candies to freshen and perk me up, concealer, lipgloss, fragrances, wet wipes,

P/S: The above is subjected to changes... Y?? coz HUMANS do change!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

How I spend my CNY

Sat, 17 Feb 07 (Eve of CNY)

Lazed ard at home (started my LS crap so got rather weak stomach with existing sore throat) and evening went to Chris' house for reunion dinner. Had a nice and filling dinner and Lao Yu San.. Took some pics but waiting for Chris to send me before I could post them up.

After that met BR for a drink at Hyatt's Scotts Lounge.. Never been there.. Place was cozy and surprisingly not many ppl.. We were there crapping and chatting till almost 2am and he sent me home.

Sun, 18 Feb 07 (Day 1 of CNY)

LS 4 times in the morning.. Bloody burning ass lor! Noon watched PROTEGE
with BR at Vivocity. Nice movie. We had lunch at Thai Express... The watermelon lime drink was very refreshing... nice!

After that I went straight to Cineleisure to watch
NOTES ON A SCANDAL with Grace. We had some scandalous talk as well... How suitable the movie was at that point of time.. haha.. Damn scandalous movie lor... So mind corrupting! tsk tsk... haha... *act innocent and pure*

Mon, 19 Feb 07 (Day 2 of CNY)

Stayed at home until evening met BR for dinner. Supposedly wanted to eat Sketches at Bugis but not opened so end up had Zhi Cha at Liang Seah Street. Thereafter we went to Ritz Carlton's Chihuly Lounge to chill-out. The fire works from the Ang Bao River were plattering away and we could see from where we were seated. Had a wonderful chat.

Tue, 20 Feb 07 (Day 3 of CNY)

Went to Grace's house for lunch gathering. Saw some ex Conrad's banquet staff. Long time no see.. hehe... stayed there for a while and head back home.

In the evening BR came to my place. I requested him to buy bread for me coz I was too lazy haha... but he was soooo sweet he also got me "Pi Pa Gao" and "Bao Ji Wan" without my knowledge, knowing I would not bother to take care of myself and for the fact that I'm currently having sore throat and weak stomach. It's always CNY's fault... haha.. He also bought "The Book of Bunny Suicides" to cheer me up when I'm bored or angry with work or boss.. haha.. he is such a sweet thing...

Anyways the reality is back (WORK!) and I was so not looking forward... jus hoping for the weekends to come soon.. hehe.... *Counting down*

Saturday, February 17, 2007


Watched Ghost Rider with NS at Cineleisure.

This is based on the Marvel comic. Very typical.. hehe... but I love all the actions and special effects.. The young Johnny Blaze was soooooooo cute! (FYI not Nicholas Cage)

And I was very surprised to see someone I haven seen for a long time. I saw A. She was still with that bastard. I saw the bastard first from far and found him damn familiar but I could not get a glimpse of the lady sitting infront of him (they were dining). But I already had a strong feeling it shd be A. Anyway I did not say hello when I confirmed it was indeed them (not that I'm rude or something) but I found no point. So many things happened those days and all the incidents came flushing back to my mind. I jus could not understand why A still wanna stick to him after what he had done to her. He's such a jerk that no one person with the right mind would ever forgive or accept what he did (and FYI he is way far from good looking for God damn sake!). I jus hoped either he had stopped what he had been doing to A or A will bloodily wake up from hell one day and love herself more than anything else...

Friday, February 16, 2007

I'm Officially Single!

And YES, I was officially single on 15 Feb 07! A day after Valentines' Day.. Wat a day!

Anyway struggles had been dealth with and tough decision had been made before it came to an end... A mutual end..

Everything is gonna be just perfect in year 2007.. I have so many things I wanna achieve... time for me to fulfil all my resolutions and be a better person! CHEERS!

May the rest of the year be prosperous like never before!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Georgi's Rashes

Georgi went for another review last Tue and bandage was removed as well.. but had developed quite a bad rash. I was super heart pain when I saw them.

The following was taken the next day, which looks so much better than the first day, but still very very red..

Rash on the back (left) and inside (right) of the hind leg

His stitch looks good thou... neat and clean..

Anyway he is walking better now.. compared to the initial couple of days after removal of bandage.. initially he was skipping around and I can see he is feeling pain and itchy at the same time.

Will update his progress soon.. hopefully in no time...

Justin Timberlake Look-alike

Haha... this morning as I was on the way to work, I saw a guy who was an Asian version of Justin Timberlake. I was in the bus sitting near the window and he was crossing mid-way on the road.. We exchanged glances and instantly after that, Justin came to my mind... haha... unbelievable right... too instant liao... but YES! He did look like Justin.. face only lar.. with hair and features like him, jus that he is tanner.

And he is cool man! Too bad not quick enough to get a snap of him..

Hmmmm... Justin Timberlake look-alike... cannot really imagine rite? But doesn't tat make it even more exciting? Haha....


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough by Patty Smyth

I don't wanna lose you
I don't wanna use you
just to have somebody by my side
And I don't wanna hate you
I don't wanna take you
But I don't wanna be the one to cry
That don't really matter to anyone, anymore
But like a fool I keep losing my place
And I keep seeing you walk through that door

But there's a danger in loving somebody too much
And its sad when you know it's your heart you can't trust
There's a reason why people don't stay where they are
Baby sometimes love just ain't enough

Now I could never change you
I don't wanna blame you
Baby you don't have to take the fall
Yes I may have hurt you
But I did not desert you
Maybe I just want to have it all
It makes a sound like thunder
It makes me feel like rain
And like a fool who will never see the truth
I keep thinking something's gonna change

But there's a danger in loving somebody too much
And its sad when you know it's your heart you can't trust
There's a reason why people don't stay where they are
Baby sometimes love just ain't enough

And there's no way home
when it's late at night and you're all alone
Are there things that you wanted to say
Do you feel me beside you in your bed
there beside you where I used to lay

And there's a danger in Loving somebody too much
And it's sad when you know it's your heart they can't touch
There's a reason why people don't stay who they are
Cause baby sometimes love just ain't enough
Baby sometimes love just ain't enough

Sunday, February 11, 2007

My Saturday

Morning brought Georgi for review. Told Dy Ly abt my observations on Georgi for the past one week and he sounded very concerned so did a blood test again on him and found that his kidney's result was not very positive and commented he drank very little water. Anyway he said it shd not be serious... probably his body fluid is not enough tats y the result did not reflect very well... So he had to stay there for drips to supply him with enough fluids and I could only fetch him home at night.

After that JT picked me up for lunch at United Square's Bakerzin and after that met Grace at her home as it was too early to meet her at Cineleisure... Watched LITTLE CHILDREN. A lil' draggy but not too bad... the sex Kate Winslet and Patrick Wilson had at the laundry room was like.. hehe.. *ZIPPED*.. Go watch it yourself lar.. haha..

After this, I met JS for dinner and movie (yeah movie again!) haha... I had to pen this down coz I thought this was really comical. OK we went to Suki sushi and we had already decided what we wanna eat so we continued our chat and lost track of the time. Then we suddenly realised how come our food was not here yet so we wanted to check with the waiter and ALAS! guess wat!? we actually forgot to make our order in the very first place! This is unbelievable! We din realised that for like 1/2 hr (and only kept focusing on why the staff never replenish our soy sauce after so long) and by the time we realised, it was like only left another 1/2 hr to the movie. Nonetheless we still ordered but the food haven arrive so we decided we should cancel if its still not ready. In the end only one of my orders came and the rest was cancelled. OMG! Its so damn embarrassing! Thru out the whole dinner, we (in fact I) only had one pathetic soft shell crab Tamaki! We could not stop laughing at our silly mistake... JS had to settle for hotdog bun from Cathay in the end.. haha...

We watched JACKASS 2... Damn bloody freaking crude movie lor... I also wanna puke when they puke in the show...

Dun think I wanna share the details here coz worried later you guys read liao cannot eat and drink.. haha.. but the funniest segment was the one on the fake old man's balls.. haha... imagine two fake real-looking testicles dangling outside the old man's shorts and walking around attracting lotsa attention.. OMG! I tell you I could not stop laughing until my lungs almost came out of my mouth... there were other segments like man-made beard with pubic hairs and old woman walking around showing off her saggy breast. Lotsa puking, fart, shit and blood scenes.. luckily I did not have a heavy dinner...

After that, JS sent me to fetch Georgi and gave us a ride home. Had a packed Sat but at the end of day was happy to know Georgi was ok and had an enjoyable time with all my dates..

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

My Happy Ending by Avril Lavigne

So much for my happy ending
Oh oh, oh oh, oh oh..

Let's talk this over
It's not like we're dead
Was it something I did?
Was it something you said?
Don't leave me hanging
In a city so dead
Held up so high
On such a breakable thread

You were all the things I thought I knew
And I thought we could be

You were everything, everything that I wanted
We were meant to be, supposed to be, but we lost it
And all of the memories, so close to me, just fade away
All this time you were pretending
So much for my happy ending
Oh oh, oh oh, oh oh..

You've got your dumb friends
I know what they say
They tell you I'm difficult
But so are they
But they don't know me
Do they even know you?
All the things you hide from me
All the shit that you do

You were all the things I thought I knew
And I thought we could be


It's nice to know that you were there
Thanks for acting like you cared
And making me feel like I was the only one
It's nice to know we had it all
Thanks for watching as I fall
And letting me know we were done

[Chorus x2]

Oh oh, oh oh, oh oh..
So much for my happy ending

Oh oh, oh oh, oh oh..

Monday, February 05, 2007


Ok folks, I have to put aside my fruits after meal to blog this... being the righteous and upright person I am, I really cannot take it and have to share.. most disgusting thing that had happened in the day (yeah.. its in the day and not in my life coz I witnessed too many disgusting things (not by choice) as I shd say I do have really "sharp" eyes.. hehe)

Anyway, I was on the bus on the way back to office... I saw an elderly Indian couple sitting directly infront of me. I supposed they were husband and wife coz tat man was constantly showing TLC by smelling tat old lady.. smelling her hair & her sash with deep breath, looking at her side view intensely and even attempt to kiss her on her shoulders... so i tot.. wow this man is really loving to the wife... felt envious for a moment... but the funny thing is they look completely different as the man was shabbily dressed with dirty stains on his shirt and the old lady was neatly dressed and looked clean.

To my horror and disgust, they are not a couple! coz the moment the lady tat sat beside me got off her seat, the old lady got up immediately and moved to sit next to me.. OMG! Tat bloody old man was a freaking "di kor pek" (lecher). He had been taking advantage of tat old lady and I guessed she felt weird, thus changed her seat. Oh fucking hell! I wish I could give him a tongue-lashing moment but I bet he wun understand English and I also dunno Tamil. I gave him tat dirty look and jus could not stop myself from cursing and swearing inside... Wish I could kick his crotch and punch his face! Damn!

I know mayb im kicking a big fuss.. and you wondered why should I get so upset about it right? well... wat to do.. Being the upright person I am, it's natural for me to react like this.. you guys who are not righteous enough wun understand lar... :P

Haha... ok... gotta eat my fruits now.. if not I will have diarrhea later on... ciao!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Project Superstar winner

Kelvin Tan is the winner for 2005 and the current two finalists (Daren Tan & Diya Tan) were potential winners for 2007.

I'm not a Project Superstar fanatic but I jus happened to chance upon their advert and heard about them some way or another... and I realised something...................

Ever wonder why both winners' last name are "Tan" ? Pure coincidence or coz the "Tan" clan has the thing with music? Hehe...

P/S: FYI.. My last name is "Tan" too... haha.. LAME!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

After Georgi's operation

Hi finally some pics of Georgi after his operation.

The day he had his operation. Went to visit him in the evening..
I can only say I was really heartbroken to see him in this state.

He looked super tired.. Left pic was his wound bandage and right one was the needle insertion for emergency injection. Imagine needle is poked and stayed inside... *Ouch*

2nd day after his operation. I took leave and went to visit him at the dog ward.

This is where he was confined. Hospitalisation fee was S$66 per day... but thank God Dr Ly gave me some adjustments on my total bill. The reason y I feel safe putting him here coz the environment is very clean and they sanitised the whole clinic every single day.. and the nurses were very caring..

He looks better but still tired. See, he is actually quite flabby and fat without his fur.. he sure looks like a pig if he's totally shaven.. somemore with his uniquely pigtail like tail.. hehe..

Brought him home on the 4th day evening.

One of the nurses told me that he was much better. She even confessed that most of the time he was out of the 4 walls of his ward (supposedly not allowed too often) and was free to roam around the dog ward, where the nurses would accompany and play with him. I think he was super pampered by them. For a moment I even felt that he's reluctant to leave the clinic coz got so many people to pamper him. Another nurse even commented that he moved faster than them... Hmmm... now I know why whenever I visit him, I have to wait for awhile before I could go up. They also admitted that they kenna chided sometimes for letting Georgi out too much and long coz he supposed to be in the ward recuperating... haha... but i guess some light exercise for him is good in a way lar...

He dun really have much appetite even when spoon fed. I think he is very drowsy with all the medication.. He has got 5 types of medicine to consume everyday.. poor boy!

Georgi's operation was a success. However, Dr Ly highlighted that I would have to be careful of the left hind leg as it has mild patella luxation as well, but good news is that it's at the normal Grade 2 or 3 level so no operation needed as long as it does not aggravate. Also during the operation, Dr Ly found arthritis in his right hind leg so Georgi will have to go thru a jab every week, during his follow up visit, for 4 weeks to rectify the arthritis problem.

Now I only wish he could recover fast and will be back to normal soon. Now he looks lethargic and motionless.. think it's the side effect from the medicines.. Will update on his progress again.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Recap of past few days

I'm in a better mood now coz I'm bringing Georgi home tonight. Miss him lots. So I'm in a better state to recap what happened in the past few days:

Tue, 30 Jan 07
Day of Georgi's surgery. Intended to bring him home the same nite but after seeing him in a rather bad state, and not knowing whether I can handle his fragileness, I decided to hospitalise him under the professional care of the nurses.

Penny accompanied me to see Georgi. I think the anesthetic played a part in his lethargicness. He looked so dead and I felt so heartbroken. Really wanted to fight back my tears but being an emotional person, tears still rolled down eventually after controlling for quite sometime and Penny was easily affected by it (being an emotional person herself). Anyway it was really a heartwrenching moment to see him. We spent sometime with him before leaving for the nite (unwillingly on my side).

Went back to my empty home and suddenly felt really lost. Started to sob uncontrollably, blaming myself for making him suffer like this. No sound of his daily greeting woofs, no sight of him running like a mad dog everytime he sees me, no play inviting, no smiley face with the panting look and can't feel him sleeping close beside me on the couch infront of the TV and on the bed at night.

Had a difficult nite sleeping but luckily next day I do not need to work coz supposedly took a day's leave to monitor his situation at home. Anyway I did not cancel the leave as I thought I wanna spend more time with him on my off day.

Wed, 31 Jan 07
Packed some of his favourite toys and toothpaste (being a habitual person I am, I can't stand not brushing his teeth even for a day) and tear stain remover (according to Alloysius when he visited him during lunch time, he had a little tear stain on his eyes.. mayb he cried? I dunno...) and went to visit him in mid noon. Spent quite a few hours there. He was sleeping the whole time beside me.. guessed he did not really sleep well the night before. Got emo and sob again.. He suddenly looked so skinny.. He had shed quite a bit also these few days... Time passed so fast jus lying beside him (even fell asleep myself). Waited for Alloysius to come and see him before we left for the nite.

Thur, 1 Jan 07 (Yesterday)
Back to work but could not wait to visit him again in the evening. There was Thaipusam since morning and you could imagine how crowded Bras Basah area was (plus I'm working bloody near there). Had a very bad feeling that there would be a huge jam after work. I was waiting for bus after a tired day of work (not coz of the heavy work load but coz of missing Georgi the whole day) and witnessing the unblocked view of the parade. It was always tat happening and I never failed to see this every year (not by choice thou).

I seriously have nothing against Thaipusam. In fact I think this festival is quite a spectacular event (even wanted to take pics of the parade to post up the blog but jus paiseh to do it lar.. its jus not me to act like this lar.. moreover there was this cute guy standing nearby so better behave.. image image! Lame rite? on well...) But for the fact that it delayed my precious time to rush to the hospital, and suay suay must be on this particular day, so I was kinda pissed. The only bus that goes from my work place to the hospital took bloody more than 1/2 hr to come. And as expected when it came, it was damn freaking crowded but fortunately I still managed to squeeze in coz I also dun wan to wait for another freaking 1/2 hr for the next one. And Alas! the unexpected expected smell flooded the whole bus. Luckily I had my "Axe brand Hong you" with me. It took alot of "gang hu" to twist the cap, tilt the bottle, drip the oil on ya finger, twist back the cap, all secretly performed in the enclosure of my bag with only one hand k. No matter what it's not very appropriate and nice to apply openly in this case, as ppl in this position can be quite sensitive you know (even if you really have to not by choice due to a blocked nose or something) Hmmm... but then again seriously in this situation if you really do have a blocked nose, I think it's definitely an advantage.. OMG! Why am I blabbering on and on! SHIET! I dun wan to go to jail!

When I reached the hospital at about 7.15pm , I knew I did not have much time left to spend with Georgi (visitation until 8pm) so was rather impatient. I told the reception the purpose of my visit and she took her own sweet time, dunno what she needed to do, for I tot she only just need to get clearance from the ward upstairs and let me go up quickly. I already wanted to fuck the hell out of everyone I saw coz I was already super pissed by the parade and bus thingy, the crowd and smell thingy and now I'm here stucked having to wait aimlessly to visit my boy. Just as I had prepared my roaring speech and was about to shoot the hell out of them, the nurse informed that I could go up. They are so so lucky to prevent their ears from suffering!

Was so happy to see Georgi as he was super excited and when I opened the cage door, he suddenly skipped out of the cage, my heart also skipped for a moment.. anyway he looked so much better as he's more active and could walk better. He still slept but did not sleep as much as the day before. Got emo again and shed happy tears when I saw the progress in him. He looked perfectly fine with no swollen legs or watsoever (supposedly possible signs after the ops).

Time spent with him was so short and I had to leave unwillingly again for the nite.. but the moment I remember I will be able to bring him home today I left the ward feeling a little cheerier.

I went home to sterilise the area where I will be confining him during my absence at work. Made the whole area comfier for him as he will be spending most of his time there during the weekdays. But for the coming weekend and as long as I'm around, he will be free to roam the house under my supervision. Finally had a better and nicer sleep throughout the nite.

Fri, 2 Jan 07
Morning already pissing me quite a bit by this FAT asshole! I see him quite often. Typical white collar man that has no gentleman-ness (anyway what can I say when he is not only FAT, he is short and super duper ugly with FUCKED-UP face). His typical ugly local behaviour did not change since the day I first saw him. And PUI! I felt so ashamed to have this kinda ppl staying around my vincinity. Once in a while if you are in a rush like my Thaipusam experience, I totally understand and could give very good discount on the impatience and rudeness you display. But he is one freaking bastard that is always pushing and squeezing his way thru up the bus and mrt and always must be the first one to alight the bus and mrt, doesn't he bloodily know that he is already damn assholely FFFFFAT?! He jus never fails to perform this routine every single time I see him so I bet he did it every single day! I'm jus so disgusted by him! Freaking bloody fucking IDIOT!

Anyways.... Yeah! Finally! Going to bring Georgi home sweet home today. Counting down now. Cant wait!

Last but not least, thanks for everyone's understanding during my super low morale period. Also great appreciation to frens who are always around when I needed help. Thanks Penny for accompanying me to see Georgi right after his operation. Without ya presence, I might be at a loss when I see him in his bad shape and dunno what to do next (hmmm.. tat rhymes.. hehe). Thanks Alloysius for visiting Georgi whenever you could amidst ya busy schedules and readily accepted my request to be Georgi and my chauffeur this evening.

Also thanks to frens who gave words of encouragement and consolation during this period, for bearing my coldness and rudeness (if any) and for listening to my pour outs when I needed a ear... :)

On the other hand, I also saw the level of sincerity in some so called "frens" during this period. They are jus better left unmentioned. "Shake Head" + "Tsk Tsk"

More updates and pics on Georgi's operation soon. Til then!

P/S: FYI, I'm usually not so crude in person k.. I'm a good girl u know... I'm jus a lil' more expressive and abusive in words.. tat's all... :P

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Not in the best of mood now... Pardon me...

Folks, jus to inform that Georgi's done with his ops but had been in hospital since Tue nite so I have been going in and out of the hospital to visit him... am really tired and drained out now, especially Tue nite and yesterday.

Anyway I will bring him home tomorrow nite to observe him during the weekends. Therefore I'm not in the best of mood now.. do pardon me if I appear cold or aloof or even rude during this period. I have too many things in my mind now... I just need to re-collect myself from all the tiredness and weariness..

Thanks for all of your understanding at the moment. Till then...