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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Class 95 Dog Walk 2009

Wow.. another dog event on the same day as Passion By The Beach.

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Link: Class 95

Monday, March 30, 2009

UNIQLO is coming soon...

Japan's number one casual wear brand is opening in Tampines 1 store on Mon, 9 Apr 09.

The last time I bought from Uniqlo was during my Hong Kong trip last year. They have really cool stuff. I hope the Uniqlo merchandisers in Singapore will bring in as good or even better products than HK. Can't wait for it to open and since my office is relatively near, shall be the first few to explore the place!

Below is the map of Tampines 1 store for your information.

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For more information, go to their website: http://www.uniqlo.sg/

New shops like Springfield and Carl's Junior will also be opening there.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Passion By The Beach - By Cats Classified Pets Corner

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Check out the 'Passion By The Beach' event at East Coast Park E2 (next to East Coast Lagoon Hawker Centre) from 10am to 5pm for pet contests, freebies, products & services for pets...

11am - A Furry-Tail Wedding
12pm - Royal Canin Perfect Catch
1pm - Fatal Distraction
2pm - Couple Hamster Pursuit
3pm - Royal Canin's Look Of Love

Cut out the coupon that will be printed in their event advertisement in CATS Classified on 5 Apr 2009 for your free goodie bag. Limited to one redemption per person. While stocks last.

Let your dog enjoy an express grooming session by School of Pet Grooming for just $10 and receive a $10 discount voucher for your next visit. Terms & conditions apply.

Spend $15 in a single receipt and get an exclusive CATS Luggage Tag worth $15. While stocks last. Limited to 3 redemptions per person.

Terms & conditions apply.

Visit their website for more details.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Beautiful Lesson to learn...

A true case of Katie Kirkpatrick...

Life is short, break the rules. Forgive quickly. Kiss passionately, love truly. Laugh constantly. And never stop smiling no matter how strange life is. Life is not always the party we expected to be but as long as we are here, we should smile and be grateful.

Hope the above inspires you.. TGIF

Friday, March 27, 2009

Let's Break Up...

Haha and TGIF...

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Luxury Goods Sale for Visa Cardholders Only..

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As a Visa cardholder, you are invited to an exclusive, closed door "Luxury Sale".

Handbags, ties, watches, shoes and accessories from brands such as Bally, Bulgari, Chloe, Coach, Dunhill, Fendi, Ferragamo, Hugo Boss, Tods and Valentino will be discounted by up to 70 percent.

Visa will be the only way to pay at the sale.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Times Books & Soo Kee Group Diamond Warehouse Sale


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Date: 26 - 29 Mar 09
Venue: 51 Kaki Bukit Place
Time: 10.30am - 9pm

Enjoy 80% off at the Soo Kee Group Diamond Warehouse Sale. Plus discounts on over 100,000 items including GIA, IGI, AGS certified diamonds, wedding bands, colour gems, diamond jewellery and more.

PAW SMU Animal Day


Mummy brought me to SMU last Sat to meet some of our Spitz gang and her colleagues. My long time friend, Kiki was there too! Not very happening day but happy to meet new friends. Let me introduce them to you. Btw Mummy said all of you can "steal" your pictures below.. jus click each pic to enlarge.. hehe..



DODO (Bubble's Mummy)









And of course...


Mummy was busy taking pictures of the rest of them and neglected me so there's only one pathetic picture of me. And she felt bad that she totally forgotten about Fluffy :(

If I got any of you mixed up above, paiseh and please let me know so I can change accordingly.

There was a group photo but Mummy did not managed to take any... *Whine*

The heavy rain spoilt the event and we had to leave early. Mummy got dinner appt so we had to be home early and not able to join our gang for more fun at Turf City.

So tired after reaching home...

Waiting for the next outing...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kumar: Stripped Bare and Standing Up & Gran Torino

Went for Kumar's standup comedy last Fri. He revealed his life with a wicked sense of humour. He barred all from his first crush to getting his first dress, experiences with his family and military life.

I laughed my heart out on his great performance. His tongue is still as wicked as ever when he talks about religions, races and politics and his jokes are always so original and so Kumar!

There was a short video clip on the stages of his life, interviews with his friends/family members and I thought it was quite heartwarming, thou it came with a hint of humour. There was one part where silence stayed for a good 10secs coz a little of his inner feelings were revealed by a friend. At that point, it dawned on me that he, as a freaking funny person, also has alot of private and down moments too. I guess we were too entertained to realise that, until it was mentioned. So I really salute his professionalism by making jokes out of his own life, when he could have gone thru hell during that time, to entertain his supporters. He did tell us not to think that he made them all up coz those were what he had really been thru. He only made it funnier. I respect!

He also presented an Indian dance before the show ended. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it's definitely worth every cent of my S$78 spent.

If you want to catch him on his usual standup comedy, you can go to either Hard Rock Cafe on Mondays (11pm) or 3 Monkeys Cafe on Fridays and Saturdays (11pm).

Caught the sneak preview of GRAN TORINO last weekend.

Clint Eastwood's style as always. Not emotional like his earlier piece Changeling. Simple and straightforward story on racism and gang violence with good sense of humour.

Since he's both the director and actor in this film, the more reason you should watch if you love his works.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Isetan Events & Promotions (Mar - Apr 09)

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Friday, March 20, 2009

The Unborn

Caught the media preview of THE UNBORN at Cineleisure 2 days ago.

Story was quite interesting with good effects but outcome was rather predictable. I was only startled once in the beginning. Not haunting enough for me thou.

Releasing date: 26 Mar 09.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wing Tai and Robinson SALE


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Date: 19 - 29 Mar 09
Time: 1030am - 10pm
Venue: Singapore Expo Hall 4

Show Profile: Huge Discounts, Massive Savings, Extensive Brands.

Organizer: Robinson & Co (S'pore) Pte Ltd
Contact Details: Tel : +65 6216 8388
Email: robmarketing@robinsons.com.sg


Caught DEPARTURES last weekend and I was truly impressed!

It's humourous (not slapstick), meaningful, touching (I was moved to tears at the last part), sincere, very professional and educational. I was totally enlightened by the job professionalism - absolutely salute these people who deal with the departed. 2 hrs and 10mins long but I dun feel it at all coz you wun wan to miss every part of the movie. The cello theme piece was beautiful too.

Also something I have to point out - the Japanese kids (and I mean kids as young as 5 or 6 yrs old) in the theatre were damn well-behaved lar! They were so quiet to the extent that they did not even giggle or laugh at the funny scenes (both parents and children). It's either they dun get the humour, dun think it's funny or they laugh reeeeally softly. They are so so different from the Ang Moh kids... I have to salute them too!

Catch it before the screening close, cos it was released on 5 Mar. This show is 101% worth watching.

Monday, March 16, 2009

SMU Animal Day

Georgi and I will be there with our Nihon Supittsu Gang.. hope to see you there too :)

Yet another chance for animal lovers from all over Singapore to get together in town to party with the animals!

This Animal Day 09, expect awesome dog shows, Q&A sessions with experts and professionals, lots of exciting games, cool prizes to be won and goodie bags with goodies from our kind sponsors! Best of all, there'll be loads of other animal lovers AND animals together =) and it's FREE ENTRY!

Participating Organizations include:
  • Noah's Ark
  • SPCA
  • Supreme Masters TV
  • NTU Animal Lover's Society
  • Pets magazine
and many more!
Source: SMU PAW

Sweet friendship!

Sooo sweet!

Hope this brightens ya Monday blues...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Australian Education Showcase 2009

Come to Singapore's largest annual exhibition on Australia education and meet experts from over 38 Australian institutions.

Date : 21 - 22 Mar 09
Time: 12noon - 6pm
Venue: Suntec Convention Exhibition Hall 402 (Level 4)

Description :
The only Australian Education Showcase organised by the Australian Government - Discover new academic programmes and emerging employment trends - Consider vocational education as alternative pathway to a degree - Visit www.studyinaustralia.org for details on seminar and exhibitors

Wbsite: http://www.studyinaustralia.org/

Friday, March 13, 2009

Shangri-La - F&B Discount based on your AGE!

Shangri-La's F&B team will be introducing a bold, ground-breaking campaign call FLASH YOUR AGE!

With effect from next Tuesday 17 March 2009, guests who celebrate their birthdays at Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore, will enjoy a dining discount that is equivalent to their current age at all five restaurants - BLU, The Line, Nadaman, Shang Palace and Rose Veranda.

For restaurant reservations, you can call Dining Reservations at 6213 4398.

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Cool or what!

Shangri-La official WEBSITE

Push & Watchmen

Caught two movies last weekend:

I thought the story and plot was quite cool and effects were awesome.. I would not really want to be a Watcher to read the future, Sniffer to find people's whereabouts or Pushers to manipulate people's mind, but won't mind being a Stitcher to heal wounds/injuries and also love to be a Shifter, where I can change things like paper to money or create a replica! haha

For me, it was quite entertaining..
I think it would not appeal to you and rather difficult for you to understand if you have not read or were not already familiar with the comic novel. I did not so was rather confused about the whole movie. A little draggy for me also.

Baby is a fan of watchmen (he got the whole limited series collection of the comic) and he said this is not the typical superhero movie we watched like Batman or Superman. He kept asking me to watch it without having the mindset of watching a superhero movie. This is actually a socio-political movie that revolves around this group of costumed crime fighters with no super powers (except for one, which was Dr Manhattan). Please do not expect alot of super power effects in this movie coz that's not the nature of the story. And apparently this is one movie that was very close and true to the novel.

For those who intend to watch soon should read THIS, to first understand the story. For those who have watched and thought this movie was lousy, crappy or if you totally do not understand the nature of this story should read it too.