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Monday, January 28, 2008

Gboy toured Bedok Reservoir

As promised in my last post, Baby and I brought Gboy for a stroll last Sat's evening. Total distance of whole Bedok Reservoir is 4km. The weather that evening was good. We started walking from my house at 7pm to the reservoir and by the time we finished the walk was around 8.30pm. I did not plan to take pics coz I figured it would be dark so pointless anyway. But I think Georgi was very happy with the walk and he had not been walking like this for a long time, ever since the East Coast walk.. hehe...

At some points during the walk, when there were not many ppl, I unleashed Gboy so he could walk freely. I asked Baby to walk with him and I stopped behind to see if he noticed me. When he realised I was far behind, he stopped and pondered whether to come to me or continued to walk with Baby.. hahaha... and Baby walked further front to see if he would follow. In the end, he stopped in the middle, looked front and back at us and got very confused... I walked slowly towards him and then he started going crazy coz he thought I was playing with him.. he started dashing like a mad dog towards Baby and then u-turned and dashed towards me, repeating the same sequence and I was worried coz I saw ppl approaching from behind. So I shouted for Baby to grab hold of him when he dashed towards him... First time he missed, only managed to grab him at 2nd attempt and Gboy yelped. I think the grab was too sudden so he was taken aback.

He was really crazy.. I already anticipated that this might happen when I walked towards him coz he did it before at the playground below my house. He just suddenly went crazy and dashed everywhere without warning... Fortunately managed to get him back to normal before the ppl behind walked towards us. I think they saw what happened earlier coz when they walked past us, they looked at Georgi with a cheeky smile.. LOL...

FYI the ground of whole reservoir is not made of concrete but sand, so you could imagine when Gboy ran crazily like that, the amount of sand his paws dispersed and flew all over the place and the amount that hit under his belly. He just have no limitations when it comes to play... Silly boy!

Oh well, was a fun walk nonetheless... I figured I should walk Georgi often like this as I think this actually helps him or rather most dogs to a better behaviour...

More Exercises = Less Misbehaviour

It's true!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Recent Pics of Georgi

I just realised I have not been taking alot of Georgi's pics, compared to the past. Recently I took some and while uploading the pics from the camera, I realised there were not many to post here too.. haha... I got a video of him eating ice cream but I can't upload video here.. dunno y... Tsk!

So Anyway couple of pics to show his well-being:

Eyeing and aiming at the ice-cream

Finishing his last bit of Magnum ice-cream (only allows him to eat the vanilla part... NO chocolate!)

Feels sooo good!!

I finally got my revenge and found justice yesterday while dealing with "EVERYDAY" (a nickname I gave to that idiot)! I have never felt so good before, putting someone down like this. His wife also recently got it from me for being freaking inconsiderate...

No wonder both can be together... They are really a pair of unspeakable monsters...

I just feel damn good abt this whole thing and I just need to pen it down to remember... It's indescribable! LOL

PS: Everyday means "Aeh", "Bui", "Teh" (In hokkien)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

11th Month

Today is our 11th Month and soon will mark our 1st year Anniversary. One year passes really fast. It seems like we jus got together not long ago but on the other hand, ironically I feel that we have been together for ages... It had been really wonderful having you in my life.. Every moment spent is really precious to me.. I knew in my heart that there will never be anyone who will ever love me like you do... Baby, you are the best!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Tanning & Dog Show

Went tanning yesterday with Penny. Was not too bad but not to my satisfaction... I think I need more tanning and I'm planning to go alone this Sun alone.. hehe..

After tanning, I went to meet Baby and Kirsten and met Alloy and Pam at Expo Dog Show. I have not been going to Dog Show for very long, coz entrance fee is expensive and the scale of the Dog Show has gotten smaller and smaller, so there's nothing much worth for me to see. The main reason I went this time round was because Alloy mentioned that they were showing Spitz for the first time, so was rather excited to check out. Anyways in the end, we did not get to see the Spitz Category... either it did not take place or we totally missed it.

Wanna bring Georgi along but was rather troublesome as I wanna head down straight from Sentosa, plus knowing his buddy BB wun be there so I decided not to... still I felt rather bad for not bringing him out... hehe... Well.. I will compensate for it coz I already have plans for this weekend evening to walk him from home to whole of Bedok Reservoir back to home.. hahaha... think he will be shacked out after the walk... and I will have total peace the next day... ;)


Watch CLOVERFIELD at your own's risk!!! It was an awwwwwful experience for me... worse than roller coaster or any form of dare devil's ride! I will only advise those who have montion sickness (even if you dun have motion sickness) NOT to watch it... coz story also SUCKS big time... Enough said!


Thursday, January 17, 2008

Our 2nd trip (28 Nov - 1 Dec 07): Hong Kong

Finally I can blog about my last year's Hong Kong trip. Apologies for the delay...

Kirsten was in this trip and it was a totally different experience....

Wed, 28 Nov 07 (Day 1)
Early in the morning, we depart for HK by Jetstar Asia.

Kirsten sleeping in the plane....

After about 3 hours, we touched down cooling Hong Kong. Temperature was around 15 - 20 degress celsius. We took the Airport Express and free shuttle to BP International. However, we were not able to check into the room yet as we were early and room was not ready, so we left our luggages at the Concierge and went for our 1st lunch at Yung Kee Cafe. Kirsten was grossed out when we told her the tea that she drank was not meant for consumption but to wash the cutleries... hahaha...

Some of the items we ordered

We happened to pass by this Jeans shop called 1001 at Tsim Sha Tsui (they have few other branches in Central & Kwan Tong), which sells really exquisite and expensive jeans, coz the sewings on the jeans were delicately hand sewn. Each pair can cost easily from S$400. Too bad I do not know how to appreciate it so left the shop empty-handed....

Outside view of 1001

We also shopped at I.T. and UniQlo before heading back to check into the hotel room, which was overall nice and clean. After settling our luggages, we continued our shopping spree and went to Graville Rd, Salisbury Rd and Avenue of Stars. We also went to the Adidas outlet near Sheraton Hotel and Esprit at Miramar. There used to be an Esprit outlet at Sheraton Hotel but it had closed down and taken over by a sports shop. Our last shopping destination for that day was Harbour City, where all luxury brands are located. I did not really like shopping there coz I was not into branded stuffs.

After all the shopping, we had our dinner at Black Stumper (western food) at Knutsford Terace. Atmosphere and food were nice but freaking expensive (sorry did not take pics of place and food coz I was paiseh to do so.. hehe). Total bill near to HKD1000. That ended our 1st day in HK. Glad we managed to do quite a bit of shopping and walking.

Thur, 29 Nov 07 (Day 2)
Supposed to head to Disneyland and at the same time tot of exploring Tung Chung Citygate before spending the rest of the day at Disneyland as it was on the way. However when we reached Tung Chung, we simply did not feel like leaving the place coz it was a shopping paradise! Everyone who goes HK MUST visit Tung Chung Citygate. Not able to resist the shopping devil's temptations, we postponed our Disneyland visit to next day. Why Tung Chung Citygate is a paradise coz it houses the outlets for many brands (e.g. Esprit, Bauhaus, Quicksilver, Adidas, I.T., Seven jeans, UCB, Club 21. Puma and more).

We or rather I.. hehe... really shopped until dropped. I spent almost 1 hr at Seven jeans trying and choosing jeans coz they were having promotion... Halfway thru shopping we went to Pacific Coffee for a cuppa and rest our feet before more shopping... I got quite a number of stuffs here. Remember! It is a MUST to visit. I think I will go crazy if I go during Summer Sale. Hahahha...

We headed back to Kimberley for dinner. There is a HK cafe called "Rest for a while" next to entrance of Knutsford Terace, that serves nice local food. Yes, the cafe is really called "Rest for a while".. After dinner we went to Causeway Bay, Island Beverley Fashion Island, Lockhart Rd, Great George Rd, Sole Town, Fashion Walk and Jardine Bazaar before ending the nite with nice dessert at "Yee Shun", not Yishun in Singapore ok.. it's called Yee Shun Milk company, which sells nice Steam Milk dessert. They have few branches at Nathan Rd, Pilkem St, Sai Yeung Choi St, Percival St & Lockhart Rd.

Fri, 30 Nov (Day 3)
As we promised Kirsten we would bring her to Disneyland on Day 3, we spent the whole day there until the fireworks, which ended at around 8pm. Ate alot of junk food, shopped a bit and went for some rides and shows. Overall was fun but as it is, it's a place more for kids, plus I'm not a big fan of Disney. Mayb it's jus HK. I will probably feel different if it's Japan or even better Orlando... hahahah.. The fireworks were nice thou... but super crowded, which I hated most. And as usual, lots of "cheenas"! I dunno y but I'm jus bias against them. It's the way they behave in public that disgust me most. FYI, the restaurant outlets served sucky food. I rather buy junks from carts than to have a proper meal there. Our day ended with another dessert near our hotel. I could not remember exactly which dessert shop but it's definitely not Xu Liu Shan.

Disney Train and Station

Some views of Disneyland

River cruise (Those animals in the pics are FAKE! Fire is REAL!)

Simba Show


Kirsten's random pics

Castle Light-up (Before)

Castle Light-up (After)

Sat, 1 Dec (Day 4)
Last day in HK but our flight was at night so we still kinda had a whole day there.

We had Dim Sum at Choi Wan Hin Seafood Restaurant at Silvercord Centre, Tsim Sha Tsui. There were a few restaurants serving Dim Sum and there was this restaurant called "Cheers", which was really crowded but we did not go in. Therefore we ended up in Choi Wan Hin. Total bill was only HKD190 for 8 items. Was freaking cheap for 3 of us.


After a satisfying meal, we went to APM shopping mall. Our intention to go there was to get Lou Por Bang for Jac. In the end, we realised APM was actually quite a nice shopping place. And we had been trying to find a bakery place called "Kee Wah" as Baby's mum wanted us to get "Chow Mai Bang" for her. After searching for so long, we actually found Kee Wah at APM, not even expecting it to be there. However, they do not sell Chow Mai Bang as they only sell these during CNY. I managed to get one box of Lou Por Bang for Jac. We also ended up buying other stuffs from there. They have quite a nice range of goodies. I got the hard version of "Bai Bin". I dunno whether many of you know what is "Bai Bin". It's a soft round sponge cake covered in a generous amount of white powder. I used to eat this when I was young and my mum used to buy from AMK area. Now I dun get to eat it and dun see it anywhere in S'pore. So when I saw the hard version, I was delighted. It tasted soooo good that I regretted not buying more at that time. I should have tried one before leaving APM... Arrrghhh! Must go back there to buy again when I'm in HK...

We went back to Granville Rd to finish our last shopping. We also checked out Trend Beverley and tot it was the same as Island Beverley/Fashion Island. Please please please dun go there unless you are getting married.. hahahha... coz you wun get to see much EXCEPT bridal shops and more bridal shops, with all the soon-to-be brides & grooms crowding there...

Finally dinner time before heading back to hotel to pack up and check out. We went back to "Rest for a while" cafe to dine again.. hehe... cannot resist coz they have nice local food with resonable prices. After packing, we went to airport and "tabao" Krispy Kreme back to Singapore... hahahha... the typical thing to do for Singaporeans. We also went to Weng Wah and guessed what, we found "Chow Mai Bang" there... hahaha.. after hunting high and low for it for so long.......

It was overall a nice and memorable trip. But it was very different travelling with a child and I never did that before. It's really not just about yourself and taking care of yourself. I guessed it was truly an experience for both Baby and me...


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Georgi's out for some fun again

Last Sat brought Georgi out to Pawtobello again after a long while. It was for Pam's farewell as she will be leaving to Aussie soon. Poor Dua Bui, who will be apart from his parents for abt a year or so. I guessed they must have gone thru alot in tots before making this big decision. Oh well.... anyways Georgi was freaking hyper that night. That's the result for not bringing your dog out often.. became damn "Sua Gu"... hahahah... my bad....

My colleague came down to feast her eyes on spitzs as she is interested to get one ever since she saw Georgi's pic on my pc desktop. She loves Georgi.. hahahah... said Georgi got a real cheeky look... I totally agree! I was happy Georgi was having a fun time. After dinner at Pawtobello, Alloy, Brian, Kirsten, my colleague and I went to Robertson Walk's Sketches for rest and drinks. Luckily the staff allowed us to sit at the courtyard with our dogs. There were big projection showing soccer matches and a group of Liverpool's fans came down as well to support their team so one of the gals saw Georgi and commented he was so cute and asked for his sex.. hahaha... when I told her, she commented that he must have broken alot of female's hearts... lol.. I wanted to tell her actually Gboy is a GAY! hehe...

We stayed until about midnight before we headed home.

Sun, caught AMREICAN GANGSTER at GV Tampines. Based on true story. A good movie. Should watch.


After movie, I tabao-ed Malay rice home and the next day I have diarrhea for couple of days. I have also been sick these few days... still coughing like TB... I hope I can take MC again soon... lol.... MC will no doubt be fully utilised when you are starting to get sick of hell.... In this aspect, being sick is better than being fit... So sad but yes it's very true!

Friday, January 11, 2008



May all your wishes come true and all y(our) plans go smooth.. ;-)

I'm so happy coz not only is Baby's birthday today, he is also recovering very very well from vasculitis. I give 90% credit to Dr TT Ang of Chinese Nature-cure Institute. I was rather disappointed in the western treatment, which I do not wanna elaborate much here... but I think Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is surely an alternative route, which ppl should try when western treatment fails on them.

Ever since Baby visited Dr Ang, his condition has been improving gradually and speedily. No doubt the western meds did help in some ways, but Dr Ang lend a hand by healing him internally thru accupuncture, coz only when his immune system is back to normal, his external rash, lesions and wound will logically follow in healing, and that's when the western meds come in proper and good use. Dr Ang also did give him some natural herbal tablets besides his regular accupuncture session, which further improved his condition. He supposed to go for a total of 10-15 treatments, however after 5 intensive sessions, Dr Ang commented that he is recovering exceptionally well, his energy level and all his organs reading had improved tremendously. Therefore Bay could choose and he chose to stop and just monitor his condition first, while taking the last batch of chinese meds. After this batch, he will decide if he needs more treatments at a cheaper rate.

To be frank, the fees were not cheap but undeniably proved effectiveness! Dr Ang is rather well-known, especially amongst the Westerners... surprisingly yes... and alot of Ang Mohs go to him for treatments. Everytime I accompany Baby for his poking accupuncture session, there will definitely be Ang Mohs there and it's always crowded. He also travels to alot of countries to provide treatments. Apparently ppl who have cancer and going thru chemotherapy also go to him for help, hoping to be cured by accupuncture. I used to be very skeptical about TCM. After this incident, in my opinion, I strongly encourage anyone, who have illnesses that are considered untreatable, to try TCM. They really proved something. Phenomenal!

He still has a couple of follow-ups with western docs next week and I hope those will be the last. Now, I only wished that with the last batch of chinese meds and combination of western meds, Baby will soon be completely healed and back to his normal lifestyle. This is my only wish on his birthday....

Thursday, January 03, 2008


~~~ HAPPY YEAR 2008!!!! ~~~

There goes the holiday festivals and moods and here comes another year of slogging.... hahahha... anyway I did not spent my last few days of 2007 spectacularly..... but was a quiet and peaceful one...

Sat spent a normal day at home with Baby.. had brunch, walked around the vicinity and back to my place for some rest... Walked Georgi at night... He was so darn happy and excited... Sibeh Sua Gu and Gan Jiong spider... hahahaha...

Sun went to Cherry Garden for Dim Sum buffet with Baby and his family. Variety was rather decent and quality quite good but I personally tot that S$45+++ per person was a little too steep. After tat, we went to Bukit Timah Plaza to make Baby's lenses. At the same time I also got my eyes checked to find out if my eyesight has deteriorated. Power had gone down but astigmatism went up.. Shucks! I already got a lil bit of night blindness.. now it's worse!

New year eve accompanied Baby for his poking accupuncture session... had both our hair cut and coloured at One Salon, then spent the rest of our day at home with Georgi and quietly counting down to 2008.

For the past couple of days, we brought Georgi for night walks and they were really nice coz there was hardly anybody around at that time, which made the walks nicer and easier... as you know some ppl jus freaked out the moment they see dogs and I had to "siam" them all the time... so I hate to walk my dog when there's alot of ppl.. they "FREAKED" me out too you know!!

First movie for year 2008 was AvP2 or Requiem they called it, with Baby at GV Tampines. Hmmm... I think everyone can skip this movie... I dun see any meaning in watching it... storyline sucks... utterly meaningless.. it's the DVD kinda movie...


This new year is also a new start for me as I'm in a new dept. I was officially animated yesterday. Well, slowly picking up new job scopes but still serving the same boss... Awwwww.. PAAAAINFUL!!!

I jus hope everything will be better this year... thou I heard that my zodiac is not doing its job to make my year a better one... hahaha..... apparently my zodiac "Fan Tai Sui" this year... OMG!

Oh no! I jus realised I have not shared about my HK trip in Nov 07... OK OK my resolution for this year month is to blog about my HK trip.. hahahah...

Have a great start to a new year, may all dreams come true and wishing everyone a happier and healthier life!