L'immortel: Spilled blood never dries!

Monday, July 30, 2007

The Simpsons

Watched THE SIMPSONS MOVIE on Sat with Baby at GV Plaza. Was damn hilarious... I was laughing my ass off on some parts.. typical Simpsons show... I think it's a nice choice if you need a good laugh and some lightheartedness... Saw Michelle Chong at the Candy counter. She is slimmer in person but she looks very ordinary thou.. Won't really give her a 2nd look type.


Had dinner at Thai Express.. This is my dunno how many times here, at different outlets and I always kenna late delivery of my drinks, particularly the Watermelon and Lime freeze. Is that drink really that difficult to produce? I really wonder y. Mayb they were short-handed coz I always see only one person making the drinks but I dunno was I damn unlucky or wat, coz other ppl usually got their drinks on time but mine always came so late to the point that I had already finished my meal, and seriously, I could have jus made do with the free ice water. Their food and service is generally not too bad. That is also y I still partonise them, despite their lil blunders here and there.. I probably jus have to stop ordering that particular drink mayb.. Hmmmmm..

The recent weather was really not too ideal for tanning.. Supposed to have one yesterday but the sky did not look very promising so I had to cancel. Sian! Dunno when the weather will get better coz I really need a tan badly... Boo!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

What a morning!

I witnessed a really gross sight early in the morning on my way to work. While I was walking down the stairs to the lift, I saw some spillings on the floor and avoided of course... then when I reached the lift level.. Fucking hell! I saw sssssssssshiet spattered on one of the lifts' door... WTF! and it stunk big time!

Freaking early in the morning when I felt the freshest, I was greeted with such stinky horror! Why would anyone be so sick to do such things!? It's clearly not targetting at someone coz if it was, that horrible stuff would be on that someone's door and not the common lift door... KNN! This person is obviously doing this for FUN! and only SICK ppl would perform this unspeakable act!

Luckily, the other lift was cleared of that mess and I quickly took tat lift and left that nauseating sight...

Arrrghhhh! What a morning to begin with.....

Monday, July 23, 2007

Nasi Wa Woo Ji Pa Ban...........

Watch this.. freaking funny! ROFLOL!


Finally another JS outing was organised, but the person who wanted this in the end didn't turn up.. Oh well, what's new.... so anyway thanks Pam for making the effort to help organise this JS jaunt at a very nice cafe called PAWTOBELLO. It's a dog cafe and I'm, or rather we, are really thankful for such cafes coz there's really not many friendly places where our darlings could chill out...

We had the whole back area of the cafe to oursleves as we were the largest group, filled with white furballs... saw some new faces but did not really get to know one another coz we were just busy with ordering and feasting on our food and as usual talking in our small cliques. Baby had the beef bello, I had the pork ribs and Georgi had beef muttloaf... Try the fish and chips at own's risk as both Alloy and Pam got uncooked fish fillet... Other than the small hiccups, food were not too bad compared to other dog cafes coz usually you dun expect to get really nice human food in dog cafes... but this was OK thou Jennifer mentioned that there's a dog cafe at Science Park that serves fantabulous human and dog food... Science Park OMG! When would I ever have a chance to go there...

Dua Bui "never say die" spirit is always with him.. he was a shadow to one of the female JS that had just finished her heat... and Dua Bui as usual was ultra sensitive to that... That female JS was defending herself by growling and barking at him but he could not care less... still stuck on to her like a leech.. After they left the cafe, Dua Bui was stuck to the area where they sat, coz the female JS feminine smell was obviously still lingering there... and he *sniffs sniffs* non stop... Hahahah...

I did not unleash Georgi as I tot he might get frightened by some more aggressive dogs and as it was, there were so many different breeds of dogs and you never know what you going to get or what is going to happen... and the fact is Georgi can be damn timid at times and when he is timid, he runs for his life like crazy.. and when he runs like crazy, the other dogs will chase like crazy too... Eventually after some consideration, I still decided to let him roam ard the cafe coz I saw other JS having fun running around but he was grounded to the chair.... In the beginning all was fine, he was jus roaming ard and smelling pee traces... and he could be stuck sniffing at one spot for so long and could not be bothered with his surroundings. Anyway I prohibited him from doing that a couple of times... eventually he stopped and turned his attention to a black Lab (I think it's a Lab). At first, Georgi was jus sniffing her butt, then started to follow her (the Lab was rather shy and timid).. I tot he was jus being friendly coz he has always been very friendly and playful.. and I was observing him from a distance... Then the most unexpected thing caught my eyes! For the very first time, my Georgi boy actually humped a dog and that Lab was his victim (I dunno he was trying to be domineering or what). Luckily the lab ran off fast enough before my boy could do anything.. The owner and I were all amused, especially when I told them he was already sterilised! It was soooooo embarrassing... and I still could not believe that my innocent Georgi boy did that... Well, I guessed Georgi is really a big boy now and I have to get used to all his weird actions and behaviours as time goes...

Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my camera so no pictures were taken.. and as usual everyone was disorganised so taking a nice group picture, making sure that the pooches do not fidget, would be really tough... After Pawtobellow, a few of us went to East Coast's Scruffy Murphy's to continue chilling out before heading home...

It's a shame that Kirsten could not join this gathering, otherwise I think she would have alot of fun with all the canines... and Penny, I think you should also try out Pawtobello.. and oh yes... it's a good place for holding canines bday parties... so September and November is coming huh... Pam, Penny and Alloy, please plan something soon.. hehe...


Fri evening caught VACANCY with Baby at GV Tampines. The thrill effect was there but seriously no storyline. Couple stucked in an unfamiliar place due to car breakdown, stayed in motel, saw some gruesome killings that happened in the motel, trying to escape for their lives and after all the drama, in the end they still survive... very predictable happenings and ending... If you are in for cheap thrills, go ahead and watch, otherwise, forget about it...


Sunday, July 22, 2007

5th Month

TODAY IS OUR 5TH MONTH and I'm still as happy as ever, especially when you always make me laugh at your stupid jokes... and thanks Baby for the advance Bday pressie.. MUAKS! Oh! My Revolution! Hehe...

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Funny Georgi

Georgi was damn funny two nites ago. I was sleeping and dunno y suddenly woke up at 6am (supposed to wake up at 7am) then saw Georgi sitting by my bedside stoning (he dun usually behave tat way). So the 1st thing that came to my mind was he was guilty of something he did, probably vomitted on his mattress or wat... tat's y not able to lie down and end up sitting there stoning.

So I on the light and looked at his mattress.. no foreign stuff and everything looked fine. He was there still sitting and wagging his tail like it almost going to drop off and also kept pawing me. Since everything looked fine, I told him to lie back down to sleep and I off the light and went back to my sleeping position. He lied down for less than 10 secs and woke up and sat infront of me again, looking at me. I felt really puzzled and I dun get wat he really wanted coz it was my first encounter.

Then suddenly 2nd tot came to my mind... mayb wanna pee.. so I opened the door and there he rushed straight to the cage and peed LOTS! Wahahahha...

I found this funny coz in the past when he cannot control his bladders, he would jus peed on the spot, be it on his mattress or my bed or wherever... tat nite's reaction was really very surprising.. in fact a pleasant surprise coz he actually controlled and trying to catch my attention but on the other hand the attention was not obvious enough... hahahha.. when he needs to bark (like tat nite), he became dumb, when dun need to, he barks like siao! Wat's funniest was he kept wagging his tail and pawing me... the way he was trying to alert me and catching my attention was really damn weird and funny... Silent Alert.. hahahahhaha... anyway after that I was loving him like mad and praised him for being such a good boy...

I think my Georgi boy is a big boy now... more mature liao! heheheheh....

Monday, July 16, 2007


Weekend was shop, tan and badminton. Sat shop at IMM with Baby. Sun tan with Penny and badminton with Baby & Kirsten. Now...... I'm not feeling too great and can't think very well. All I can say is I'm red & burnt from tanning, aching & tiring from badminton and bitter throat & blocked nose... In such a terrible condition, I'm still bloody hell at work... Arrrghhhh! I is sooooooo stoned now!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Makeup is a hassle now

In the past, I cannot go to work or out with frens and Baby without my standard makeup. They are concealer, loose powder, eye shadow, eyebrow, blusher and lipgloss... Now.................... I'm only left with concealer and loose powder on my face. I completely eliminated the others. The only reason I could think of is due to my activity level now. I jog, workout and play badminton and so I felt that makeup is a hassle as I always have to remove them thoroughly before I could carry out my activities and makeup in some areas are really not easy to get rid of.

I guessed most active ppl will avoid makeup one way or another and I'm really avoiding as much as possible.

Now my face feels so much lighter and I kinda feel good. Woot! I can save even more $$$ now not having to spend on alot on cosmetics.. hehe.... Being active and makeup free is simply the best!

Monday, July 09, 2007

13 Beloved

Caught 13 GAME OF DEATH on Sat with Baby at Cineleisure. This Thai movie title supposed to be 13 Beloved but dunno why was named "13 Game of Death" instead, probably more suited for the nature of this show. A thriller about going thru 13 challenges to win 100 Million baht. Show was quite sick and gross but yet funny and exciting. A lil bit of loopholes and loose ends and a couple of censorship but if you like Thai movies, this is quite OK, for some laughs at least... hehehe.. It's rather intriguing to follow thru the 13 challenges but ending was quite unexpected thou.

The above website is in Thai so unless you know Thai, you wun be able to understand a single shit there (apart from a few English words) Hahhaha... Nonetheless for viewing pleasure coz got lotsa graphics....


Fri's badminton was superb but unfortunately halfway thru the game encountered a bastard. Situation was the last row of courts was not labelled court nos so Court 17 (the one I have chosen) was one of the numberless courts. Therefore Baby and I just followed the courts sequence and assumed that this particular court was ours and so coincidentally it was empty. One hour to our game, a couple with few kids came to our court and it's freaking obvious that they are here for our court. I was puzzled coz I booked 2 hours so I clarify with the woman. She said this is Court 18. Both Baby and I were even more puzzled coz if based on sequence this court should be 17 and not 18. Then after a bit of clarification and questioning, that bastard said without even giving eye contact to us and told the woman that they were right, dun worry. Fucker talked with the nose on the head. Yeah a bloooooooody badminton trainer but so what! WTF! Go to hell! We were jus clarifying not picking fights. So in the end Baby went to the next court and spoke with the guys who were playing there and realised they were using our court which was Court 17, but they apologised and left immediately.

Thou we realised it was our mistake, but considering the way tat bastard reacted when we were amicable in conversation, it pissed us off sooooooooo much, we moved our stuffs without apologising. I just felt his behaviour was uncalled for and super XL. Bastards will always be bastards. This bloody idiot will get his just deserts very soon! very very soon... I think I'm so gonna get a voodoo doll now! LOL

Friday, July 06, 2007

Not very active this week

Damn! This week was not a very fruitful week for my workouts. I only jogged once this week. Many reasons of course. And I supposed to make a point to jog yesterday but the WIFE came to the office. Petite, slim and looks quite sweet actually but so different from her in phone. She sounded so different when she talked to me in person yesterday. Anyway I was stuck coz of her. If I knew she was coming, I would have left earlier so I wun get to meet her.. shiet! Boss was not in the office so I was kinda forced to be around just in case she needed me. In fact I had already cleared my work so I was jus dingdonging there for nothing, until about 630pm then I left as they were leaving soon.

By the time I reached home, it was going to be dark soon so I ended up doing simple workouts at home instead as I got myself a pair of dumb bells recently.

BEST coz today is destruction day! hahahha... Going to have 2hrs of badminton with Baby after work. He bought me a badminton racquet that is super light with nice colour combi and it comes with a huge yellow bag. Like the bag but not the colour thou... hahaha... Anyway thanks Baby! I must really sweat it all out today to make that 2 hrs worth!

Open ceremony for my new Yonex Ti3 Titanium Mesh Full Carbon Graphite Racquet!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Is Georgi a cat?

I realised Georgi has been behaving more and more like a cat... He hates water, and super duper timid. Little things get him on his "paws".. lol (only thing he dun hunch like a cat.. hahahha..) a bit noise only chuak and then barks and barks (Phew! at least he still barks and not meows.. hehe..) Sunday when I came home, he was sliding and rubbing his head and body on my legs like a cat... Wah Lau eh... but at least in the end he still "sniffs sniffs" my clothes, which was exactly what a dog should do... hahaha..

I bought him another comforter coz the previous one flew or fell after I hanged out the window (I had simply no idea wat happened coz I did use the pegs) When I realised, it had already gone with the wind and nowhere to be found... hahahha... this one I bought is actally a protective cover for super single bed, not the actual comforter.. so it's thinner, lighter and easier to wash.. he was so happy when I set up for him... dug and dug then lied down and fainted shortly.. hahahha..

I have been cooking beef and pasta for him, recently added broccoli to it and it looks yummier now with the green and he is loving it and looking forward everytime he sees me cooking... and he would wack them all. There was once halfway thru his meal, he burped, paused a while and then continued to finish the rest.. hahahah... so cute!

Seeing him enjoying every bite and finishing it makes me really happy and glad... Without him my life will be even more sian... He is the love of my life!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Transformers! More than meets the eye.. Robots in disguise...

Sun went to Marina Square with Baby.. had lunch at Genki Sushi and watched TRANSFORMERS. Simply a movie of destruction! hahahah... with hints of humor... the show was near to 2 1/2 hrs.. Nice! Worth watching...


The reason y I wanna go to Marina Square was to lunch at this cafe that sells really nice curry chicken... very spicy and they only serve chicken wings in curry. The cafe was no longer there when we went there.. What a shame! I guessed it had already left ever since after the renovation. Wonder where it has shifted... Hmmmm...

This Fri and Sun I got badminton sessions.. Woot! 2 sessions in a week... I think I sweat more playing badminton than jogging... hahaha... I'm soooo passionate about sports that I have already applied for my Passion Card.. CCs and Sports Halls are my best friends now... hahaha...

Yippee Kaiyay MF!

Sat watch DIE HARD 4 (Live free or die hard!) with Baby at Vivo. I wanted to watch this coz of Bruce Willis but I did not catch 1-3 previously so Baby rented them for me to catch up before watching No. 4. Usually sequel movies wun turn out as good as the 1st but Die Hard did not fail to entice me even at 4th... John McClane is still as witty as ever. Baby commented that the editing was quite bad coz the back of Maggie Q's hair was still fucking neat and nice after a furious fight with Bruce Willis and the same neat and nice hair appeared twice in the same way... hahahaha..

Overall was a good movie. I think it's worth watching.

Go for it! Yippee Kaiyay M*****F*****!