L'immortel: Spilled blood never dries!

Monday, April 30, 2007

Sun Tanning & Meet the Robinsons

Met Penny for tanning at Sentosa yesterday at about 9am but was not a good day to do so... was raining and no sun came out until about 11am. Our 1st tanning after so long was quite screwed up.. hahahah... So when we saw the sun beaming at us we were so happy it's like better than striking 4D.. hahahaha... but we, or rather I, think that I had not tanned enough, moreover I needed to rush to Vivocity to meet Baby and Kirsten to catch movie at 2pm so I had to leave early... imagine 11am - 1pm tan wat? and the sun was not always smiling at us... on and off lor... hahahaha...

Watched MEET THE ROBINSONS and I chose the Digital 3D version coz it's only showing in Vivocity and I was also kinda curious how it's going to be like... Hmmmm... not that fantastic afterall.. in fact after putting on the 3D glasses, I felt groggy plus its really uncomfortable coz I had spectacles on and its like a pair of glasses over another.. hahha.. I think I must be old already, all the giddiness and stuff... quite a stupid show so I dun really think it's worth watching...


After that we had dinner at The Asian Kitchen. The food was not bad.. had a really enjoyable day with all the tanning and able to spend more time with Kirsten... I was rather worried that it's gonna be jus another movie and dinner thingy and things would stay the same way like every other meeting... but yesterday's bonding was nice and heartwarming... When I see her smile or laugh, I feel really good.. every bonding opportunity was very precious to me coz the thing is I dun get to meet her very often, plus her exams are coming soon so lesser chances to meet her in May... however I'm glad that we are getting more and more at ease with each other and I hope this will get better and better... The feelings in me are beyond description so I could only say I was truly happy yesterday...

Saturday, April 28, 2007

200 Pounds Beauty

Met Grace at Esprit as she wanted to get a present for her fren so I also ended up getting another linen pants.. I own 4 freaking linen pants now.. hahahah.. jus have weakness for them but somehow or rather I still haven really gotten my "ideal" piece, which must be really thin and flowy.. Those that I own currently are not my ideal ideal but they are very near...

We watched 200 POUNDS BEAUTY at Cineleisure, a romantic comedy which is funny and touching... I was contemplating whether to watch it as it was not a priority in my movie list... but since Grace had intention to catch it so might as well and fortunately it turned out better than I expected.. Lead actor, Joo Jin-Mo is really charming I should say (his eyes were quite electrifying in the movie.. hahah) and lead actress Kim Ah-joong has this really sweet unique look..


Friday, April 27, 2007

Lasik does not necessary work on everyone

My colleague just went to have both his eyes skinned lasik-ed coz he detests wearing spectacles.. actually he is better off with specs lor... sigh.. suits his dumb look more... haha.. and this lasik doesn't seem to improve his eyesight a single bit... Hmmmm... infact it looks worse now coz he has been straining his eyes more, giving tat ah pek "lau hua yan" look everytime.. plus he has been making lotsa silly mistakes since, like signing things blindly and thus screwed by my boss thru phone and in person... I think he is going blind really soon if this goes on and on... then suddenly I felt so inspired to create a verse specially for him so a song from Stevie Wonder was adapted, as I figured this best describes his current situation...

Song taken from: I just call to say I love you (Chorus only - lyrics had been modified to suit him best)

I just call to say I am blind
I just want to say Lasik dun work oo oo oo....
I still want to say I'm really blind
And I proved it with the dumbcock look in my eyes

(You must sing it out loud to feel the intensity of the song and please sing subtly when reaches the word "dumbcock" so the whole sentence will sound smoother... hahahha)

He should have seriously jus stick to his bispectacle look.... Now see wat happens... S$5K gone with the wind and more damages done... everybody has been talking about it and became the hot topic of the month... Poor soul!

Truly... a toad will always be a toad... the only difference? A modified toad...........

Cause of beers


Thursday, April 26, 2007

Simply Stupidity (Interview)

Went for a job interview yesterday. I simply love the place and everything that the interviewer depicted to me! NO JOKE! However, nothing is firm now coz this was jus the 1st round. I really hope to be shortlisted for 2nd interview (meeting the future boss) and eventually become part of this family... Well the main point of this post is to share a silly mistake I have never committed throughout all my previous interviews... Moreover this question is supposed to be very normal to ask... hahahhaha... Guess what? I was soooo excited on the whole that I actually forgot to ask their working days and hours! OMG! What's wrong with me!? For the bloody 1st time in my entire life hockay! I think the interviewer was puzzled as well.... but she never show it thou... MAYBE she also forgotten to highlight... she is the freaking HR Manager lor so this should be the first thing to highlight to candidates right, no? Hahahhahaha...

Anyway the interview was conducted with a super casual approach and I jus love the way it is.... best part ok... see this... I have been waiting for this for the longest time... NOOOOOOO MORE CORPORATE DRESSING!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can wear jeans to work! OMG! Isn't that jus fantabulous!?

I wun be sharing details of the company now until I get the job hockay.. hahahhaha... Once I become part of them I will definitely reveal more... Sooooooooo meanwhile please................


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Differences between Men & Women

If Gloria, Suzanne, Debra and Michelle go out for lunch, they will call each other Gloria, Suzanne, Debra and Michelle. But if Mike, Phil, Rob and Jack go out for a brewsky, they will affectionately refer to each other as Fat Boy, Godzilla, Peanut-Head and Useless.

And when the check comes, Mike, Phil, Rob and Jack will each throw in $20 bills, even though it’s only for $22.50. None of them will have anything smaller, and none will actually admit they want change back. When the girls get their check, out come the pocket calculators.

A man has six items in his bathroom - a toothbrush, shaving cream, razor, a bar of Dial soap, and a towel from the Holiday Inn. The average number of items in the typical woman’s bathroom is 437. A man would not be able to identify most of these items.

A woman makes a list of things she needs and then goes out to the store and buys these things. A man waits till the only items left in his fridge are half a lime and a soda. Then he goes grocery shopping. He buys everything that looks good. By the time a man reaches the checkout counter, his cart is packed tighter than the Clampett’s car on Beverly Hillbillies. Of course, this will not stop him from going to the 10-items-or-less lane.

When preparing for work, a woman will put on a Mondi wool suit, then slip on Reebok sneakers. She will carry her dress shoes in a plastic bag from Saks. When a woman gets to work, she will put on her dress shoes. Five minutes later, she will kick them off because her feet are under the desk. A man will wear the same pair of shoes all day.

Women love cats. Men say they love cats, but when women aren’t looking, men kick cats.

A woman will dress up to: Go shopping, water the plants, empty the garbage, answer the phone, read a book, get the mail. A man will dress up for: Weddings & funerals.

Women do laundry every couple of days. A man will wear every article of clothing he owns, including his surgical pants that were hip about eight years ago, before he will do his laundry. When he is finally out of clothes, he will wear a dirty sweatshirt inside out, rent a U-Haul and take his mountain of clothes to the Laundromat. Men always expect to meet beautiful women at the Laundromat. This is a myth perpetuated by re-runs of old episodes of “Love, American Style.”

Ah, children. A woman knows all about her children. She knows about dentist appointments and soccer games and romances and best friends and favorite foods and secret fears and hopes and dreams. A man is vaguely aware of some short people living in the house.

Monday, April 23, 2007


Sat went for morning jog alone... had not been doing so for damn long.. now beginning to return to my healthy routine... was a nice sweat out session. Wanna jog in the evenings as well coz morning jogs on weekends are definitely not enough, but the park near my place doesn't seem a very safe place to jog thou... Oh Well... shall see how it goes... After that did some housework and met Baby in Chinatown coz we wanted to go to the traditional shop to get some old time childhood goodies.. hehe.. he got quite a few stuff.. I din get any thou coz I'm trying to cut down on snacks... hehe... determine to get my body in shape in the shortest time... wahahahhaha... then we had dinner at Smith St... think the food there are getting from bad to worse... I dun think its really an attraction anymore... even the supposedly famous Wanton Mee sucks big time... anyway after the sucky dinner, we proceeded to PS for FRACTURE. Great sense of humor in there. Hahahha.. and Anthony Hopkins's acting has always been so flawless! This movie is nice.. worth watching...


Sun was normal for me... had my facial and evening walk with Georgi... and YES! I'm finally back for tanning this sun with Penny san.. for the 1st time after my enzyme problem and for those who knew about my legs' condition, those marks and scars are clearing amazingly well... Tks to Dr Loke (seen so many skin doctors/specialists and nobody can solve my problem only him) and of course Baby who recommended him to me.. if you guys have any skin conditions (touchwood), please get Dr Loke's contact from me.. he's simply superb! He dun have to talk much, his medicines said it all.. and he promised results... FYI my enzyme problem had been around for almost a year with lotsa wasted visits to specialists previously, but Dr Loke could solve it in 2 months! hehe...

Hmmmm... evening walks, morning jogs, working out and tanning... Woooooo! wat a lifestyle I have now.. hahahhaha.. and all tks to Baby for motivating me to go back to wat I used to do... and for restoring the confidence back in me... Baby you are the best! Muaks!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

2nd month

TODAY IS OUR 2ND MONTH...... but it seems ages... Love you baby... you have been great! Muaks!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Thought for the day...


Dedicated to the special babes in my life...

I dun have many true frens coz I simply dun connect with anyone... I'm very very selective in choosing them, hence ppl who ultimately hit it off with me are definitely special. Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following special babes in my life:

Thou we had lost touch for few years in between coz you kinda "zhong se qing you" but its ok... haha.. I still love you as you are.. however I'm glad we kept in touch again after many years and still as siao as before... Thanks for your listening ears in the early phase of the most naive and immature stage of my life.. you saw me in my worst state, my noti and playful times, my stooopid encounters with a jerk (only you saw tat part of me) and how I struggled over issues in my "u know what" during tat time.. Tat period was seriously the worst part of my life (everything jus fell on me at one shot) and I was glad you were there to jus listen and be there for me...

After tat many years, finally we reunited, had fun with Kiki and you psychoed me to get a dog, hence Georgi appeared in my life.. Thou that changed my life totally and had since only revolved ard Georgi, but I was also happy that you made me saw another side of me thru him. And I have also grown to like and eventually love dogs like never before.

Now u still kinda neglect me sometimes, dunno u freaking busy or u jus plain lazy, but for you I still make effort to meet coz I know you fucking bo chap to make effort.. u biatch! Dun care about me rite?! But I still love you... hahaha... just hope that you dun always be so bo chap on me coz I will definitely irritate you whenever I have the chance... *you have been warned!* haha... Anyway tks for still being my bo liao and crazy fren... I always love to bully you.... LOL!

I had known you for the longest time since Berean days thou we were still not close then until later part... actually I also forgot when we got closer.. Youth Group or wat? hahaha... It's jus so funny when I was so ONz in church, you were not.. Now I'm so "OFF", you super ONz. But I'm very glad you were back in faith... Thanks for always being sincere and nice...

I knew you as a very mangzhang and impatient gal and you really had changed and grown to a very patient and cheery lady... Do you remember what you did to me before? hahahaha... mayb you dun remember but let me refresh you. There was once during ya mangzhang years, I was talking/complaining/nag (cannot remember..) to you and you got so mangzhang tat you covered both ya ears and showed me that you had no interest in what I was saying.. hahaha... Wow! tat reaction was indeed quite awakening at tat point of time and since then I never wanna repeat the same mistake again.. talk lesser the better... Tat's y u see I seldom talk alot to you lor... (LOL! jus kidding lar!).. Anyway it's a small case but I jus wanna irritate you... hehe... I did seriously witnessed a big change in you babe. Thank God! otherwise I will sure kena more ears covering now, coz as I grow older, I tend to get naggier u see... hahahhaha...

Thanks for always inviting me to ya family dinners (CNY, Xmas), gatherings etc... for treating me like one of you and providing me with nice home-cooked food (coz you know I seriously missed them sooo much)... And each time until now I'm still very paiseh to go to ya house... hahha...

Thanks for also listening to me when I needed your ears... for giving me Godly and also some worldly advices... hehe... and for supporting me on my decisions... I know sometimes I'm freaking stubborn but thanks for your understanding.. Time flies and now you are Mrs Mah. I'm really so happy for you. Knowing how much both you and Chern Wei had gone thru, I believed life for both of you is going to jus get better and better. Truly happy and glad that you have found him... dun ever forget me now that you are married huh.. (married ppl always forget their unmarried frens... Tsk! Tsk!) hehe... God bless the both of you in abundance...

You have always been a very straightforward gal and I appreciated it in many ways... You appeared after the worst part of my life and the "U know what".. after tat part of my life, another stoooopid part emerged and encountered another jerk... tat was the 2nd worst part of my life and only you had seen it all... You were harsh, and crude to me but I appreciated it coz I knew u meant well..

Those days when we stayed together on weekends were bitter sweet but memorable... you saw all the ugly sides of me. I was thankful that you did not judge me but supported me all the way. Also thanks leh.. for psychoing me to try accept someone whom I never liked in the first place but then again.. I learnt something from there and I'm grateful to you for tat too.. hahah... Seriously thanks for being in this phase of my life... It was remarkable... especially the drunk scene.. Wah lan eh! Damn unforgettable and still very amused by it can.. hahaha... 1st and last time thou...

Jus remember you will always be my cool lil mei mei... and I will still continue to provide sweet pops for you if you are a good gal huh.. hehe... Gal, BE HAPPY ya! Tat's wat I wan to know everytime I hear from you.... Cheerios!

I missed the Conrad days with you man! You were so wonderful that I cannot live a single day without you in Conrad days.. hahahaha.. We were jus like each other's shadow... Glad you were here for internship and fate brought us together up to now... Our characters were so smiliar that I almost tot we were long-lost sisters... hahaha.. Remember how we behave during those days in Conrad.. they were the most memorable to me in my entire working life there... I was never so relieved before you appeared... hahahaha... you made me losen up sooo much... Tks Babe! When you left I really felt kinda lost in directions.. haha... but heng ar, I left tat shitty place not very long after... Phew!

Since then we did not contact much, especially when you left for Aussie to study. I miss you very much... Missed sharing stuffs with you and hearing ya exciting stories... you were so busy we became distant and almost no contact... but I'm so happy when we met again recently, we still could share so much like before and not feeling distant at all... In fact I felt so comfy sharing my personal stuffs again.. Tat's jus how connected we are and our wavelength is still oh so right... Simply amazing... I'm really very happy to have you in my life...

Thanks for trusting me and sharing ya most recent challenges. I'm so glad both of you had come to an amicable decision. It's really not easy... so many considerations to make, so much commitments to follow thru... Do your best, God will do the rest... I hope and pray for the best for both of you... I can totally understand watever you are facing and feeling now... I've been there done tat..... so u must "TONG" hockay! So happy you are back in Singapore... YAY!

Ps: It's so amazing how different ppl can appear at different phases of your life and see you thru tat part of it. I'm glad I have all these babes with me at these different phases... You gals are wonderful in your own ways. Thanks for being tat babe in my life! MUAKS to all!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Baby's Operation Part II

Took urgent half day and went to TTSH to accompany Baby yesterday. He was supposed to be hospitalised for a nite but in the end was able to discharge yesterday itself. Anyway it's a good news so nothing to complain about.. hehe...

I did not mention in my earlier post on my hunt for traditional goodies that I actually bought our favourite childhood biscuit (the colourful sugary flower biscuit) to surprise him. Was not able to reveal then coz it's meant to be a surprise. Initially wanted to surprise with the buttery mint sweet, if you actually read tat same post, but since mission 1 failed, mission 2 was carried out instead... hehe... So yeah... and I also bought a glass container to store the colourful biscuits and brought to the hospital, intending to let him have something to munch in his one nite stay.. hahahaha.. thou did not serve my main purpose in the end but still glad he was happy when he saw tat bottle full of white, yellow, pink & green...

Was absolutely nice spending those few quality hours with him. We had dinner at Fish & Co. at Novena Velocity and did some window shopping before we parted.

I jus hope that he will recover soon and develop no more complications... Wahahahah no exercises for him for 2 weeks at least.. Sooo Baby, please recover faster so that you could go back to ya normal activities... Get Well Soon ya!

Ps: I'm soooooooooo glad I took that half day ;)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

You've got a way


You've got a way with me
Somehow you got me to believe
In everything that I could be
I've gotta say... you really got a way

You've got a way it seems
You gave me faith to find my dreams
You'll never know just what that means
Can't you see... you got a way with me

It's in the way you want me
It's in the way you hold me
The way you show me just what love's made of
It's in the way we make love

You've got a way with words
You get me smiling even when it hurts
There's no way to measure what your love is worth

I can't believe the way you get through to me

Oh, how I adore you
Like no one before you
I love you just the way you are

It's just the way you are

Baby's Operation

Today is Baby's operation and he will be put under GA... Hope he will get well soon and wun have to go thru this again...


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I HATE My Service Provider!!

Why such a simple and normal request is not available in S***T**?! Damn freaking lousy can... I wanted to apply for call barring service but they don't have.. can you beat tat?! And my stoooopid Nokia 8800 dun even have such function also... Damn frustrating!

Fucking "M" customer service officer could tell me somemore that once they bar, they have to bar all incoming calls... wat freaking function is this?! If I bar ALL incoming calls, I might as well live without a mobile phone in the very first place! These ppl are dumb or wat!? I think all service providers should have service for selective call barring... And she was trying to be "professionally" sarcastic... thou she tot she hid it well but fuck lor.. its "M" lor... they are just dumb in whatever they do... They also dunno their products well... dun even have basic knowledge of their services... Am going to tell u why.....

I was browsing thru the website earlier before I called and key in "call barring" in their google search and all call barring related topics were listed so I clicked one of them and saw an icon at the right navigator, which most represented what I wanted, that is "Call Accept/Reject". I clicked and found that this was what I was looking for so I asked that stupid officer how come your website has this and you dunno... she took sometime to check, and hold me for alot of times, finally told me I had to call the other customer service line, which was indicated there, to enquire more... Ain't she really dumb? Please note that she knew all along I was enquiring about mobile phone services... And y I said she was dumb.... coz after I slammed her phone for being sarcastic to me, I went to check and realised that "Call Accept/Reject" service is only applicable for residential phone and the service line she asked me to call is meant for customer service for residential... She really fucking dunno her products and services... even I, the customer, had to find out myself later on that this service is only meant for residential use...

This is really really ridiculous and atrocious! I dunno whether you can accept this kinda response but I can't, coz this goes to show how much they know about their products and services... I seriously wonder what kinda training / orientation they were given... They could even overlook simple things like their enquiry hotlines.. aren't they supposed to know which hotline is meant for which area of services? And she still can ask me to call tat service line when tat number obviously is not meant for mobile services... Worse is I have to realise the mistake myself after tat...

I'M SPEECHLESS......................

Monday, April 16, 2007

My workout commences..

Last Saturday had my first jog with Baby and I thought I fared reasonably well for a first timer after not jogging for at least 1 and 1/2 yrs... hahahha... I actually jogged non-stop for about 2.6km, which was quite an achievement, for me at least... I'm trying to make it a point to do twice a week, if not will bring Georgi for a long walk when I dun feel like jogging that day... Baby also planned a few workouts for me to do at home.. so I could also target and tone on specific areas... Baby you are the best motivator ever! Muaks!

Now that I'm heading back to my workout routine, I hope to keep it up and going... Currently I always feel warm and perspire very easily.. hahaha... thou hate the sticky feeling but I think perspiration is a good sign.. hehe...

My freaking muscles are aching like hell! *Hint* I need massages! Hehe...

Way to go! GANBATEH!!!

And I HATE to see myself now... Tsk! Soooooo PEH PEH! I need tanning soooooooooooon!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

My Sunday

Had morning walk again with Baby and Georgi... This time I took pictures of my boy... I know I have not been updating on Georgi (kena ppls' complaints lor.. hehe..) so now his updates lar...


Firstly.. get a glimpse of him "Pang Sai-ing".. hehe... He was paiseh to pose infront of the camera lar.. coz dun wan to let u see his "Kek Sai" face.... wahahahahha...


Initial walk.. still very energetic and wanna chiong everywhere he went... I think never bring him out for too long liao.. damn fucking "Sua Gu"...


Take 5! Heard some weird noises and saw weird stuffs so this "kuku" face erected... hahahahha...


Water! Water! Water!


His "can't wait to go home" face...

He was tired but I think he was happy to complete his walk lar... I unleashed him once in a while to test his responses and obedience... not too bad... could response quite well but still need improvements on alertness...


I jus had to share this... Baby and I witnessed this and we were really very puzzled why there are humps when you are not allowed to cycle/ride???!!!!! Pushing the bicycle/motobike require humps meh? Hmmmm... Soooo uncanny!

Afternoon went to Vivocity with Penny.. YES again Vivocity... wahahahha... got myself a pair of Rip Curl's brown flip flops and Hugo BOSS's Deep Red EDP.. I have always preferred EDP to EDT... EDT jus dun worth my $$$.. hehe...

We had sinful indulgence at Coffee Bean. We ordered a Mudpie and Chocolate Hazelnut Cake with Ice Blended Mocha for Penny and Iced Cafe Latte for myself... Wah lan eh.. damn sinful! wasted all efforts of my Sat's workouts! Hahahha... The cakes were not fantastic thou.. quite dry...

Then headed to Pet Safari for a walk... this is what most pet owners would do lar... typical.. nothing to buy also walk, walked liao end up buy something.. hahaha.. but heng ar.. I did not end up buying stuff... thou not the usual me... coz I always get alot of things for Georgi.. I guessed he's older now.. dun need so many toys and treats... Did our last shopping at Daiso.. went to get floor wipes and then headed home... Thru out the journey to and fro Vivocity, bus was our only means of transport.. guessed bus still provide a better and nicer ride than MRT... Once in a while, enjoying the steady and slow ride home with the company of your frens and loved ones, catching up at the same time, bestowed a rather heartwarming feeling... whereas MRT gave me a very cold feeling sometimes.. haha.. mayb it's jus the way how I feel...


Went to Vivocity to watch the movie TURISTA with Baby on Sat. We had dinner at Thai Express. This reminded me of our 2nd date on day 1 of CNY... We watched Protege and had lunch at Thai Express too.. hehe... After dinner we went to NewUrbanMale and Baby got himself a brown Havaianas but still a lil too small... Hmmmm...

I was in a very bitchy mode.. Everything and everyone jus din turn out rite for me... hahahah... First, I was rushing to the GV ticketing to meet Baby. Freaking Singaporeans walked like the whole passageway belonged to them... Of course already transformed to my super bitchiness, I jus painted them invisble and literally walked "thru" them (mastered this from Shanghai.. Ode to the Cheenas, ONLY for this wonderful stunt... came in good use... hahahhaha)... Then I reached a bunch of "M" bastards and I continued my Cheena stunt then the word "Rrrrilac (aka relax) lar!" came from behind. I could not be bothered to rebuke them coz simply they are "M" lor and rushing to my destination was obviously more important. But I actually felt like telling them, "Wanna rrrrrrrrilac go Vivo rooftop lar... ya clan's favourite hangout with free bathing facilities.." FUCK!

Next, while we were going to the theatre, the guy who was tearing tickets and supposedly directing the movie goers to their respective theatres gave such "fantastic" directions, which was best not given at all.. He said this to everyone,"Cinema XX, right ahead." Yeah.. every freaking cinema is right ahead lor.. wat talking you! Dun even know how to direct first or last and left or right is it?! Jus tear the bloody ticket and keep ya mouth shut would definitely make him appear smarter... DOH!

Then in the cinema, I realised tat biatch who served us at the pop's counter, never listen to my request/instruction that I wanted a mixture of sweet/salty pops and gave me all SWEET!!! I cannot finish them coz they were freaking sweet lor and I had to abandon almost half a pack.. Lastly I spilled the Ice Lemon Tea on my WHITE top! Tat was jus my own fault but I was still pissed, this time with myself of course! Hahahhaa...

Turista is a horror/thriller/gore show. Very much like the movie Hostel so if you like Hostel, you will like this. The best gore bit of the movie was the removal of organs... Ewwwww gross but hehe... I like... not for the faint hearted thou...


Saturday, April 14, 2007

Hunt for traditional goodies

Last Thur, met up with Athene in Chinatown, to hunt for some traditional old-time goodies. My main purpose was to find a very old buttery mint sweet (taste like Werther's Original but with a tinge of mint and actually taste better). I used to eat this in my childhood, which could be easily found during CNY. Baby and I loved that sweet and I was determined to find it to surprise him...

Its so pathetic that nowadays these traditional goodies are almost as good as quenched. We didn't know where to search but Athene knew there was this shop that sells olden goodies, so we went and saw so many those "during my time" stuffs.... hahaha... every item got me recollecting the good old days... but I just could not find the buttery mint sweet, which was my only purpose for this hunt. So I asked one of the friendly assistants and she told me there is this old shophouse that sells all these "good old" goodies and most of them were brought in from Malaysia... My eyes gleamed with joy as it gave me hopes that I might jus be able to find what I want... so we hurried to the shop and the place was like heaven lor... hahahha... the stuffs there were even "older" that the earlier shop we patronised. More memories came flashing back to my mind when I scanned through every item in the shop... So old so memorable and oh so precious...

I was filled with anticipation and kept searching for my sweet, but to no avail. I gave up and ask the uncle in the shop instead and described to him what I was looking for. He was seriously amazing coz he knew exactly what I was talking about! Nobody knew what I was looking for, only this uncle! BEST! Unfortunately he told me the manufacturer of this sweet had ceased operation... OMG! Why of all goodies, this one closed down?! Fuck! So I was back to square one, or even worse... hopes of even finding it elsewhere were dashed! Oh well.... anyway I got myself the old orange fizzy sweet and off we headed for our dinner and also smsed Baby about this bad news...

Athene's fren or rather "potential bf", Pierre, was with us from the beginning and meritoriously he got the patient to go hunting with us.. It was drizzling a little and he actually rushed back to his car to get brolly, while we headed to the shop. The car was nowhere near the shop ok, mind you... Hmmm... the Power of Love sometimes really is so phenomenal! Hehe...

Anyway after dinner, Pierre insisted to send me home so I accepted graciously.. hehe... in the end Athene decided to drop by my place to take a look and of course to see the "Jiu Yang Da Ming" Georgi.. hahahah.. She had been saying she wanna see Georgi since his puppyhood lor.. now already coming two years then finally got to see him... She and Pierre had fun with him. Not that I wanna vaunt huh.. but never anyone who saw Georgi would not say he is CUTE lor! hahahahhaa... however one very true fact is most of the ppl who saw him would think he is a female... hehe... I guessed he has more feminine features bah....


See! Georgi grinning with joy as he seldom had so much fun, with ppl visiting and playing with him... coz everyday he is forced to only face the same old nagger at home... hahahahha...

Friday, April 13, 2007

Nail Art

Went to have my nails polished and painted for Chris's wedding. I wanted a black and white theme to match my attire. So got a light pearly white base with black and white flower nail art. Cost S$28 for basic manicure and 2 nail arts.


Purposely requested for one to be painted below and one on top... Simple look. I like....

Everyone that saw my nail art commented they were stickers.... They were hand-painted! Did they really look like stickers? Hmmmm.... When I clarified that they were really hand-painted, some still insisted they were stickers... OMG!!!! Y would I wanna lie about such things? Tsk Tsk!

The nail art is still intact and did not fade or chip off... the base nail colour started chipping off thou.. Anyways, I'm not very into nail arts.. I jus wanted to try for fun as it's my 1st attempt and doing it especially for Chris's wedding.. hehe.. CHRIS! YOU SHD BE HONOURED HUH!!! Hahahahah....

Work in Hotels...

Last night as John lay sleeping
He died or so it seemed,
Then John went to heaven
But only in his dream
Up there St. Peter met him
Standing at the pearly gates,
He said "I must check your record
Please stand here and wait."
He turned and said "Your record
Is covered with terrible flaws,
On earth I see you rallied
for every losing cause,"
I see that you drank alcohol
And smoked and used drugs too,
Fact is, you've done everything
A good person should never do.
We can't have people like you up here
Your life was full of sin,
Then he read the last of John's record
Took John's hand and said "Come in."
He led John up to the big boss and said
Take him in and treat him well,"
He used to work in Hotels.
He's done his time in hell".

*Muahahahhahha... me toooooooo! I wanna get out of HELL!*

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Chern & Chris's BIG NITE!

Attended my long time fren, Chris & Chern's wedding dinner at Marina Mandarin yesterday. Was helping out with the reception and I thought it was really a good idea to take Polaroids of guests and paste on guest book with their signatures/words of blessings, however alot of work involved but definitely would provide very precious memories... and surprisingly most of the guests were rather spontaneous and willing to take pictures coz not many ppl like their pictures to be taken... I knew this kinda feelings as I'm one of those not so cooperative guests.. hehe... talking about that I realised I really did not take a Polaroid of myself and contribute to the guestbook... haha... Chris is so gonna kill me.... but then again Chris, you have to understand I was really busy at the reception.. and ensuring the smoothness of your event is clearly more important than getting a picture of myself rite... hehe...

My dearest Chris, the bride, definitely looked stunning in all her outfits. Thou I detest green but I think the green evening gown looks great on her... The video/photo montage was touching and heart warming.. but eeee yeeer... saw my fucked up face there during the Qiao Men segment... but that part was fun... Chern and bros were extemporaneous... Managed to sit thru the whole dinner course as I was not really needed after the reception... I sat with ppl I was completely not familiar with coz I was the only bereanite she invited.. hehe.. I was freaking DAO lar coz I jus dun feel like opening my golden mouth...

Then came the Yam Seng part, I tot I would be able to siam and prayed hard that Chris would not notice and might forgotten about me (she told me beforehand that she specifically wanted me to be there for the Yam Seng) KNN, suddenly MC announced loud and clear, "Special request for Serene.. Serene Tan to come up".. Damn! I knew Chris was the culprit! She scrupulously remembered and die die must make me go up there to scream my lungs out.. hahahaha... Damn paiseh while I got up (having to drop smsing Baby midway... hehe...), was hoping nobody knew Serene Tan's me as I dunno most of the ppl there and was not the only person moving to the stage at tat point... haha... however I think some ppl knew tat's me lar... Oh well.... Anyway I did my best... I literally shouted at the top of my lungs.. and I'm right behind Chris (purposely stand behind her.. haha) coz I wanna make sure she felt every ounce of my Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamm Seng!!! Think she was overwhelmed by my blasts, which made her turned and looked at me... wahahahahhaha... Seeeee! I did my best and made it worthwhile thou I was kena saboed to go up...

I should say dinner was OK but Chris's homemade chocolate cupcakes were NICE! They were presented before the dessert course and I should promulgate that the cupcakes were 100x better than the Hotel's dessert. It's sweet but not too sweet.. was pleasing to my taste buds. Finger licking good... YUMMY!

img_3129.jpg (Pic kapok from Chris's blog)
This is the cupcake but strawberry was replaced with raspberry.. YUM YUM!
Chris' Pantry if you wanna check out her goodies)

Really gotta thank Baby for accompanying me thru out the dinner with smses... was feeling damn unnatural sitting with strangers... plus I was not in the friendly mode.. hehe... and I hate being superficial... sorry lor tat's me... wun force myself to do something I dun wish to...

Was feeling sleepy at the end of the dinner... and I waited for most of the ppl to leave before getting off my seat.. Thou I hate superficiality, I did politely excuse myself from the rest at the table, jus to show some manners... basic courtesy lar... hahahahha... but I was glad I was outta that awkward atmosphere... PHEW!

Thank God Chris let me off early so I could go back and have a good rest for work next day. Oh man.. she's going to have another mini wedding in KL... gonna be so freaking tired for her... but soon gonna be over and she will be heading for her honeymoon... YAY!

ALL THE BEST, CHERN & CHRIS! May God bless both of you abundantly in your marriage!

Monday, April 09, 2007

The Long Weekend

Friday went to trim and colour my hair, sat there for more than 3hrs and dozed off now and then.. hahaha.. I have been in quite a sleepy mode these days dunno y.. was so paiseh when the charbor, who was servicing me, witnessed me dozing off while colouring my hair.. hahahha... anyway the colour on my head now looks warmer than before... after that went home to have an early rest coz Sat is Chris's BIG DAY! Gotta be at her place early to be her "Jie Mei"...

Sat morning was at Chris's place to be her Jie Mei... so happy to see her blissful look... had alot of fun saboing Chern Wei (groom) and his bros during the Qiao Men... hahahah... stunts they were commanded to do were:

  • OPENING: Lion Dance (my idea... muahahahhaha).. they had to perform lion dance using the props we gave them (pails, towel, sticks and mandarin orange) and Chern supposed to peel the orange and form "I LOVE YOU"
  • SUAN (Sour): Place sour plum in between one of his bros' toes and Chern to pick up using mouth and eat it...
  • TIAN (Sweet): Spread peanut butter on one of the bros' face and all bros and Chern gotta lick everything off the face.
  • KU (Bitter): Ladyfingers were boiled for Chern to eat... Not supposed to use bittergourd coz Chern LOVES it... so replaced with ladyfingers coz he HATES it... hahahaha..
  • LA (Hot): A bowl of chilli padi in soya sauce was prepared for Chern to drink up.
  • Chris prepared her version of 10 commandments and Chern to read out loud, agree and abide to it by stamping his fingers and toes print and plant his kiss at the bottom of all the commandments..
  • Lastly, we made Chern waxed a part of his legs... hahahah... was really fun overall and we got ourselves $288 for entrance fee.. not too bad lar... reasonable figure.. hehe...

Witnessed the tea ceremony and off to the church wedding at MGS. Baby was invited so I was there with him thru out the ceremony. Gave our blessings to the couple and their parents at the end of it and off we went to have lunch at Pasta Fresca. After that left for home coz I was still supposed to go for a dinner thingy at Chris's place so went home to rest and did some housework.

Evening went to Chris's place for dinner and met Tracy... Chris, Tracy and I were long time Bereanites! hehehe... did some catching up and updating on each other's life... After that, Baby came to pick me up and we went to catch THE REAPING at GV Tampines. Was nice at first but got more and more ridiculous nearing the end..


Sunday, went for a morning walk with Baby and Georgi at the Bedok Town Park. Walk was super nice and Georgi had not had such long walk ever since the East Coast Walk many months ago.. hahaha... after that we went to tabao breakfast... think Georgi had a fulfilling walk... seeing his happy face I was happy too...

In the afternoon Baby and I headed to Queensway Shopping Centre to get myself a pair of runners, as I have mentioned earlier that I'm going back on track with my workouts.. now that I have my runners, Baby is going to torture me with all the running (mind you all, not jogging hor).. and I say again, running! This also explained why we were at the park in the morning.. tat is to check out the route..

This is the Adidas Supernova runners I bought... very comfy..


Thanks Baby once again for accompanying me to choose my runners... considering that you have some shiet (irresponsibly left by your crazy FL) to clear and time should be very precious for you now... but nonetheless thanks for assuring me that you were not pressing for time and I really enjoyed this meaningful Sunday...

Time for some training soon.... Ganbateh!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Crihs.. I Slote form ya.. I cluod raed ervetnyihg whtuiot a psaue.. :P

Was supposed to post this if I could read it...You can do the same!


fi yuo cna raed tihs, yuo hvae a sgtrane mnid, too.
Cna yuo raed tihs? Olny 55 plepoe tuo fo 100 anc.

i cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it dseno't mtaetr in waht oerdr the ltteres in a wrod are, the olny iproamtnt tihng is taht the frsit and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it whotuit a pboerlm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Azanmig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt! if you can raed tihs forwrad it.

True feelings...

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This post is meant to be as real as it gets. Those who read may or may not know who they are, but no offense is intended for any.

Choose 10 random people from your list and write down your true feelings about them. Do not disclose who they are. Leave them guessing. (In the mean time, Serendipity, Pam - you're tagged!)

1. You are simply amazing. You made me realised and learnt alot about myself and life. Thou we only knew for a while, I felt we had known each other for ages. You accepted me for who I am and was there for me when I felt the lousiest about myself. You saw the best in me and let me gain my confidence back.. In such a short span of time, you were able to prove something for me to see and I believe you are capable of greater things and open my eyes to see further and wider. There's still so much to know about you and I never want to stop doing so. And I wan the best for you too.. I wish to be the one always there for you whenever you need someone. You are a GEM to me coz it's rare.. YOU ARE RARE!

2. I never wanted this to take place. I have always love you, so much so it hurts whenever things happen. You broke my heart with your hurting words and insults. I hate you then, also blamed myself sometimes when you did something and tot was I the cause of everything? You threw temper, challenged and belittled me. It's always about YOU, YOU and YOU. I have always wanted to be around you whenever you need a listening ear but things have totally changed. From the good times, to the not so good times, to now the cold hard treatment. I wish I could turn back time. I never wanted it to continue or end this way. We are both stubborn and there's no way we gonna give in. Mayb miracles will happen but I dunno when. I dun hate you now but I simply dunno how to face you. I just wish for the best for you. You will always be important in my life.

3. I miss you, missing those times when we were together, sharing stuffs, grapevine talks... it was so fun. But it's different now. You have your own set of commitments and you seem busy all the time. I wish we could spend more time together, reminisce our good old times. The last big fight we had was damn hurtful.. I wish it never happen. I could not forget but I knew we both dun mean it and I was glad we had reconciled. I wonder how you do now. We were together since the beginning and I want to continue to hear from you. I dun wan this to stop coz I care for you. We are close but yet somehow distant. I sincerely wish you could tell me more about your life. I know there are certain things you are not comfortable to share but pls know that I seriously care alot about you. I never despise you. I love you for who you are.

4. I never really knew you. You were such a stranger to me, even now. I dunno wat to say to you and I dunno how to face you. You made me felt I was nobody coz you never really loved me in the beginning. I only felt used, even more so when you left and look for me again and again for the same lousy reason. Every bit of my feelings was so superficial. I dun mean to feel like this but I can't help it. I felt sorry for you then but not now, not anymore. I dunno where you are now but I do still wish for the best for you and hope you will be able to pull thru all struggles in life. I can only do this much for you.

5. You looked so stern all the time, but I knew you loved me very much and had always provided the best for me. You left but you will always be in my heart. How I wish you were still around to love and talk to me. I missed those days when you always asked me to stay by your side... I knew you were happy just having me there... I almost could not remember how you look coz it's been so long and it's so vague as I was still very young... but I dun wan to lose it, never... I remembered before you left, you asked me to stay with you till the very end. I was the only person beside you, you wanted nobody else. I was still young and I dun understand much but I had always listened to you and do watever you told me to. When you finally left, then I realised I have lost you. I could not accept the fact and was very confused. Mayb I was still young so I could get over it fast. But now whenever I think about it, I could not control myself. I never dare to share to anyone about you coz I know I will not be able to control my emotions. I could only let go my feelings here... When I was at my lowest peak, I did have stupid tots of wanting to meet you there. But I knew you would never allow me to choose this path so I dropped this stupid idea. I wish you were still around, coz if you were still around, everything will not be the same now. I MISS YOU!

6. You are a great person. You always make me feel that life is just full of "no worries". You are always so peaceful and happy go lucky. You are so devoted in whatever you do. You are simple and that's the reason why I want to be simple. You took good care of me and gave me so much in life. You trained me to appreciate chilli so much that now ppl think that I'm a chilli freak! You also trained me to be a glutton coz of all the goodies that you stuffed me with and I never complain coz they were all so yummy! You were so funny sometimes. You enjoyed the simple pleasures in life and never complain. Thou you always like to nag at me but I know it's all for my own good and I appreciated it. You accepted the fact that I dun have time for you now but still love and care for me in your heart. I miss your touch. The touch that always gave me warmth. And you always make me giggle someway or another. How you could fall asleep so easily and instantly make me wish I could be like you sometimes... To attain contentment is what I always aim to learn from you...

7. You were the best teacher I ever had. You were the one who imparted nice handwriting to me. You taught me everything patiently. I was so young. You treated me like your own daughter. You were the only one I still want to keep in contact after I graduated. Those were the days when we wrote to each other, sending greetings etc, for many years. However, it died a natural death coz I did not get responses from you anymore. I was worried about you. I even asked around about you but to no avail. After that I heard that you had moved but no idea where. Hence I could not write to you anymore. I miss you and I wish to know how you are now. I hope you are still in good health and leading a wonderful life. I even have silly tots hoping that you will chance upon my blog and read this post so I could get in touch with you again. I just wanna thank you for being part of my life.

8. I felt really jealous of you then coz you were pretty, nice, gentle and sweet. I was just a gal next door.. But you showed me that frenship was not about all these and your sincerity made us so close since then. We were so close that we could not be apart from each other. We shared so much with each other that we were even closer than real sisters. We cried so hard when I left for greener pastures. I still remembered that moment at the airport viewing gallery, it seem like we were going to part forever, sharing our parting speeches and tots when we could simply still contact each other after that. Since then, we gradually contacted each other lesser and thus became more and more distant. I guessed it's coz we each had our own set of commitments. The last time I heard from you was when you informed in advance that you were planning for wedding and wanted to invite me but I dunno when is it. You might have already gone thru that and forgotten about me. I wanted to sms you but something just stopped me, I dunno why. Mayb I'm tat passive. I only hope that you are leading a happy married life now and I do wish to hear from you again.

HOCKAY! Damn tiring. I have two more to go and I will do that when I replenish my energy. It's really not a very fun thing to do but I guess its a good topic. Squeezed my brain juice till dried... Thanks Chris!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

SHE... Dumb or wat!


She read my old blog in sly

She never failed to read my old blog everyday

She read when she's bored at work / even at home I think

She read when she feels like kpo-ing

She shared my old blog with ppl

She questioned / commented about my old blog with ppl

She acted bo chap in front of me

She acted like she was not interested about my life

She eventually made me closed my old blog


She made me start a new blog

She made me show my real attitude towards her

She made me hate her more and more each day

She made me ignore /avoid her everyday

She acted like nothing ever happened before

She never knew I had spy who told me all that she had done previously and now

She knew I hate her now

She knew I have been ignoring her

She always send irrelevant emails, which she thinks ppl will be interested in

She always send photos and links regarding her dog and all the dog events she went

She speaks with fucking fake high-pitched tones

She screeches like emergency brakes

She laughs like the whole world belongs to her

She boast about her knowledge on dogs like a preacher

She claims she is a pet ambassador

She did not realise all that she did were freaking irritating

She knew that her lunch kakis dun like her anymore

She is obviously awkward whenever she is with us

She still joins us for lunch and acted like a fren









And I'm so fucking glad that she will never be able to find my new blog again...

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Fashion Meme

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Your three favourite colours for clothes: Blackish, whitish and Brownish

Your accessory weakness: Big Bags

Your favourite gem: Dun fancy seriously but if have to choose one will be Diamond lor

Your favourite clothing: Jeans, dress or shirt? Jeans

Your must have jewellery: Rings.. cannot do without.. feel naked!

Your watch: I only wear ODM at the moment

Your favourite pair of jeans: Ed Hardy & True Religion.. Damn comfy! used to own alot of Levis, still do own some but the former 2 overruled!

Your favourite designer: I dun specifically go for designer brands.. I choose things that are comfy on me... 'Nuff said (applicable for all of the above as well!) hehe... I'm a simple gal remember?

The 5 poor souls: Pam, Chris and anyone...

Monday, April 02, 2007

The Weekends

Friday after work collected my unstable and undependable notebook (everything was wiped out! Heartache but bo bianz) and met Baby and intended to get a pair of running shoes for myself as I'm trying to get back on track to my healthy routine... hehe... however, could not find something I like so end up got nothing and headed to Liang Seah Street for dinner at this Causeway Bay Cafe HK. Not very fantastic food but passable...

Met up with Penny on Saturday to update on our happenings (since she literally had no time to read my blog, I would have to recite everything to her) and also to make a new pair of specs for myself. Since we were at Toa Payoh, we decided to visit Alloysius at his Chicken Rice Stall. Can't believe that Penny and I finished a whole plate of half roasted chicken when we already had lunch earlier.. hahaha... then finally I dragged myself to take passport size photo coz I need to renew my passport, which is going to expire in July this year. Hmmm.. going online to make the biometric passport... kinda lazy to do it.. hahaha.. but still gotta do it... if not I dun have to plan for holiday...

Later on, I met Baby and Kirsten for MR BEAN'S HOLIDAY at GV Grand. Typical Mr Bean's movie, was funny but stupid and meaningless ending. Had dinner at Kenny Roger and home sweet home...


Sunday, met Athene for some catching up at Pepper Lunch Lido. Was fun receiving each other's updates considering that we have not met since last year. Glad that she is back to her normal office hours routine and not her previous crazy shift... I guess I might be able to meet her more often now with her more normal life.... I miss Karaoke! I need her badly and she is like my only Karaoke Kaki lor... hahaha... Anyway she is happy with my current life and tot it was a blessing in disguise for me... knowing how much I dragged hanging on and living aimlessly previously. I guessed I had made a right decision. In fact I should have realised and actioned on it long ago but oh well....... at least I still made that decision afterall... and SIMPLY no regrets coz having Baby is the best thing I have ever experienced and definitely a good start to my 2007! A dream come true!

I gotta be religious in my workout again and I need some K session soon!