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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Misunderstanding! UPDATED!

A FUCKING misunderstanding all this while.. Finally the air is cleared!

Had a lil argument with a fren the other day. I got worked up coz I was protective over my kin. She did not sound very friendly either (I still hope it's jus purely due to PMS and her work issue) and thus conversation did not end with a nice note.

But.... SMS was sent on the very same day to clarify and explain y I reacted tat way. The thing now is I dun understand how come there's no response at all? It's only a small argument and it's kinda uncalled for if it had to turn out this way. The reason why I did not wan to buzz her since that sms coz I know she's still not in a very good mood (thru her blog) and I do not wish to step on her tail again... I jus hope she could response to my sms when she is in a better mood...

Until now I still do not know exactly what she is unhappy about coz the only reason I could think of is the way I was defensive about my kin (but tat is a very natural reaction wat.. coz I know my kin best and will naturally be protective). If it's about the secret, I already told her I did not reveal anything.

So what's the problem????? I'm very very puzzled... I was never angry... jus very very puzzled....
(I have been thinking about this everyday and I still could not figure out why)

Ps: Please know that I do treasure this frenship and likewise I hope you feel the same way too... If you feel otherwise, I seriously have nothing else to say and I would assume this is the reason y you did not wan to response to my sms in the first place.

Not happy with my explanation or anything please trash it out rather than keeping it this way. I only wish for a conclusion (be it a positive or negative one).. At least I know where I'm heading to...

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

BANG! Action Pact!


BANG! with action somemore in the middle of the nite..... MUST REMEMBER! Baby you the best! You SOLID lar you!


Simple Wish..

My simple wish: Travelling to work with Baby everyday :)

Today Baby travel to work with me once again.. and once again it's a super nice feeling... I wan this kinda feeling every single morning... Hmmmmm....

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I'm a Melancholic Phlegmatic...

Which of the 4 temperaments do you belong to?
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Self-composed Not given to worry Liberal
Tends to follow rather than lead Cordial Peaceable
Talkative Not averse to change Adjusts easily
Tends to prefer informality Aware of surroundings Impetuous
Impulsive Lacking in perseverance Lacking in initiative
Prone to carelessness, hedonism, flightiness, and lust

Sanguine Weakness
Sanguine Strengths



Self-composed Not given to worry Persuasive Independent
Rarely shows embarrassment Tends to lead rather than follow
Persistent Insistent Decisive Dynamic Impetuous Impulsive Touchy Prone to hypocrisy, deceit, pride, and anger

Choleric Weakness
Choleric Strengths



Sensitive Intuitive Self-conscious Easily embarrassed
Easily hurt Introspective Sentimental Moody
Likes to be alone Empathetic Often artistic
Often fussy and perfectionist Deep
Prone to depression, avarice, and gluttony

Melancholic Weakness
Melancholic Strengths



Peaceful Easy-going Deliberative Faithful Reliable
Relatively unaffected by environment Reserved Distant
Slow in movement Constant in mood Not prone to worry
Prone to stagnation and sloth

Phlemagtic Weakness
Phlemagtic Strengths