L'immortel: Spilled blood never dries!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Truth About ME

I'm simply a simple gal who prefers simplicities in life but full of complexities, full of ssshiets.... I dun complicate life, life complicates me....

I hate to be fake and always true to myself and people around me. Likewise I expect the same from everyone. If you know me well enough, I can be the nicest fren around.. if not I will jus appear like a bitch to you...

170cm, 57kg for now, long hair with almost black and brown combi (frens commented I look better with dark colours), tanned, dark brown small eyes and lips, bi-spectacled, loopsided ears, long arms/legs, hairy in my own opinion, full of fats, appeared aloof/dao when I dun smile (according to people I know)

A true Melancholic ('nuff said)... On top of tat, joke when I have the mood, not easy to get me warmth up to strangers, shows funny actions and faces to the right company, know when to be tactful, choose when to be tactless, laugh/piss easily, sincere, do not hide/act, show true feelings, full of craps and shiets

Baby and his everything, Marc my beloved bro, Georgi boy my adorable Japanese Spitz, close frens (a few good ones are enough), dogs, wolves, talking cock/craps/shiets, Japan, Italy, white, No. 7, vespa, lilies, TLC, surprises, sincerity, honesty, outdoors, tanning, badminton, cycling, trekking, working out, crossfit, peace, whining at times, nagging at loved ones, good food, sing, read, Adidas, VS, ASOS, casual dressing, cool dudes/babes

Bitches/Bastards, liars, hypocrites, pretenders/fakers, act cute, dust, creepy crawles, dumbos/bimbos, morons who smoke at inappropriate places, heavy metal music, airheads, arseholes, anything/anyone with high-pitches, wasabi, breakouts, fats, bullshiets, olives

Can't live without...
Baby, Georgi boy, my iPhone, my ToyWatch, huge bags, "hong yu" for unanticipated smells, glasses, sweets/candies to freshen and perk me up, concealer, lipgloss, fragrances, wet wipes,

P/S: The above is subjected to changes... Y?? coz HUMANS do change!

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