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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Topshop Warehouse SALE!

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Past 2 weeks updates

I have so much to update but had not gotten time to do so plus putting up pictures really took up a lot of my time. Anyway here it goes...



Supposed to catch it in 3D in Cathay but booked the wrong theater so in the end did not get to watch it in 3D (anyway I heard that Bolt in 3D was not that spectacular - won't miss out anything even if one does not watch). I enjoyed this movie very much. A funny and touching story with good action scenes. Bolt was soooooooo cute when he was a puppy! The way he played with the carrot squeaky toy is SO SO Georgi! A MUST watch movie, especially for dog lovers!

This movie was OK.. The visuals and effects were quite good thou story was ordinary. I thought the Chinese speaking part was darn hilarious and a little redundant actually.


Previous weekend Baby drove up to KL for his paintball training with the famous paintballer, Maximus and I went with him. We stayed at Royale Bintang Damansara. Was a decent and nice hotel. They have shopping centres like The Curve and Ikano. I'm not really a shopper so I did not explore much, except for the Pet Safari located at Ikano! When it comes to dogs, my eyes would instantly lit up. We saw a damn cute mini eyes puppy Golden Retriever and Alaskan Malamute. I was surprised to see Malamute for sale in M'sia. I dun think it's available in S'pore.

Below were some pictures of the hotel and shopping centres.

Royal Bintang Hotel Room


The Curve Shopping Mall

The Curve Hotel

We had our dinner at this Hakka Restaurant. So so only.

Cathay Cineleisure at Royal Bintang

Pet Safari @ Ikano

This Pet Safari is quite big.

Overall this trip was nice and well spent and it was a good break for me.


I cannot remember when it was that an unknown bird flew to our house and stayed in the living room for quite a while. When I initially spotted it (before I had time to grab my camera), it appeared so flat on its side view it resemblances a Styrofoam bird. It looked so fake coz the body and eyes did not move. Baby said it seemed like some sorta stork. He had a hard time shooing the bird, while I had a good time snapping my camera away. It just won't go and stubbornly hung around. This was how the bird looked like. It was rather uncommon to see this kinda bird in housing estates.

It's free again!


Went hiking with Baby at Bukit Timah last weekend. The last time I hiked there was like more than 10 years ago during my NPCC days man! All the monkeys now hang around the road leading to Bukit Timah hill, instead of the summit. There are a lot of terrace houses and I wonder whether they were terrorized by these monkeys often.. hmmm..

See right side: A monkey grooming for the little one...

We took the longest and most difficult route (the yellow route)...

Below were steps, steps and more steps....

Finally reached the summit!

After the tiring walk, we took the shortest route down, which was down slope all the way.....

On the way out, took some more shots of monkeys...

I think they got a shock.. haha

Will be going again after Christmas but this time should be hiking from MacRitchie to Bukit Timah. I just loving sweating it all out!

Finally, some pictures of my goondu boy... We disturbed our boy by placing a t-shirt on him.. and he totally bo chap!

From awake to asleep with the T-shirt on him unmoved.....

That is my Gboy!

Here's wishing everyone...