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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Update on Georgi!

Hi everyone.. Have not heard from me on Georgi for quite awhile huh...

Anyway no worries! He has been doing great! Went for review last Sat and Dr Ly got nothing but praises for him. He said that this is a damn rare case as Georgi is recovering exceptionally well! He mentioned that this surgery was considered a major one and by right there would be a high possibility of some side effects after the operation but Georgi was doing great! No side effects, nothing! His rashes were also gone in less than a week! OMG! My Georgi is such a strong and good boy.

Currently he does everything like normal... and as usual jump with no limits... always kenna scolded by me. Meanwhile I just wanna get all his arthritis jabs done (3 more reviews to go) and let him rest for a while more before his outing starts again.. Haven bath him for 2 months already and it's time... but he still smells great hor.. hehe... War time is coming soon...

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