L'immortel: Spilled blood never dries!

Monday, October 29, 2007

"House" is happening right here...

Finally I got the time and energy to blog again after a while. Baby was discharged a week ago and was diagnosed with "Vasculitis" (in short, his immune system is attacking himself) Symptons: Red spots, developed to red bumps, then lesions, skin blackened, dried up and peeled off, showing the red flesh. It sounded ewwww... yes it is indeed coz everything jus developed by itself gradually without having to scratch or irritate them. And yes again, the spots were really itchy and Baby did not scratch them at all. Joints were painful and when pressure exerted on the blood vessels, would cause an acute pain. This is a very rare sickness and he was examined like an alien during his stay in the hospital. Every single doctor also MUST have a look at him.. That's y we call it another case of "House" right here in town! (if you watch this series in AXN, you will know what I mean) hehe..

He had difficulty walking initially and needed to take really slow steps. Feet must be elevated all the time to prevent swelling. Other than having to go back for follow-ups now and then, he is recovering slowly and gradually. Thanks for those who have shown their concern one way or another. Greatly appreciated!

Now back to my life...

I have been busy busy busy with work work and more work! I can't wait for Penny to join our company soon.. coz I need someone to pour my work sorrows out! Haha.. I'm so glad I have my fren back at work with me again!

Pissed! Pissed! Pissed! David Copperfield's performance's CANCELLED! Why must he choose to rape someone at this time?! WTF!! After watching most of his previous performances on TV, Marc and I are so looking forward to watching him live and now of all times, he must commit crime right at this time! Arrghh!

Baby was so sweet to suggest watching movie on Sat. We did not really go "Pak Tor" ever since he was discharged coz he was having difficulty walking, but he wanted to catch a movie with me as we have not been out for quite a while. So we decided on HALLOWEEN. Very "Gan Jiong" movie and for the fact that I did not fall asleep on a midnight show proved something.. hahahah...


Monday, October 15, 2007

A different weekend

Last weekend was totally different for me... did not spend time watching movies, sun tanning or anything, which I normally did.. Hospital was and will be the place I dwell last weekend, today and coming days. Baby was hospitalised in TTSH since last Sat. He has some unknown leg infection, which no doctor could diagnose until the specialist comes in today, and he stayed in the hospital for 2 days for nothing, except lotsa blood pressure checks, injections, blood tests and drips, futile checks by docs and awful meals. I was with him on Sat for consultation. We reached A&E at about 6.40pm, after seeing the doc, finally prepared to admit him at about 8.30pm. BUT we waited at the observation room, where patients queue for ward and other matters, until about 12.30am before they finally got him a bed. I was with him throughout this whole process and until about 3am before I finally dragged myself home (supposed to catch a movie that night before this thing happened but oh well.. nothing is more important than my Baby's health). On Sun, I went to see him again at about 1.30pm.. his mum, sis and Kirsten were there as well. I was with him until 9.30pm.

We jus spoke on the phone a while ago and Baby gave me some updates from the diagnosis. Specialist said that its a very unusual infection... definitely not due to insect bites.. might be coming from internal (the immunity). The specialist is confused on the symptons that were shown on Baby coz they were not complete symptons of a certain probable illness or something. If they are confused, what more about us?? Sigh... so conclusion: more blood, urine and other tests this afternoon.

I really hope it's nothing serious. I will be visiting him again after work, for as long as he's hospitalised, which I hope wun be long enough before he's discharged.

Keeping our fingers crossed now.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Finally after sooooo damn long... Tung Lok overrated?

It's been a long time (about 2 years?) since I saw my dad and as some of you would know the reason y. Friends been bugging me to forget about it and visit him again. Actually I have already let the past gone with the wind. It's jus me feeling weird and also a little apprehensive to visit again coz I dunno what to say and how to respond, plus it's been so freaking long. I'm not being unfilial coz I'm still concerned for his well being... I figured it's jus this traditional Asian thingy in us (or rather me) that makes the whole idea of meeting awkward...

Nonetheless I plucked up my courage finally and so..... Last Sun I invited my dad and bro to have Dim Sum, which was also to celebrate my dad's birthday. I asked Baby along so I could introduce him to my dad at the same time.

I wanted to try Tung Lok Signature at VivoCity but heard from colleagues that it's rather crampy and noisy there, so we went to the branch at Central instead. I think Tung Lok is really overrated, at least for the Dim Sum. They are really not that fantatstic and do not have very wide range of Dim Sums. The ONLY nice item there was the Roasted Pork cubes (crispy skin and tender meat). Anyway overall I was glad my dad enjoyed the brunch, but at the same time was surprised to know that he is eating so little, compared to the past. His reasoning was due to his age.... Oh well.. I guess probably many ppl will reach that stage at some point in time, furthermore he looks more gaunt and drawn now.. however his beer belly is still devotedly there with him... hehe...

After brunch, we parted our ways as he claimed that he needed to head home. Thou we did not converse much in the restaurant, but I could sense that he has mellowed down alot now. I guessed after this short and affable gathering, I will probably feel more confident visiting him again and more gradually.

I was glad to have met him afterall.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Resident Evil: Extinction

Caught RESIDENT EVIL: EXTINCTION with Baby at GV Tampines. I'm very anal when it comes to following simple instructions. And Yes I could be very bitchy at times... As usual I would always request for my pops to be mixed vertically, coz I could enjoy both flavours at one time.. but this boy at the counter apparently did not make my day by mixing it horizontally. Urghs! But I did not make a fuss coz I did not wan to spoil my mood, and I gave him the benefit of doubt that he probably did not hear me.

I think overall the movie was not bad... Good action and exciting... and Milla Jovovich looked so cool and good in this sequel, compared to the previous ones..


After that we decided to head to Parkway Parade for dinner and to get my shampoo. We headed to the famous Char Kway Teow stall at Marine Parade hawker centre . SUCKED! What's so famous about it? I paid freaking $3 for normal portion and $5 for big portion for Baby (they have only 2 sizes anyway). It's definitely not worth it.

I have always wanted to get the vertical steam iron, which most boutiques used, coz I'm lazy to use the pressed iron.. hehe.. but I procrastinated so many times and when I finally saw an advertisement on TV, which affirmed my decision to get one, I went to check out at Best and Harvey Norman at Parkway Parade. The one that I was planning to get was the Novita vertical steam iron, which cost S$380. After receiving more information about the irons from the sales person, I eventually got the Philips System Iron at S$399 from Harvey Norman. The difference: Vertical steam iron gives off moist steam, meaning after ironing, you still have to air and dry it as the clothes will be moist. The system iron gives off dry steam, therefore its better coz you do not have to carry out the extra step to air it, and can wear immediately. The latter also can be used horizontally (2 in 1). I paid this using 12-months instalments.. din wan to spend so much at one shot... haha... The whole package is still lying in my living room, unopened... hehe...

Monday, October 08, 2007

I dun wan to go thru this..

I got rather emotional when I read this blog about this goldie, Herbie. I saw this link from Grace's blog.

I know this is part and parcel of life, but I wish so much that I never have to go thru this.. no dog owners will want for sure. I knew that I'm deluding myself coz I cannot escape from the fact that this will take place eventually. I cannot and do not wan to imagine myself in Herbie's M's position. I think I will cry to death, or mayb worse than death.

It might be too early for me to think abt this, but I always can't help it when I come across and read about such cases. I dun even have to know them personally to feel for them. That's how strong an impact a dog can cause to humans, more so if you are a dog owner coz you will know exactly how it feels, the excruciating pain that is indescribable.

Georgi, how I wish you will never ever leave me.. coz I cannot imagine how's life going to be like without you. Love you Gboy...

Friday, October 05, 2007

$100 for jus one nite?

Fiak! I was tagged by Serendipity and she said I die-die have to do... Tsk Tsk...

Instructions: I will tag you a question, which you will answer on your blog, and then you create your own question and sabo someone else. Got it?

Serendipity's question to me:

You are totally broke, hungry and no shelter over your head. Your friends and family are not willing to help you. But this old man/woman (old enough to be your grandparents) saw you and took a liking in you. He/she is willing to offer you $100 to sleep with him/her for just one night, will you do so? And why?

Answer: Oh Fuck! Of course I won't. So old already still so horny... confirmed got some kinda disease in him... and only for freaking $100??!!! NOOOO WAY MAN! I shall choose to die with dignity! LOL

Now here’s my question to you:

Life is precious: A rich man and a beggar are both ill and need a kidney transplant. Only your kidney can help save one of them. The rich man is the scum of the earth and cares for no one, but he has promised to donate a large sum of money to research a cure for kidney failure, if he is saved from this kidney transplant. The beggar is a saint and even though he has very little he still places others before himself but he will still die within 3 yrs after this transplant. If you HAVE to save one of them, who would you save and why?

Congratulations to:

1) Chris

2) Pam

3) Serendipity

*Thou this tag originated from you, but I would still like to know your answer to my question, so you die-die have to answer (can put in my comments box). Thanks! Hee hee...

Since I was kenna a "die-die" must do... those who were tagged by me also die-die must do.. most of my frens dun blog.. so you guys out there who do not have to answer my question.. u damn heng ar... hahhaha...

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Balls of Fury

Ever since Baby and I have changed our weekday meeting from Wed to Tue, we have been watching movie on Tue coz it's only $6.50 per ticket, and even if we ended up watching some dumbass and lame movies, we wun feel the pinch as much as watching them on weekends, which cost S$9.50 per ticket.

Jus a couple of days back, we caught BALLS OF FURY at GV Tampines. Dun watch if you not into dumbass show.. This movie is simply retarded... Funny... but I have to warn you again.. it's vvveeeery retarded... hahahha.. Hmmmm.. I guessed if you are a Ping Pong lover, you might watch for Ping Pong's sake.. hehe...


It's so heng that I only have to pay S$6.50 and not S$9.50 per ticket for this movie.. Phew!

After the infestation of nonsense, we had Qi Ji Nasi Lemak for dinner. Meals with Baby are always good... but freaking sinful.... Tsk Tsk!

Btw I think GV PS Tue Surprise Movie sucks! It's seriously predictable coz they usually show movies that were already on sneaks and will officially open on that Thur itself. Plus they would reveal the genre of the movie so more or less you could guess which movie will be showing if you had watched Surprise Movie before. I must admit this concept is fantastic if adopt in a smarter way, but the outcome in this case: DUMB!

Soooo my conclusion: Surprise Movie will never be a surprise if GV continues to show movies that will be opened very soon, and OMG the genre... it's supposed to be a surprise.. y reveal the genre?????


Tuesday, October 02, 2007


I finally got to tan for the first time, after my Phuket trip, on sat with Penny. Initially when we got to Sentosa, it was still cloudy... until at about 11.30am, it was hot like wat! We could literally fry egg there. And oh yes! I got my own tanning mat and did not have to squeeze with Penny on hers anymore... Was a good tan coz I looked like lobster again...Woot! However Penny was not satisfied with hers so I guess she wants to go back again soon.. hehe...

Got home for a while, prepared myself, got a cab, picked Baby up from his place and headed back to Vivo AGAIN in the evening to watch JOSHUA. We had Sushi Tei for dinner. Hmmm... they used to serve Hana Maki but not anymore... dun understand y coz it's such a nice dish. I had the Kimchi Ramen... tasteless! sucked! The beef Soba, which Baby had, was good thou... and he was soooo schweet to exchange the noodles with me, coz he realised that I was struggling with the ramen.. hehehe...

Joshua movie was a rather interesting one with some creepiness in the boy, Joshua. After the movie, I was just as baffled as Brad and Abby, the on-screen parents, who also did not understand where their son is coming from, coz I'm still trying to figure out what the ending means... hahahha... and the puzzling part was that if he was just against his daddy and mummy, why did it involve and cost innocent lives?? Or is this movie simply jus psychotic??? Hmmmmm...


Monday, October 01, 2007

Ikea, Courts & Giant

Last Friday after work, Baby and I decided to visit Tampines Ikea, Courts & Giant Megastore at one go for the very first time.. hahaha... yeah.. its our "first time"! Initial reason for heading there: Wanna eat Ikea's meatballs!!!! We took a shuttle bus from Tampines MRT. Reached Giant first and got some groceries. Saw an Akira standing fan tat cost only $19.90 and was considering getting it but wanted to check out Courts before deciding... then headed to Ikea for my meatballs and their all-time favourite chicken wings. I bought a packet of frozen meatballs for myself.. hehe.. Shopped a little at Ikea and got a Red cosy cushion at $35.90 for Georgi and Baby got a plastic cat's litter at $9.90. I was pleasantly surprised they had quite a good range of pets stuffs.

Lastly headed to Courts, hoping to find a good and cheap standing fan but in vain... So in the end went back to Giant to get the Akira's... We found out that the best taxi stand to get a cab is the Ikea's, which is facing the road. Giant's sucks. No taxi driver would notice there is a taxi stand at Giant unless they turn into the carpark.

I'm really glad I got the cushion coz Georgi loves it to the max.