L'immortel: Spilled blood never dries!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Xmas weekend

Last Sat caught THE GOLDEN COMPASS with Baby at GV Grand. Alot of ppl commented that the movie was not good, but being a Nicole Kidman fan, I would never miss any of her shows. So I still went ahead to watch without any expectation. There is definitely going to be a sequel to this movie and I think the whole show was rather messy and like Baby mentioned there seemed to be too many loopholes and the story condensed quite alot. But Nicole is still as gorgeous as ever... hehe...


After movie, we went for dinner cum supper at Zion Rd Food Centre. The standard of the food there has gone down quite a bit. I used to love to eat the carrot cake by this semi-deaf hawker but not anymore. That night I had the white one (should be for the last time) and Baby had the black one. We were both not satisfied after that and ordered fishball noodles.. haha... Baby had the dry Mee Pok while I jus had fishball soup. The fishballs were springy and bouncy man... nice! I also saw something really weird. There are in fact 3 stalls selling Char Kway Teow and the food centre is not that big to have 3 of them selling the same thing lor.. and at least 2 stalls were selling carrot cake and fried oyster. This is so so weird.

Sun I went tanning with Penny... Not a very good tan coz I did not achieve the tone I wanted. But weather was good, toooo good that it was cloudy more than sunny.... haha.. good for the panting dogs at Tanjong Beach and not for me...

Xmas eve caught I AM LEGEND with Baby and Kirsten and GV Grand. I thought it was good thou certain reviews about this show were bad and that the "ghosts were not real enough... nonetheless the dark seekers still managed to scare the wits out of Kirsten.. haha... Although the whole show was about Will Smith, it did not bore me at all coz he was TAT good.. and I think the German Shepherd got some credits as well... At first I tot it was a HE coz Will Smith called it Sam, until the last part when it died then I realised it's a SHE as Will Smith called out Samantha... DOH...


After movie, Baby tot of going to Kinokuniya to get a story book for Kirsten as Xmas present and it was a freaking BIG mistake we could ever make! Whole orchard was jammed packed like wat! This was my first time stepping into Orchard Road on Xmas Eve and also my last time! We were super frustrated.. Kino was closed so we went to Borders and luckily in time to grab some stuff before it was closed. We had drinks at Borders Cafe and at the same time did some people watching. This was the time you could feast ya eyes on humans VS vehicles traffic... The humans were challenging the vehicles and you could hear so much "Xmas" honking... haha... People were jus crossing the roads, ignoring the traffic signs... Really power! I wonder why there were no police control at traffic near Borders. It was chaotic man!

Xmas day I went to Baby's place for a mini celebration.. not really a celebration, jus a lunch thingy with his Mum and Kirsten. Got a nice handmade present from Kirsten. It is a cotton stuffed cushion and is really comfy... going to put this in the office for my back.. hehe... Baby got me a really nice bag from "Hiroshima"... I stayed at his place til late night before I headed home to be with my Gboy...

On Boxing day, I met Baby at Far East plaza for lunch, got my altered clothes and changed the shoe size for Kirsten as I got her a pair of shoes for Xmas. Luckily I was able to change the size without the receipt. Nice chap in the shop. Then we walked around before heading to own's home before dinner time as I wanna cook something for myself and Georgi. And this got me mentioning that I have this weird craving recently. I have been craving for soupy stuff... and thus cooking macaroni soup for myself for past few times.... Dun ask me why coz I'm puzzled too.. haha... the craving is still going on...

From yesterday till NOW... I had been busy packing things to my new desk.. also helping to pack stuff for that idiot boss to his new office... I realised he is really such a freaking idiot... not a gentleman at all... I had to carry and shift pots of plants (small to big) for him to his new office when he was freaking here with me yesterday... Worst of all, while I was carrying the plant to his office, he saw me from a distance and all he said was "Be careful" and when he said that it meant careful of the plants! DAMN! I'm SO flabbergasted!!!!!! He did not even offer to lend me a hand. WTF!

Anyway I'm not going to let this affect my New Year weekend... I jus can't wait for today to end soon so that I can enjoy peace before the New Year begins.

Wish everyone a Happy New Year and have fun!

See you all in 2008!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

10th Month

Today is our 10th Month and I still enjoy and treasure every moment spent with you. I continue to pray and wish for your condition to get better and that this terrible episode will end very soon and not resurface. I will always be by your side to go thru this with you.

Wish all the best for us in year 2008.

Love you!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Not my day

Today is the last working day before Xmas and I still get shit... Worst of all, I got a shitty Xmas present from my boss... I really could not imagine a boss giving something like this to his own PA. No matter how miser my ex bosses were or how much I hated them for being misersand lousy bossestheir once-a-year present would usually surprise me. My ex ex boss was a super "niao" man, but he gave me Swarovski bracelet for Xmas and my ex boss also another niao man, gave me Crabtree and Evelyn items, BUT this one is the WORST I have seen... a freaking VP, plus I have been clearing shit for him, dealing with his shit ass wife and other stuff, all I get was a T-shirt from ASD and a tiny bottle of body cream from dunno where. The T-shirt looks like a free gift and body cream looks like it had been chucked aside in a corner of his house for the last dunno-how-many years.

I was really really disheartened when I saw it... not that he has to give me something damn fanciful or branded or wat... but at that moment I jus felt that the gift does not truly come from his heart... and fuck lor.. no matter what, he sits freaking high up there.. his presents should weigh something and not jus any junk he could find at home... My colleagues got classier stuff for him than he for them... What a shame dun you think! Even for myself, I took quite a while to choose and decide what to get for him... I did not jus anyhow get something jus to fulfil my duty as a PA... I seriously felt I have done too many things for him in vain..... totally in vain!

On a lighter and happier note, I also have received alot of Xmas gifts from nice colleagues.. I think total about 15 presents. That kinda cheered me up a lil... Also our office will be closed until 26 Dec and back to work on 27 Dec... Woo hoo!

Two days back baby and I caught GOOD LUCK CHUCK at Cathay Cineleisure. Typical romantic comedy movie and I simply love Jessica Alba's bods.... I wish to have one too.. hahaha..


Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!


Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I was super pissed this morning. I went to buy bee hoon with chicken wing from Old Chang Kee. I always buy from there so I knew exactly how much they cost. When I passed the cash to the Malay lady, I was still standing there longer than usual coz I wanted to get a fork and was trying to separate them as they all stuck to each other. After I was done, left the counter, already crossed the road then she suddenly shouted for me. I was really puzzled coz I dun think I missed out anything. Futhermore so many ppl were at the other side of the road with her witnessing the whole scene. I was rather pissed coz I had to cross the road all the way back over to her side instead of her coming to me. Then she told me, "Miss, it's $2.70." I questioned her back, "How come?? Bee hoon with chicken wing is $2.20 rite?" Then she pondered for a moment before showing the guilty face, "Oh Sorry Sorry, you are right, I'm really sorry.. so sorry."

I was really really really really pissed coz it's not my freaking fault. Yeah she was very apologetic but too late... coz I became the laughingstock infront of everyone... When I was standing at the counter for so long, she did not bother to question or ask me. Only when I left then she decided to shout for me. She must be dreaming big time man!

What a morning to start with......

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Forgetful me...

I think I had been too busy to remember alot of things. I stumbled upon BEOWULF poster and realised I have watched it but did not blog about it. Oh My.. I dun even remember when I watched it. Anyway Beowulf's graphics and actions were not bad but 300 is still the best coz real ppl with real fucking good bods.. Ooooo ~droolz~ and of course with real action.


Last weekend I caught HEARTBREAK KID at GV Marina with Baby. Was just a normal and funny show.. that's about it. I have not had time to blog about my HK trip (I hope I still remember the details of my trip.. hehe).. but I will do so soooooooon, when my boss goes on leave from 21 Dec onwards... Muahahahhaha... FREEDOM!