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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Go Japan Matsuri Festival 2008

The Best of Japan Travel, Culture, Food, Music & More!

(Click for clearer view)

Period: 3 - 19 Oct 08
Time: 2 - 10pm daily
Venue:The Central (1 Magazine Road, Singapore 059567) located at Clarke Quay MRT

For all the "Jeepun" fanatics! All of Japan is here and it's running for 4 weeks! My company is one of the partners too.. If you have time, do go down and have fun at this event! Opening ceremony is this Fri, 3 Oct 08 from 6pm.

Enjoy Japanese Culture at "Matsuri Festival 2008". The venue will be divided into 7 segments according to different genre of display, namely

  • "Tourism”
  • “Culture”
  • “Food”
  • “Technology”
  • “Fashion” and
  • “Art”
In each subset, visitors can see, touch, and eat to encounter unexpected discovery of Japanese culture. It is a truly enjoyable “festival” whereby both Japanese and Singaporeans can have fun in merriment.


Visit HERE for detailed information.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Grocery Products Recall

Some product recall list... I received this from email. Dunno how true but if you have these items at home, better to trash them. Be safe than sorry.

Product Name
Rabbit Milk Sweet 150g

Youcan Unusual Multipack 4s
Youcan Stawberry Multipack
Youcan Traditional Sesame Multipack 4s
Youcan Passion Multipack
Youcan Masterbean Multipack
Youcan Silk Sliced and Passion Strawberry

Monmilk Breakfast Milkmalt 6s
Monmilk Breakfast Milk Walnut 6s
Monmilk Breakfast Milk Malt
Monmilk Breakfast Milk Walnut
Monmilk Chocolate Milk 6s
Monmilk Coffee Milk 6s
Monmilk Hi Cal Low Fat
Monmilk Pure Milk
Monmilk Hi Cal Milk
Monmilk Hi Cal Milk 6s
Monmilk Pure Milk 6s
Monmilk Hi Cal Low Fat Milk 6s
Monmilk Hi Cal Low Fat Milk
Monmilk Pure Milk
Monmilk Milk Deluxe 12s

Yili Pure Milk 1L
Yili Hi Cal Milk 1L
Yili Hi Cal Low Fat Milk 1L
Yili Pure Milk 6s 250ml
Yili Hi Cal Milk 6s 250ml
Yili Hi Cal Low Fat Milk 6s 250ml

Want Want Flavoured Milk 250ml

Snicker Candies Funsize 240g

M&M Chocolate Candies Plain 200g
M & M Chocolate Peanut 200g

Lotte Koala Cocoa Funpack 210g

Koala Cocoa Biscuit 40g

Orion Fresh Pie 138g
Orion Tiramisu 138g

Vitasoy Q Soya Milk 4s 125ml
Vitasoy Chocolate Drink 4s 125ml
Vitasoy Melon Soya Bean Milk 4s 125ml

Dreyers Rocky Road Ice Cream 887ml
Dreyers Strawberry Ice Cream 887ml
Dreyers Toast Almond Ice Cream 887ml
Dreyers Choc Cake Ice Cream 887ml
Dreyers Cookie & Cream Ice Cream 887ml
Dreyers Mint Chip Ice Cream 887ml
Dreyers Vanilla Ice Cream 887ml

Nestle Nes D/Stick Mini Vanilla
Nestle Nes Distick Mini Choco

Meiji Ujikintoki 2978
Meiji Umakabo Chocolate
Meiji Family Pack-Green Tea
Meiji Chestnut & Red Bean

Bairong Grape Cream Crackers

First Choice Calcium Sesame Crackers
First Choice Calcium Saltine Crackers
First Choice Calcium S Onion Crackers
First Choice Calcium Seaweed Crackers

Ginbis Party Animal Butter Bisc
Ginbis Party Animal Seaweed Bis
Ginbis Party Animal Cnut
Ginbis Animal Biscuit

Kraft Oreo Wafer Sticks 18s
Kraft Oreo Wafer Sticks 5s
Kraft Oreo W/Stick Wh Choc 18s
Kraft Oreo W/Stick Wh Choc 5s

Nabisco In A Biskit Chicken

No Frills Wafer Blueberry
No Frills Wafer Chocolate
No Frills Wafer Peanut

Pei Tian Cream Biscuit

Silang Natural Oat Cracker

Dove H/Nut Alm & Raisin Choc
Dove Hazelnut Choc
Dove Milk Chocolate

M&M Choc Candies-Plain
M&M Choc Candies-Peanuts
M&M Funsize Milk
M&M Funsize Peanut

Mentos Bottle Yoghurt Promo Pk
Mentos Bottle Yoghurt

Snickers Snacksize Bars Pnut 5

Want Want Milk Candy

Take One Baby Bites 24s
Take One Baby Bite Ck Vg
Take One Baby Bite Carrot

Nestle Milk & Berry Stars Crl

Dutch Lady Ster M Lf Banana
Dutch Lady Ster Mk Lf Plain
Dutch Lady Ster Mk Lf Choc
Dutch Lady Ster Mk Lf Sberry
Dutch Lady Ster M Lf Hnydew
Dutch Lady Ster Milk Plain
Dutch Lady Ster Mk Lf Choc

Art Singapore 2008

For the Arty Farty!

(Click to enlarge)

Date: 10 - 13 October 2008
Venue: Suntec Singapore Level 4
Time: 11am - 8pm (10 - 12 October) / 11am - 5pm (13 October)

Adults - S$10 per entry
Students & children under 16 - Free
Season Pass (4 days)S$20 per adult

By Invitation Only
Thu 9 October 08
3pm - 6pm Private Preview
6pm - 9pm Gala Party

For more info, click HERE

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Babies in Stilettos?

YES! Now you can let your baby gals wear heels!! It's Heelarious!!!

Source: New York Post

These soft shoes are actually booties but are designed to look like high heels. They came in 6 styles and a name for each of them:

  • "Brooke" is leopard satin
  • "Elle" is pink patent
  • "Sophie" is hot pink satin
  • "Kate" is black satin
  • "Kayla" is zebra satin
  • "She's a Little Lady" is black patent
It's selling like crazy in U.S. and a pair costs USD35.

Do you think it's cool? Will you buy them for your baby gals? For fashion's sake or?


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Gaki No Tsukai - 24 Hour Tag

Let me share a little bit of the background before you get confused on how it all started. In the beginning, which was not shown here, the team was asked to run a 100m race and whoever wins would come out with some sorta torture for his other team members to go thru. Matsumoto won and he came out with this series called "24 Hours Tag". In this series, the usual team were locked in a gym hall for 24 hours, except Matsumoto of course, and they will face different "tortures" by a black man or groups of black men. They have to run for their dear life in order to avoid getting "punished" by the black man/men! The only time they could get out of the hall was during toilet breaks. It's darn hilarious.

Now the question is: Will the ordeal be really over after 24hours?

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7

Episode 8

Episode 9

Episode 10

Episode 11

I will be away tomorrow and back on Sat night. So no updates till then.

Awww will miss the F1 qualifying rounds but fortunately still able to catch the actual race on Sun when I'm back! I hope Kimi will buck up man..

Have a good zoooooming weekend everyone!

G2000 & Pumpkin Patch Factory Outlet SALE!

Oops! I'm a day late..

(Click for clearer view)

Isetan Private Sale & other Promotions!


(Click for clearer view)

(Click for clearer view)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

All created with FOOD!

Look carefully and see if you can recognise any of the type of food used in this art work.

Click each to enlarge for clearer view.

Btw I received an sms earlier which is as follows:



If anyone needs me to translate, let me know.. hehe

The Robinsons Grand Spree with L'oreal Clearance SALE

11 days of The Robinsons Grand Spree

(Click the L'oreal Sale for clearer view)

Date: 25 Sep to 5 Oct 08
Time: 10.30am to 10pm
Venue : Singapore Expo Hall 5
Admission : Public - Free

Head to the next pit stop in the East! The Robinsons Grand Spree.

Gear Up for Sharpest Daily specials for all 11 days! And fast and furious deals everyday that will send your pulse racing.

Organizer : Robinson & Co (S'pore) Pte Ltd
Contact Details : Tel : +65 6733 0888 Fax : +65 6733 3893
Email : mailto:rbc@robinsons.com.sg

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Will you let your baby do this?

Mayb those who are already parents can relate to this video better and do share how you feel about this. I dunno whether this should be considered brave or jus dumb and I dun think there's a right or wrong answer for this coz it all depends on how the individual baby take it and whether the parents can accept and handle this kinda training. The question is will you let your baby do this?

World Animal Day 08 & I got an award!

Woof! I'm back to announce that it's the World Animal Day again!

(Click for clearer view)

Date: Sun, 5 Oct 08
Time: 10.30am to 6pm
Venue: East Coast Park (Car park area C3)

Extracted from SPCA:

World Animal Day is a day where animal lovers acknowledge and give thanks for the way in which animals enrich our lives. Also, we take a moment to think of all those animals that still need our help.

We are taking this chance to spread the messages of being kind to animals and being a responsible pet owner. These are very important issues because right now, we take in more than 800 unwanted animals (pets and strays) each month.

Stage show times

12pm: Best Kept Pet Competition

12.30pm: Meet Utt (MTV VJ) who will be introducing three of our SPCA dogs currently up for adoption

1pm: A skit by Underground Theatre titled The Crow's Lament

2pm: Fastest Tail-wagging Competition

Full information about this HERE

Not sure whether mummy will bring me there coz we dun stay at the east anymore. However mummy said she does not mind going if she can get to see some Nihon Supittsus.. hehe.. so spitz's owners, please do me a favour by going so I get to go also! if you plan to go or are confirmed going, do drop mummy a note here. Woof Woof!

Oh recently Mummy got to know 3 lovely dogs, who called themselves The 3 Musketeers and not long after, they gave me an award! So nice of them! Thanks for loving our blog. Woof!

Thank you guys! WOOF!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Murder of the Inugami Clan & China milk and Melamine saga

Caught THE MURDER OF INUGAMI CLAN last Sat at Cineleisure.

Initially was rather interesting. Coming to the end was not that great. It's supposed to be a mystery/thriller/crime movie but both Baby and I thought it portrayed to be a comedy more than anything else. Reactions were damn dramatic and blood effects were damn fake! Storyline was so so only. Quite predictable as you go along coz they revealed bits and pieces of information, which spoilt the mystery. Not intelligent enough I would say.

Oh btw regarding the recent China milk and Melamine saga, following are items you not supposed to touch:
  • M&Ms
  • Snickers
  • Mentos
  • Yoghurts
  • Dove chocolates
  • Oreo Wafer Sticks
  • Monmilk
  • Dutchlady Sterilised Milk
  • Wall's All Natural Mango
  • Mini Poppers Ice cream
  • Magnum Ice cream
  • Moo Sandwich Ice cream
  • Mini Cornetto Ice cream
I think there could be more than the above items. So I would suggest, anything that is made in China or countries that get their ingredients source from China, to be avoided for now.

To be safe than sorry!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Random post

I think this is the first time I have such random post, which I dun have a title for! The following pictures were taken before my camera went ku ku.

During one of my morning shuttle bus trip to office, the sky was exceptionally beautiful so I took a picture of it thru the bus window. As my office is located somewhere at Changi, I always get to see airplanes and this plane was there when I snapped (cannot remember which airline thou). I really love the whole look of this picture.

(Click for clearer view)

Some updates of the canine and felines at home.

Eek simply loves the sink.. I dunno why.. he loves to drink water from the tap and likes to jus sit there for very long..

His freaking psychotic face. I think he was very angry with me coz I was snapping away..

Then he finally meowed in annoyance. Haha.. like I say he is psycho lar!

Maxi recently has found an addition to her hiding places: Underneath our TV console. See the way she sleeps damn funny lar.. the face like "piak" on the floor!

She loves to sleep so I'm always able to take snapshots of her sleeping patterns. And she often curls up like tat. See her only top fang (the other one was long gone) sticking out.. haha..

Georgi looking bored as usual. He loves to play so when nobody plays with him, he will be like this.

And he is a super alert dog! He is a guard dog by nature so every little movement or noise wakes him up. This was one of his reactions when he heard some unfamiliar noises.

And when everything is peaceful and quiet, he will sleep soundly like this (and he loves the marble floor coz it's cooling) but not for long.. the only time he could sleep real long was at night when there's hardly any sound or noise outside.

Last but not least, watch this video.. It's hilarious!


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Dog Saves Owner By Dialling 911

When I saw this news I was totally awed! It was in the Straits Time few days back but I did not have a chance to blog about it. I guessed many of you already knew this piece of news. This is really amazing. It really shows how loyal a dog can be to an owner. So people, please dun hate/be afraid of big dogs coz when dogs misbehave or are aggressive, it's always the owner's fault and never the dog's. It's all about training and it really does wonders.

A dog whose owner was having a seizure saved his life by calling the emergency services and barking down the line to raise the alarm.

Joe Stalnaker adopted German shepherd Buddy as an eight-week-puppy and trained him to use the phone if he began to have an attack.

Mr Stalnaker, of Scottsdale, Arizona, has suffered seizures for ten years after suffering a head injury during a military training exercise.

So when he got into difficulties, Buddy knew exactly what to do - hit the speed-dial button on the phone for 911.

On the tape of his call, he can be heard whimpering and barking after the operator answers and repeatedly asks if the caller needs help.

Police were sent to Mr Stalnaker's home, and after about three minutes Buddy can be heard barking loudly when the officers arrived.

Sergeant Mark Clark, of Scottsdale police, said Mr Stalnaker spent two days in a hospital and recovered from the seizure.

"It's pretty incredible," Sgt Clark said.

"Even the veteran dispatchers - they haven't heard of anything like this."

Mr Stalnaker's address is flagged in the force's computer system with a notification that a trained dog might call 911 when the owner was incapacitated.

Sgt Clark said Buddy has made two other 911 calls when Mr Stalnaker was having seizures.

Source: Yahoo UK

Watch the video HERE

Friday, September 19, 2008

"Gaki No Tsukai" Japanese Game Show

I have heard about this Japanese Game Show series called "Gaki No Tsukai" quite sometime ago from Baby but have not had time to watch them all. They have a lot of games but the most popular one is the No Laughing Game, which can be found in YouTube with English Subtitles. It's not easy to find all their games in English Subtitles thou.

I have jus finished watching the Silent Library series (7 parts) and they are freaking hilarious. The best part about watching these was that while they have to control their laughter, you do not have to! ENJOY!

Silent Library Part 1

Silent Library Part 2

Silent Library Part 3

Silent Library Part 4

Silent Library Part 5

Silent Library Part 6

Silent Library Part 7

Know more about Gaki No Tsukai

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Yodsaenklai WON again!

Yod WON again! and this time he got himself the WMC World Title after the Contender Asia Title!! This match was a spectacle! Watching Yod systematically stalked Madsua and rained blows to his face and solar plexus, causing him to be knocked down not once, but twice, and finally ending his misery with a K.O. blow! He achieved this only in round 3 (standard was 5 rounds) and Madusa's face was already swollen by round 2. As usual, Yod was still in perfect form no matter how many punches he got. He was way cool!

And his thank you speech was freaking funny.

"Thank you everybody Singhapoo. I love Singhapoo! Ladies veli beautibul, Men veli handsum! Thank you!"

He is damn cute lar...

In case some of you do not know what I'm talking about, it's HERE

My laundry mystery SOLVED!

For those who had read my previous post about the disappearance and reappearance of my laundry (LINK), it's finally solved! Baby's mum unraveled the mystery.

The truth is: The maid next door helped to bring in our laundry to her owner's house and put it back when the rain stopped! So nice and helpful the maid! I'm very appreciative of her gestures! From now on, I will smile to her more often, with my beautiful braces! (yeah I had my upper set of braces on already. will be back in another 3 weeks to fix my lower braces) hehe..

Those owners who ill-treat their nice maids should burn in hell!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


A real life stupid incident!

Boss: This is the receipt for today's lunch.

PA : Boss, how much was ERP jus now? (She always ask after every of her boss's appt coz she needs to claim this for him together with other claims)

Boss: Aiya I forgot! (Frowning) Aren't there a listing whereby you can check the rates?! (He was not happy coz he always dun remember the ERP charges each time his PA ask)

PA: (puzzled and getting pissed) Errrrr OK............

Boss: Ah nvm! It's about S$2. (and walked off to his office)

Luckily he swallowed back his words, if not the PA will suan him until he burn! The more the PA thinks abt it, the angrier she gets. She was so fucking pissed coz she could not imagine this kinda thing to come out from her boss's mouth. He is the one who drives and decides which route to take, plus it's a freaking two-way trip lor! How would the PA fucking know how many ERP gantries he drove thru and how much they cost in total?!

Just coz he was frustrated for not remembering every single damn bloody thing, he made himself a laughing stock by using a ridiculously stupid excuse, questioned his PA and thought he was being smart! If one wants to vent frustrations, please vent them with brains at least!

So all PAs, remember this: Bosses are not very smart people afterall. They do dumb things and behave stupidly too!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bullboxer Puppies! CUTE!

Penny's friend's British Bulldog mated with their Boxer and gave birth to very cute puppies. So we called them Bullboxer.. hehe.. She gave birth to 9 but 3 died.

Pictures say a million words of how cute they are...

Proud Mummy of 6 babies!

Milk time!

Mummy sleeping with babies.. so sweet!

Sayang her kids..

Both Mummy and baby stuck out tongue at the same time..

Mummy sleeping while babies sucking milk

Apparently they love to sleep like this..

So pink and cute!

Cute or what!

These bullboxers are namely Boys: Bruce, Hercules, Wall.E and Dante, Girls: Eva and Socks.

Sorry they are not for sale, only given to their close friends for adoption.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Singapore Motorshow 2008

Venue: Suntec Convention Centre


Trade Day (Special Preview)
Date: 26 Sep 08
Time: 1200 to 1900hrs
Entry fee: S$20 per ticket (tickets only available onsite on 26 Sep 08)

Open to Public
Date: 27 Sep to 5 Oct 08
Entry fee: Adult S$10 Child S$4 (Children under the age of 3 years, may enter free of charge)

Public Opening Hours
27 & 28 Sep - 1030 t0 1900hrs
29 & 30 Sep - 1130 to 2200hrs
1 & 4 Oct - 1030 to 2200hrs
2 & 3 Oct - 1130 to 2200hrs
5 Oct - 1030 to 2000hrs

*Ticket sales and admission ends one hour before closing.

Tickets to the Motorshow will be on sale at the event itself from 26 September to 5 October 2008.

More details HERE

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Return of the Contenders & Step Brothers!

Click to enlarge

The Contenders from Contender Asia are back in action again! My noodle man, Yodsaenklai, won the last Contender Asia (LINK) and he is back again to battle against Madsua, the King's Cup Champion. This time, they are contesting for the WMC World Title at Jurong East Sports & Recreation Centre. Some of the other contenders like Soren, Zach and Naruepol are also back for war. Got female fighters too! Love to watch the way they fight it out!


I got a pair of free tickets worth S$80 each (thanks to my company again!) so I'm going to watch it with Baby. I hope Yodsaenklai will win again!

This fight is happening on Wed night, which is going to be the same day I have my upper set of braces on. I guess I will be watching the fight in pain and ache.. Booooo...

If you would like to know more about Contender Asia, visit HERE and you might still have time to book a pair of tickets for yourself.


On a separate note, I caught STEP BROTHERS at GV Grand. Baby and I did not plan to watch this but we were kinda lost wat to do next after my visit to the dentist yesterday morning. So decided to have breakfast at Cedele and no picutres of the delicious meal coz my fucking camera is spoilt - vibrated non stop! Sent for servicing so cannot take pictures for the time being.. and headed to Great World City, since it's near our house, to see if there is any movie to watch before heading home. We wanted a light-hearted show so we chose Step Brothers.

A freaking retarded show! No story line... just pure crude, very crude sexual humour. Watch only if you wanna be stupid for a while. 'Nuff said!

Figure this out: "Nuts set on drum set!" LOL

Isetan Promotions

Men's & Ladies' Apparel
Isetan Scotts, Promotion Gallery, Level 3
Period: 13 - 19 Sep 08

Men's & Ladies' Apparel & Accessories
Isetan Scotts, Promotion Gallery, Level 3
Period: 20 - 23 Sep 08

Men's & Ladies' Apparel
Isetan Scotts, Promotion Space, Level 3
Period: 13 - 19 Sep 08
*Additional 10% for Isetan Card Members

Triumph, Miss Triumph, Sloggi
Isetan Orchard, Event Hall, Level
Period: 11 - 24 Sep 08