L'immortel: Spilled blood never dries!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

A true story

This is a true story about a Mummy, Daddy & Daughter. Read at own's risk as this could sound really really ermmmmm....... Judge for yourself lar...

Daddy was at work. Mummy and Daughter at home as usual. Daddy opened his email and saw two emails from his Daughter (she is only 3 years old). Apparently Mummy set up 2 emails for Daughter (yahoo and hotmail) and sent on Daughter's behalf to herself and Daddy and in her email she wrote on Daughter's behalf:

"Hello Mummy & Daddy, I have my own email! I love you!"

Daddy's response to both emails after few hours: "OK" and sent both to TRASH!!!!!!!!!!

I realised it's rather dangerous to be a full-time housewife...... brain's at risk! Don't you think so?

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Surprise Movie

As some of you might know only GV Plaza got this "Surprise Movie" thingy on certain Tuesdays at one time slot only. I have seen it on GV website a few occasions and was curious to find out what they actually show for "Surprise Movie" so I asked Baby whether he would be interested to watch. He was gamed for it so I booked for yesterday's session and they showed SHOOT 'EM UP... this one was already on sneak preview and it opens tomorrow! WTF!!! "VERY" surprised indeed! LOL...

Anyway this was another bloody movie.. hahah... cool action movie with hints of fun...


Had dinner at Mos Burger after that.. sinful sinful! It's always your fault, Baby!

And Oh yes! I have changed my work out routine (thanks to Baby).. Used to jog / workout in the evenings, but now I jog in the morning before going to work and workout at home after work... I'm so leading a healthy lifestyle rite? LOL.. and I'm still trying to lose more fats and pounds.. Way to go!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Advanced bday dinner with Marc and Chuck & Larry

Sat morning had an hour badminton session with Baby, after that rested until evening and met up with Marc to celebrate his bday in advance. Brought him to The Melt at The Mandarin Oriental Hotel for buffet. Food was not too bad... only the BBQ section was a lil bit of disappointment coz some of the items were already cooked and placed there for sometime so they were not fresh. The BBQ fish tasted really fishy... Corn was soft and mashy... yucks! We had juices to our heart's content coz by adding another S$20 to each person would entitle you to free flow of soft drinks, juice, beer and wine. My total bill came up to about S$180....

After this Marc had his plans and I arranged to meet Baby in the hotel and went to Axis for some drinks. Not many people there.. saw a lonely woman sitting my herself, but yet not so lonely coz she kept talking on the phone non stop.... then a les couple sitting opposite us was celebrating their anniversary... they also had their dinner at The Melt earlier when I was with Marc... The 'guy' got the waitress to present a tiny boutique of roses to 'her' gf... hahaha... it supposed to be romantic but I dun feel it leh... mayb coz it's she and she... I is bad... But it reminded Baby and I that it was also our "anniversary" but it's our 7th month... and I tot it was damn ghostly "7th Month".. hahahahha....

Sun caught CHUCK & LARRY at GV Tampines. I could only say it's freaking funny.. hahahha.. nothing to do and need a laugh? Watch this...


Went to collect the Swensen's ice-cream mooncake, which I got for Baby and his family, from Century Square. I also got specially for Kirsten Winnie the Pooh's Cookies and Cream chocolate coated ice-cream mooncake... Hope they enjoy every mouth of the coooooling stuff...

Happy Mid-Autumn festival!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Company's D&D cum 10th Anniversary (Back to School)

Last Fri was my company's D&D cum 10th Anniversary and our theme was "Back to School" - held in Sheraton Towers. Everyone really dressed to theme... Door gift was the Sony MP3 Walkman... cooool huh... and I already planned to give it to Kirsten. MC for that nite was Glenn Ong and entertainer was none other than Kumar. As usual, he did his specialty - stand up comedy. I was laughing like mad the whole time coz his jokes were truly that funny and "yellowish"... hahahha... Food was so so thou... Lucky draw only 19 prizes and we had about 150 people that nite... so you could imagine the probability of winning it. Let me share with you what were some of the prizes in the 19 lucky draws (from bottom to top): HTC phone, Sony Cybershot T100, Sony VAIO laptop, Panasonic Toughbook, Samsung LCD TV, Sony Bravia 40" LCD TV etc.... These were seriously fucking good prizes... "droooooolz"

I'm still contemplating whether to post the photos up coz I dun wan to get into unnecessary trouble... hmmmm... but one photo I guessed I should post up was my uniform for that nite.. hahaha.. and thanks to Athene for lending me her sec sch uniform... It fitted well.. also thanks Baby for babysitting and keeping my little rascal at home company...

I think this was so far the best company's D&D I have attended in my working life....

Monday, September 17, 2007

The Invasion and Arctic Tale

Sat's tanning plan was unsuccessful. Weather had been crazy. Was busy trying to get school uniforms from my frens coz my D&D theme this coming Fri, 21 Sep 07 is "Back to School". Therefore Baby had been really sweet by travelling to two places to get uniforms for me from Chris's fren and Grace. Unfortunately both were too big for me. So I was rather disappointed that they do not fit me nicely, coz I really do not wish to spend $$$ buying/renting. Anyway I still cheered myself up with the help of Baby and head to GV Tampines to watch THE INVASION. Before that we had dinner at Fish & Co. The Prawn Fettucini with Chilli Cream was good... I had the Salmon with Cajun sauce and Baby had the New York Fish and Chips with cheese fillings. He mentioned the fish and chips sucked with the cheese. Dessert was chocolate fudge cake with Vanilla Ice Cream and it was good... Overall dinner was nice. The Invasion was not as bad as it was reviewed. In fact, I was following thru all the way without feeling bored. It was exciting... Nicole Kidman's body is still so HOT! She has always been my favourite and of course I watched this movie coz of her even thou review of this movie was not fantastic. I never miss any of her movies.. hehe. And thanks Baby for willing to watch it with me thou he knew the review was not good.. After watching he also felt that the movie was not too bad...


Sun fetched Kirsten and watched ARCTIC TALE at GV Grand. I think the story would be nicer if they jus focus on the polar bears, without the walrus. The movie was not giving full attention on the polar bears, which made it less meaningful. The walrus segments were so boring that I dozed off a couple of times. The baby polar bears were damn cute and funny.


After that, we had dinner at Jack's Place and back home. Kirsten was so sweet.. she gave me a white hankie with black paw prints. Previously she also got Georgi a nylon bone and Georgi has been chewing on it on and off and he loves it (good exercise for his teeth). Hmmmm.. since I do not use hankie, I'm still thinking wat to do with it.. hehe...

I had ulcers on the left side of my tongue for quite sometime already and I'm still suffering from it. Even had difficulty talking and eating and this definitely has been affecting my mood.... I jus hope it will go away sooooooon....

Monday, September 10, 2007

Shiro's Woofday and WAR

Finally Baby was released from the ordeal camp and was back to our regular meetups. Sat morning went to Velu for Prata and rested until evening and brought Georgi to Shiro's woofday with Penny and arranged to meet Baby and Kirsten at Pawtobello. Was exceptionally crowded that day. Baby and I decided to have dinner later, thou we were really hungry, coz we do not really fancy dog cafe's human food.. haha... I did not order anything.. Penny had the chocolate milkshake.. I tried and was not too bad... comparable to Billy Bomber's.

Saw a stout Samoyed... He was invited to Shiro's party... he's actually undersize for a Samoyed.. Hmmm.. I still love the original big and fluffy Samoyed.. hehe.. if not Malamute "droolzzzz" took a photo of Kirsten with the Samoyed. Will upload pics later on...

Kirsten was quite disappointed coz she did not have much time to play with the dogs, as we had to leave early, one reason is coz Penny and Alloy had appts so they had to leave, the other is also coz too many ppl were arriving so we tot we shd jus give up our seats for the incoming crowd.

Sent Kirsten home and Baby went back with me, settled Georgi and off we went to have our "Zhi Cha" dinner.. hahah... satisfying and super full meal! After that, had a walk at the Pasar Malam near my place. I wanted to eat the Taiwan sausage and Baby and I both wanted to try the Ramly Burger but we were so full we could not think of food anymore.. haha.. Nothing much thou... the stalls repeated after every section... so I only got a mattress cover for Georgi's bed.

Sun morning had a jog with Baby and after that caught ROGUE ASSASSIN (also known as WAR) at GV Tampines. I would say this movie's good. A nice and unexpected twist towards the end. Action part was exciting and bloody.. Woot! My Fav!!! Felt like Kill Bill... Can watch...


We had MOS Burger for lunch and we witnessed a gross sight. To begin with, I was already quite pissed with the Filippino Family beside our table coz their bags were extended to my side and when I had difficulty moving to my seat, they did not shift their bags and made me struggled my way thru. Then in order not to spoil my mood, I let it passed. Was enjoying my packet of fries (last item of my meal), mixed the mustard and chilli sauce together and I asked Baby whether it was gross.. hahahah... he said there's a grosser thing, the kid in the Filippino family puked. Luckily I did not witness that so I continued to eat my fries happily with my self blended mustard and chill sauce... until I turned my head, looked at them and the kid gave a second puke (a big one)! YUCKS! This time Baby could not tahan anymore and requested to leave, and my fries still got half packet left. He further disgusted me by telling me the puke looks like my self blended sauce... Fiak! With that, we hurriedly left that nauseating sight...

I always look forward and enjoy my weekends (no matter what I do).. Weekdays are painful... literally pain in the ass and especially when I need to deal with that bitch...

I really wished weekends will never end....

Friday, September 07, 2007

Moody & Stress

I have been really moody recently and I dunno wat's the main or real reason behind it. I could only guess that it's probably due to the enormous stress I had at work last week, which also coincided with Baby's reservist. Like I mentioned in my earlier email, it was a double blow for me. The level of stress last week was beyond description and tat alone caused me to loose 2 kgs, as I got no appetite to eat, with all the pressures at work or rather I should not call it work... coz I was asked to plan my boss' Dec holiday! (the wife requested it). It's always "the wife" thing that SUCKS big time!

Yeah Yeah Yeah... alot of you would ask "Why??? Why you neeed to plan boss' holidays??" It's a long story but basically it's kinda L.L. for me. One of the reasons from the wife was "coz I know my boss' schedules best"... Yeah! wat a 'valid' reason! Knowing my boss' schedules for Dec NOW does not guarantee that his schedule would always and still be the same when the calendar reaches Dec. It's jus a freaking excuse to run away from planning their own hols and wan people to service them, AT THE EXPENSE of company's resources. There was once last week I basically did nothing but their PERSONAL stuff for one whole bloody day. This is making me kinda SICK to plan my own hols now... I'm totally traumatized by it.

Y traumatized? coz besides having to search for alot of infos / hotels / flights on a place I have never been, the wife got so many requests and expectations and was still not satisfied. Imagine I had to find luxurious hotels / apartments and get a good flight NOW when everyone else already booked like few months back for Dec hols (bloody school hols!). And her mood swings were so horrible that she could be extremely nice at one point and extremely nasty and sarcastic at another. One example was she could ask me to do something / find out some infos but must call her first to seek approval before going ahead and when I called her, she chided me for disturbing her and she's very busy, when it was only 5 mins after she asked me to call her to seek permission. WTF!

I could only say I will put up with it to the point I cannot tolerate anymore, then tat will be the time I will march to HR dept to seek help.

Let's jus wait and see how long I can "tong"... *Fingers crossed*

Monday, September 03, 2007

A precious weekend

FINALLY Baby was able to book out after a week of ordeal reservist. It was not only tormenting for him, it was for me as well... A WEEK seems like a MONTH.. OMG! Anyway we caught 1408 on Sat at GV Tampines and had our dinner at Billy Bombers, coz he wanted to have something nice and filling to compensate for the terrible meals he had the past week.

It's either I had too much expectations on 1408 or it simply sucks! I really dun like the whole idea of this story, especially the ending. I chose this over Dead Silence and was really looking forward to it but turned out a disappointment.


Sun picked Kirsten up with Baby and went to GV Grand to watch EVAN ALMIGHTY. We had lunch at Crystal Jade. As usual, we ordered 4 "longs" of Har Kow! and again they re-confirmed with us that we really wanted 4 "longs".. hahaha... Evan Almighty was so so so much better than Sat's 1408. It's hilarious with interesting story line and educational too. I think this one was much better than Bruce Almighty. Personally I thought it was a great movie and with the "participation" of the various species of animals in there, the whole movie was fun and nice! should watch!


Act of Random Kindness = A.R.K. Interesting... Hmmmm... but then again, shouldn't it be Random Act of Kindness?? Hehe...

After this, I went to Baby's place coz we could not hang out too long outside, as his book-in time was 8pm, and he gotta pack up for another week of torture reservist. So I tot of hanging around with him a little more before he leaves for camp and I back home. His mum cooked pasta and meatballs with tomato sauce. I usually would prefer cream sauce over tomato for pasta but hers was jus nice and yummy.. not too "tomatoey"! Simple is always nice! Hehe...

Gotta suffer for another week without Baby, plus work recently was not very smooth... It's a double blow for me. Fiak! I already can't wait to end this week, when it's only Monday today!