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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Totally Molested on Boxing Day

Woof! I'm back in action again after such a long break. Mummy had updated her hols, so it's also time for me to update mine.. thou everyday is a holiday for me. hehe..

She updated our Spitz Gathering but not the one on Boxing day so let me do the job. Mummy said her colleagues have been dying to see me after witnessing my hansum face on her office desktop wallpaper. So to satisfy them and since mummy's office was officially closed from Christmas until New Year, the outing was fixed on Boxing Day.

We went to Beach Culture @ Watercross at Pasir Ris Beach. It's a dog friendly cafe and they provide a separate wooden chair for dogs coz dogs are not allowed on chairs meant for human customers. The staff there were quite friendly too. However their service was not very good, as in not attentive and a very blur bunch of servers.... The humans were busy eating while I'm busy searching for food to eat - begging and showing my pathetic face, hoping to con them and get some goodies. The victims that fell into my trap were Mummy's colleagues of course and Mummy had to spoil the plan by telling them not to be fooled by my acts.. Grrrr....

Luckily mummy brought some treats along so I would not be neglected. She fed me and also allowed some of her friends to feed me, in exchange with some tricks, AS USUAL! One of her colleagues kept saying "SO CUTE!" from the time we entered her car all the way to the end of the day! GOSH! Am I really that cute? :P

After that Mummy and a colleague decided to bring me to Beach Hut at East Coast for more chilling out, coz the rest of her other colleagues got their own evening program. They had their dinner and I just sat there like an exhibit coz alot of people were looking at me and again I heard "Cute! Cute! Cute!". After that long sitting, I finally get to go for a nice satisfying walk with both of them. Before heading home, Mummy and her colleague took turn to visit the restroom and again I was exhibited at the side of McDonalds. Many strangers came forth to admire, touch and play with me. I was totally "molested" by end of the day. But I love all the attention! hehe....

Below were pictures of my hansum face and a video. Enjoy...

So happy coz got so much attention!

The colleague that said "SO CUTE" from start to end. Mummy and I did not count but we thought it could have been more than 50 times!

Another crazy colleague of hers who so often offered to walk or carry me... end up I walked her!

See lar.. so obscene! showed my wee wee and pinko stomach to all... and I still had to act cute...

I wanna get out of her clutches! Mummy help me!

OK give you face one last time.. Heh Heh

Aiming at the human food... *This was the wooden chair they provided for me*

Watching Mummy intently..

YAY! Finally got to munch some treats which Mummy brought for me!

Not enough treats.. therefore continue aiming at human food..

Tired and rested my chin on the panel.. I always love to do that.. Do I look like a carpet in that position with no legs? Woof!

Close shot of the above position and my sleepy face

I'm so sleepy..

Aircon so shiok.. made me sleepy sleepy...

Video of me doing a couple of tricks to make Mummy's colleague happy just so I could get more treats. You see... On Halloween, it's either Trick or Treat. My case was Trick for treat! Always lor... Woof!

And just as I expected after all the molestation, my anal mummy, right after we reached home, washed my paws, cleaned and wiped me down thoroughly. She is super duper anal lor! But it's also all thanks to her that I'm still white lar.. Woof! I love you Mummy!

Now....... when will be my next outing??


Shiro said...

cute cute cute!!!

VanityTreasure said...

Super CUTE!!!!

The facial expressions are so funny... Hahaha~

eneres said...

Tks both! Woof!