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Thursday, July 31, 2008

World Cyber Games 2008

For the siao gamers: World Cyber Games Asian Championship is back again!

(Click to enlarge)

Date: 7 - 10 Aug 08
Venue: Suntec Singapore Hall 402 & 403
Time: 10am - 10pm

The finest gamers in Asia will meet in Singapore to battle it out at the 3rd WCG Asian Championship. As Asia’s largest regional cyber gaming tournament, and third consecutive year being hosted in Singapore, the event will see 140 gamers from 14 countries contest for e-sports supremacy. Play the best games and check out the latest gaming products that will be featured at the various booths!

For more info, go to:
http://www.rapturegaming.com/ (Organiser)

What Samsung Omnia means to me...

My work as a personal assistant sees me on the move daily. From the conference room, various departments and many a time out of the office, that's a typical work day for me. The Samsung Omnia would not only serve as my primary means of communication, it would also allow me to stay connected anytime, anywhere to the rest of the office via WIFI and GPRS. I can then easily follow up on emails, google information and even instant chat to check on things back in the office. Oh and it also comes packed with MS Office, which means easy access to any Microsoft Office Document while on the move.

My boss is in constant need of updates and information while he is on the move and it is my job to see that he gets it in a timely fashion. During production meetings when minutes and notes need to be taken, the Samsung Omnia provides the solution with its handy on-screen qwerty keypad. Should transcripts be needed, I can easily switch to its voice recorder instead. The 5 megapixel camera allows me to take crisp and clear shots of materials and samples as well as videos that I can then include in my reports.

When I head out of the office for meetings, the built in GPS will allow me to pinpoint and ascertain my exact location, helping me navigate my way without ever getting lost.

Finally when the day is over and I have time to myself, I can unwind while travelling home by watching videos on demand on the large 3.2 inch LCD screen. The superior 16GB memory means I can move videos, music and even games easily from my desktop to the Samsung Omnia and its intuitive drag and drop technology makes shifting and using files on the Omnia an absolute breeze.

The Samsung Omnia has all these and more. Packaged in an ultra-slim metallic body, it never leaves me wanting. It is, in essence everything I could wish for.

Source: Samsung Omnia

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Free tickets to The Mummy 3!

I got free tickets to tomorrow's The Mummy 3: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor at GV VivoCity! Courtesy from my boss! SURPRISE!!!!! SURPRISE!!!! A little background to why it is a surprise for me.....

If you realised, this is the 1st time I blogged about getting hold of free tickets since the 1st day in this company. As many were aware that I'm in the media industry so my boss or rather the company bound to receive alot of invites to movie previews (I'm the one who RSVP all the movie previews for him), BUT I never get the chance to go once, in my entire working life here, until NOW! For all you know, this might even be my first and last chance.. hahaha.. not coz I'm leaving the company, which I really wish to and am waiting for this day to come, but more because my boss always attend such media previews and never once offer me the chance to go. WHY? Coz his bitch at home wanna watch ALL the FREE movies! When my boss is not available, she will find ways and means to go with someone else to watch. If she cannot find any kakis, she will throw into the dustbin!! Even in the event where my boss got double invitation from two organisations for the same movie, he/they would rather let one of the tickets go to waste than give it to me. Terrible or what?! I know they are not obliged to offer me the tickets but seriously man.. it's a double invitation lor... WTF!

You wonder why I did not ask him to let me have the other spare invite, plus since I'm the one who does all the RSVPs for him and I will tell you very simply coz I'm not that thick skin and I, under no circumstances, like "begging" people for such things, especially him.

So anyway this time, we got another double invitation for this movie and he, out of the blue, really out of the blue coz I already expected not to be offered any, asked if I would like to go for this one (WOW!). Maybe his conscience struck him hard this time! Must buy 4D/Toto/Big Sweep sia! and OF COURSE I took every opportunity and grab this once-in-a-lifetime chance lar! LOL!

I have so much to bitch about them but I should not be too negative in this post coz it's meant to be a post of happiness! hahahha.. I will definitely share more about my pathetic work life with him and his bitch at home when I have more time and when I'm at my bitchiest mode!

For now... Mummy Here I come!

Comes with FREE popcorns, nachos and drinks too.. coooool....

Will share my reviews after that :)

Alaskan Malamute Puppies

Kyori sent me a Youtube video of some Alaskan Malamute puppies of a family and I can't help but to share with you guys. The puppies are sooooooooooooo cute and got me going ooooooo and awwwwwww thru out the video clip!

I shall only post 4 videos here, which I found the nicest! You can search in Youtube on other stages of their well-being... Start ooooooo-ing and awwwwww-ing now! hehe...

Zoe Derfler in whelping box

Zoe Derfler puppies days old

Zoe Derfler puppies 23 days old

Zoe Derfler puppies morning greetings

Dotty, Bogart, Darko & Sophia are freaking cute rite?!

Thanks Kyori for sharing :)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Asian Food Delights 2008

Date: 1 - 3 Aug 08
Time: 11:00am - 10:00pm
Venue: Singapore Expo Hall 3A

Show Profile:
Asian Food Delights 2008 is an event where food lovers are pampered with mouthwatering spread of the best food and beverages in the marketplace. We bring you a wide selection of food varieties at great value prices!

Organiser: Ideal Connection Pte Ltd

Monday, July 28, 2008

Christian the Lion

This is a true story about a lion name Christian, who was bought by Anthony Bourke and John Rendall, when he was just a few weeks old cub. Their bond became very strong and Christian was gentle towards both human and animal. As he grew older and bigger, it was impossible to keep him in the house so he was arranged to be sent to Africa to live as a wild lion.

After a year in the wild, both owners decided to visit Christian in Kenya but was warned that it could be dangerous as he might not recognise them coz he's in the wild now and has his own pride. Surprisingly, Christian remembered them and this was what John Rendall said, "We called him and he stood up and started to walk towards us very slowly. Then, as if he had become convinced it was us, he ran towards us, threw himself on to us, knocked us over, knocked George over and hugged us, like he used to, with his paws on our shoulders."

In the first place it was totally wrong to own a pet lion! But this story turned out really touching and heartwarming! Given a wild animal's instinct and nature, it's impossible to be still so friendly after not meeting human friends for a long period of time, furthermore he was only a cub when they bought him... It's really amazing that Christian still remembered his childhood owners after being separated for one year. Tears welled up my eyes when I watch the video.. This reunion was really one touching sight!

The only sad thing was after that reunion and meeting, Christian was never seen again.

Watch the video and hope it touches you as well.

It became a sensation only recently, after 38 years! Read news HERE

Read HERE and HERE for more info on Christian the Lion. (MUST READ!)

I have to hunt the book and video down for the full story!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Cold Storage overpriced!! and Art of the Devil 3

Missing my baby now coz he's out the whole day for Paintball competition in JB. So he made up by giving himself to me the whole of yesterday! hahaha.. We did not do much but was happy enough just to "Pak Tor". We went to get some groceries at Cold Storage in Great World and had our lunch there as well. We went to Ichiban (sorry no picture coz did not bring camera). Overall was not too bad.. 2 bento sets, teriyaki corn, raw salmon sashimi and some sushi cost about $60+. Then we went for our groceries shopping. Baby wanna get some antiseptic lotion but we could not find in Cold Storage so after our shopping there, we headed to Guardian next door to get it. As we were carrying a lot of stuff from Cold Storage, I waited for him outside Guardian. I was browsing thru the items displayed near the entrance and was very shocked to see that their Dettol shower gel cost so much lesser than those in Cold Storage. I always tot Guardian's stuff is damn expensive but Cold Storage is even worse!! The dettol we bought at Cold Storage cost S$10.45, while the same one at Guardian only cost S$6.90!! Furthermore if you buy twin pack, it's only S$13!!! WTH! Luckily most of the items bought in Cold Storage were paid by vouchers, which we got from Best Denki previously, when Baby bought his Sony Bravia (it was a promotion). Otherwise, I dun think we would even step into Cold Storage to get so many things. This is crazy man! And I also realised I'm behaving more and more like an aunite when it comes to such calculations! hahaha..

Later in the evening we went to VivoCity and had dinner at Hog's Breath. We had Garlic Bread, Chicken Dijonnaise and Cheese Burger, total about S$50+. This time brought camera but no pics again coz too hungry and forgot!! :P but it was a good and satisfying dinner. Also caught ART OF THE DEVIL 3 at GV. I was deciding between X-files and this and finally chose the latter as I have not been watching a lot of horror movies lately, which used to be one of my favourite genre, but coz recent horror movies suck big time so it stopped me from patronising for quite sometime. After looking at this, I thought probably it's time to give horror movies another chance. Plus the trailer and website looked damn cool, which further convinced me that this could be really good. In the end, it was still an utter disappointment! Certain parts of the movie were not explained clearly, which made the ending confusing and we came out of the theater full of ?????????

Conclusion: Don't waste your $$!

Couple of random pics of Georgi, took this while he was sound asleep. It's really not easy to take my Gboy's sleeping pictures nowadays coz he's freaking alert. Every little move wakes him up so I have to wait until he sleeps like a log before I could get up, take my camera and snap away.

Can someone explain to me why dogs stick out their tongue sometimes while sleeping?

I remembered when I first got him home, he was merely 3 months old. There was once during one of his naps, he was dreaming and his reactions were really adorable. Obviously I dunno what he was dreaming about but I figured this out thru his actions. His 4 paws were shaking and his nose was twitching. I guess this is normal when dogs dream huh. But one action was really interesting. He seemed to be sucking on something coz he made alot of sucking noise and his pink tongue stuck out exactly like this. So I thought he must be missing his mummy and probably dreamt of sucking his mummy's milk. With that thought at that time, I was actually overwhelmed with emotions and realised how sad it was to be separated from your mummy at such a young age. From that moment, I reaffirmed myself to care for and love him with all my heart, just like how mothers love their children. As he grew older, he stopped making the sucking noise when he sleeps, but he still shakes his paws, twitches his nose and stick out his tongue... hehe..

Looks so cute even when he is sleeping...

He's the love of my life and I will never exchange him for anything. Never.


Date: 1 - 3 Aug 08
Time: 10am - 10pm
Venue: Singapore Expo Hall 3

The ever exciting Watsons Expo Mega Sale is back again! Don't miss our hourly specials, instant lucky draws, hot buys and special treats just for you. See you there!

Organiser: Watson’s Personal Care Stores Pte Ltd
Contact Details: Tel: +65 6339 8456Fax: +65 6337 3294

Friday, July 25, 2008

New Model ATM (In the Jungle)

Oooo this ATM works faster than those in the cities! Cool!

In the name of candy! hahah...

Have a good weekend!

National Dog Walk 2008

I received an email from a dog lover THE MARLEY CODE. She has requested me to help promote the coming National Dog Walk. Of course I'm most glad to do it... so here it is.

National Dog Walk 2008
Date : 3 August 2008 (Sunday)
Time : 10am to 7pm
Venue : West Coast Park Dog Run, Car Park 1
Cost : $10 per dog and receive a goodie bag worth more than $50! (While stock lasts).

*All proceeds will be donated to Noah's Ark CARES.

Come support Noah's Ark CARES raise $50,000 to sterilize 400 stray dogs, mainly in industrial estates, over a one year period starting Sept 2008.

An entire day of doggie games and fun!
* Walk Your Dog
* Guess the Breed
* Doggie "Mind over Matter"
* Doggie Telematch
* Pet Photo Session by Pro Photographer
* Microchipping by Pro Vet
* Paws-for-a-Cause Charity Walk
* Lucky Draw
* And more!

** Pre-registration is over but registration will still be available on the actual day. Pls come early to avoid the crowd.

For more info, check out http://noahsarkcares.blogspot.com/

Thank you for your support! I will be there with Gboy and I'm sure he will go crazy that day! See ya!


Noah’s Ark CARES is a non-profit organization solely dependent on donors and sponsors for the work it does - reaching out to Singaporeans and addressing the issue of abandoned pets and unwanted strays.

For regular updates on their animal rescue work, please visit their BLOG

Thursday, July 24, 2008

NATAS Travel Fair 2008

NATAS IS BACK! Don't miss!

(Click to enlarge for better view)

1 Aug 2008 (12pm - 9.30pm)
2 – 3 Aug 2008 (10am - 9.30pm)

Venue: Singapore Expo Halls 4 & 5
Public – Admission by ticket

Entrance Fee
S$3.00 (Adult)
Free of charge (children below 12 yrs)

Embrace A World of Wonder and Imagination

Be it an adventure, an exotic getaway or a romantic sojourn, NATAS Holidays 2008 brings together expert travel specialists, tour operators and national tourist organizations to present to you popular and unique holiday experiences around the region and the world.

Especially for visitors with a passion to discover new experiences in travel, culture, adventure, shopping and culinary delights, visit the travel fair from 1-3 August 2008 at Singapore Expo, Halls 4 & 5 to book your dream holiday!

Organiser: National Association of Travel Agents Singapore
Contact Details: Tel: +65 6534 0187
Fax: +65 6534 4726

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

World Cuisine Show 2008

Date: 25 - 27 July 2008
Time: 11am - 8pm
Venue: Singapore Expo Hall 3

More info HERE

I think it's for trade only... no public.. what a shame!

Don't bully nice taxi drivers!

While I still detest some taxi drivers, coz I used to have very very bad experiences with some arsehole drivers during cab booking whenever I'm out with Georgi, I do pity some of them, usually the nicer, more responsible and the older ones.

This morning while queuing for the shuttle bus to office outside a MRT station, a taxi was parked near the alighting bay for quite a while. Then the driver (old uncle) walked out and started mumbling to some people in the queue and I could not really hear what they were talking about, until much later, I managed to figure out that he was actually played out by somebody who booked his taxi. Apparently he had been waiting there for 15mins and there was no show. He was wondering whether he waited at the wrong place or the person jus did not turn up. I did not speak to him but I thought why didn't he call the person up to check. Usually if I booked a cab and the driver could not locate me or the place, he would call my mobile to find out, likewise I thought he would do the same. Mayb he did not carry a mobile phone.. hmmmm..

So anyway I think he was kinda pissed (I will too if I were him) and he looked quite pitiful... Coincidentally two police officers walked towards our direction, so he approached and told them about his problem. He kept pointing to his car system screen and asked them to check it out if they dun believe what he said.. hahah.. I wonder what could the policemen do.. seriously there's nothing much they can do huh.. After pouring out his unhappiness for a while, he brought them to his taxi and showed them something.. and before I could kpo further, the shuttle bus was here and stopped right behind the taxi. I dunno what happened in the end. The only thing I noticed was when the bus drove off, the taxi was already nowhere in sight.

I really pity these taxi drivers sometimes.. the nicer ones always kenna bully / play out and the nasty ones always piss or take advantage of us consumers. I think some morons need to be more considerate when booking a cab. The taxi drivers are making a living... every min and sec counts. If you are lucky and manage to get a cab off the road after booking one, good for you, but please lar... the least you could do is to just call and cancel it. Furthermore now they have the auto cancellation system, where you just need to press "1" to cancel your booking.. it's really much convenient now, compared to the past, where you still have to wait and speak to the operator. In cases like this uncle who might not have a mobile phone or for any reason, could not contact the person who booked the taxi, he will have to wait aimlessly at the pick-up place like a goondu.

While people who are earning their livings play their part in practicing responsibility and professionalism, I think we, as the consumers, should also show some basic courtesy... Why people bother to change and improve systems?? It's also due to the public numerous feedbacks and complaints, that's why the improvements, to obviously cater to our needs right? So please make full use of the proper system and dun go back to the primitive and village style!

I just ranted about morons commuting in MRT, now another moronic incident. Why SOME people just can't be more civilised in their actions???? SIGH!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

UGLY & DISGRACEFUL Singaporeans!

I’m really getting sick and tired of having to tolerate and deal with fellow citizens. Everyday I have to vomit blood while travelling on the MRT with the general public. The society has become uglier and uglier so much so that I can't take it anymore! I have to rant!!!

Why must these people behave like barbarians?! Do they come out from some jungles or something? Some never even live in Kampongs yet behave like villagers. Maybe I should start calling them animals! Do they not know what basic courtesy means? Our gahmen has enforced rules to follow, gentle reminders after gentle reminders on how we should “BEHAVE” while travelling on public transport like MRT / buses, and yet these supposedly educated “animals” behaved like they have never been to schools before. Even some not so educated people are far more educated and refined than them! Can you beat that?!

As I travel to and from work only by MRT now, therefore the experiences I had on MRT were lots more than I had on buses, and I tell you these animals are A LOT more barbaric when it comes to commuting in MRT. They made it look like it’s their last chance to take the bloody train (just like the last supper)!

First you see people rushing for the train when they see the board showing “Arriving in 1 min” OK that’s fair enough if you are in a rush. Not that I dun rush for train but NOT like the way some of them do! Then some animals will stand right in front of train door. I will be standing at the side and when the train arrived, everyone will be on the “Ready, Get Set, Chiong!” mode. When the door open and while I’m still standing at the side, some idiot will jus squeeze through that narrow gap between me and the door and stand right infront of me, ready to rush in. WTF! You dun have to flaunt to me how skinny or agile you are you know?! I hate it when people just refuse to give other people PERSONAL SPACE!!! I dun want to smell you or be close to you!! One thing I'm very thankful to God is I'm relatively tall so I can get better ventilation up there and not having to jam my nose to fetid armpits or hair!

And you also have the standard animals who will just rushed in once the door opened without even letting others inside the train come out first. Some even poked and pushed me in. Hello!! Do I look like I need your help with that shove?!

Then these animals will also be the ones who will rush to grab the first available seat. Some literally RAN for it! Why they need to be so competitive when it comes to freaking public transport?? Transportation supposed to be leisure thing, not something you compete for! Are you that competitive when it comes to your own work performance or studies? Think about it!

And then when you finally got yourself a seat, you are so happy, as if you have just won first place in a competition! And when it’s time to alight, that same animal will want to be the first to be out of the train (get up quickly and rush to the front of the door)! Worst in some cases, these animals repeat all these steps (rush in first, grab sit first, rush out first) for jus ONE fucking STOP!!!!! SERIOUSLY lar! What the hell is wrong with these creatures?! And mind you most of them are white-collars OK! So ugly is their behaviour that it irks me like hell! I will never want to be with someone like them coz they will jus disgrace me. Just Imagine how ugly they can go if they are in other countries. A leopard never changes its spot, NO MATTER WHERE IT IS! Every time a man does this in front of me, I will stare at them and feel really disgusted! “Gentleman” does not apply to most Singaporeans!

All you animals! I wish you will just vanish into thin air and stop sharing the same air with the rest of us. Also PLEASE do us a BIG BIG favour, never ever acknowledge yourselves as Singaporeans when you travel overseas!

IN 1st
SIT 1st
OUT 1st

Might as well…
DIE 1st !!!


Monday, July 21, 2008

The Dark Knight and The Real Kungfu Panda(s)!

Caught THE DARK KNIGHT yesterday at GV Plaza again, before Baby went for his paintball, and I back home.

Baby said by far Christian Bale is the best batman ever and after watching this I do agree. He is very cool, especially when he rode on his bat bike, BUT news says that he was not the one riding the bike but a stuntman (see LINK). Awww.. Heath Ledger portrayed the Joker character really well and I love it! Baby said there should be a sequel but Heath Ledger was already gone! Who will be the next chosen one to play Joker's role, as good as Ledger huh?

Alright, now hope the following will help relieve your Monday blues.

While the fever for Kungful Panda is still on, we should also look at the REAL KUNGFU PANDA(S)!!

Besides all the training and kungfu-ing, they also need some rest and relax time too....

Aren't they jus cute, or even cuter! Have a great week ahead!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hellboy II & Aston Specialities

My Landlord was chasing me to collect my leftover mails from the old place so I purposely went down just now with Baby to collect all of them and headed to GV Plaza to watch HELLBOY II: THE GOLDEN ARMY.

It was nice overall, visual effects were good and Hellboy was funny, imagine a so called "freak" like him singing love song with another "freak".. haha... Baby and I always make it a point to stay thru the credits just in case something popped up in between or at the end of it. This time nothing came out, so for those who haven watched, dun have to stay thru... After that, we shopped around as Baby wanna get a bag to stuff his paintball gears (finally got a big one at S$77 - quite a good deal). We had dinner at Astons Specialities again, which had already been planned earlier in conjunction with the movie. Just recently I was craving for Astons steak and realised that I do not stay at the east anymore. After that Baby found out that they had opened a new branch at Cathay Building so we were looking forward to try out. However we had concerns that the quality and standard might not be as great as the main branch at Katong and we were totally wrong. Everything tasted just as great! We had steaks and 2 IBC Root Beer.

Baby had the Prime Rib Xtra Cut (above)

I had the Porterhouse. You can choose any 2 side dishes from their list to accompany the main course. It just so happened we wanted to eat the same side dishes.. haha..

If you are not very particular about atmosphere and food presentation, but more on searching for good yummy steak, then you will love Astons. Atmosphere is decent but not extravagant. Their food presentation is very ordinary, as you can see from the pictures above. People all go there for their yummilicious food, especially steak, and best of all a value-for-money meal. Also if you are a corn lover, you will really love theirs coz it's damn juicy!

Total damage for this meal was about S$50. I think it was really worth the money for a good steak meal for 2 persons. Thou this was only the 2nd visit, both visits were satisfactory and I'm sure there will be more to come since Cathay is so near our place and we dun have to travel very far to enjoy the same good old Astons steak :D

Tomorrow is The Dark Knight day!

A Journalist approached me.....

.... for something that happened a year ago!

I was rather surprised when I checked my gmaill yesterday. I received an email from a journalist with Straits Times. No No No she is not going to interview me (I WISH man!! Haha). She mentioned that she read my blog entry about attending a wedding in Marina Mandarin on National Day. Yes I did attend Baby's camp mate's wedding lunch on National Day (see ENTRY) but it was freaking last year.

She mentioned she is going to write a story about this... guess should be meant for this year's National Day huh, since it's so near plus it's going to be on a SAT (favourite wedding day).. hmmmmm..

Anyway I have given Baby's fren's number to her after seeking approval, of course. Hope we will see something soon in the newspapers. Hehe..

Friday, July 18, 2008

NDP 2008 eCoupons - Simply Print, Cut & Use!

Good things must always share right.. hehe..

Below NDP 2008 Discount eCoupons are for celebrating the Singapore Spirit!

Simply print, cut and use. To print out, click on individual coupon for bigger view.










With this, I wish everyone a great weekend!