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Saturday, February 03, 2007

After Georgi's operation

Hi finally some pics of Georgi after his operation.

The day he had his operation. Went to visit him in the evening..
I can only say I was really heartbroken to see him in this state.

He looked super tired.. Left pic was his wound bandage and right one was the needle insertion for emergency injection. Imagine needle is poked and stayed inside... *Ouch*

2nd day after his operation. I took leave and went to visit him at the dog ward.

This is where he was confined. Hospitalisation fee was S$66 per day... but thank God Dr Ly gave me some adjustments on my total bill. The reason y I feel safe putting him here coz the environment is very clean and they sanitised the whole clinic every single day.. and the nurses were very caring..

He looks better but still tired. See, he is actually quite flabby and fat without his fur.. he sure looks like a pig if he's totally shaven.. somemore with his uniquely pigtail like tail.. hehe..

Brought him home on the 4th day evening.

One of the nurses told me that he was much better. She even confessed that most of the time he was out of the 4 walls of his ward (supposedly not allowed too often) and was free to roam around the dog ward, where the nurses would accompany and play with him. I think he was super pampered by them. For a moment I even felt that he's reluctant to leave the clinic coz got so many people to pamper him. Another nurse even commented that he moved faster than them... Hmmm... now I know why whenever I visit him, I have to wait for awhile before I could go up. They also admitted that they kenna chided sometimes for letting Georgi out too much and long coz he supposed to be in the ward recuperating... haha... but i guess some light exercise for him is good in a way lar...

He dun really have much appetite even when spoon fed. I think he is very drowsy with all the medication.. He has got 5 types of medicine to consume everyday.. poor boy!

Georgi's operation was a success. However, Dr Ly highlighted that I would have to be careful of the left hind leg as it has mild patella luxation as well, but good news is that it's at the normal Grade 2 or 3 level so no operation needed as long as it does not aggravate. Also during the operation, Dr Ly found arthritis in his right hind leg so Georgi will have to go thru a jab every week, during his follow up visit, for 4 weeks to rectify the arthritis problem.

Now I only wish he could recover fast and will be back to normal soon. Now he looks lethargic and motionless.. think it's the side effect from the medicines.. Will update on his progress again.

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