L'immortel: Spilled blood never dries!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dog Starvation is NOT ART! Cruelty is NOT ART!

After seeing so many dog lovers posted this case on their blog, I think I shd do my part too.. I'm really very pissed when I see this.. the more I read the angrier I get.. This poor dog is killed in the name of ART! WTF! Dogs are not used for art in that way for God's sake!

Sacrifice the lives of dogs in exchange for human pleasures???!!!! These idiots who watched the dog die will get sore eyes bigger than their head!! ROT to death you inhuman idiots!

Go to this blog and read the English portion... http://guillermohabacucvargas.blogspot.com/

This freaking idiot tied a poor dog in an art gallery or museum (whatever it is) and let the dog starve and eventually died!

(Click to enlarge and read please!)

Please please please sign the PETITION! very simple steps only... we can only do much to stop the stupid so called "artist" to repeat this again, coz apparently he is going to do the same thing this year!
There are currently 1012966 Signatures (as at 1500hrs on 30 apr 08).


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pocky on Georgi

Baby and I tried this on Georgi for quite sometime before we succeeded. We had to make him do this coz he always got all excited for food.. haha.. so in exchange for all the goodies he get to eat (only those we thought it's ok for him to consume), he has to perform something back for us.. haha... self explanatory below.

Looking at Baby with that pathetic look coz he refused to give him the Pocky at first.. haha..
Then he got excited coz Baby finally showed some signs of treating him.. but hehe.. never did he realised that he had a small price to pay before he gets to eat.
It's freaking not easy to make him stay like this hockay coz when it comes to food, he cannot stay still!! We tried many times to obtain this result.. haha.. after that we made him perform the same each time he wanted to eat.. haha..
Look at his dull face. He must be whining silently why Mummy made me do this kinda thing.. Just let me eat lar.. Argh!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hard Gay - The Best "GAY" in the world!

Baby had introduced Hard Gay to me like a year ago but I never had the time or mood to check him out until today, after Baby reminded me again.. hahaha.. I tell u, he is the one of the best entertainers I have ever seen.. AND the best "GAY" in the world!

Be it Harudo Gay, Haado Gei or Haado Gai, his real name is actually Masaki Sumitani, from Japan. He is not a Gay but a comedian! Know more about him HERE.

Many of you might have already known about him but I'm sure some of you still do not know about him. Good things must share.. haha..
His favourite phrases: "Hello, this is Hard Gay", "Hoooo!", "Say Say Say!" and his video background music is always Ricky Martin's "Livin' la Vida Loca".. LOL

He has many videos and all are damn hilarious! Let me share some of his videos. Enjoy!

Hard Gay wants to be in Yahoo (with English Subtitles!)

Hard Gay and Sakura Viewing (with English Subtitles!)

Hard Gay and the Ramen Shop (with English Subtitles!)

Georgi is a Japanese Spitz

Thank you very much for many of your compliments on Georgi, especially on his fur... I will continue to keep his fur as white as possible! :D

Also I believed many of you might be very curious what Georgi's breed is. He is a Japanese Spitz. (Click link to get an idea about this breed)

If you would like to buy/adopt one, would appreciate if you could read up thoroughly on this breed before making the big decision. A dog also has a life, please handle with care...

If you would like to know further about this breed from me, do feel free to ask. I will share as much as I could through my own experience with my little rascal. He is a bundle of joy yet a headache at the same time.. haha.. You can never find a perfect human, what more a dog...


Official Opening on a SUNDAY!

Today is our new office official opening and it's COMPULSORY for all staff to attend. BUT I refused to attend coz it's a freaking SUNDAY . All the fengshui and auspicious day/time shit to blame lar! Haha..

Also with another reason! Self explanatory below.

I was damn pissed with our Admin manager coz she made use of me to get lion dance quotation from my fren and in the end not using him when he was the lowest of all quotes and could accommodate her request. She had already gotten another lion dance troupe's package for the official opening previously from our last Chinese New Year celebration. Suddenly on Fri she asked me to get my fren's quote coz that lion dance troupe was not able to find Mandarin Oranges for her as the season was over. I asked my fren to help and he mentioned no problem with the Mandarin Oranges and his quote was way lower than the former. In the end, the Admin manager said that lion dance troupe can match my fren's charges and they are going ahead with them. WTF! PUI!

I started to wonder.... what abt the oranges which they could not provide? Not an issue anymore????!!!! Then the light finally came out! She bloody used me!!!!

And sooooo I feign sickness! SUN is my rest day (Sabbath day hockay!) so no work shd be involved.. haha..

Say I rigid and YES I totally agree!

Steeple's Deli (Sandwiches and Burgers)

Yesterday before heading for my Brazilian IPL and Baby to collect his vouchers, we had brunch at Steeple's Deli. They serve mainly sandwiches and burgers.. very simple cafe situated at one corner of Tanglin Shopping Centre. I had the BTL (bacon) Sandwich and Baby had the Roast Chicken Sandwich. We both chose the Rye Bread....

(Click to enlarge for better view.. look at the bacon... hahah)

Simple yet delicious. Looks damn fresh rite?

I remembered the 1st time I went to Steeple's, the coleslaw really impressed me. I was kinda hooked to it and wished to go back soon to have it again. Yesterday when I tasted it, thou it did not give me the same "Omph", but still good, compared to other coleslaws I have tasted. Their sandwiches taste really nice and comes with fresh bread and ingredients. Another table ordered burgers and they looked damn good too (meat patties are thick and looked juicy) thou we have not tried before. It's an open concept kitchen, so you could basically see everything..

Price falls under the mid range. Total bill for 2 sandwiches and 2 glasses of Latte cost S$25.80 (if I'm not wrong, coz Baby foot the bill.. hehe). They open from Mon - Sat only from 930am - 7pm.

Steeple's Deli
Tanglin Shopping Centre
Tel: 6737 0701

It's far for me to travel all the way there to eat.. but if I have another chance, I will definitely patronise again. It's worth going back for a simple and good sandwich meal.

Friday, April 25, 2008

The biggest love of my life

I took a couple of photos of Georgi this morning.. I realised I did not do that for the longest time.. haha.. used to be damn crazy over taking shots of him.. until he was very irritated and always hide from my camera... but this time he was quite obliging to my cam-whoring.. hehe..

Above: I took this when he heard some weird sounds coming from outside my kitchen window (he was about to growl). It's natural coz he is a guard dog.. haha..

Ain't he simply a sweet little thing.. hoho.. coming 3 years old liao...

BIBLE FIGHT - It's a game!

Must warn you 1st.. it's not as easy as u think it is... hehe..

Eve, Mary, Noah, Moses, Jesus & Satan fighting against one another... quite hilarious!

(e.g. When Eve displays her power, it's Adam who comes out from underground and hit the enemy.. LOL!)



P/s: It's for entertainment purpose... no offense to the religion..

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Funny Games

Last weekend Baby obliged to go tanning with me... why I say he obliged coz he hates to be under the sun... and I desperately need to get the colour back coz my tan was fading... He accompanied me all the way to Sentosa... I tanned and he hid under the shelter reading.. haha.. Isn't that a really nice and sweet gesture from him? hehe.. Thanks Baby.. I truly appreciated it...

After that we caught FUNNY GAMES at GV VivoCity. I wanna use the $2 off coupon to offset the ticket price, only to find out at the counter that it's not applicable for new movies... Tsk Tsk.

There was not even a motive why the two disturbed men wanna torture and kill innocent people, using the same trap everytime.. and they did not even have an intention to rob.. they just wanna torture! I think they were really disturbed and sick in the mind! Naomi Watts was damn good in her role.. Overall not a bad movie, just too random.

Any movie recommendation? I heard The Forbidden Kingdom sucks! CNA only give 1 popcorn! Hmmm.. to watch or not to watch...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I am feeling old.....

No.. actually I AM getting old.. haha...

As you grow older, naturally you start getting wedding invitations, news of baby coming along the way, etc, slowly but surely... and in no time I will be attending baby's first month celebration, 1 year old birthday, so on and so forth.

One of my good friends recently announced that she is pregnant. I am truly happy and excited for her but at the same time understand her dilemma.. Having a child comes with huge responsibility and not an easy task if you are not mentally, emotionally or even physically prepared.

At times, I wondered whether I can be a good and responsible mother.. I think we all do have a selfish side of us... I cannot envision myself devoting my time and life to kids.. many people will say the same applies to owning a dog... but I beg to differ coz it's really not the same! And people who preferred dogs over children will be able to relate and understand exactly how I feel and what I mean...

Anyway the point is I guess I wun be having a kid of my own... not when my biological clock is ticking real fast.. haha..

Eye iPod - Blink Blink Blink

The older generation (e.g. father, mother, grandma, grandpa, auntie, uncle) always ask us not to blink our eyes too much coz they look awful! I dunno about you but I used to hear this alot when I was young.

BUT now... blinking your eyes is a cool thing coz of the new iPod invention by Japanese! Bat an eyelid to play and replay your favourite iPod tune. Control ya iPod with a new Japanese remote control that works in the blink of an eye.

When a user winks/blinks, movement in their skin is detected by sensors clipped to their glasses or headphones. This single-chipped computerised system is comprised of infrared sensors that monitor movements of the temple so tiny that it can be built into a pair of glasses. The infrared sensors then generate an electric signal that a micro computer uses to work Apple Inc's iPod.

Close both eyes to play or pause. Wink with one eye to rewind, wink the other to skip to the next song. Cool rite!

Some queried what if users accidentally blink only to find themselves in a completely different soundtrack? It was clarified that this system doesn't malfunction even when you eat, talk, walk or run, as there are differences in movement between an accidental and an intentional blink/wink, and that the computer can differentiate the signals, even if people around you can't.

Hmmmm I wonder can this technology be used in other areas... like... controlling the TV? or other electrical appliances at home? Haha...

So when you see someone in Japan winking/blinking at you or in your direction, don’t think too much or start wondering, coz they are not sending any message to you but to their Eye iPod!

*Information abstracted from various sources

Where to find GOOD steak with CHEAP price?

Baby and I are always in search for good steak with reasonable/cheap price. Generally people will say if you want to eat good steak, go to the expensive restaurants lor.. like Lawry's, Just Steak, Gordon Grill, Shashlik etc. OK I'm not saying all those I just mentioned are lousy but they are EXPENSIVE!! Baby tried the expensive ones before but they taste quite ordinary, yet pricey, so not worth going back rite?

Therefore my point here is where to find good and cheap steaks? Try ASTON. They are famous for their steaks. Last weekend, we suddenly felt like eating one so Baby found Aston on some forums and we decided to give it a try. I believed alot of you might have already knew about this cafe and that I'm probably abit too slow to have realised it only now.. hahaha

No reservations allowed and the queue is long! It's not some fancy restaurants, which you will WOW at the ambience or setting. It's jus a simple cafe but with good food! The Q infront of the cafe is already a publicity by itself. We were there at about 9pm+ and the Q is still long.. They closed at 11pm.

I had the Prime Tenderloin and Baby had the Wagyu Beef (all main courses come with choice of 2 side dishes). If you are a steak lover, you will know Wagyu beef is NOT cheap and can easily cost you $100 - $200 for a slice (depending on thickness/weight)!!

This is our bill. Amazingly cheap I should say. Wagyu beef (good grade one somemore) and Prime Tenderloin beef with two drinks only at S$70.30. And best part - not only are they cheap, they taste really fantastic for that kinda price!

I think it's worth a visit. Their onion rings and "ieatsuper" burger are some of their specialties too...

P/S: Heard that the owner used to work in Ponderosa... Insider information or rumour?? I dunno and don't quote me! Haha..

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Clever Georgi.. RARE!

This morning Gboy had a reaction... erm NOT that kinda reaction lar!.. which was rather unexpected but I was pleasantly surprised. This may appear normal to many dog owners but to me, it's a rare occasion coz my ah dog quite silly lar.. hahha... friends who know Gboy will know exactly what I mean...

I dun have a car so whenever I wanna bring Georgi out, I have to call a cab. It seems like he had gotten the signal that whenever I call cab from home means he gets to go out.. haha..

Sooo there was a heavy rain this morning and I decided to call cab to work.. usually he knows at this time I will be out for work so he was lying down at his usual spot all this while. BUT he suddenly sprung up and got all excited when I got connected to the operator via speaker.. haha.. That reaction was damn fast I tell u.. he knew instantly what I was doing, the way I always did whenever it's time for his outing...

Hmmm.. I guess this time I disappointed him... coz when I walked out of the door, he looked so lost...

Repetition method will never go wrong if you wanna teach ya dogs new tricks!

Anonymous gift or junk? UPDATED!


I have taken the liberty to eat it and I regretted!! Looks are deceiving really! I ate one piece and bleargh "Lao Hong"! Sucks shit! I truly have a BAD feeling that that box of shit is expired! haha... *BUANG*

This box of Korean snacks has been on my desk for quite a while already (more than a week or so I think). I have absolutely no idea who left it here.. No indication of whether it's for me or my boss. No notes nothing.. And I dunno why I still let it lie there.. Mayb hoping for someone to come and claim it back or waiting until the day when temptation overcomes me and decide to eat it.. hahaha..

I asked around but nobody knows about this mystery box of snacks.. I can only think of the following possibilities:

  1. From my admirer.. which many colleagues teased when I asked around... haha.. but I seriously doubt it coz 90% of my colleagues are females.. Hmmm but then again mayb it's from a female admirer.. lol
  2. Someone wanted to give to my boss and assumed that I know it's for him.. DOH!
  3. Someone accidentally left it there and conveniently forgotten about it and when he/she realised it's missing, and cannot remember where he/she left it so decides not to recover it...
  4. My boss left it for me but dun wan to tell me it's from him... quite impossible but if this is right, then I really dun understand y.. and I refused to ask him also.. haha...
  5. Someone who hates me gave me expired one (there's no expiry date indicated anywhere on the box) and tot I will eat it, which I was tempted to a few times, then die or at least get food posioning or LS! haha.. Well.. I can't help but think it's expired coz we are moving office this weekend so all or most of us are packing and clearing/throwing things.. tat's y lar.. conveniently leave it there lor...
  6. Someone who hates my boss left it there, assumed that I will think it's for my boss and pass it to him and then he will eat and die! haha.. this motive is quite classic.. I really like this to be the one.. LOL

This is how it looks like...


The box was not meant to be sealed I guess... but the individual plastic containers inside were wrapped nicely with clear hard plastic covers. I dunno about you but they do tempt me to devour them.. haha..

Hmmm now... tell me... how should I deal with it? If you were me, what would you do?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

True Story

I'm sharing with you a true story encountered by my Baby.

This happened many many years ago. Baby stays in Bukit Timah area and one night while he was walking home, he saw a woman in long white dress with long black hair walking in front of him, but she was quite a distance away so he could not see her very clearly. She walked along the pavement of the road and was flagging for cabs at the same time but NO cabs actually stopped for her. Btw they were all empty cabs. At times she would turn back and of course saw Baby far behind her. He was rather worried that she would walk towards and approach him, fortunately she didn't and continued to walk infront, still flagging cabs tat totally ignored her. At that point, Baby thought "Shit! Did I just see a ghost?? Why all the cabs not stopping for her?? Couldn't they see her??" He started to slow down his pace so that he would not get closer to her.

He continued to observe her from afar and finally a cab stopped for her. She went in and off they went. Baby was finally relieved and continued to walk towards his place. Suddenly he noticed that the same cab stopped and the lady in white actually came out and the cab left immediately. Baby was damn puzzled about the whole scenario, "Why did she go in and come out again?? Why the cab driver did what he did?" The lady continued to walk and flag at oncoming empty cabs and still no cabs stopped for her. By then, Baby already reached his place, so he did not managed to find out what the outcome was.

Do you think Baby really saw a ghost? Initially why was she not able to get a cab, all empty cabs did not stop for her. Then when she finally boarded an empty cab, why did the cab stopped and she come out again? After that, why was she not able to get a cab again? Well the story goes on as follows:

After quite sometime, one day while Baby was in a taxi, the taxi driver and Baby started chatting and somehow or rather Baby popped the question to the taxi driver about the white woman he saw that fateful night. He told the taxi uncle the whole scenario and guess what?! The uncle laughed. Here comes the enlightenment!

Taxi uncle said "Oh that woman ar! She famous one.. always flagged for taxi around that area one.. every taxi uncle knows about her. Once she got into your cab, she would sex trade! So of course those taxi drivers who knew about her would avoid taking her lar!"

So NOW you know the reason huh.. Hahahaa....

p/s: It's really not fiction. It's a real story! when I first heard this from Baby, he made me tot that he really saw a ghost, until he revealed the reason... haha...

Monday, April 14, 2008

Contender Asia Finale LIVE!

WOOHOO!! Yodsaenklai emerged VICTORIOUS!!!!

Sat's fight was power. Everyone at indoor stadium was so vivacious. Our seats and view were good shit too.. I think it was not even necessary to get the expensive tickets. S$80 seat was perfectly fine.. You will notice on the ticket it's indicated complimentary but it's not lar.. I got them at discounted rate thru our company.. hehe..


Before the main fight, there were some other matches as follows:

Small Match: Indonesia vs Singapore (Male)
Singapore WON
*The Singapore representative patterns were more than badminton.. so we were worried he would be knocked out in 1st round and lose Singaporean's face.. hahah.. but he did just fine.

Small Match: Thailand vs Singapore (Female)
Singapore WON again
*Female fights are always quite comical. Baby and I were surprised that Singapore won coz her opponent was Thai... haha.. but she did proud to Singapore.

Intercontinental Championship by the Contender Asia fighters
Sean Wright (Scotland) vs Soren Mongkontong (Australia)
Soren WON
*Baby and I supported Sean. Baby's reason was coz Sean is his fellow countryman.. haha.. Scottish mar.. lame rite.. haha.. for me, I personally tot Sean was quite a good fighter.

Contender Asia Re-match
Zidov Dominik (Switzerland) vs Zic Zach Khan (Singapore)
Zic Zach WON
*Technically speaking I should support own ppl right.. haha.. but this match was more entertaining than anything else.. Zidov got his "balls" attacked 3 times and Zach once by Zidov.. I must say Zach really likes to aim at balls man... haha... that was entertaining. And Woooo I saw RED coz Zidov's nose bled, but he continued to fight and then more blood. That was a real bloody one man.. I like it!

European Championship by the Contender Asia fighters
Rafik Bakkouri (France) VS Dzhabar Askerov (UAE)
Dzhabar WON
*I had no preference who to support so it was a neutral match for me. Baby supported the French and he tot that Rafik fought a good fight even thou Dzhabar won. For me, I was just bored watching this match.. haha..

Lastly, the final and most important fight:
The Contender Asia Championship
Yodsaenklai (Thailand) vs John Wayne Parr (Australia)
Yod WON!!
*Yod Rocks! He was so childlike and really funny in his expressions. Freaking cool thru out the fight. Since the very first match shown in AXN, Baby and I already supported Yod and predicted he will be the winner. He was already so cool from the beginning of the Contender Asia. I still remembered that time when Baby and I watched the 1st episode together at his place. Before Yod went out for his 1st fight (could not remember his opponent then), he could still unperturbedly slurped a bowl of instant noodles. That was damn cool to begin with man.. LOL.. From then, we confirmed he is the STEADY one! I tell you, his pair of legs is Woohoo! And he never falls!

Yesterday Baby commented that he should advertise for some instant noodles commercial .. sure successful man.. haha..

Champion won USD150,000. I think Yod deserves it. Nevertheless John was a good fighter too, which made the Finale a very impressive one, however got one lil disappointment: not much BLOOD as John only got a lil cut on his face.. hehe..

Some Ang Mohs from the floor threw a plastic cup and caused a lil chaos.. kenna took down names and all by the security guards. But everyone soon forgot about it and continued to focus on the fight. This is Singapore dey... dun ever try to be funny.. haha..

Overall, it was a good experience. Baby and I did not expect alot from this coz we tot the seats we got might not have a good view so we just wanna go there for the atmosphere... but I guess when you do not have high expectation, you will be pleasantly surprised in the end... After all the cheering and booing, screaming and yelling, it's time for some Pi Pa Gao... haha...

p/s: I HATE Jaymee Ong. She sucks! I wished many times she would fall down from the ring.. haha.. She squeaks like a freaking duck with that shitty accent! GOSH!

Simply Stupidity (Bloggers resorting to spamming themselves?!)

Can u imagine nowadays bloggers got so bored and desperate that they start this new hobby of spamming their own shoutbox! I do not want to name the url here but I have been checking out the blog on and off when I need a laugh. I shall jus name him Blogger N.

Apparently there had been some shoutbox war going on previously in Blogger N's blog and the other party had completely stopped, but Blogger N still did not give up and had been counter-attacking by posting messages on his own shoutbox trying to catch the other party's attention I guess... hahah... I have been kept so amused that I can't stop going back to look at him spamming himself or his friends spamming together with him.. they were literally talking among themselves... Hmmm the other party had probably already stopped visiting them.. How DOH can it be right... sometimes I seriously wonder...

And the best part? Before his very own shoutbox he actually put "No Spamming, please!"


Friday, April 11, 2008

Simply Stupidity (Some kids just like to SPAM unnecessarily)

I started off totally pissed with them because they offended/hurt someone dear to me plus they were really unethical in the whole saga.. BUT now I started to feel kinda sorry for them on their upbringing... SIGH...

This will be my first and last post about them and I'm moving on to blog again NORMALLY... PERIOD.........


Ehh?? No more? Have not found another way to SPAM? I tot got more entertainment to last me for a while... surprised it's so short-lived.. Oh well... U think it's so easy to play punk is it? I have to emphasize again.. Try harder "green horns"..

They are kids and I should not be harsh on them BUT they are not just any kids.. they are worst of the worst! I swear! And I think they needed to be taught a lesson. I seriously had never come across such ill-bred teenagers like them.. Dun they simply understand that the only thing they needed to do was to just jolly well shut their mouths and stop spouting nonsensical remarks? Sometimes I really wonder do I have to stoop as low as them just to get my message across. Well.. I figured one needs to when one is dealing with ppl like theM.


Ooooooo I just happily deleted bulk comments by categorizing them all as "SPAM". They threatened that they know how to spam me in other ways wor (Hmmm.. I know my blog function better or you?) Eh Losers.. like I said already.. TRY HARDER!

Nowadays ppl like to spam so much.. my shoutbox will be closed in the meantime as there are rascals spamming it and I dun wan you guys to see those uncivilised comments.. luckily all of you have not gotten the chance to witness before I deleted them.. gotta act fast if not all of you will surely be turned off... coz they were not even creative to begin with. Anyway guys you know where to leave comments if you wan to..

All comments will be moderated by MUA so try spamming me again idiots, if you can still find a way I mean... You can send all sorts of comments/insults every day or every moment (if you have so much time to spend that is) but it will not emerge on my blog to bore my readers with comments that literally "yawn" by themselves... and I can delete all of them in bulk so send as many as you wan, kids... Try harder hockay....


Contender Asia FINALE!

Woohoo.. tomorrow Baby and I will be watching the Contender Asia Finale LIVE! at Indoor Stadium.

Steady Yod! Support you all the way! You're the man! Thai can never go wrong.. haha... I hope......

I really look forward to a great fight man..

Baby wished for blood scene.. I "Aiyo" him but actually I secretly do hope for some bloody effect.. hehe... I know I am violent for a gal... hahah..

Thursday, April 10, 2008

NO official off day for office move? WTF!


I seriously dun understand why company like to squeeze us, the staff, DRRRRRY... Already for the past weeks we had been busy juggling both packing and working at the same time.. and so many freaking deadlines to meet: this week has to archive blar blar blar, that week has to clear blar blar blar... I wished I was octopus! THEN dun give us official off day even on the very last day of packing. WE NEED TO SORT/WRAP/PACK IN BLOODY PEACE and NOT still having to check emails, running around photocopying, printing and doing shiet with so many boxes lying and stacking everywhere - OFFICE HAZARD!! I wun be surprised if bruises start to develop along the way... already I had cuts and blisters here and there...

Worse, we still have to go back to new office for official opening on a freaking SUNDAY! Compulsory somemore! and guess what! (and I'm absolutely not joking).. families, friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, mistress, lovers, maids are all welcomed to attend.. except dogs.. OMFG! I'm so gonna keng keng and keng... plus the worst of the worst is tat stupid biatch will be there (most of you should know who), soooo that affirms my decision not to appear on that day..

Does anyone has the same experience during office move? If you dun, then I'm so fucking glad and happy for you... coz I personally think this is absolutely absurd... you need to pack and unpack rite! Bloody imagine you still have to work and pack to the very last day in old office and work and unpack on the very first day in new office.. siao boh!

BRAINLESS MANAGEMENT is my conclusion... TSK!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Preparation for Olympics??

OMG!! Classic rite... Enjoy!


Monday, April 07, 2008


Brought Georgi for grooming yesterday at VivoCity and caught THE BUCKET LIST with Baby since we needed to while off hours before collecting Georgi.

A MUST WATCH!! Really good, meaningful and touching movie and AGAIN I was EMO.. haha.. but seriously, I personally tot this is a MUST WATCH! It's about how 2 complete strangers, who were worlds apart, could become good friends and embarked on a road trip of a lifetime before they kicked the bucket. AND it's more than just living life to the fullest.. To know more, watch it, please... And with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman as the lead actors, the more reason you should catch it.


Friday, April 04, 2008

Rule #1

Last Sun I went tanning with Penny at usual place, but weather kinda sucks. After tat, we planned to catch RULE #1. Have not watched movie with Penny for the longest time, I also could not remember when and wat was the last movie we caught together. Hmmm this movie made us a lil confused... trying to be inventive, creating an illusion or whatever, but not too successful I guess... It was an OK show.. not that scary and exciting...


*Some of you might know abit about her* - what I'm going to ratter below:

After the movie, I received her call... She knew I wun answer her calls so she always try to reach me by using different numbers, and I got trapped this time and answered. BUT BUT BUT my power Nokia 8800 died on me again after she was connected to me - heard her voice and phone went flat! Then she tot I hanged up on her (coz she complained to my bro).. hahaha.. What to do.. she suay wat, can't help it.

I used to have very bad experience with her, coz whenever I answer her calls, it's always about $$$$$$$... I had enough and told myself never to answer her calls anymore... dun rebuke me for being unfilial or whatsoever coz you dunno what exactly happened.. if you were in my shoes, you would know how I feel..

Oh well anyway now my Rule #1 is besides never to answer private calls, which has always been my stand, I have stretched my principle to also never answer unfamiliar numbers...

I'm sorry but I really do not wish to have anything to do with YOU anymore....