L'immortel: Spilled blood never dries!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Ponder Ponder..

For the past couple of days, I have been pondering over few things due to the fact that I will be moving to stay with Baby, his mum and K in few months time, which is damn fast when come to think of it:

  • Will Gboy get along with their 2 cats (one timid gal and one psycho old man)? The psycho cat is the one I'm worried abt.. haha coz I figured Gboy will probably be bullied by him and not the other way round.
  • Will Baby's mum be able to handle Gboy and ME? haha..
  • Will K change for the better or worse?
  • Will all of us be able to "get along"?
  • Will I be able to handle, get use to and accept the fact that I will no longer be alone and free to do what I want like before, now that I will be staying with others?
  • And so many more little tots that are running thru my head every now and then....

I told myself not to worry unnecessarily and let nature takes its course from time to time, coz everything might just turn out to be a blessing in disguise?? But I really could not help it sometimes.. They just keep coming back to haunt me... I'm quite a cynic by nature so tend to think of the worst...

Are all these pre-jitters? haha *nervous laughs*

Anyone care to englighten me? Tks in advance!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Will there ever be someone who will move 3 times in a year? Yes.. tat's me! I will be moving 3 times within this year.

Firstly, my office is moving and I will have hell lot to move. Not only do I need to pack my own workstation, I even have to pack my boss's stuff, which is worse than packing my own! New office location so damn inconvenient and I'm already having headaches!

Secondly, I need to move to another rental flat... long story... In short, my rental lease is up end Jun and Landlord is increasing my rental by freaking S$500!!! Room for negotiation? I dunno and seems not possible... but coincidentally Baby just sold his family's apartment (not that he wans to but he has to) and needs to move out by end May.. super sudden rite?? So need to look for a re-sale flat with me but it's kinda rush now rite? Therefore what we need to do now is to look for a rental flat first before taking time to search for our ideal flat with proper interior design and reno, then move in permanently. We did not consider waiting for new flats coz not only do we need to wait super long, the units are damn small. A 5-room unit is only about 110sqm! Can you beat that?! That's y we intend to look for re-sale one instead. Older units are still the best!

Thirdly and Lastly, I will have to move again when my new place is done.

3 MOVES! All within 2008. OMG!

BTW, does anyone has contact for property agents?? I got a couple but I think I need a couple more to expedite this urgently! Please let me know if you have any good and reliable agent ASAP. Thanks!

The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep

Went to watch THE WATER HORSE: LEGEND OF THE DEEP with Kirsten and Baby at GV Vivocity last Sat. Hmmm... I personally felt it was a damn heartwarming and nice movie thou it's fictional. I actually got so emo over the movie... and I suppressed my tears real hard thru out.. hahaha.. I'm such an emo freak!


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

"Trying" to steal limelight

Last weekend I went to a colleague's wedding at Mandarin Oriental. Looked more like a business event than a wedding. It always happen when you invite too many clients, colleagues and working aquaintances. I was there rather early and mingled with my colleagues. Then SOMEBODY made her "grand entrance". It was that bitch! When she walked in with her husband aka my boss, some of us instantly made this remark "Wah, trying to compete with the bride ar!" hahaha.. that was exactly how we felt at that moment. FYI it's not that she is super hot or wat. It's jus the way she dressed, awfully inappropriate. She wore a freaking gown to attend a wedding for God's sake! There was not even a so-called theme for this wedding. I think she felt proud making the "grand" entrance but little did she realise that ppl were making jokes behind her.

This was not the end. I was trying to avoid her, so as the couple approached the guests near where I was standing, I scampered off to the reception desk and offered to help out at the reception last min, as my colleague needed to "grab some oxygen", but in vain.. After a while, that bitch walked to the reception and there was no way for me to escape. Had a small superficial conversation, which I hated most and then a guest came to save my life! hahah.. Still not the end yet... coz of all tables she had to be on the table right next to mine and what's more? We were literally seated facing back to back... Oh God.. why must you play such a prank on me? Could I not just go thru this dinner in peace? Nonetheless I still tried to enjoy myself thru the rest of the dinner with those at my table. Luckily they were a fun bunch...

This is the first time I had a rather unusual Chinese wedding dinner.. Mayb I have not been attending wedding dinners for very long and was outdated. First of all, this menu was definitely not normal, plus it was more like a fusion than traditional Chinese menu. It was really quite high-end. For eg. Cold platter contained Japanese eel. Shark's Fin soup was not the starchy type, but clear broth with chunks of fins and chicken meat, served individually. Fish was not served whole on the table but in fillets and really fresh. Noodles/rice was replaced with golden fried buns with chilli crab (shredded) in chilli crabmeat sauce, and Western instead of Chinese dessert was served.

Hmmm... after the whole 8-course dinner, I think I under-powed my red packet.. guilty guilty.. hehe..

Monday, March 10, 2008

10,000 B.C.

Caught 10,000 B.C. with Baby at GV Plaza. Not bad lar but I probably have higher expectation coz I have been waiting for this to show for the longest time, so felt that it was not as impressive as I tot it would be. I expected a fair bit of connections between the humans and animals but did not witness much here, so was rather disappointed.


After that we went to Newton Circus for our usual Prawn Noodles and Chicken Wings. The hawkers there were damn irritating sometimes. The way they "snatch" seats was horrible. We were already aiming at a group of Ang Mohs who were leaving, and these hawkers were also ready to snatch those seats. Then one of them signalled us to sit further in as we already aiming to sit near the aisle, so Baby questioned the other guy in hokkien, "Do we have to sit inside? We cannot sit here is it?" and the hawker was also quite sarcastic by replying, "Sure you can choose where you wan to sit, you are the customer wat..." (in hokkien). Pissed off, we went ahead to sit near the aisle.

They got some Japanese customers so while they sat them down, they were clearing the leftovers on the table and by clearing meant they pushed all the leftovers to our side of the table! Baby had already left his seat to order our food.. I was freaking angry and stared at them. I told myself... one more time and I'm going to "F" them upside down... so this uncle, who was the one who signalled us to sit further in, was the culprit. There were still some leftovers, which he had not cleared and by then my fiery eyes were already on his! I think he knew I was going to blow my top anytime, so as he picked up the remaining leftovers, I continued to fix my eyes on him as if telling him to be careful and be prepared to bear the consequences of what he's going to do next... I guess my small, yet bitchy eyes behind that pair of goody looking spectacles worked.. coz quietly, he brought the remainings to the nearest rubbish bin... hahaha...

I'm not trying to be hooligan but they were really too much. You want business yes... but please also think for other ppl and be reasonable... I believed they tot I could be bullied as Baby was not around. But too bad, he had met his match... Actions did really speak louder than words... wahahahha...

Friday, March 07, 2008

Most reliable airline cocked up in T3!

This is only based on what I experienced with Airline S. Mayb my colleague was just damn suay to have encountered this in T3 but it also goes to prove in general how efficient and professional Airline S is.

My colleague could not locate her baggage when she arrived at her 1st destination "L" (she also had to travel to another city and country in her entire trip). After spoken to the Airline S office in "L", she specifically requested them to send her baggage to 2nd destination "C" as by the time they send to "L", she would have already left for "C". So this thing ding dong for about 3 days before everything was solved. You thought this was fast.. actually NO.. coz we got this outcome only after numerous calls/follow ups from our side (not the airline) and complaints and more complaints. In short, this was what happened in point form:

  • Baggage lost at T3. Apparently baggage was not loaded into the correct carriage. It went into another carriage, which was transported to another country! Major cock up! (Initially nobody could advise what exactly happened until much later)
  • My colleauge reached "L" airport and already settled with Airline S office to send to "C"instead of "L".
  • We also followed up with Airline S here.
  • Baggage was still sent to "L" (despite our constant reminders) and was left there unsettled.
  • We had to chase again and at the same time requested airline staff to send baggage to "C" hotel and address was also given in full. Furthermore it's not a ulu pandan, but a freaking prestige hotel.
  • We had to call and chase and worst of all, got directed to so many channels but none of them could account for it and knew what exactly happened.
  • There were so many variations on this case until we were also confused where the baggage actually landed
  • Finally after pressurising some head of department of Airline S and with the help of "C" hotel staff in following up with the airline at "C" airport, we found out that the baggage was actually left in "C" airport, where the staff there thought that somebody was supposed to collect from them.
  • In the end, as a gesture of goodwill, the hotel actually arranged their staff to collect for my colleague.
  • And at long last! Baggage returned to owner.

I think this is absolutely unacceptable coz from the very beginning, Airline S was at fault. Then more cock up from Airline S office at "L" airport. They should be taking full responsibility for this whole saga but they could not care less and took their own sweet time to trace one bloody baggage.

So I wonder did T3 system cock up or what? Even then, technically speaking, I think the airline staff in general should have been more efficient in solving such issues no matter which T cock up. No excuses to blame T3 system anyway...

It was a disappointment to have discovered such professionalism when we pay so much to fly with them. SIGH!

Thursday, March 06, 2008


Oh no... Recently I just realised that I'm getting tired of blogging (seems like a chore to blog now). Dun worry, nothing bad is happening.. I just felt tired all of a sudden and I dunno why exactly.

  • Mayb I'm too busy with life/work that I have no time.
  • Mayb I'm getting lazy
  • Mayb I dun have the oomph anymore
  • Mayb I'm slowly losing interest
  • Mayb I'm affected by bloggers who have slowed down in blogging / shut down their blogs
  • Mayb I prefer reading other people's blog than blogging myself
  • Mayb........................