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Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Goondu Georgi

Georgi looks so cute even when eating ice cream.. haha..

That area he was at is his resting zone..

You see the cloth and couch beside him? My reason: I dun allow or rather wan him to lie down on the floor coz the fur at his joints will rub against the floor and cause abrasion, which will also create an ugly furless sight.. hehe.. therefore to maintain his "beautifulness", he was already trained and used to lie on couch/mattress specially catered for him.. with a personal fan blowing at him from day to night too.. haha.. tat's how I pamper him..

Hmmm.. and I dunno whether he will still enjoy the same privilege over at the new place..


Marc said...

OMG Georgi is so cute eating the ice cream. Dogs can eat ice cream one meh?

Serene said...

Can but not too much.. some or most dogs are lactose intolerant so have to be careful. I usually gave him some to taste only.. and not often.. it's a luxury for him! haha