L'immortel: Spilled blood never dries!

Friday, July 30, 2010


Went for the premiere of SALT last Wed.

Releasing: 5 Aug 10

The actions were crazy. A total adrenaline rush coz things happened so quickly you simply do not have time to analyse it. My heart and pulse raced like mad.. I have to say all credit goes to Angelina Jolie with her solid performance - she is so man! However her character Salt was just too good and too cool to be true...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Old Cow vs Tender Grass & Aftershock

Caught OLD COW VS TENDER GRASS with Penny last Fri.

This movie was never in my "To watch" list but Penny kept telling me so much about her experience with the crew on their numerous outdoor meet & greet sessions, until I decided to catch it. And of course the main reason for me to watch the movie is coz of the handsome husky! haha... Overall a genuinely funny and light hearted movie, and most importantly not over exaggerated. Very Singaporean so we can all definitely relate to.

Went for the preview of AFTERSHOCK.

Releasing: 29 Jul 10

This film was based on the Tang Shan earthquake on 28 July 1976, which took 240,000 lives. A truly emotional piece with some humorous conversations, simply a mixture of joy and sorrows. It does not focus on just the disaster but also on how the survivors pick up the pieces and moved on with their lives from the ordeal. The effect of the earthquake was really quite an impact. I feel that some parts should be elaborated further but was kinda skipped abruptly, maybe not enough time coz the whole show already lasted 130mins. Overall I really appreciate the movie. It's worth watching.

This is the trailer:

Wednesday, July 21, 2010



Very original, intellectual and super brain-twisting! With all the dreams going on, it had come to a point I dun even know what is real anymore. I also missed out or misheard one part, which Baby explained to me, after the show and then it made more sense. This is one movie you have to open your eyes and ears wide throughout, can't afford to miss out a single detail, in order to be able to follow thru and not get confused. On a side note, I think I'm beginning to like Leonardo. He is just getting better and better in his acting skills, not the boy boy style anymore.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Caught these 2 movies over last weekend.

This is one movie that is really worth in 3D! It was such a joy watching it and the characters inside were really adorable! The minions looked so much like soya beans and I love the cookie robots! The 3D effects worked really well, especially on the roller coaster scene. You literally felt like you were on it - COOL! Overall hilarious, heartwarming and super engaging with quite a number of suprises that will make you LOL. Simply a fun movie to watch (both kids and adults)

Totally magnificent! Videography was stunning! Thou a bit dull in the beginning but the overall journey was amazing. It captured both the beauty and brutality of the ocean, especially unforgettable was the scene whereby the fishermen were chopping off sharks' fins, then threw them back into the sea and let the poor finless sharks bleed to death. That was utterly cruel! I'm kinda going to anti shark's fin already. I would highly recommend animals/oceans lovers to catch this documentary.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


This is really one example of my post title.

Georgi got into another problem while still recuperating from his dislocated shoulder - rotten flesh on his left front leg. Couple of days after removing the bandage, I noticed something like a blood cot or black hard scab somewhere above the paw of the injured left leg. I could not figure what exactly it was cos he was too furry. I also saw and felt something similar on the elbow of the same leg. I assumed it was jus a scab, which will fall off in due course.

I did not notice any change initially but I realised Georgi kept licking that area. Thinking that his lickings might help to loosen the scab and eventually fall off (naively thinking dogs' saliva has healing purpose). But to my horror, it started to rot and by the time I notice it again on Saturday, it had become really bad to the extent you could see part of the tendon - it was a deep wound. I quickly arranged for him to see the vet again on Sunday at Balestier branch (this time another different vet on duty) as I could not wait until Mon to see Dr Eugene Lin. The vet said it was due to the bandage that time that caused the rash and also coz Georgi kept licking it, it soon became an open wound. I can't help but blame myself for not detecting it earlier. At the same time, I also highlighted to her the scab on the elbow.

The vet shaved off his fur on the two areas so she could dress the wound properly. Was so glad the rash on the elbow was very minor and only need to go through everyday with the cleaning lotion. Luckily Georgi was not able to reach to lick his elbow, otherwise that area will rot the same way too. The wound on the other area (above the paw) was so deep and bad that Georgi was whining in pain again. The vet already dressed and bandaged the rotten part and same steps need to be repeated every other day. Total bill S$202 (including the 5kg Hill's Presciption J/D Canine kibbles @ S$75). He is supposed to be on low fat diet so from now onwards I can only get Georgi's dry food from veterinary clinics.

After the bandage on Sun, I did my first dressing on Mon nite and thank God, the wound was smaller. I'm doing a new dressing tonight and hope it's even smaller by then.

This Sat is the follow up review and I hope by Fri, the open wound will be almost healed.

Sigh.. 真是一波未平一波又起....

Thursday, July 08, 2010

NATAS Holidays 2010

Date: 27 - 29 Aug 10
Time: 10am to 9.30pm
Venue: Singapore Expo Halls 3B, 4 & 5
Admission Fee: Adults - S$4.00, Children below 12 yo - Free.

Show Profile :
Singapore’s largest travel fair is back. Be it an adventure, an exotic getaway or a romantic sojourn, NATAS Holidays 2010 brings together expert travel specialists, tour operators and national tourist organizations to present to you popular and unique holiday experiences around the region and the world. Especially for visitors with a passion to discover new experiences in travel, culture, adventure, shopping and culinary delights. Visit NATAS Holidays 2010 from 27 – 29 Aug at Singapore Expo, Halls 3B, 4 & 5 to book your dream holiday!

Organizer: National Association of Travel Agents Singapore
Tel: +65 6534 0187
Fax: +65 6534 4726
Email: events@natas.travel
Website: www.natastravelfair.travel

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Library Book Sale 2010

Date: 10 - 11 Jul 10
Time: 9.30am to 8pm
Venue: Singapore Expo Hall 6A
Admission: Public - Free Admission

Show Profile :
Select from a large collection of used library books at bargain prices at the Library Book Sale 2010!

Books and magazines in all the four official languages will be on sale. Prices range from $1-$5. Each customer can buy up to a maximum of 60 items. Payment can be made by Nets, CashCard or cash only.

Organizer: National Library Board
Tel: +65 6332 3255
Email: helpdesk@nlb.gov.sg
Website : www.nlb.gov.sg

Monday, July 05, 2010

Georgi injured again

My excited boy got injured again after being over-excited when he saw one of us back home. He turbo-ed the whole house, made a sharp turn and dislocated his left shoulder.

It happened on the night of Tue, 29 Jun and we brought him immediately to ARC Balestier branch and saw Dr Madeline Soo (vet on duty). She is a very nice doc and very comforting, however as she was the only vet on duty that night and not well-versed in bones, she could only make another appt to refer us to another doc, who specialises in bones. She knew we always see Dr Ly but he is on leave until end Jul 10. Meanwhile she gave some pain killers to ease his pain. Took an xray and a morphine jab and got few packets of medicines. That day's bill came up to S$369 (what a nice number!).

Next day Dr Madeline Soo called to follow up and reminded on what to avoid and what to bring on the appt day with the other vet. Nice lady!

On Fri, 2 Jul brought Georgi to see Dr Eugene Lin of ARC Greendale branch. Dr Lin said shoulder dislocation is very very rare unless you kenna knocked down by car or something. Oh well, it's Georgi.. he got weak joints.. I'm sure this is not uncommon in his case. After telling Dr Lin the same thing, he finally understood why... He was a nice doctor too and advised on the pros and cons. He did not encourage surgery coz there will be complications. He managed to push it back and thank God! However needs review in 2 weeks coz that area might still be weak and need to monitor to make sure it does not pop back out. Georgi left front leg was bound and he could only use 3 legs to walk. Took blood test, GA, detailed xray, some joint supplements and other misc charges and total bill was S$639 (just swop the 3 and the 6 but made hell lotsa difference! Nice!)

Next day Dr Lin called to follow up and check on Georgi's condition. Asked to feel his paws if they were swollen, etc.

So on Fri, Sat & Sun, we had been keeping a close watch on Georgi and monitored his food intake, bowel movements and mobility. He was just too weak to walk on 3 legs.. tried hopping around but I could tell he was struggling badly. He lied down most of the time and did not have mood to eat. Did not poo since Fri, until this morning.

On sun, we decided we could not wait for 2 weeks and arranged to bring him back to Dr Lin on Mon, hoping to get a better re-bandage to make him more comfortable.

As I was working today, Baby brought him there and explained to Dr Lin Georgi's difficulties. Dr Lin was really nice and empathised with us so decided to take another xray to check on his condition. He even smelled his left paws to make sure it's not rotten or something.. hehe.. and finally concluded he can remove his bandage completely and let him walk on 4 legs again! Thank God for that man! The bandage was so sticky it stuck onto his beautiful fur so Georgi whined when they remove it.. I could totally imagine how painful it was when they pulled the bandage and skin and fur was being pulled as well. I hoped his furs are still intact... Total bill S$139.

After 3 days of full bandage with soreness and no blood circulation, he was not able to walk normally on 4 legs at the moment. His left paw is swollen now.. Georgi is slowly getting used to walking on 4 again. We have to monitor closely and give extra TLC, making sure he does not get too excited and hurt himself, especially the shoulder, again. He is now sleeping and I can't wait to go back and see him. My poor boy.. hope he gets back to normal real soon..