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Monday, June 30, 2008

3 movies this weekend & STCC

This is the first time I watched 3 movies consecutively for 3 days, coz there are quite a number of movies I wanna watch and I tot I better catch all of them asap.

Fri caught WANTED at GV Tiong Bahru.

My boss kept saying it's damn good thou stupid coz the CGI effects were freaking solid.. Hmmmm ok lar I would not say it's bad but not that fantastic also. And I fell asleep on and off coz it was a midnight show! haha..

Sat Baby and I went back to old place coz I arranged for aircon servicing. After that I did a final cleaning up of the house before handover the next day. Was damn tiring. Got home, then decided to catch 10 PROMISES TO MY DOG in the evening at GV Tiong Bahru.

I went with super high expectations but hmmmm quite a disappointment with the storyline. Those parts with the dog still touched me nonetheless, and yes I teared quite a bit but personally I felt that the movie itself had too many loopholes and it was not really focusing on the 10 promises, and no good examples were shown to represent each and every one of them well. It also did not really focus a lot on the dog's relationship with the owner. The story is like all over the place and everything happened very fast. The father was funny thou.. hehe.. Hearty Paw is so far still the best dog movie I had ever watched.

After the movie, I missed Georgi so much I can't wait to go back to him. Then I walked him immediately when I reached home.. hehe..

Yesteday, I went to do my handover and finally the house thingy was settled! Phew! Proceeded to Toy & Comic Convention at Suntec. One word: Disorganized!

Everything from outside of the hall to inside was totally disorganized! Firstly, no proper signage or indication of the registration counter. Queues for redemption or giveaways were all over the place and you would not know which queue is for which booth. After walking a while, both Baby and I got so fed up and decided not to stay thru the event, which was initially planned.

My main purpose to visit this convention was actually to look at my company's very own booth. It's only right huh coz I painstakingly prepared all the prizes, giveaways and banners for this event! hahah.. Met my production crew and was told that Sat was crazier, jam-packed like what. My boss did ask me to go for the Fri VIP trade event, which was not opened to public but I did not want to coz firstly, it's company event and I hate to attend company event. Secondly I already planned to go with Baby today so decided not to join them on Fri.

Tried my best to take some pictures but not many coz too many people and the place was fucking cramp! No way to take pictures with all the heads blocking man!

This iron man is way cool!

This boy was damn good! Solved the cubic in 19.69 secs!!!!! I regretted not taking video of the process coz he was freaking fast!

Live demo by Tokidoki's artist. He was in a blank initially.. hehe.. guess too stressed with everyone standing in front and looking at him.

This is the artist, Simone Legno. Quite cute huh.. hehe

Hockay these were how much I could take coz it's really damn stuffy inside, plus I did not stay thru out.. I think this event needs more improvement, especially on the organising part. Luckily it's free, otherwise I dun think it's worth going.

So since we left early, we again tot of catching another movie. This time GET SMART at GV Marina Square.

It's darn hilarious. I was really entertained by the humor. For me, this is the best compared with the other 2, at least brought a nice end to my week. Wanna catch Hancock this weekend and it's also Georgi's grooming time again!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

I SURVIVED! Japanese Game Show

I wish this show will come to Singapore... hehehe but unlikely huh.. It was premiered last Tue in Japan!

Watch the trailer.
Click each small box to go to individual trailer of this game show.
Sometimes, you will see an advertisment before each trailer. Enjoy!


Friday, June 27, 2008

Why we simply love British Newspapers

Click to enlarge if you have difficulty reading...

Dun we all love to read such news? Hehe...

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

BRAVIA Live Color Wall Project in Tokyo

This is a campaign to promote “Live Color” feature of Sony BRAVIA. The public in Tokyo can just use the web based control panel, choose any colour they want and paint the Sony building in the Ginza shopping district. Your selected color from the website would then be projected on the Sony building using LED lights in real time. When the building changes color, the BRAVIA ad changes color with it too! Ain't it damn cool?! Watch the video and you will see the amazing things they can do!

Cross-media Promotion of SONY BRAVIA “Live Color” is the concept of SONY BRAVIA.We aimed for each and every one of the users to further experience the concept of discovering and enjoying color using the internet.

Sony Building in Tokyo turning into the color you want.Presenting a new way to communicate messages in the internet era.

This project (service?) allows users to “color” Sony building located in Ginza, the cultural center of Japan, from wherever they are. Live Cam has been set up displaying the Sony building. Users can pick-up color from live feeds and TV commercials on screen using the dropper curser and drop it on the Sony building! The whole building will turn into the color chosen by the user and this can be enjoyed live via live cam. Those who tried this were able to experience the Sony BRAVIA “Live Color” excitement. Many internet users visited the website and experienced the original technology developed for this project:“Pick-up color from images delivered live” and “Selected color is reflected by the LED lights on the Sony building in real time”. Connecting the company-owned media (Sony building) to the internet using cutting edge technology, we introduced a completely new way to experience the BRAVIA “Live Color” message.

Point 1: Media owned by Sony (Sony building) was used.

Point 2: User can freely choose any color from TV commercials or live feeds.

Point 3: Building changes color in real time.

Source: HERE

Elizabeth Arden & Extravagant SALE

(click to enlarge)

Date: Sat, 28 June 2008
Time: 10am - 8pm
Venue: Suntec Convention Centre Room 203 (level 2)

Extravagant SALE
(Lifestyle & Entertainment)

Date: Sat, 28 & Sun, 29 June 2008
Time: 10am - 9pm
Venue: Suntec Convention Centre Room 201 (level 2)

Fashionable merchandise at up to 90% off.

Find Mens, Ladies and Kids Apparels, Jackets, Bags, Shoes, Jewelleries, Undergarments, fashionable gifts items, etc. at affordable prices

Brands like Montagut, Jean Tonic, Alberto, EverBest and a number of other familiar European brands.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Seriously wanna quit smoking? Try this!

As promised and with reference to my previous post about smoking and how Baby and his sister managed to quit their puffs overnight, this is the solution!!

First of all, this is only for SERIOUS QUITTERS (meaning for those who truly wanna quit and not half-hearted kind). If you simply LOVE to smoke and can't bear to quit, then please DON'T READ IT and tarnish the book's reputation!

This is the revolutionary international bestseller that will stop you smoking - for good. 'If you follow my instructions you will be a happy non-smoker for the rest of your life.' That's a strong claim from Allen Carr, but as the world's leading and most successful quit smoking expert, Allen was right to boast! Reading this book is all you need to give up smoking. You can even smoke while you read. There are no scare tactics, you will not gain weight and stopping will not feel like deprivation. If you want to kick the habit then go for it. Allen Carr has helped millions of people become happy non-smokers. His unique method removes your psychological dependence on cigarettes and literally sets you free. Accept no substitute. Five million people can't be wrong.

"The object of this book is to get you into the frame of mind in which, instead of the normal method of stopping whereby you start off with the feeling that you are climbing Mount Everest and spend the next few weeks craving a cigarette and envying other smokers, you start right away with a feeling of elation, as if you had been cured of a terrible disease."

Check out the author, Allen Carr's website. There are real testimonials of famous celebrities like Anthony Hopkins, Ellen DeGeneres, Ashton Kutcher, Richard Branson etc.

You may also wanna check out this website (http://www.theeasywaytostopsmoking.com/)

You should also read some of the reviews here http://www.reviewcentre.com/reviews6967.html)

As it had mentioned, you can still smoke away while reading the book. But by the time you finish the book, you would have already stopped smoking instantly. For Baby's case, he did not even finish reading it and half-way thru, he already stopped smoking completely. That's how powerful the book is!

If Baby and his sister can do it, so can you :)

Happy reading and quitting!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Times Books Warehouse SALE!!

(Click to enlarge for better view)

Date: 26 - 29 June 2008
Time: 10am - 9pm daily
Venue: Singapore Expo Hall 6B

Members' Preview:
Wednesday, 25 June 2008
(3pm - 9pm)

Organiser: Times The Bookshop Pte Ltd (http://www.timesone.com.sg/)

John Little Mega SALE starts TODAY!!

Date: 24 June – 6 July 2008
Time: 10.30am to 10pm daily
Venue: Singapore Expo Hall 5
Public – Free Admission

John Little Pte Ltd

Contact Details:
Tel: +65 6212 9200

Monday, June 23, 2008

Apparel, Shoes and Bags SALE

The Apparel, Shoes and Bags Sale

Public – Free Admission
Date: 25 - 29 June 2008
Time: 10.00am - 10.00pm
Venue: Singapore Expo Foyer 2 Level 2
Organiser: Beautiful Connections

Si Peh Frustrating!

Last weekend was quite crazy and messy due to the move. So happy that I'm finally staying in Central! Tired of staying in the east for many years. Like I said so many times, Tiong Bahru is damn freaking convenient and it had proven right so many times in that weekend!

Last Friday was the move and surprisingly I managed to settle the major unpacking by the same evening! I only left the more detailed unpacking on Sat and Sun. Was really shacked out but still managed to grab a little time off to catch a movie with Baby. We went to watch YOU DON'T MESS WITH THE ZOHAN" at GV Tiong Bahru. Simply Crap show! Dun really like it thou it's funny coz the whole movie was jus too dumb! So Slapstick!

Georgi surprisingly was so easily adapted to his new environment. He got really comfortable with the place almost immediately, but barks more often now coz we are at the ground level and he simply barks at everyone who walked past our house. I guess he still need to get used to it. There was also a bit of happening here and there with the 2 cats and him.. hahah.. did not managed to take any pictures or video coz it's too adhoc... We kept warning Georgi if he dun wan to get "Adidas-ed" on his face, he better not disturb the cats.. haha...

Hockay the main part of my post is here:

I wanted to get my IC's address changed as soon as possible before any government letter gets delivered to my old place, so went to the nearest police post to settle it during the weekend but got rejected coz I did not bring any documents to prove my new address and had to go back again.

The next day before we headed down to Ikea in the afternoon, we went back to the police station again with the necessary documents. This time we were told that their system was down and asked to come back again after 8pm. Fortunately we did not purposely go down to do this, so we proceeded to Ikea and then realised there is actually a police station near Queensway Shopping Centre, and we thought of trying that branch. Went in and was told that their system was down too. We told them that the other branch was also down and they enlightened that in fact the whole ICA system was down. We were quite irritated.. Oh well... since we were there to shop, we decided not to brood over it and thought mayb later in the evening when we walked Georgi, we could go back to the initial police station again to settle it.

At about 930pm, we went back, hoping that this time the system would be up since they mentioned to go back after 8pm. There was someone inside the station with the officer, so we just waited outside. But the activity inside took rather long and I decided to walk in and ask if I could change my IC address, to quickly get over and done with. The officer asked if it's urgent and if I could come back again coz they were handling an important case.

WTH! This is the limit liao! It's either I'm damn suay or this station near my house is cursed! I went 4 times to simply get my bloody IC address change and 4 times I got rejected! Wah lau eh!

Si Peh Frustrating!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Be careful where you visit Japan...

Hi folks, I will be super busy with the rest of my packing and the move from tonight onwards till probably end of this week, thus no updates coz my lappy will not be available as it will be part of the move! haha..

Anyway with the following 2 videos, hope you guys will have a great weekend and see you again next week!

Dun bother to control... Just laugh!

And they use "" to represent that?! Hahah...

Japanese are damn terrible, dun you think? LOL

P/S: I will share about the amazing quit smoking book next week..

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Why some human beings just dun understand the following indicated in all the lifts of Singapore:



Are you an animal or simply blind?

I have no problem with general smokers but it's damn annoying to have people smoke in lifts. Very irritating to be in the same lift with these morons you know!

At times when I'm in a rush and the fact that the lift at my block is so freaking slow that only one lift works at one time (I'm so glad I'm moving OUT!), and when finally one lift opened, I'm greeted with a bloody smoker puffing away in the small under-ventilated lift and got the whole cubicle stuffed with stinking 2nd hand smoke! (And YES I had to mention "stinking smoke" coz a lot of morons dun realise that smoke stinks like hell!) At that point, I really wished I could kill them. I would never compromise myself to step into smoky lifts, so I will just show them the pissed look, give them a loud "TSK" and moved myself in front of the other lift, or if really couldn't wait, I would walk down the stairs. They knew they were wrong in the first place with that guilty look (some even try to hide their cigarette - Come on! You think there's no smell? Again Moron!), so they did not dare to pick a fight with me. Try creating one, I will have no qualms in whacking them upside down, left right!

I empathize alot with old people BUT not in this case! Most of the lift smokers at my block are old men and you know they particularly love to smoke the "self paper-wrapped" type and those are the worst! GOSH! I dun care whether you are old, uneducated or whatever supposedly good excuses you could come out with. A LAW is a LAW, being old and uneducated does not give you the passport to act blur and break it! There is a damn "meant-for-dummies" picture (as shown above) to show you even if you dun understand the word "PROHIBITED". Dun tell me you people cannot control and you have to smoke now NOW during that mere 30 secs in there?! Can't you finish before or start after taking the lift?!

To do these morons a favour, I really wish government will install a heat detector or something in the lift so that once these idiots smoke, the lift will "RAIN' profusely or "HANG" immediately and they will know the fun of it!

I really had enough from all these lift smoking ARSEHOLES!

Go to hell and smoke then:

On a lighter note:

Baby used to be a heavy smoker one and a half years back for more than 10 years and he quitted overnight just by reading a book. His sister started earlier than him and she also quitted after reading that amazing book.

Being in that position in the past and how he used to hate people who swayed their hands or pressed their nose with their fingers in front of smokers, he now freaking do the same thing to other smokers and told me he finally understands how we feel and why we reacted that way. Thank God!

Soooo if you really wish or sincerely wanna quit smoking, let us know, we will share with you how he did it!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Toy & Comic Convention 2008!

The first-ever Singapore Toy & Comic Convention is here!

Click to enlarge for better view

For toys, comics, animation, gaming, COSPLAY lovers!!
Website: sgtoyandcomiccon.com

My boss went for the bloody press conference and never bring anything back for me.. WTH!

Baby and I had already pre-registered and will definitely be there.

An event not to be missed!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

My DAD in my eyes

He's rough and lacks in etiquette,
Society would say.
He has no classy attributes,
To help him on his way.

He's not a fancy dresser,
But he is always trimmed and neat.
With simple clothes and simple shoes,
He wears upon his feet.

He doesn't belong to a club,
Or drive a shiny car.
And when he takes vacations,
He does not go very far.

He works long hours at his job,
To make an average pay.
And even if he's sick or tired,
He goes to work each day.

His job is just an unnoticeable one,
His pay just makes ends meet.
But, a few good friends and close ones,
Make his life complete.

He's not well versed in poetry,
Theater or the arts.
And wisdom is not something,
That he constantly imparts.

He never has much money,
And his life is not a show.
But he is still the richest man,
That I will ever know.

To others he's a simple man,
And fame he's never had.
But he's the greatest man I know,
He also is my Dad.

Dad, thou we were once very close and now we weren’t,
But no matter what had happened in the past or what may come in the future
I just want to let you know you will always be in my heart.

Happy Father’s Day

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Dedicated to the Fathers by Haado Gei!

Hey! It's Haado Gei in action again! This time dedicated to all the Fathers!

Hard Gay & Fathers' Day (with English Subtitles!)

With this, I would like to wish all fathers Happy Father's Day!

If you wanna know more about Haado Gei, check out HERE

Friday, June 13, 2008

Bootyful Game

You may think it's X-rated or whatever. Dun judge too soon hockay until the end.

Enjoy the bootyful game!

Dun you just love these pairs of.....

Boobs are deceiving!
Have a great weekend folks!

Bushes can be used for......

This morning while travelling to work in the shuttle bus, I saw a topless man headed into one of the stretches of bushes, when the bus passed by. It got me wondering immediately what did he intend to do inside there. Changing? Peeing? Crapping? or what?

Then as the bus passed by the rest of the bushes, I continued to wonder what could actually be found inside those bushes.. I think I should just saved the details huh (leave some space for your imagination) hehe…

Another incentive

I just received, hot from the oven, another S$50 incentive, since the last one.

Thanks to Ad Sales again!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Do you love taking part in contest and winning it?

If your answer is "YES" to the above, please go to CONTEST JUNKIE to check out all the different types of contests that are posted there. This blogger is a contest addict and it's so nice of him/her to share with everyone on all the contests that are going on.

Love contest and love winning it? Check it out now!

Join more and win more! Like the blog says "HUAT AH!!"

Chocolate SALE

For the sweet tooth (ONLY today and tomorrow)!

Click for better view

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Nobody likes to clean shit that is not theirs!

I realised I have been ranting quite a bit recently. I'm guilty of that and why have I become so grouchy suddenly?! Shucks!

I thought it was over, until I received another lawyer's letter some days back. The EX had been owing bank's $$$ ever since we broke up more than a year ago. I dunno and dun wan to know why. And you would like to know how come all the letters come to me rite? Coz The EX has been working overseas and he did not have an address here in Singapore so while we were still an item, I let him use my address for all his correspondences with his banks, insurance companies and what not. I'm just so freaking thankful to God that I was not his guarantor or something, if not his mess will lie in my hands now!

I have been calling and informing all the lawyers which *** Bank engaged (apparently they kept engaging different lawyers and I dunno why) to stop sending letters to my current address and that I'm moving out soon. I just wanna do my part to inform the lawyers. But they have stupid rules like they can only write a report to the Bank about my complain but they can't guarantee that the bank will not do this again, whereas on the law firm's side, they can promise that they will not send anymore correspondences to the current address.

Althou it's none of my business and I could even ignore the whole thing but I'm just really pissed that I let The Ex used my address for his convenience and yet he misused it. This is what I get for being nice.. PUI! and in the past I had been helping him to settle his bills. Wait! Dun let ya mind run wild yet. The scenario was such that he transmit $$ to me, I pay for him. I'm not so dumb to pay with my own $$ hockay coz they are not small amounts I'm talking about here! Now that nobody can help him settle payments, he chose to delay or run away from payments. Brainless or what!

He has a Singapore PR but I think it should be a past tense for him now. It's really not easy to get a Singapore PR and yet he let his slipped away so easily.. pea brain! Anyway he should not, or rather, probably would not even dare to come back again, to pollute the Singapore air, especially with all these mess he had created. Serve him right!

10 Promises to my Dog MOVIE is coming SOON!

The dog movie I was talking about in my previous post is FINALLY showing!

Release date: 26 Jun 08 at Golden Village Cinemas

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

SALE at Isetan Scotts & Orchard


Everlast, Kappa, Converse (Mens & Ladies Apparels)

Date: 6 - 16 Jun 08
Venue: Isetan Orchard, Event Hall, Level 1

Ladies' Handbag & Shoes Sale

Date: 13 - 18 Jun 08
Venue: Isetan Scotts, Event Hall, Level 4

Designer Fragrance Gallery Sale

Date: 13 - 18 Jun 08
Venue: Isetan Scotts, Promotion Gallery, Level 3

Fossil & The Designer Warehouse SALE

Date: 12 - 15 Jun 08
Time: Not specified
Venue: Suntec Convention Centre (Level 2, Ballroom 1)

Designer Warehouse Sale for various high end exclusive retailers.

Some of previous participants are Morgan, Gianfranco Ferre, Montangut, Valentino, Timberland, etc.

All items are at 50-70% off retail price.

Date: 14 Jun 08 ONLY
Time: 10am - 8pm

Venue: Suntec Convention Centre (Level 3, Meeting room 303-305)

Sales of watches, accessories, bags, small leather items and jewelleries.
(http://www.fossil.com/ )

Use condom all the time - A lesson to learn!

A man is very sexually promiscuous and does not use a condom all the time. A week after arriving back home in the States, he wakes one morning to find his penis covered with bright green and purple spots.

Horrified, he immediately goes to see a doctor. The doctor, never having seen anything like this before, orders some tests and tells the man to return in two days for the results.

The man returns a couple of days later and the doctor says: "I've got bad news for you ---you've contracted Mongolian VD. It's very rare and almost unheard of here. We know very little about it."

The man looks a little perplexed and says: "Well, give me a shot or something and fix me up, Doc."

The doctor answers: "I'm sorry, there's no known cure. We're going to have to amputate your penis."

The man screams in horror, "Absolutely not! I want a second opinion."
The doctor replies: "Well, it's your choice. Go ahead if you want but surgery is your only choice."

The next day, the man seeks out a Chinese doctor, figuring that he'll know more about the disease. The Chinese doctor examines his penis and proclaims: "Ah, yes, Mongolian VD. Vely lare disease."

The guy says to the doctor: "Yeah, yeah, I already know that, but what can we do? My American doctor wants to operate and amputate my penis!"

The Chinese doctor shakes his head and laughs: "Stupid Amelican docta, always want to opelate. Make more money that way. No need to opelate!"

Oh, Thank God!" the man replies.

"Yes," says the Chinese doctor, "You no worry!

Wait two weeks. Faw off by itself!"

Monday, June 09, 2008

He is cock or wat?!

I really dunno what to say about my boss’s concentration today. This morning, he gave me a stack of usual stuff to do and accidentally left his IR8A with me (with a photocopied of his IC and some other documents), which obviously revealed his salary! OK the point is not how much he earns, thou I’m damn satisfied that I finally got to know it.. LOL.. the point is he was damn fucking blur. I gave him back that stack, purposely placed the IR8A underneath (in order not to embarrass him openly), and asked him, “Boss, you accidentally passed me this stack of things is it?” He glanced thru and said, “Yeah I guess so. I need to make copies of these.” Then while continuing flipping, he saw that IR8A right at the end and I think he knew he was in deep shit! hahahhaha

Anyway after that I went back to do my work and guess what?! Just a while ago, I left my desk to scan some stuff at the photocopy machine and lo and behold, his stack of documents are right there at the machine! What happen to him today?!! Fucking blur can?!

I was like sighing to myself while keeping the documents for him and finishing my stuff, went back to my workstation and contemplating whether I should tell him I found them at the machine or jus put it back on his desk without telling him. In the end, I chose not to tell him coz I figured he will be doubly embarrassed if he knew what happened. So I jus placed them back on his desk below his folder. Luckily he was not at his desk at that moment.

Now he is back and I bet he still does not realised what had happened earlier, coz those documents are still hiding underneath his folder.

Gosh! He is cock or what?!

I think I'm being too considerate towards him sometimes.. and I really dunno whether he appreciates.. My appraisal is coming soon.. hope he knows what to do.....

Do you think I did the right thing or what should I have done?

After talking to Baby, he nagged that I should not keep quiet and that I should highlight to him his blurness today, I decided to go forth and talk to him.

Me: "Boss you left this at the machine just now you know. Are you OK?"

Him: "Hur Hur errr yeah this is pretty confidential."

Me: (In my heart: Ah Bah Then?!) "Yeah."

He: "Luckily you found it first."

Me: (In my heart: 1st or not I really dunno man..) "Yeah."

Well I guess I'm glad I have put across my point to him on this thing. Hope it will alert him and remind him not to be careless on such things again.. It's really not nice to have this kinda documents lying around in the office man.

My appraisal should score more points now right? Haha..

Beautiful Moth

Alright maybe I'm ignorant but I never expect moth to be beautiful. In my mind, they are always dull in colour or simply black but last week I saw this beautiful moth outside my office.

It was stuck to the glass panel for 48 hours before it was gone and I did not witness how it departed. I think people must thought that I'm crazy when I took out my camera to shoot it. Btw I was not the one who took this coz I was too afraid to.. haha.. yeah laugh at me, laugh louder... Anyway I dare not go near it for fear that it would fly towards me. My friend, Penny, told me it won't fly but I still could not focus well and my hands kept shaking holding the camera.. hahaha.. Penny was laughing her ass off and she commented that even my body was swaying. WTF! I myself could not take it anymore and started laughing at my own timidness, thus making my picture taking even more challenging. Eventually I got Penny to do it and she just could not stop laughing at my stupidity :P

Why I was scared of moth coz many years back, a big black moth appeared out of nowhere and stuck onto my pants! That happened inside the MRT cabin.. I was totally freaked out! I wanted to fling it off with my legs but it just would not leave. Then I thought I should not do it in the MRT coz if it really flew off, everyone inside will be freaked out! I dunno why my mind was still so clear to think of the consequences... haha. So anyway, being the nice me, I actually came out of the cabin at the next station, which was not where I'm supposed to head to, and used all my might to fling tat damn thing off. It was really dramatic I tell you... haha.. in the end I managed to get rid of it and it flew away with a sudden disappearance. Weird!

Makes me wonder how uncanny it is that you dun see moths fly the way butterflies do. Moths always come and go like "Now you see, now you dun" manner, at least from my own experiences. The older generations also like to associate them with deceased relatives or family members and believed that moths symbolise their return to visit and all.. Superstitious? Believe it or not.. For me, I'm still rather skeptical about this but I guess moths are and will remain mysterious that way.. Hehe...

Sunday, June 08, 2008


For the IT Geeks! :P
(Click for larger view)

For more info, visit http://www.thepcshow.com.sg/

Kungfu Panda

Hey everyone, have been and will be rather occupied with packing and all for my move.

Yesterday, ran some errands and met up with Baby at Tiong Bahru Plaza for dinner and KUNG FU PANDA. Tiong Bahru Plaza will be my frequent playground in future.. haha..

It's fun to watch. The Panda is damn cute in his every move. Baby and I did not notice or realise, until the credits rolled, that Jackie Chan was the voice over for one of the characters. Do go and figure it out if you watching.. haha.. and there is something to see after the credits, if you are patient enough to stay thru, that is.. hehe..

I realised staying in Tiong Bahru is freaking convenient. I have so many choices of cinema within my reach, like GV Grand, GV Vivo or even those in Orchard. And food choices are crazy. Basically all the fast food outlets are available in Tiong Bahru Plaza, except Carls Junior and Yoshinoya, after our analysis. Every shop/cafe/restaurant is small in scale but abundant in varieties. Couple of our favourite food joints, like Newton Circus and Steeple's Deli, are also within our reach now.. haha.. And all my usual errands in town could be done easily now without travelling too much. Baby did check on the selling prices of the flats there but they are very expensive, calling between 650K to 800K. The prime location is really a killer! I guess this convenience can only last for a year for us... haha..

Hockay, I have to go and do some serious packing now. Will still try my very best to update. A big event is coming up and I will be updating that soon. Stay tuned!

Friday, June 06, 2008

Coke or Cock?

This is darn hilarious! I can't stop laughing! No matter how many times I listen, I still laugh!

Ah Hua Kopitiam (on the volume louder)

Ah Hua auntie is the power man!

Ah Loh
Flied Lice
Bee Flied Lice
Cheeken Karli
Lasi Nemak
Flute Joo
Soff dering like cock???!!!!!
With this, I wish everyone a great weekend! Don't need to think too much about the cock coke hockay?! Just go and drink some! LOL!

What more could I ask for?

When I have a lovely and endearing dog aka my son and a amazing and understanding boyfriend.

What more could I ask for? :)

p/s: Baby, thank you for opening up my eyes once again to see something which I did not realise.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Future Development of Pedra Branca

This was sent to me thru forwarded email. I just have to share this with all of you. It's funny.

ERP stands for: Everday Rob People Electronic Road Pricing

Oh since I'm at this, I might as well share more on the "meanings" of the following abbreviations/words:

COE Cash On Expressway Cetificate of Entitlement

CPF Cash Prior to Funeral / Coffin Provision Fund Central Provident Fund

DBS Damn! Boh S$$$ Development Bank of Singapore

DHL Delivery Halfway Lost

EDB Enough, Don't Bluff Economic Development Board

GST Government Salary Tax Goods and Services Tax

HDB Highly Dangerous Building Housing Development Board

JTC Jokers Training Centre Jurong Town Council

LTA Long Tio Ah (crash!) / Loan Techniques Always Land Transport Authority

MAS Mad Accounting System / Must Always Suffer Monetary Authority of Singapore

MAS Question: Mana Ada System? Answer: Mana Ada Susa! Malaysia Airlines

MOE Money Only Environment Ministry of Environment

MRT Mad Rush to Train Mass Rapid Transit

MRTC More Road Tax Coming Mass Rapid Transit Corporation

NTU Ninja Turtle University Nanyang Technological University

NUH Never Use Heart National University Hospital

NUS Never Use Sense / Not Up to Standard National University of Singapore

OCBC Owe Cash, Boh Credit Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation

PAP Pay And Pay People's Action Party

POSB Purposely Owning Some Banks Post Office Savings Bank

PSA Poor Ships Ahead Port of Singapore Authority

PSI Please Stay Indoors Pollution Safety Index

PUB Pay Until Broke / Pay Until Bankrupt Public Utilities Board

PWD Purposely Want to Dig Public Works Department

SAF Serve And Forget /Serve And Fuck off Singapore Armed Forces

SBS Super Blur Sotong / Screwed-up and Bad Service Singapore Bus Service

SDU Single, Desperate and Ugly / Sexually Depressed and Unwanted Social Development Unit

SGH Sure Give up Hope Singapore General Hospital

SIA Suffer In Agony / Sex In Air Singapore International Airlines

TCS Talk Cock Station Television Corporation of Spore

UOB U(You) Owe Bank United Overseas Bank

Last but not least, SENTOSA So Expensive and Nothing To See Actually!!!!!

(Source: TalkingCock.com)

Only Singaporeans can come out with such craps! Haha..

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

8888 "HUAT AH!"


Lo and behold! When I open my blogsite, I was greeted with this!

"Zun" or what....

Next, I shall wait for "88888".. dunno must wait until when sia... Haha..

The dumbest movers I have ever engaged!

I engaged this Professional Moving Company for my shift and they are supposed to deliver the boxes for my packing. They said that they will deliver them this Friday. I stay alone and I'm working, so out of goodwill I called them to schedule to a Sat morning. They told me Sat can but they wun know what time they can deliver and cannot guarantee it will be morning. I was a bit pissed and told them I can't be staying at home the whole Sat jus to wait for their boxes rite?! Plus I have other appts on that day.

Then they continued to tell me that if I'm not home, they will just leave the boxes outside the door. WTF????!!!! I asked them what if the boxes are stolen? They replied that they will send another batch to me. I'm like "DOH"! You might have alot of time and boxes to send to me but I bloody dun have time to wait and wait each time the boxes go missing coz I have so much packing to do! And which company in the right mind will take such risk of leaving boxes around? The boxes are worthless shit? I dun think so. Dun they know that alot of people (especially old folks) love to collect boxes and sell? And sad to tell them that my area resides alot of OLD FOLKS!

And why it did not come across to them that people might just lie that the boxes are stolen and demand for more boxes? DOH!

Hockay nevermind, so I repeat myself again by asking, "So meaning you will stick to your schedule to deliver on Fri and if the boxes are stolen, you will deliver again?" They replied, "Yes". So I asked them again how soon they can do that if it happens. They said. "The next day."

Alright fine! I will wait until Fri evening to see what happens. Lucky them if the boxes are still there. If not, I see how many batch of boxes they can send coz Sat again I wun be around from noon.

What can I say? It sucks to be thoughtful and they are simply dumb!

Mas Selamat still at large!

Mas Selamat is still at large so I guess this saga is still not over. And relating to this, check out below. I just cant stop giggling when I see this.

"Just like all those MediaCock stars singing to raise money to save Chinese earthquake victims, Mini-star Karaoke Wong is releasing a benefit album. All proceeds go to saving his job..."

Click to enlarge (Must see!)

(direct source: TalkingCock.com)

Oh btw, mayb you wanna further help Mas Selamat in his escape HERE

Haha.. have fun!