L'immortel: Spilled blood never dries!

Thursday, June 28, 2007


THE WIFE has been creating alot of bo liao demands and I simply hate it coz she is way toooooo BO LIAO! Fucking hate her voice now... gives me CHILLS in my BONES... LOL... Anyway "Bimbo / Bimbotic / Bimboticsm" is the only way to describe her ever since she imprinted her "bimboticness" in my mind from the very beginning. I know those are not even words but they simply fit her so well and I can't help it... and mind you she dun have big boobs to literally carry that title so that's even worse.. COZ she dun even have those two gargantuan things on her to live up to that name. She is such such such a loser!

I also came to realise that her favourite words are "My husband's company"


PUI! You bloody hell DUN own that freaking S**Y company! Continue to dream on and it will never ever come true...

I really hope she dun keep doing "coooooold" calls, if not sooner or later I will have weak bones and bloody hell I will need Anlene!!!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Last Week's Updates

Wed met Baby and wanna jog at Tampines Stadium but suay suay there was S-League on that day so we ended up going back to my place and jog at the park. Was a good run. I have decided to run more often at Tampines Stadium now coz it's much more convenient. Previously I would rush home and then changed and rushed down to run at the park as I wanna try to beat the darkness but always end up finishing my run in darkness, which I really hate. Therefore now running at the stadium after my work is the best coz I wun have to rush and by the time I finished jogging, it's still bright...

Sat went to Singapore Art Museum with Baby & Kirsten. I have always like to visit the museums and I used to have a kaki that will do that with me but I guess she's very busy now so does not have much time to meet. The art pieces I like during the visit are by Zeng Fanzhi and Chalcography collection of the Louvre Museum, which featured "Engraving the World" with all the fantastic detailed engravings. The pictures in the website are definitely not able to justify the actual visit itself, there were so much more to explore.. We wanted to continue our arty farty journey to National Museum but time was running out so we decided to cover that another day. After the artistic episode, we went to watch SURF'S UP at PS. Was funnier than I expected (better than the trailer definitely). We had dinner at Billy Bombers.


Sun nua at home until time to meet Athene and her gang for another badminton session. Before that, I had Mc with Baby and I felt freaking sinful coz we each had the Teriyaki Chicken burger meal and shared half of Fillet O Fish. OMG! I cannot imagine I ate so much... It's all Baby's fault! Hehe.. So I was determined to work out more during the badminton session but got a lil disappointed as Pier (Athene's bf) booked only 1 court when he was supposed to book 2 at Kallang CC. Anyway long story cut short, we had 2 hours so all of us took turns to play as it was a big group that day. Some of us went to the gym first then returned for the badminton. Gym workout was not very satisfying, until I went for badminton at the last half hour, whacked all the way and sweated it all out. I think Pier felt quite guilty about the whole issue coz he wanted to bear all the booking costs. So having learnt a lesson on this lil blunder and kiasuism in us, we headed to the CC's office and book in advance for next Sun... now slot secured! hahahhaa... and I think he felt better after that.. hehe...

Hmmmm.. I'm gonna apply for Passion Card soon.. hehe...

Friday, June 22, 2007

4th Month

TODAY IS OUR 4TH MONTH and I'm still feeling as good, if not better... and I'm loving u more and more each day... thank you for doing so much for me. You have made me a happier person... MUAKS!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Georgi's Bday Outing

Pictures taken in Sentosa and Botanic Gardens for Georgi's Bday


Happy 2nd Birthday Georgi Boy


cimg0476.JPG BB, Georgi & Lele

cimg0478.JPG BB & Georgi

cimg0486.JPG Georgi Excited!

cimg0485.JPG Shiro, Georgi, BB & Lele.. All looked so happy.. hahaha

cimg0481.JPG Shiro: Smells familiar...

cimg0488.JPG BB: Long time no see buddy.. have to see you clearly..

cimg0496.JPG Kirsten and Georgi... Georgi looked so LOST! hahhahaha...

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Management Lesson

Johnny wanted to have sex with a girl in his office..... but she belonged to someone else...One day Johnny got so frustrated that he went up to her and said I'll give you a $100 if you let me have you....but the girl said NO. Johnny said I'll be fast, I'll throw the money on the floor, you bend down, and I'll be finished by the time you pick it up.

She thought for a moment and said that she would have to consult her boyfriend..... so she called her boyfriend and told him the story. Her boyfriend says ask him for $200, pick up the money very fast, he won't even be able to get his pants down.

So she agrees and accepts the proposal. Half an hour goes by and the boyfriend is waiting for his girlfriend to call. Finally after 45 mins the boyfriend calls and asks what happened...... She said "The son of a bitch used coins!"

Management lesson:
Always consider a business proposal in its entirety before agreeing to it and getting screwed!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Pictures taken on Kirsten's bday (Sentosa outing)

Pictures taken in Sentosa (Kirsten's bday). Click to enlarge for clearer view.

underwater-world.JPG Underwater world

underwater-world1.JPG Kirsten at Underwater world

dragon-trail.JPG The Dragon Trail

sky-ride-and-view.JPG Skyride and views

parrots-encounter.jpg Parrots Encounter

live-animal-encounter.JPG Close Animals Encounter

kirsten-with-husky.JPG Kirsten with Husky

songs-of-the-sea.JPG Songs of the Sea

Movies and IMM shopping

Fri caught FANTASTIC 4 - RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER with Baby at Vivo.. really FANTASTIC! The silver surfer looked damn cool man! We watched the 2k digital version so was super duper clear!


Sat was supposed to jog with Baby but I had weird stomach pain so decided to walk Georgi instead but the moment we were downstairs, it started to rain. In the end we walk Georgi near the vincinity under the shelter. We went to this big sheltered place for Georgi to move and run freely. I was rather confident he would not run away so I unleashed him. True enough he was a very good boy.. only ran within the shelter area. Baby played catching with him and he was having so much fun, running like a mad dog and kept doing the play bow pose, wanting to play.. hehe..

After settling him and had breakfast with Baby, I prepared to meet Grace to watch SPIDER LILIES. It's about this webcam girl (Rainie Yang) wanting to get a unique tattoo to entice her customers and then met her childhood crush, the half Japanese tattoo artist. Then she went on to profess her love in her webby. I dun think Rainie was very sexy coz she still has this kiddish look and behaviour. It's more like she was trying to be sexy.. Quite a stupid show and the ending sucks!


In the evening met Baby for some shopping at IMM. My main purpose to go IMM was to head to Daiso to get the sticker roller refills but all out of stock. The other Daiso branches do not have what I wan so I have no choice but to go so far to get those pathetic roller refills. Had fun shopping with Baby, especially when we reached the Esprit outlet.. Woot! Shopped like crazy. The only place I knew with such Esprit outlet was HK (biiiiiig outlet). This one was not big but nonetheless great bargains. I got 4 tops for about $60+ and Baby got 2 bottoms for only $50+, which were fucking cheap for Esprit's apparel. We had dinner at PepperLunch. Nice outing with Baby..

Sunday went for my facial. Was a painful experience coz I had numerous breakouts recently, must be due to work. But as usual, I fell asleep thru out the whole process. I hope this stressful period will end very soon. Anyway I will be looking forward to Wed coz my boss is away again! Woohoo!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

DSLite my fire!

Baby surprised me with DSLite! In fact we have been discussing on and off when to buy and what skin to get, but coz I was quite tight in cash so delayed the idea and TADA! he got it for me yesterday. Was truly a pleasant surprise.. He said that I have been so stressed out at work (Yeah.. I have been complaining lots to him) so he bought this to keep me entertained when I'm stressed.


The front cover... Baby bought a nice skin for me... a puppy rottweiler...


Inside of DSLite...

Thanks Baby.. u sooooooo schweet!

Movie, movie and tanning

Fri nite met Baby to watch OCEAN'S 13 at GVMax, Vivo. Nice sense of humor in there but Baby said Ocean's 11 was so much better... I dunno coz I did not catch 11 and 12.. hahahaha... and I kinda regretted not watching the previous 2 after watching 13... After tat, went to Food Republic to tabao Chong Pang Nasi Lemak... Sat went to watch ZODIAC at GV Europa, Vivo. Freaking 2.5hrs show but was good, based on true event, worth watching.. but must really concentrate on details.. not a movie to watch if you wanna relax ya mind..



Sun met Penny for tanning again.. this time my leg got burnt... red and itchy like wat.. coz I was complaining how my leg was not as tanned as my body so I purposely went to buy a non SPF tanning oil and used that jus for my legs.. hahahahah and tada! now red like wat but still not say very tanned leh... TSK!

I need a break man.. Baby is planning a hol to surprise me.. soooo nice.. hehe.. I can't wait for my probation to end in Aug so I can chiong for hols. So glad Alloy still able to help me babysit Georgi even thou now he has Lele... Alloy! Gam Sia in advance hor.. hehe..

Friday, June 08, 2007

Dumb things happen to dumb ppl NATURALLY..... unfortunately!

I jus want to share this coz I really cannot stand bimbotic ppl... if you can guess who the two characters are then u r smart.. hahahahha...

Yesterday, A called S (me),

A: Hi S, does G know that he had forgotten to bring his mobile?

S: Oh is it? I have no idea.

A: Could you pass him this msg (xxxxxx). Also tell him I'm gonna off his mobile so anything ask him to call me on my mobile.

S: OK sure.

Ard 1 hour later,

A: Hi S... it's me, A. I dun seem to be able to off G's mobile. Can't find the button.

S: Oh... mayb its on the top.

A: But I can't find it.

S: Mayb it's being blocked by the rubber casing. You try to shift the rubber.. press and hold longer

A: No.. I still cannot find..

S: You try remove the rubber casing.. jus slide the front cover... so you can see better...

A: I already tried all these before calling.. but I still can't find it...

S: (felt Doh...) Ok let me check with G.

S: G, A dunno how to off your hp. Where is the button? (He is in the midst of a meeting.. can u imagine how "Doh" it is to ask such thing...)

G: It's on the top of the hp.

S: Hi A, it's on the top. Try again.

A: No.. I still cant. He always like to change hp and always so many functions I dun even know how to use. I only use very simple phone...

(OMG! Does the on/off button got anything to do with all those new functions?!)

S: Oh ok.. mayb last resort is to take out the battery...

A: I dunno know to open up his hp.

(The word "Dumb & Bimbotic" kept repeating in my head and I really felt like asking her "Are you a blonde?")

S: Oh ok... hmmmm...

A: I'm very frustrated now.. anyway jus tell him I'm leaving his mobile on.. not going to off it.

S: Ok.. I will inform him...

Abt 15 mins later,

A: Hi S, it's me again. I have managed to off the hp already. The button on top is soooooooo big I tot it's the camera hole.

S: (controlling my laughter) Oh is it.. hur hur...

A: Anyway I have off it so jus let u know...

S: OK OK...


Dumb rite?! Did u see any logic there? First she said she cannot find the on/off button anywhere and when we had narrowed down the search to the top of the hp, she still cannot find. Next moment she said the button is soooooo BIG that she tot its the camera hole. WTF! and which hp has camera hole on the top of the mobile? It's a mobile.. not a torch light!!!!!

Now I know wat she mean when she said she uses VERY simple phone.. must be those without camera function and mayb even those non coloured ones.. and she obviously dunno how a camera phone looks like... LOL..

This is her 1st impression to me... coz this is the 1st time she spoke to me.... What a 1st encounter!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


I'm so so so so so...... tired!

Dealing with Baiyees are really not easy... and they make me super tired.

And YES claims! All came at one shot coz deadline is today. Sometimes ppl jus never listen and understand. Deadline is today and they submit to me TODAY. As if I have Octopus hands, multi eyes and mega brains to check and tally all their claims, pass to boss to approve and submit to Finance within today. Mind you I have more than 10 staffs in my dept and imagine all the crazy claims come at one shot... OMG!

Heng I somehow seem to have those hands, eyes and brains and managed to settle all of the claims jus now! Wahahahah... KNN! They haven seen and tasted my true colours yet...

Yes, patience is a virture but there's always a limit to it... and I'm so gonna be a devil soon... vvvvvery soon... Muahahahahha...

Monday, June 04, 2007

Packed Weekend

Baby rented a car and we had a really packed weekend to make full use of the car. The main reason of renting it is coz of Georgi's bday. We wanted to bring him out without a hassle, having to consider so many things and being annoyed by taxi companies etc, spoiling our day without even starting it.

We went to Tanjong beach at Sentosa in the morning. Alloy, BB & Lele and Pam, Jay & Shiro were there. Lele is so cute... looks too much like a puppy for his age of 3 years... hehe.. and so many ppl mistaken him for one of course.. he looked like the then 4-month old Georgi. I think Georgi had fun under the sun coz Baby played catching with him on the beach. At least he did some running and playing.. I was with Kirsten in the water... piggy back her and all.. very close encounter.. I like tat feeling.. hehe.. A few times Georgi came near the water but did not dare to move further in.. hahah... was funny seeing him running away and avoiding the sea water.. We managed to move from a semi shelter to a full benched shelter as all the dogs and owners were tired from the heat...

After the sunny episode, we went to Botanic Gardens. Had our lunch there and as usual caught alot of attention from the public coz of our white furballs.. A Caucasian lady took a picture of Georgi and asked for his name as well.. Another Caucasian man with a German Shepherd said that he had never seen Japanese Spitz and was amazed by witnessing so many at one time... could tell that he fell in love with Japanese Spitz at first sight... hehe... I think if he sees Samoyed he will drool... Wahahahha...

We had a nice walk around the gardens and after that parted our ways. Sent Georgi home and Kirsten played with him like crazy... after settling him down, we left for dinner at Newton Circus. If you go there for dinner, you must try the Prawn /Bak Kut Noodles. It's very nice, especially the optional chilli powder - It's power pack hockay! Chilli POWDER = POWER! Very spicy.. Baby call it gun powder.. hehe.. I love the Bak Kut.. very tender and juicy... Woot!

After the fulfilling meal, home sweet home.

Brought Kirsten to Science Centre's Omni-theatre. Both father and daughter had never been there so we went to catch the show "Dinosaurs". We had lunch at McDonalds prior to that.. the Shrek Teppanyaki Chicken burger was not too bad... They were featuring 3 shows that day: The human body, China emperor and Dinosaurs so I tot Dinosaurs appeared the best but turned out a disaster. Expected alot of actions and adventure but was more like a documentary... freaking boring and the 3 of us fell asleep at one point or another...

After the stupid show, we headed to Great World for Shrek 3, hoping for a good show to compensate the former. But Baby said it was not tat great.. not as funny as Shrek 1 and 2. Then we went to Parkway Parade as I wanted to get more shampoo, and had our dinner at The Central. Kirsten wanted to play with Georgi again so both of them stay at my place for awhile before home sweet home.

Had a packed but fun weekend.

Friday, June 01, 2007


Yesterday morning had a fantastic session with Baby... Wacked until we both got blisters... hahaha.. and sweat like hell... Ooooooo.... Never knew playing sports with your loved one could be so fun... had never happened to me in my entire life of relationships.

Then we had lunch at Crystal Jade... Overall a great day spent with Baby..

There will be more wacking and blisters and sweat to come... hehehe...

Georgi's Bday Outing

Our itinerary as follows:

By 10.30am Reach Tanjong Beach

By 12.30pm Leaving for Botanic Garden

Will leave Botanic latest by 3.00pm.

Anyone who wanna join jus buzz me or go Tanjong Beach / Botanic Garden directly to meet. I'm not making it official coz dun wan to go thru the hassle of co-ordinating and everything.. As it is, I'm already quite sick of co-ordinating my boss's schedules (messy like hell).. hahahahha... OMG! I'm only two weeks old here and I'm already sian... LOL...

Anything sms me or call me... Can't wait for tomorrow to come.. See ya!