L'immortel: Spilled blood never dries!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Shutter Island & Kick Ass

Watched the following 2 movies last weekend:

Very interesting and unexpected twist at the end. I watched it twice and it was totally worth it, coz the 2nd viewing allowed me to piece everything together and had a clearer picture as they revealed all the plots & characters (mayb I'm the only anal one that analyse too much!). You might feel cheated or rather disoriented after the show but that's the interesting part coz it makes you wanna think backwards (and again mayb I think too much.. hahaha) IMO this is one of the best movie plots so far..


This is not your typical superhero movie (if you think it is, you will be utterly disappointed). This movie is pure entertainment and wickedly funny. Bloody violent with all the gruesome killings! Hit Girl really kicked asses man! My favourite character!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Metro Sale & Borders Fair

Date: 29 Apr - 2 May 10
Time: 11am to 10pm
Venue: Singapore Expo Hall 5

Organizer : Metro Pte Ltd
Tel : +65 6836 3322
Fax : +65 6734 8633
Email : shopkeeper@metro.com.sg
Website : www.metro.com.sg

Date: 30 Apr - 2 May 10
Time: 10am to 9pm
Venue: Singapore Expo Hall 6B

Organizer : Borders Pte Ltd
Tel : +65 6854 7170
Fax : +65 6235 4981
Email : skchong@borders.com.sg

Monday, April 12, 2010

Georgi gave signs....

Baby and I brought Georgi to East Coast for a walk after a heavy dinner at Carls Junior last Sat. As the right side of the park is quieter and had lesser crowd, we decided to head towards that side of the park for a stroll. It was 12+am. As we walked along, Georgi kept wanting to U-turn back and we really had no idea what he wanted. Thinking he was just being pure lazy, we continued to drag him forward. But his insistence in turning back eventually convinced us to just turn back, feeling puzzled. As we walked back, we decided to try walking the other way instead (the left side and more crowded part of the park). He did not react the same way he did earlier and walked as we led him without difficulty.

Until now we still do not understand why he reacted that way that night. We both guess it was a SIGN to hint/tell us something....

Date Night

Caught DATE NIGHT while Georgi had his grooming last Sat.

It's really pure entertainment and comedy with plenty of thrills and actions. Funnier than I expected. I have to say I quite liked the plot (something different and refreshing) despite the over-exaggerated and unrealistic storyline. The 2 veteran comedians just made it better! A nice weekend movie to watch with your partner.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Clash of the Titans, REC2, A Single Man & The Lovely Bones

Movie Marathon last long weekend:

Very long winded and alot of pointless "artistic" scenes. It's like a girl's dream more than anything else. I think the poster is the nicest part. Peter Jackson should just stick to genre like Lord of the Rings.

Baby said the story changed. Watch only if you are a sucker for power visuals and graphics, not for the script. The last min 3D is a waste of money. The only obvious 3D effect was the chinese subtitles. Just watch in 2D will do.


I love the unexpected ending! Engaging and enraging at the same time. Better than part 1 IMO. Judging from the ending, I expected part 3 and true enough, after googling, I found this: REC3. haha...


As this is a gay movie, we were practically surrounded by them in the cinema. Baby felt really out of place but it was a feast for my eyes.. hahah..

Rich, stylish, charming, emotional and funny, with really great performance by the cast, especially by Colin Firth. The director, Tom Ford, being a fashion designer, paid great attention to details on the mens fashion, and Baby was so jealous of the fact that the shirts wore by George in the movie simply did not crease no matter what he did. His house was so stylo!

I enjoyed the movie thoroughly, be it emotionally or visually (the good looking guys and fashion in the movie) :D