L'immortel: Spilled blood never dries!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Early Release!

Today the whole office will close at 4pm! Woot! Best!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Relaxing weekend

This work week was really a tiring week for me.. so I needed a relaxing weekend. Nothing much was happening. Sat I had dinner with Baby at Al Forno (East Coast). Damn expensive dinner for only 2 of us. Cost almost a freaking $100 for jus a starter, a pasta, a pizza, 2 drinks, 2 desserts and a coffee. Wah Kao! Wanted to try the tiramisu as the picture on the review page looked so yummy but was sold out. In fact most of the desserts we wanted were all sold out.

After dinner we had a lil stroll and stopped at petrol station's Fairprice... Baby discriminates "heavy" ppl.. he is soooo BAD!.. we saw this man inside Fairprice and Baby jus had to create jokes... he make me wanna burst out laughing so many times, especially when he was near us... we even speculated which car he drove. Baby was so awful by saying he must be driving the red mini Honda Jazz... He was so so so horrible... hahahah... in the end I was rite... He drove a family car but I did not manage to catch wat make was tat.... After this terrible episode, we headed home.

Sun went tanning with Penny again at Siloso. Woot! This time the tanning was half successful. Top part of my body was solid, solidly burnt! I'm a lobster truly.. hehe... but my lower part of the body dun seem to tan very well... wished the colour was as solid as my body.. hahaha... met some of Penny's frens, all tattoos liao liao.. one of them was the Singapore Idiot Idol, Jonathan Leong... brought his French Mastiff there for tanning.. OMG! Poor dog... he was panting under the shelter all the time and since I was done with my tanning, I kept the poor dog company... Not many ppl recognise Jonathan but a few young girls were ogling at him and Penny and I were sniggering at how these young girls go ga ga over him.. hahaha... While we were leaving, another group of young girls wanted his autograph on their volleyball.. OMG! He is jus a human... When he talked to me I dun even feel anything... Well I guess young girls are young girls (I admit I'm old)... the tot of able to meet a celebrity is like so magnificent.. hahahah..

Evening went to Baby's home for dinner. His mum had cooked curry chicken and it was good... and when I mean good means it's spicy to my liking.. hehe... I can see myself relating better and better to Kirsten and she is getting more and more comfy with me now... had a nice time with Baby watching F1...

My plan for Georgi's bday celebration is going to change again... headache and not like I need more.. I've more than enough the last week... Hope my new plan will be perfect this time... *Fingers crossed*

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

New Job

Been really busy learning the ropes and no time to do a lot of things. Everyday is super tiring so every bit of spare time is freaking precious to me.. now manage to squeeze a little time to blog... Today is my 3rd day at work but it seems like months... hahahhaa... I was so drained out taking in all the information. Everyday is mental torture and I slog till quite late everyday.. fortunately I was able to claim taxi fare... guessed I have not had such experience for many years already and I'm feeling it all over again.. The last time I felt this way was during the Conrad days...

I wun be in msn for a while.. even if I'm in also wun have time to chat. But good news is the whole company use skype for online messaging... so online chatting is official here.. hehe... well I guess I wun have such luxury in the meantime... but I believe I will be up in msn in no time... I hope.. hehe...

Hope I will be able to squeeze somemore time to blog again... Till then...

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

3rd Month

TODAY IS OUR 3RD MONTH…… Baby you have been really wonderful.. Life without you will be so dull... Muaks!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Blades of Glory & Sentosa (Kirsten's Bday)

Caught BLADES OF GLORY with Grace on Friday nite. Damn lame movie but was freaking hilarious! I jus could not stop laughing.. If you in the mood for a good laugh, should catch it. The crowd watching this movie that day was rather unusual.. hehe... if you know what I mean.. We were literally surrounded by all of them - back, front, sides.. hehe..


Saturday spend the whole day at Sentosa with Baby and Kirsten. It was a bday celebration for her. I got her Esprit apparels and was relieved to know that they fitted her and she likes them... It was a day of junk food and fun for Kirsten. We went to the various attraction spots like 4D Magix, Underwater World and Dolphin Lagoon, Luge and Skyride & Songs of the Sea (Pictures will be posted at a later date) All of us had fun... weather was really good except during the Songs of the Sea in the evening, was drizzling a little... by end of the day we were all sticky and tired.. but happy... hehe.. I was pleased to know that Kirsten enjoyed herself coz that was the most important thing, which was also what I wanted to achieve for this outing. I was gladded that everything was carried out according to plan. I also had not had such enjoyable moments for a long time... The next fun outing should be on Georgi's bday and guess what.. Sentosa again... Hahahahha...

Friday, May 18, 2007


My freaking LAST DAY! Can't wait till 615pm! You wun always have chance to feel this way ya know.. hahahahha...

Dun ask me whether I will cry or stuff... coz I will tell u I will only Muahahahahhaha, NO sadness! Plus my best pal, Jac, is on MC so I wun even have a reason to sob.. Disappointed that I can't even see her on my last day... But I know she is genuinely sick, in fact sick for the past 3 days already...

For this Dumbdezvous, I'm not going to go around the whole freaking company at the very last hour to bid farewells, say sad lines, send departing email blasts and everything... NO! NO! NO! Never to this place at least... or rather I dun really have this habit to do such things... it's superficial to me... Even if I do, also only to those ppl I'm closer with.. not to the whole fucking company! PUI! Hahahha... Hmmm.. I think the very last time I felt sadness leaving was when I was in Le Meridien coz Penny san was there... in fact she was the only person I can't bear to leave, not anybody else! hehe...

Now the only thing I'm looking forward is to work in my new place... I think there's going to be so many new stuffs to learn and new faces to look at.. hahahahha... and of course so many things to gossip update and blog in time to come..

Counting down... Tuk! Tuk! Tuk!

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Woot! Tomorrow is my big day... my LAST DAY at Dumbdezvous!

It's so weird that when I'm leaving, ppl starts appreciating my accessories.. hahahahhaha

I have got quite a bit of revenue into my pocket during these few days... machiam clearance sale.. everyone grabbing my stuff like siao... hahahha... anyway it's good also coz I can get rid as much of my stuff as possible.. hehe..

I supposed I will be freaking busy next week learning the ropes and everything... familiarise myself with new environment and getting to know ppl again.. hehe... Soooo meaning no MSN and blogging for a while.. hahahaha...

But I will definitely update you guys of my happenings in the new office. There should be quite a bit to share thou.. hehe... For now first, there's going to be one self-declared PH soon coz of the unbelievable hit in box office for Spiderman! An extra PH is coming soon! Woohoo!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mother’s Day Brunch Part II

I always have this phobia of "Meeting the Mum" thingy... but after that Mum's Day brunch, there were positive signs that Baby's mum showed, which she never displayed to any of Baby's previous gfs before.

  • She ask me whether I like spicy food.. Baby was caught off guard when she actually spoke to me coz she never talked to any of his previous gfs on first meeting.
  • According to his sis, I kinda passed! Hehe... simply coz she touched me and it's not once, but twice.. She never touched any of his previous gfs or rather she doesn't touch ppl if she doesn't know them well. The first time she touched my arm was to thank me for the Godiva chocolates and I spoke to her a little. The second time she touched me was to bid me goodbye and said it was nice meeting me.
  • Jus yesterday, Baby told me that his mum commented to his sis,"Serene seems like a nice and sensible girl." Hehe... *Happy like a bird*

Other than the above, she also asked Baby some questions at the breakfast table yesterday. She appeared nonchalant when she inquired but Baby knew it's otherwise and thought these were positive signs for me... Well, he knows his mum best lar... hehe... really very glad that my sincerity paid off and that she is pleased with me!

I'm so so happy that everything is working perfectly fine for the both of us and our rs... These are all too good to be true! Baby, u r really my lucky star! MUAKS!

Monday, May 14, 2007

18 May 2007 is a special day

18 May 2007 is a special day. It's Kirsten's bday.. still thinking wat to get for her.. hehe...

WAIT! WAIT! WAIT! Not only that hockay...

It is allllllllllllsoooooo......


MY LAST DAY AT DUMBDEZVOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WTF!!!!!! Isn't that really really special?! Time for celebration! LOL!

Tanning & Bridge to Terabithia

Yesterday weather was great! Thank God! But this time Penny and I went to Siloso beach instead as it was nearer and we did not want to waste time.. and of course being clean freaks, we would also consider the cleanliness of the toilets and Tanjong beach's toilet sucks big time!

Love the sun! But I still think that I'm not tanned enough.. hehe... We dipped into the water after tanning and it was heavenly man! I think we gonna do this very often so we applied for the Islander card... hahahha... after calculating the cost of the trips we made everytime, I think the Islander card is definitely more worth the price...

After this, I met Baby and Kirsten at Vivocity for lunch at Sushi Tei and caught BRIDGE TO TERABITHIA. Hmmmm... not really the fantasy adventure type, which I expected.. and the really fantasy part where all the creatures came out was only at the last part, which was rather disappointing.. not the typical Fantasy movie I was expecting, not as spectacular as it seemed.


We shopped around and went to Corduroy Cafe for some desserts and drinks. Service was not very efficient. We had cakes but cutleries were not provided before that. Service was slow and the servers still walk slowly like they have the time of their life... Finally we were being served by a Chinese guy and he was better... Anyway after this we had Thai Express for dinner. Kirsten was already bloated with her cheese cake and milkshake earlier so she was spared from that...

The bond between Kirsten and me is getting stronger and better... In fact it's progessing really fast unexpectedly. She will hold my hand and even lean on my body and of course get close to me whenever possible.. hehe... I do like this feeling and it's nice without a doubt. But I'm still not very good at handling kids, in terms of teachings, not jus having fun... and especially for her age coz it's like in between a kid and teenager... I dun wish to instill in her the wrong things so I guessed it's really not an easy task... I jus hope in time to come, she will feel more and more comfortable with me so much so that she's willing to share her deepest thoughts, darkest secrets, most intimate things in her life etc...

From my observations so far, I do really feel and think that she needs lotsa love and care and I could definitely relate to that and understood where she's standing (mayb it was a blessing in disguise that I had been thru this myself)... so since I did and could not receive any of that from my parents, I hope I could provide those for her and alot more too... God, I need wisdom... Thanks!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day?

It's been more than a decade since you left

I dunno how you are doing

I know you wun get to see this at all but I jus wan to say

So many things had happened and you still did not change

Everytime u called is for the same old reason

Even when it is not, I would still have phobia answering your calls

I dun wish to avoid you but I have no choice

My heart wans to talk to you a little bit more

But my mind jus wun let me do so

I dun think I would ever get to talk to you

But I hope you are doing fine

I'm not sure whether you are truly happy now but I still would like to wish you


Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mother's Day Brunch

This morning celebrated Baby's mum's day with brunch at Imperial Treasures Cantonese Cuisine at Great World City. Met his mum, sis and her bf for the first time. Totally no clues to what to get for Baby's mum but with his help, finally got her Godiva chocolates and I hope she likes it.. Was quite worried yesterday on this meeting.. but somehow I felt rather relax jus now before meeting them and I was the earliest so sat in the restaurant and waited for them to arrive.. Brunch was good... Felt a little awkward at certain point but overall was comfortable. I did not talk much thou, but at the end of the meal, his mum suddenly asked me whether I like spicy food... Hmmmm... I should take that as a positive sign huh.. hehe...

Kirsten was really close to me for the first time... At the end of the meal, she was not able to sit still so she got up and stand around Baby but eventually came between both of us and shared seat with me... Had a little conversation with her and I could feel we were getting more and more comfortable with each other.. almost no awkwardness now.. *Happy*

After the brunch, we all went our separate ways. Baby, Kirsten and I went to Ben & Jerry's for drinks and ice-cream, then headed home.

Really very happy with this meeting.. Hope this is a good start for me... It does look like it, accordingly to Baby and his sis... hehe...

Tomorrow tanning! I can't wait! Woohoo!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Sooo unusual... Sooo DOH!

Something unusual happen in a usual day in the usual office.

Boss and Staff A were in his office and boss started phoning home to his wife with the speakers on. His secretary was outside his room, working as usual and witnessed the whole incident with every conversation loud and clear:

Boss: Eh... get S on the phone....

Wife: Why you want him on the phone?

Boss: Just get him on the phone lar.. I want to talk to him

Wife: For what? Why suddenly want to talk to him?

Boss: I want him to listen to Staff A say hello lar...

Wife: Haiyo... okok.. wait.. (S come here...)

Boss: Hello S....

Staff A: Hello...

Wife: S listen.. who's tat?

S: ..........................

Boss: Hey S... you know who am I anot?

S: ..........................

Staff A: Hello S....

S: ...........................

Boss: Ooi! why today no response ar... S!

S: ..........................

Boss: Hello! Hello! Today so naughty dun wan to answer me ar...

S: ..........................

Wife: He dun wan to response lar...

Boss: Aiyo.. ok lar ok lar... *Tuk*

His secretary was outside the office rolling her eyes all these while. She could not comprehend y her boss did wat he did... Showing off or Senile Syndrome? If its showing off, then too bad, mission failed! If it's Senile Syndrome, totally understood! But the whole thing was simply DOH!

Secretary: Me!
Boss: My boss (Unfortunately!)
Staff A: His favourite pet (btw he is human... if not he wun be able to say hello... hahahha...)
Wife: My boss's wife
S: My boss's dog (Snow the Samoyed)

I think Snow also must be rolling his black eyes when the above was taking place.... OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So you guys know why I wanna leave this place asap huh.... DUMBDEZVOUS!

Interview Part II

The before, during and after of "The interview with a VP" on Tuesday, 8 May 2007.

Interview supposed to be at 6pm at Tampines area and I have gotten time off at 5pm..

HR: Hi Serene, the VP has a last min meeting so we might need to push back the interview time. We will call you by 530pm to let u know the time again ok?

Me: Ok... but the interview is definitely on rite?

HR: Yes its on but we will advise the timing again and dun worry, we will give you time to come down after we call you.

Me: Ok sure... hear from you later..

However I still leave at 5pm coz I was thinking at most I will jus hang around Tampines Mall if I'm early.. At 5.30pm,

HR: Hi Serene (speaking really slowly and I have a very very bad feeling abt my phone), this is ***, from .....................................

Bloody hell! my idiotic phone went bonkas again... It was freaking full bar when I checked before I left the office lor. I switched it on again and tried calling HR back..

Me: Hi ***, this is Serene, my hp is low

HR: Hi Serene, can you hear me?

Me (quite frustrated): Yeah can hear but my batt is running low

HR: Oh ok .........................................................

Fuck! Anyway I was already nearing Tampines so I decided to quickly head straight to the office to look for HR, and was told tat the interview had to postpone to 615pm, so I decided to come back again as it was only 545pm then.

At 610pm I was back and was asked to wait for a while at the reception. People were walking pass and they were quite friendly coz most of them smiled at me. I was very pleased with wat I saw as most of them were freaking casual in their dressing! Best! I can't wait to be like them... As I was still enjoying the moment and grinning to myself, a small stylo man walked passed in a rush... I dun even have time to look at his face...

Shortly after, I was asked to wait in the Conference Room for the VP. They were really nice.. asked me whether I wan anything to drink and list out what they have... hehe... but I declined... Waited and waited and waited... still no sight of him. I could hear noises from next door. A meeting was going on and later HR informed that the VP was in there. Waited and waited and waited... I was so fascinated with the Conference Room that I took some shots.. hahahahah.. then realised Oh Shit! Do they have cameras in here?! Freaking panic at that moment! Thou too late lar but I still checked the whole place and Phew! Heng ar... Hahahahha... Anyway I took those for fun.. dun think I will post it up here... hehe...

Waited and waited and waited... At 650pm tat small stylo man I saw at the reception came in and the 1st thing that came to my mind was he must be one of the Sales Manager, mayb VP not free so asked him to interview me... but OOPS! I was wrong... he's the VP! Hahahhahah...


Interview began at 650pm.

He was complaining how come he was given this Conference Room instead of others.. so in the end he shifted us to the other room, where I had my 1st interview.

This was a rather unusual interview coz apart from asking me the standard questions, I was even bombarded with alot of personal questions, which he explained to me later on why he did so.

VP: OK, why I asked you so many personal questions is coz you are not working with an organisation, you are working with people and working with people can be rather dangerous at times. So my purpose is to get to know you as much as possible in the shortest span of time, and to know whether I like you as a person, rather than a worker. And having said that, it's your turn to shoot me questions, and I tell you first, you can shoot ANY question u wan.

Given the freedom and right to do so, of course I bombarded him with alot of quesitons as well... hahaahhah... In the midst, he mentioned some points which I felt really good about me being in this position:

  • This PA position is a very important position.. so important that nobody will dare to touch you.
  • I always tell my sales people, "Dun ever piss my PA, coz if she's pissed she will show black face to me and I will be very pissed also."
  • The 3 most important persons in my life: My boss, my wife and my PA.
  • Not many people can enter my room as and when they like, only my PA.
  • If you think you can manage by helping some of the managers in their stuff, do help coz we work as a team, but if any of them take advantage of you, please highlight to me. If they are asking for too much help, ask me first. You only help when I approve coz they are not supposed to have the luxury of a PA like I do... hehe...
  • My sales people should always tell you their whereabouts, so when I need to know or see them I will be able to find them. SO please dun go and ask them, it's not your job, they are supposed to come and tell u.
  • When you need to come in later or go off earlier, jus inform me and I'm usually quite flexible.. as long as I could get hold of you at any point in time via hp or wat, and able to get the info or things I wan, I will be fine.
  • I dun expect my PA to work late thou I myself work late most of the time. Nothing to do pls go home. If I need something, same thing I will call you and ask you where to access and I will be fine.. Wun need you to rush back to office jus to get that thing for me.
  • We have very foul mouth (in fact the whole dept) and we curse, swear and crack alot of dirty jokes.. I'm also very foul when I scold my sales people but dun worry I will never do that to my PA.

He has got sense of humor as well:

  • I'm a slave driver so technically speaking since I'm a slave driver, people who works with me of course are slaves.. hahaha.. jus kidding... On the other hand, I'm a nice guy. I know its contradicting but this was how people assessed me. They say generally I'm a very nice guy.
  • Always remind me to have my lunch coz I always forget and if I forget and nobody reminds me I might jus faint on the spot... Sometimes I can have my lunch packed and placed on my table and at 5pm it's still there untouched... pls remind me to eat ok.. hehe..
  • Please be my spy. If you hear any of my staff sleeping with each other, please warn me coz I wun wan to unintentionally joke abt this infront of them then realised shit! they are really sleeping together... haha..
  • You will have full access to all my credit cards statements.. so when you come across places like Legend Palace or something please dun go and tell my wife... coz if my wife is unhappy and starts nagging at me, I also will not be very happy.. hahahah..
  • When my wife call to look for me, if I'm in a meeting tell her, if I'm not, also say I'm in a meeting. coz if you see me with my gf in the office, you wun be so silly to tell her I'm with a woman rite?
  • I will ask you to run some personal errands but dun worry I wun ask you to order flowers for my wife, or my gf.. not like I have lar.. but even if I have, I also wun expect you to order for her... hehe..
  • Everything you handle is highly confidential so please keep things to yourself... I got gf, bf watever please keep to yourself ok.. hehe
  • You will tend to apologise alot on my behalf coz I'm always late for meetings and you have to remind me like 3, 4 times and I will still be sitting on my chair and tell you ok another 5 mins more to finish this email... hehe.. and plsssss... be patient with me....

So he yada on and on and when it almost came to an end, I felt weird that salary and benefits were never mentioned thru out the whole interview, so I prompted to him and he said he dunno coz its up to HR. But he did shared a little on some standard benefits and we ended the interview like this:

VP: Alright, I still have a couple of candidates to interview but we will call you very soon.

Me: Erm.. roughly how soon? A week?

VP: Hehe... not so long lar... probably few days..

Me: OK! (Happy)

While walking me to the entrance, I found out that he was only at my shoulder level... Hehe... I felt kinda weird thou but nvm, like baby says I can be his bodyguard.. Wahahahahah... no wonder when I told him I workout and jog very often, he immediately directed his eyes on my arms... freaking obvious can.. hahahahha... Then he bided me goodbye.


I checked the time and was freaking 8.20pm.. Wah lan eh, almost 1 1/2 hrs long... no wonder he warned that he can be quite long-winded... however one thing nice was we were more like chatting than serious interviewing. I was really tired and it's mentally draining... so decided to take cab home but taxi Q was damn long and my hp low batt, so I got baby to help me call a cab. Tks Baby! Muaks! I got home quite fast and at about 8.45pm I got a call from HR again..

HR: Hi Serene, this is ***. Is your hp working already?

Me (feeling embarrassed): Hehe.. yeah its working now.. coz I'm charging it..

HR: Oh you home? Tat's fast! Anyway I called to tell you that the VP likes you very much and would like to offer you the position.

Me: Ohhhh ok (but in my heart I was like FUCK! SO FAST!? Am I dreaming?)

HR: We will be doing the package and once we got clearance, I will call you tomorrow to let u know and then we can arrange to meet up soon to look into the package.

Me: Oh ok.. so can I firmly say that I'm being accepted? (Still in denial and cannot believe its true)

HR: Yes... you are accepted..

SOOOOooooo I'm pleased to announce that I'm part of ... (exact details please ask me personally).. I will be the Executive Assistant aka PA to the VP.

Oh ya.. anyway HR told me some of the standard benefits, which I will not mention here, and some extra special benefits:

  • Discount for their products!!!!!!!!!!!! Woot! (I can see some sparkling eyes liao... hahahaha...)
  • Movie screenings!!!!!!!!! Woot!
  • If HQ declare PH, we will also be entitled! YAY!
  • If Sales Dept meet sales target, the whole company will have incentives! YAY!

And we also had this conversation:

HR: Oh ya Serene do you think you can leave like 2 weeks earlier ?

Me: Ermm... I dun have.... (I wanted to say I dun have many leaves to clear)

HR: Oh ya dun worry we will compensate for you...

Me: Ahhh ok.. (In my heart I was like OMG! serious? Sony compensating for me?)

HR: Do you think considering your current workload, you will be able to leave earlier?

Me: Should not be a problem (Inside my heart I was. "Fuck lor! What workload do I have and I seriously can't wait to get out of this place lor.. hahahaha..) but I will still have to check with my boss lar... *Act professional*

HR: Of course sure no problem.. Once the package is done, you are happy, sign the contract and you can check with your boss on that...

So I will be meeting her this evening to sign contract... OMG! Still cannot believe it's true!

Now I can dress casually to work without having to think what to wear professionally... Wahahahahha... And it's 5 days week from 9am - 6pm and it's in Tampines. What more can I ask for really... Thank God!

I'm looking forward to type my resignation letter.... sooooo exciting! Hahahaha...

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The voices of workers


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

My Landlord is the best! Part II

My Landlord is a man of few words, at least in sms, usually less than 5 words.. but this time he is so sweet until I can almost get diabetes... hahahaha...

Our sms

Me: Hi jus wanna check whether you have aircon servicing contact or rather who you engage the last time for servicing for this unit? I wanna service ya aircon

LL: No regular service guy. You have someone that is good?

Me: Eh dun have.. hehe.. do you think ya property agent Eric will be able to recommend someone? Should I call him?

LL: I check with my friend to get a reliable one by tomorrow. Are you comfortable being alone when the servicemen comes by? If not I could drop by.

Me: Great! will wait for ya contact.. and tks for being so thoughful.. no problem being alone.. if wan I can get my fren down instead... No worries.. Tks :)

Awwwwww.. isn't he jus the sweetest thing?

His BF is so fortunate... hehe...


Woohoooooooo! I'm shortlisted for 2nd interview this evening! Please pray for me.. pray that I can charm my future boss... hahahhaahha...

Jokes aside, I really hope 2nd interview will be successful and that I will be able to leave this shitty place really soon... I can't work with dumb arseholes and I dun wish to have blonde moments all the time... I'm going brain dead really soon if I continue to stay here... I need to get out of DUMBdezvous!

God! I need more miracles please.... "PRAY REALLY REALLY HARD"

Monday, May 07, 2007

Si-Bai-De-Man 3 & Si-bai-de-bitch!

Fri nite caught SPIDERMAN 3 at GV Tampines Mall with Baby. Action liao liao but generally the whole movie was rather stoooopid.. Spiderman was such a loser in many aspects... himself, love, frenship, work.. The joke about Spiderman in chinese means "Si-bai-de-man" sounds so appropriate now.. really "Si Bai"... hahahaha...



I love this black poster!

Sat nite met Baby at Parkway Parade as I needed to get conditioner and was not awared they were having sales... Woot! Best! I got my 1-litre of Redken conditioner at $40+ after discount, which was freaking cheap... We proceeded to Cold Storage to get some groceries and minced beef for Georgi. We had dinner at Central, a HK cafe. Overall nice food, definitely better than the Causeway Bay cafe at Liang Seah street.

Last minute decided to get another 2 tank tops from Esprit as I quite like the previous 2 I got. After that we had ice cream for dessert from New Zealand Natural and headed home. Had difficulty getting a cab in Marina Parade as most taxis were on calls. So Baby suggested walking to Katong area to try our luck and there were really more empty cabs there. Crever Baby!

The Aviva Badminton was here in Singapore and ended yesterday. As I was in badminton craze recently, it was super exciting to watch the tournaments... hahahaha.. however I did not plan to glue myself to the TV jus to follow thru the matches lah, watch only when opportunity arises.. then again was kinda addictive so I did somehow glued myself there... lol... Singapore men's representative, Ronald Susilo, did not make it to the finals and why am I not surprise? Hur hur... The doubles were actually more exciting than the singles...

Idiotic Baby still snickers at how I got the bruises below my wrist from playing badminton... let's jus say his dunno how many centuries old racquet sucks... and he is so gonna kill me... hahahha...

After watching the Aviva Finals yesterday, I went jogging with Georgi... saw one bitch walking her schnauzer and I jogged pass her. On my way back, tat bitch was sitting near the playground with a guy and I strongly believed she was talking about me coz that guy turned and look at me. When I jogged nearer to her, she looked at me and shaked her head.. Bloody Hell! Is it a crime for dog to jog with owner!? I wanted to confront her but was not in the mood. These owners tot they knew best. It was in the evening (no sun) and we were not even running, jus slow jog and Georgi was doing perfectly fine. If your weak schnauzer cannot "walk a bit faster" doesn't mean that other "healthier" dogs will not be able to do so... Human needs exercises, dogs also jolly well need... Si-bai-de-bitch!! Just like Si-bai-de-man! I jus have to bitch about this... hahahahha...

Weather for the past couple of days was fantastic! Too bad was not able to tan on these sunny days as Penny could not make it. Anyway I hope this weather will continue so my tanning trip this Sun will be successful.... Woohoo! Cant wait!

Friday, May 04, 2007

My Landlord is the best!

Yesterday evening had a discussion with my Landlord on my rental renewal as it's expiring June this year. That same morning I sms-ed him to inform that I had already transferred this month's rental and mentioned about the renewal so he replied that he's intending to discuss this week and arranged to meet in the evening, highlighting that he's going to increase another $100 for the new lease. I was really damn sian after seeing that msg and no mood for the whole damn day...

Baby was telling me I should just "deh" a bit to him lar... try to negotiate the best I could.... Hmmm... I knew this could be one way but I'm just not the "deh" type lor... hahaha.. anyway I was prepared to lose the battle and accept the $100 increase, if negotiation becomes unsuccessful... Soooo during the discussion in McDonalds near my place, the unanticipated happened... My Landlord was with HIS bf. Yeah.. your eyes were not playing tricks on you... HE was with HIS bf... anyway they asked me how's life so that was the best opportunity to share my current situation.. hehe... I conveyed nothing but the truth.. Initially they thought I was going to ask for a reduction in the existing rental and they looked worried... but when I mentioned I just hoped for no change in rental, they gave an obvious relief look... hahahaha...

My Landlord appeared rather half hearted on the decision to the increase and kept looking at his bf for cues.. so I initiated a concession by saying even if really wanna increase mayb could start later, like in Jan 08, and for the time being let me settle down with a new and higher paying job for the next half of the year. He was kinda convinced after that and accepted my suggestion. But guess what, in the end he told me he would just stick to the current rental until I'm ready... and he added that he will just change the dates of the agreement, meaning nothing else will change, including the rental! YAY! My Landlord is the best!

One point they kept asking and getting assurance from me was whether I would really stay for another year... I promised them I WOULD definitely reside for another year, CONFIRMED! Then they grinned... hehe...

Apart from this issue, we were discussing about our dogs... his bf has a schnauzer and was sharing about his dog's rash condition and how many vets they had consulted with no results, until they went to Dr Ly from ARC! OMG! So freaking coincidental as Dr Ly is also my current vet... So we shared alot about our experiences and here's again another chance for me to tell them how much $$$ I had burnt on Georgi's two operations... they could relate totally coz they also had spent a hell lot on their schnauzer... Wahahahha.. but all of us concurred that Dr Ly is an amazing vet...

God is really a miracle worker and Georgi is my lucky star... I think it's coz of all these little details that got their empathy and conceded on the same rental without eventually using my suggestion... hehe...

At the same time I also highlighted to him about how stained their kitchen curtain was and that I had completely no idea how to wash them, as there are rods in between and the curtains are huge! He just answered without even pondering, "Jus dispose them, no worries!" Wahahhaha... again.. best Landlord I have ever seen... The previous Beng-Lian couple, whom I rented the Tampines flat, was jus a piece of shiet! NO! should be a couple of shiet! Long story anyway...

I truly did not expect such an effortless discussion. I'm really glad to have met a nice rich Landlord.. hahahha.. and be able to get and stay in a nicely renovated stylo corner unit, amidst the old and aging estate...

Signing of new agreement will take place soon and then I will be shelted in the comfort of this cozy unique flat for another year.... Hur Hur Hur....

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A satisfying Labour Day

Went for badminton session with Athene and her frens yesterday... Had not been playing badminton since my secondary school days, more than 10 years wor.. Techniques kinda rusty now so I was rather ashamed to acknowledge that I was part of school team then.. hahahhaa.. Anyway I started out playing clumsily, serve also serve like shit... haahha.. but gradually I got the hang of it.. and the more I played the more addictive it got... 2 hrs of game was definitely not enough for me.. hahaha... we were having lotsa fun for sure... a couple of them are experts so we did not play with them as we believed they would get bored with us.. but Athene's cousin was really nice and patient.. he is one of the experts but was willing to play with us, even taught us how to count scores etc.. and this Athene has been telling me how cute, handsome, tall, dark, intelligent, amazing character, nice, sporty he is.... Hmmmm I can see that babe, too bad he is your "Kar Chng" lar... Hehe...

Gotten so addictive to the game and also reminded me of my glorious days in secondary school, hahaah.. I asked Athene to organise more of such activities.. but she mentioned not always badminton coz she felt that this is a very "unbalance" game.. her reason being only one side of the body gets to workout more.. hahah... so we named a few sports and decided that cycling will be the next... hehe...

I told Baby about how much I enjoy working out nowadays.. sweating is actually addictive too.. hehe... I need to perspire to feel good, if not I will feel really clogged up inside... I missed my active days and I'm back! I even wanted him to play badminton with me one of these days and he readily agreed. Baby, you are the best! It's so wonderful to know that besides having the movie, shopping and eat & eat rituals like every typical Singaporean couple, we can even do sports and work out together... It's really not easy to find someone who could share so many same interests and I'm glad I found you...

I'm going to book our round of badminton soon... YAY!