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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Preparing for the National Dog Walk

Woof! I'm back! I'm back!

I'm soooo happy coz mummy is bringing me for a major outing again! We going for the National Dog Walk tomorrow at West Coast Park. She asked me not to embarrass her on that day by behaving like a "sua gu" and starts pouncing on other dogs. I dunno why mummy says I'm a sua gu coz I'm obviously a kau.. Woof!

In the past, I never fail to attend any kinda dog events, to the extent that mummy's friends actually commented I could be an ambassador for all the events.. Woof! But now she does not bring me out as often, only small evening walks around the neighbourhood. Sadness right! That's why I was super excited about tomorrow's walk! I hope I can behave well and impress mummy and others! Then in future, I might get to go for more outings like this.. Woooof..

She said she had prepared something for me, just in case, to deal with the scorching sun on that day and commanded me to be on the "down" pawsition. She then put a big black thing, which was known as the sunglasses, on me. Darkness overwhelmed me and I almost tot I was blind! Scary! After that, mummy asked me to "stay", and being a pleaser, I did as I was told, plus I do not want to risk blowing off tomorrow's outing. I'm such a clever boy. Woof! Then she started laughing and snapping away with the camera.

Mummy said I looked super cool wor... couldn't she tell that I was actually unhappy?! I'm quite amazed that I managed to keep sooooooo still... Mummy was also WOW-ed by me.. Woof..

A closer look. Did you see that frown smacked right in the centre?!!! Also my eyes were actually looking upwards all this while behind the black thing coz everything looked so dark and I'm trying really hard to search for light!

After all the posing and picture taking, mummy praised me, patted my head and rewarded me with a milk bone.

Woof! I had my revenge on mummy too, after making me stay and down for so long, by refusing to pick up the milk stick, after it dropped. I just stared at it until Mummy finally picked up and I quickly grabbed it. I'm such an expert now that I dun even need to support the stick with my paws while chewing on it. Hands Paws free!

Hmmmm.. hope the weather will be super cool tomorrow so I dun have to wear that big black thing on my face. Mummy have mercy on me pawlease..... Wooooof....

Will be back with updates on my outing. WOOF!

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