L'immortel: Spilled blood never dries!

Monday, November 26, 2007

I will be animated on 1 Jan 08

Last weekend caught THE KINGDOM with Baby at GV Tampines. It's a good movie. Very engaging..


Prior to that I did some catching up with Jac at her office, Sheraton Tower. She treated me to their Hi-Tea. Hmmm.. not very fantastic.. very ordinary... Was happy that she gave me some biz fror Xmas season. Ordered about 10pcs of handphone charms for Xmas gifts... Had an enjoyable time with her gossiping about some of our ex-colleagues in our previous hotel. She told me that she still visited some of them and they actually asked about me. And so she commented that I dun have heart to visit them since they have always been asking how I'm doing and all. Hehehe...

Recently I was rather bothered about an issue. I guessed alot of you could see the weird taglines I put these few days, which is also what I had indicated as my subject for this post. I will be transferring to another dept next year. Not that I wan/wish/hope to transfer, I was being asked to transfer by my boss coz he will be transferring, therefore I'm requested to follow him. Yeah you may think it's a good sign coz this goes to show how much he likes and appreciates me and I should feel lucky that my boss wans to bring me over.. but there are too many issues and I have too many concerns, which I dunno where to start. As some of you might know that the wife is the pain in the ass and therefore it's definitely part of my consideration on moving. However after much research and consideration and reassurance from HR and nice colleagues, I have decided to move on to that dept. If you wish to know more, you may ask me in private coz I do not wish to announce in my blog.

And the biggest consolation on moving on to the other dept is that I will be seated right beside Ms Penny-san.. hahahhaha.. Ain't all these seem fated? hehe...

I jus hoped that moving on to the new dept is and will be a better choice. I wish for the best..

Now I can't wait and looking forward to my HK trip this Wed.... Woohoo!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

9th Month

Today is our 9th Month. The only thing I hope and wish now and everyday is for you to recover fully real soon. Missed our badminton and jogging sessions. Hope to resume our usual activities once you recover.

I'm still happy and glad to have known you and there are simply no regrets.

Be healthy everyday Baby.. Muaks!

Friday, November 16, 2007

MIA for 2 weeks

This week was crazy.. nothing but WORK! But I still make a point to leave as early as possible after office hours. I dun even have the energy or mood to think what I have done last 2 weekends and this week. In short, I had a long last weekend, spending time with Baby and we caught three movies all in all during the last 2 weeks: RENDITION, SAW IV and STARDUST (with Kirsten). Rendition and Stardust are good.. Saw IV is jus gore and nothing else... Brought Georgi for grooming again at VivoCity last weekend. This time they did not do a good job as they did not brush him clean and well. When I went home, still saw loose fur lingering on his body and I have to brush him clean.




Penny has joined our company since Monday and we are back to being colleagues since our Le Meridien Days.. hahah... nice to have a fren back at work coz I have so many sorrows to pour.. hahah...

I jus hope next week will be back to normal for me... I simply hate this week's craziness.. I dun dare to even think about it now..

It's TGIF!! Happy Happy!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Gboy's new playmate...

It was a normal Wednesday evening. Baby and I were watching TV as usual and the only exceptional thing I was doing was peeling dry scabs off his legs... hehe... THEN..... we saw something so unexpected! My Gboy was playing with "Xiao Qiang"!!!!!!!!!!! Arrrghhhh! It's a shock of my life coz I super HATE that creature, even more on those with wings!

Apparently he had been playing with it for quite sometime and we did not notice, evidence was his saliva dripping everywhere on the floor.. he was following the damn thing and licking it on and off! OMG! He followed it right to the front of the TV and that's when we realised he was playing with the fucker.

The damn thing was big and had wings but did not fly. According to Baby when he tried to kill it (I was already nowhere in sight.. haha), its whole body was sticky and wet so we figured that Gboy's incredible saliva had glued its wings to the body, that's why he CAN'T fly... lol... He also mentioned that the fucker was wobbly and could not walk properly... hahahaha... must be Gboy's holy water that made it drunk!

I nagged at Gboy that I'm not going to kiss him again! After the fucker was killed and disposed by Baby, Gboy was still looking for it... Sniff Sniff.. Unbelievable! He's probably sad to find his new playmate MIA... and tried to sniff it out from the floor.. hahahha....

I was really taken aback coz normally when he saw cockroaches or lizards or any bugs, he would at most stand at a distance, looked at it and be puzzled by my "trying-very-hard-to-kill-them" action.. he definitely would not attempt to chase after or follow it, what more touching or licking it! Ewwwwwwwwwww!

I'm so gonna brush his teeth many many times harder and more thorough with much more paste these few days before I choose to kiss him again...

Baby and I regretted that we did not take any pics as evidence to show you guys how Gboy enjoyed his time with his playmate... its absolutely GROSS! Yucks!