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Friday, February 29, 2008

Making of the famous brunch

Last Sun, Baby, Steph, one of their colleagues and I learned to make the Raffles famous brunch at Raffles Culinary Academy AGAIN.. Menu consisted of Blueberry Pancakes, Eggs Benedict, Hash Brown and Beef on Skewer. This time we were not able to do everything on our own, but to work as a team to deliver the 3 dishes. So 4 of us decided who should do wat and started accordingly.. Another difference this time was everyone cooked for everybody to eat, meaning the whole class will cook and placed the items on big serving trays and at the end of it, all would be served in a mini brunch buffet. Thus we probably wun get to eat our own but somebody else's creations, and the thought of it was rather disgusting coz you never know how other ppl handled their food and seriously I rather eat the ones we cooked ourselves.. hahaha..

Anyway we were not so concerned about consuming other ppl's pancakes but more on their beef on skewers and eggs benedict. We tried to remember where we placed our dishes on the serving trays and in the end we only managed to retrieve our own eggs benedict coz we purposely sat nearest to the buffet counter, which explained why we got to grab them first.. hehe. The beef on skewers were all mixed up so could not really tell which ones belong to us. The mini brunch buffet comes with a glass of champagne, some pastries and additional items (vegs, salmon and duck) with compliments from Raffles, and of course at the end of the whole lesson, which was the vital part of this whole thing, a cert!

Overall was a very fun experience, plus all of us got to sit down, relax and enjoy a nice mini brunch after the class. What you pay is what you get is the conclusion of this experience... Well.. I guessed on the whole, it was still worth it, coz you obtained a skill, a good environment for learning and gained a nice spread to satisfy our hunger.

Tomorrow morning I will be going to Phoon Huat with Baby, Steph and Kirsten to get the necessary ingredients and items, then head to their place to make the breads, which we have learnt the previous Sat. I'm sure it's gonna be fun man.. Can't wait to make and jiak our own roti again.. haha..

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A one of a kind celebration for Anniversary

Baby surprised me with something different - one of a kind celebration, which I never had in all my relationships. We both took leave on Fri, 22 Feb so we could spend the whole day together on this special day. He planned this whole thing... Firstly he surprised me the nite before by revealing the car he rented coz we planned to go Changi Village for some Nasi Lemak. Then on the actual day he brought me and Georgi to Sentosa, and that was the main reason why he rented the car (so we will not be at the mercy of taxi drivers). Plus he knew that if we were out the whole day, I would definitely miss Gboy at some point in time, so he arranged to go Sentosa just so that I could be with Gboy and still enjoy myself. Thanks Baby for tat thoughtfulness...

So yeah.. we were at Tanjong Beach (my usual hangout) and I could see that Gboy was really very happy.. He struck again! On his turbo and dashed round the beach like a mad dog.. hehe.. there were barely a soul except for the regular owner with her power Jack Russell and another guy with his Goldie. Gboy's energy did not last long and got shacked out very fast. I was playing with him and Baby for a while before I proceeded to tan. Baby and Gboy were at the shade so a couple of times Gboy came to "visit" me.. must be my tanning oil that attracted him.. hehe.. sniffed sniffed me abit and he would either walked away and roamed around or pose infront of my head (I even wondered if he would pee right there.. and if that really happened, confirmed tongue-lashing for him.. haha). I think the sun was too glaring coz his eyes suddenly became so small and could barely open them up.. Took some videos of him in the madness and some coconut chasing.. but as usual was not able to upload here...

When I was finally done with my tanning, I returned to join them and rested.. Then Gboy became territorial.. Two Indian cleaners came to clear the trash bins and he started barking at them and caught the Jack Russell's attention. He actually KPO abit and walked towards Gboy.. and that boy was still barking at the Indians and they actually retaliated by meowing at him.. hahahha.. I dunno I should be angry at Gboy or laughing at the whole scenario. I think Gboy is damn racist like the owner... hahaha.. Oh as I was saying the JRT came towards Gboy to kinda check out what happened.. Finally only after the Indians in their truck left did Gboy notice the JRT.. and without a doubt, Gboy walked quickly towards him and both "greeted" each other. But I guessed there was no chemistry between them so both walked away after a casual greeting...

Shortly after that, we packed up and prepared to go for lunch, which I had no idea where we were going then. It was revealed only when we reached Rasa Sentosa, asking for parking space. Baby brought me to Trapizza at Siloso (managed by Rasa Sentosa) and dogs are welcomed too (Baby made sure before making reservation), which was nice if not Gboy would be casted aside. We had their popular pizza (which was featured in Makasutra Raw) and tried their green pasta (I could not remember the actual name of those dishes but if you ask them they would tell you their recommended ones). Their garlic bread is nice too, crispy and flavourful.. Overall the food was great and palatable..

After lunch, we decided last min to bring Gboy for grooming since he was already filthy and we were so near VivoCity Pet Safari Grooming Centre. So while Gboy got himself groomed, Baby and I had time for ourselves.. we walked leisurely around Vivo and relaxed with a cuppa. After few hours, we went to collect him and unsurprisingly, there would always be ppl standing infront of the cage looking at him from outside, full of compliments.. hahaha.. and he always look so cute, compact and extra white after grooming.. and super excited when he saw us...

Finally after almost full day spent with Gboy, we went home, rest a while, got ourselves changed and prepared to leave for dinner without him. Baby brought me to Brazil Churrascaria for a carnivorous fare! Thou I have always wanted to try that very much but my stomach was still quite full from the lunch.. nonetheless we still whacked as much as we possibly could.. I think the salad bar itself was already a killer... plus the constant flow of meats, I almost wanted to convince myself to become vegetarian after this (obviously I did not and am still whacking meat now.. hehe)

Our special day spent was not exceptionally romantic like how the usual couples would spend theirs. But I think it was very meaningful coz I got to spend this special day with my two most beloved ones.. and that made our day even more special... Thanks Baby for arranging all these.. I definitely appreciate and enjoyed every bit of it. Purrrfect!

Friday, February 22, 2008

1st Year Anniversary

Hi baby, today marks our 1st Year! It's still so so amazing how we ended up where we are and gone thru our 1st year in a swift, yet ironically felt that we have been together for damn long. Haha..

I have told you all I ever wanna let you know for the past 12 months. Of course there will definitely be more but today I jus simply wanna say:



Monday, February 18, 2008

Bake Bake Bake & Jumper

Last Sat Baby, Steph (his sis) and I learned how to bake Italian breads at Raffles Culinary Academy. We baked Ciabata, Focacia and Grissini Sticks/Lavosh. Nicely done up menus with recipes, free flow of coffee/tea, pleasant environment which could accommodate about 14 students, with almost fully equipped kitchen but the only shame was that they only had one whisking machine so we could not practice on the mixing/whisking part. Doughs were already prepared in advance for us to continue the rest of the steps to point of baking. The Chef would show us the steps first before we proceeded to do it on our own. At the end of the class, not only did we get to bring home what we baked, in presentable Raffles Hotel's box, sandwich fillings (Cold Turkey with Lettuce & Egg Mayonnaise) were even provided to go with the breads. Each participant got a certificate too... It was overall a nice and fun experience.

After the bread war with the fragrance of our creations kept oozing out from the Raffles box (hehe..), Baby and I went to GV Marina to watch JUMPER. It was not too bad a movie (at least for the effect) but there was no explanation to why and how it happened. After the movie, instead of getting Carl's Junior, which we had wanted and planned to be our dinner target, we ended up feasting on our own creations at home and they were yummy yummy!


A Sat well spent. This Sun we will be learning how to prepare New York Brunch.. Woohoo can't wait!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

CNY long holidays

This year my CNY was kinda well spent, thou still considered a quiet affair for me, compared to many ppl.

Wed, 6 Feb 08
Went tanning alone in the morning at Tanjong Beach. Weather was nice and the best part was there were not many ppl... Saw one power Jack Russell Terrier with his/her owner... Owner swims, dog swims.. Owner tan, dog tan also.. haha... but the real power part was they could swim damn far together... and the thing was the dog could actually swim away freely from the owner and MIA suddenly, while the owner continued to swim to the other side of the island. Then midway the dog would suddenly appear and swim towards to join the owner. Thereafter they would swim back together. POWER! And this took place a few times while I was there. They were still there tanning when I left.

Went to get Beard Papa at Vivocity as dessert for evening reunion's dinner. Wanted to get the Konnyaku fruit jelly but dunno where to buy so ended up grabbing Beard Papa instead. Went down to Baby's 3rd Aunt's place for steamboat dinner, hanged there for quite a while and left for Hyatt's Scott Lounge for a drink with Baby. before our night ended. This was also to reminisce our 1st date at Scott Lounge last year, also fell on a CNY eve (but not the same date of course) :)

Thur, 7 Feb 08
1st day of CNY was a quiet affair for me. I stayed at home thru out with Gboy coz I was rather guilty of leaving him at home the night before and not spending the reunion with him... So I told myself to spend the whole day with him... eating, sleeping and playing games were all I did. Hehe..

Fri, 8 Feb 08
Went to catch THE DIVING BELL AND THE BUTTERFLY with Baby at GV Grand. It's based on a true story about an editor in chief for French Elle magazine, Jean-Dominque Bauby, who got a stroke and was not able to speak since... and how he managed to pick himself up and learned to communicate just by blinking his left eye. I think it's a good movie to watch and worth the monies..


French men are really damn "Hua Xin".. at one time must have so many women in their life.. Tsk Tsk... Jean-Dominque Bauby actually wrote a book about his incident and after watching the movie, both Baby and I felt it was good, so right after that we wanted to find the book, headed down to Orchard and guess what, 99% of Orchard was closed on CNY day 2! (pity all the tourists who were there) The only bookshop opened was Borders, so we went there, asked the information counter for it and ALAS! OOS! Hot stuff man... We had lunch at Borders Bistro. Food was so so only.. After our late lunch we walked along, literally "along" Orchard Road, coz all freaking shops were closed.. and headed home shortly after.

Sat, 9 Feb 08
Went to Baby's place in the afternoon to "Bai Nian" to his mum... that was about it for that day. I just stayed there throughout and later went out for dinner with Baby and Kirsten, except his mum, as she was out in the evening for party time..

Sun, 10 Feb 08
Walked Georgi in the morning, at the same time buying breakfast for Baby and myself. Saw a Japanese Spitz with her owner. A typical mother who has no choice but to look after her children's dog, when the dog was bought by the latter. It's a female spitz. The auntie commented that Gboy is very cute and handsome (Well... I'm rather used to this comment already.. LOL..) and she asked if male looks better than female so we told her generally yes.. male does look better, so she started commenting that she did ask her daughter to get a male but her daughter insisted a female..... We shared some pointers on grooming (she bought her dog from Pet Safari Vivocity) and their food before parting our own ways. I think she would most probably go home and tell her daughter how cute and nice Gboy is and nag at her for not heeding her advice to get a male one.. haha..

Later in the afternoon Baby and I met my Bro and went to my Ah Ma's (also my youngest Uncle's) place to "Bai Nian". Also arranged my Dad to meet there. I remembered clearly that I had not been doing CNY visitations at my relatives' place for a few years, and now I'm back at it again. I was really glad that Baby had a nice time with my Dad, Uncle and Ah Ma... I think they like him too... and I was rather amazed that they were very hospitable towards him (beyond my expectations) coz I was already preparing for the worst to happen (it's just me to always think of the worst). Overall, everything took place really smoothly and best part was I got a BIG FAT Ang Bao from my Uncle (way beyond my expectations) hahah.. worth the trip down really...

Went to Bedok Blk 85 for dinner with Ah Ma, Dad, Bro and Baby, and ended our day with a full stomach. Uncle and family did not join as they were freaking health conscious about outside food... Sigh.. life is really damn short.. enjoy while you can... especially FOOD!

Mon, 11 Feb 08
Went tanning with Penny San at Tanjong Beach again. And again I saw the POWER owner and Jack Russell. Penny said apparently she appears at this beach almost everyday (Hmmm.. wonder what she do for a living...) and what I also realised was she always choose the same spot. Now I know why the dog is such a POWER swimmer and could swim anywhere he likes/wants, with absolultely no worries from the owner. Well trained pooch!

After tanning, we went for lunch at the hawker opposite Vivocity. Got irritating msg from "Everyday" coz it's still my freaking holiday! Anyway everything could only be settled the next day after I'm back to work, so I did not let tat idiot spoil the rest of my day. After lunch, we headed to Orchard and Concourse for some shopping before heading home.

Now it's back to the real world again.. WORK WORK and WORK!

I'm so happy that the SWEET RETRIBUTION is still alive and kicking.. hahahaha...

He's just smsed me and told me not to ask him anything now coz he is having a high fever and cannot think... Awwwwwwww.... Ain't he a poor thing...


Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Gone Baby Gone & CNY

Caught GONE BABY GONE over the weekend at GV Plaza. It's a good movie, which talks about morality. Good storyline also. Should watch.


I do not have much plans for CNY. Going for a tan tomorrow and reunion dinner with Baby's family and relatives. CNY Day 1 and 2 will be peaceful for me and Georgi. Will be visiting Baby's mum on CNY Day 3 and visiting my dad and grandma with Marc and Baby on CNY Day 4.. I guessed it's good that I'm finally making an effort to move another step by finding time to visit my dad...

Wishing everyone a Happy & Prosperous New Year!

Gong Xi Fa Cai! HUAT AH!

Friday, February 01, 2008


FINALLY!!!!! YES! YES! YES! as of Tue, 29 January 2008, I do not have to EVER EVER deal with HER anymore! Isn't that a call for celebration.

Wat a freaking relief! A dream come true!

Hmmmm... coming lunar year 2008 dun seem to look that bad for me afterall... A real blessed Lunar New Year for me!